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The obvious combination: Ruban - Medvedchuk - Putin

The arrest of the SBU Vladimir Ruban, head of the Prisoners' Liberation Center "Officer Corps", is astounding in its scope. During the arrest-seizure on the demarcation line in the Donbass at the checkpoint "Mayorsk" in the car Ruban found not just an arsenal weapons, but the arsenal for arming almost a battalion. In less than a day, he was charged with plotting the assassination of President Poroshenko and plans for an armed attack on the Verkhovna Rada and the Presidential Administration, the assassinations of top officials of the regime, and they are listed by name: Avakov, Turchinov, Yatsenyuk.

The obvious combination: Ruban - Medvedchuk - Putin

For the organization of such a terrorist act, one of Ruban is obviously not enough, here the whole organization of the “Officers' Corps” and all his acquaintances and friends will go under arrest with him.

Vladimir Ruban denies all accusations, says that they are “making terrorist number XXUMX” out of him, in reality the Cedar esseushnik substituted him, asked to transport furniture from uncontrolled territories, and arrested him with this furniture and with boxes of grenades, grenade launchers and machine guns, a mortar and even 1-mm mines. The fact that they are making terrorist No. 120 out of Ruban is true, but it was not Kedr who set him up, he will be too small for this, here the SBU worked, and most likely, under the direction of the CIA.

Poroshenko’s main victim of the conspiracy spoke very promptly and informatively: he made a statement that the evidence of Ruban’s conspiracy, provided by the head of the Security Service of Ukraine, Vasily Gritsak, “is irrefutable, the goal is to destabilize society through massive terrorist attacks”. Gritsak immediately added the head of the DPR, Alexander Zakharchenko, and the entire leadership of the republic to Ruban's plot. And a little later he said that Ruban cooperated with the movement “Ukrainian Choice” of Viktor Medvedchuk, was his confidant, their connections are now being studied by the SBU.

Vladimir Ruban is also good, not only engaged in the exchange of prisoners, but also fulfilled the instructions of the SBU, as it turns out. On it also the whole general in retirement got. He imagines himself untouchable, he is with the authority of the negotiator for the exchange of prisoners. For esbeushnykh sixes he really untouchable, but in the game with the devil, in which he climbed, there is no untouchable, but there are all sorts of combinations.

Judging by the quantity and quality of the barrels and ammunition thrown to Vladimir Ruban, and the accusations made, Ruban was required by the SBU-CIA as an outlet for the head of Ukrainian Choice, the former prime minister and chief negotiator for the exchange of prisoners in the Donbass Viktor Medvedchuk. He, apparently, will be declared the head of a conspiracy to eliminate Poroshenko and shoot the Verkhovna Rada. What is their real relationship - it is the tenth.

No wonder, the Nazis of all orientations in Kiev have long been grinding their teeth on Medvedchuk, accusing him of having links with Moscow and personally with President Vladimir Putin. Just now, the American protege of Saakashvili and his henchmen attacked Medvedchuk. However, he, too, was untouchable, carried out some orders of Poroshenko himself, often flew to meetings with Putin. But someone strongly pressed Poroshenko himself. Who could it be?

Obviously, Medvedchuk will be accused of fulfilling the task of Vladimir Putin to intercept power in Kiev with the help of the "organized terrorist group" Vladimir Ruban. All this implies mass arrests and a demonstration trial of "terrorists" in the spirit and scope of the Third Reich. Instead of arson of the Reichstag - the planned execution of the Verkhovna Rada.

The staging is conceived grandiose, one SBU will not pull this one, because it needs the support of the world fake media, which only the CIA can provide. Most likely, the CIA is the developer of this operation, and the conclusion suggests itself that its ultimate goal is Vladimir Putin. To get an additional reason for delegitimizing the presidential elections in Russia.

But Vladimir Putin and not such charges were brought, one more - one less, what's the difference? Just now the world doping scandal survived. Putin is the president of Russia, which possesses the newest weapons, and no fake scandals can affect it. That is, Putin may not be the ultimate goal of Operation Ruban - Medvedchuk.

The ultimate goal of this operation may be Poroshenko himself, because Medvedchuk is his creature, he fostered and defended him, for some reason he allowed to fly to Moscow. About the possibility of such an ending says that Ruban is credited with two goals at once: not only an attempt on Poroshenko, but also the execution of the Verkhovna Rada. When the flywheel of this process goes up, Poroshenko can go from the category of victim to the accomplices of the “terrorists”, he can be accused of secret complicity with Medvedchuk. They write that the attack on Poroshenko was staged, and the real purpose of Ruban was the execution of the Verkhovna Rada and the murder of Avakov, Turchinov, Yatsenyuk. So Poroshenko wanted to get rid of their political rivals.

The obvious political objective of this operation is the elimination of the remnants of the “pro-Russian opposition” in the country, all the unreliable from the point of view of the Nazis, including Poroshenko himself, and the establishment of an overt nationalistic dictatorship. About which Bandera has long dreamed of.

Theorists have long expressed that Nazism lives by expansion, and if it is impossible outside, it turns inside. The show with the search and repression of the enemies of the nation, external or internal, must continue, because nothing more can be presented by the Nazis to the masses. What Bandera power built in Ukraine for four years, created, equipped? Nothing, the country's GDP fell by 50% - this is devastation, and Bandera needs to blame it on someone, to throw dust into the eyes of indicative lawsuits. Poroshenko is very suitable for the role of a scapegoat for all the "peremoga" achieved under his leadership.

Washington is interested in getting a Bandera national dictatorship ready to fight with Russia, but if something goes wrong, it goes to “Plan B”: destabilization of the whole country will occur, civil war will break out all over Ukraine, which the United States also arranges: Europe will reliably cut off from Russia by a zone of civil war, and Washington will wash its hands, accusing Moscow of what is happening. US Special Representative Kurt Walker had already guessed in advance to accuse Moscow of the growth of nationalism in Ukraine, so the offender accuses the victim that his use of violence forced her to resist.

The combination is difficult, but also fit into it seriously. Many interested parties understand everything, and will somehow defend themselves, do something to save them. The notorious "night of long knives", without which there is no real revolution and the establishment of the dictatorship of revolutionaries, is probably already near. Such a comprehensive "plot of Ruban - Medvedchuk" implies a very large number of conspirators, and from the top down. Now it all depends on who thinks better. Especially in the APU, which will thin out primarily from all unreliable from the point of view of the Nazis.

Ukrainian political scientists and journalists who consider themselves “independent” blame everything on internal disassembly and spring aggravation. Vladimir Ruban did not represent any danger to the authorities, and of course he did not plan any murders. "This is the degradation and debilization of the state Ukrainian organism." Characteristically, militant ATO volunteers sing along with them, they believe that Poroshenko is simply clearing the clearing of unwanted politicians, and Medvedchuk's turn came.

Indeed, a single sniper with a rifle is enough to assassinate Poroshenko, this was enough even for the American President Kennedy. Killing Poroshenko in itself would have led to the destabilization of the regime, without any military operation in the center of Kiev. At the same time, the execution and assault of the Verkhovna Rada and the Presidential Administration do not guarantee the achievement of the objectives attributed to Ruban, the president and the leadership of the country can be saved, because they have armed guards. President Yanukovych in a similar situation managed to escape.

The plan attributed to Ruban is a script for a cheap action movie, not a special operation. Why is the SBU not afraid to present it? According to Goebbels' covenant: a lie must be enormous, so that people believe in it, and so that it can be used for mass repression.

Being in the whirlwind of events, “independent” journalists and volunteers do not see that Ruban and the “Officer Corps” are the first signs, tomorrow they will be declared “enemies of the nation and terrorists”. It is well known in stories political aberration of vision of victims of future repression - they never believe that they are following in line, because they are “theirs” and do not do anything illegal, they believe, as Vladimir Ruban believed. The hero of Ukraine, the people's deputy Nadya Savchenko, already arrested Vladimir Ruban, gave honor. Does she give a report that becomes a conspirator? She feels untouchable, which Ruban felt like yesterday. There are a lot of such Nagy in Ukraine, and they will all come after them.

Everyone in Ukraine, who has a good attitude towards Ruban and Medvedchuk and shares their views, must now think about saving their lives.
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  1. aszzz888
    aszzz888 12 March 2018 06: 30
    Most likely, the CIA is the developer of this operation, and the conclusion suggests itself that its ultimate goal is Vladimir Putin.

    So do not go to the grandmother fortuneteller! They depicted such a western spill of the Merikatosovo, but ears are sticking out! bully
    1. Stas157
      Stas157 12 March 2018 07: 04
      . The CIA is the developer of this operation, and the conclusion suggests itself that its ultimate goal is Vladimir Putin. To get an additional reason for the delegitimization of the presidential election in Russia.

      What a complicated scheme you have, Victor. Arrest Ruban-in order to disrupt Putin's presidential election! In my opinion, not very realistic.
      There are much simpler solutions for this. For example, correctly calculate the number of votes. Indeed, for some reason, Grudinin wins in the most magical way in all Internet polls, and only one VTsIOM has Putin. And absolutely with an unbelievable advantage!
      How at one time VTsIOM was winding up the number of votes, to Yeltsin, no one doubts!
      1. Golovan Jack
        Golovan Jack 12 March 2018 07: 15
        Quote: Stas157
        for some reason Grudinin wins in the most magical way on all Internet polls, and only one VTsIOM has Putin

        Stas, why are you so killing? Well you never ... ahem ...
        Wait a week, an autopsy will show. I'm talking about ballot boxes in the precincts, if that wink
        And to draw a couple of pictures on the Internet - if you are impatient, contact. I have a lot of acquaintances; they will draw a bald line for you for the final money.
        That's all request
        1. Stas157
          Stas157 12 March 2018 08: 36
          Quote: Golovan Jack
          Stas, why are you so killing? Well you never ... ahem ...

          Don’t invent it, Kitty!))) You yourself imagine it for yourself! You are generally a narcissistic type, for some reason imagining that he is very authoritative, and everyone is afraid of him in horror! At least this comes from your comments, the strength of which you are clearly exaggerating. For example, yesterday you compared your comments with kicks! What?
          Quote: Golovan Jack
          There are a few characters that I enjoy, ahem, kick.

          People with increased conceit - it hurts to fall. Keep in mind.
          Quote: Golovan Jack
          Wait a week, an autopsy will show. I'm talking about ballot boxes in the precincts, if that

          Did you mean the Central Executive Committee will show? He will show, we know!
          1. Serge Gorely
            Serge Gorely 12 March 2018 17: 16
            A lope strawberry baron pays for an ad ??? It does not matter that this site is not its target audience ... For some, the money does not smell.
      2. Vard
        Vard 12 March 2018 07: 45
        Grudinin ... Not ... In the Internet voting now Ksenia is in the lead ... people are just kidding ...
      3. Victor Kamenev
        12 March 2018 11: 24
        Break the election? You underestimate the SBU-CIA. But you can delegitimize completely, especially in the eyes of the western man in the street, which is very important for the CIA.
        And also to accuse Russia of organizing a coup in Kiev with the help of terrorist Ruban and Medvedchuk is what Washington needs today.
  2. svp67
    svp67 12 March 2018 07: 01
    In less than a day, he was charged with preparing an assassination attempt on President Poroshenko and plans for an armed attack on the Verkhovna Rada and the Presidential Administration, murders of the top officials of the regime, moreover, they are listed by name: Avakova, Turchinov, Yatsenyuk.
    Well, Avakov and Turchinov are still understandable, they were and are the first persons of Vladyka, but Senya, who is he now? Get him out to ordinary people, get him out of there and “tear” him, from “BIG love” ....
    Vladimir Ruban denies all allegations, said that he was “made terrorist No. 1”, in fact he was substituted by the Kedr security officer, asked for furniture to be transported from uncontrolled territories,
    That is, all these "gifts" were prepared on the territory of the Republics. Well, for their counterintelligence, there is a front of work ....
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 12 March 2018 08: 01
    Everything is as it should be under the fascist regime. Unwanted if they do not hang themselves, they fall under the car or fall out of the window. In more complex cases, you can declare a terrorist who was ready to kill not only the "lamp" of the Ukrainian nation, but also his entourage with deputies in addition. Why trifle - to walk, so to walk.
    1. Victor Kamenev
      12 March 2018 11: 26
      Yes, it may very well be that Ruban hangs himself, from remorse, of course.
  4. Fedorov
    Fedorov 12 March 2018 08: 24
    asked for furniture to be transported from uncontrolled territories,

    The former general does not know how much the furniture weighs and what dimensions it has? request
    1. ML-334
      ML-334 12 March 2018 10: 59
      It seems that he suffers from moronity.
    2. Victor Kamenev
      12 March 2018 11: 29
      The former general was also an informant for the SBU, he carried out the task, and knew that the furniture with the filling, he could not imagine that this "furniture" would be hung on his widely known one.
  5. groks
    groks 12 March 2018 08: 58
    I don’t quite understand - how much furniture was there and what was it loaded into, what was it loaded on, that the owner didn’t notice such an arsenal?
  6. ImPerts
    ImPerts 12 March 2018 09: 41
    "Cedar" is not an employee of the SBU, he is an employee of the power steering. And maybe there is smuggling, which is covered by a military prosecutor.
    1. Victor Kamenev
      12 March 2018 11: 32
      But what is there to be shy, say at once that Putin himself was Kedrom, while his counterpart covered him in the Kremlin.
  7. BAI
    BAI 12 March 2018 09: 45
    This is generally some kind of dark personality. The self-proclaimed "colonel general" and in addition:
    A military solution to the problem of Donbass is quite possible, you can reach Novoazovsk and even Rostov-on-Don, said the head of the Center for the Release of Prisoners "Officer Corps" of Ukraine Vladimir Ruban.

    “A military solution to the problem of Donbass is quite possible. You can walk to Novoazovsk and even to Rostov, ”the Apostrophe conveys his words.

    Why fasten it to Russia?
    1. Victor Kamenev
      12 March 2018 11: 34
      So what? If Ruban is a "long-time FSB agent," then this is just noodles on the ears for suckers.
      1. BAI
        BAI 12 March 2018 13: 12
        And where does the "long-standing agent of the FSB"? I mean that this man called for a military solution by Ukraine of the Donbass problem. Those. - to the physical destruction of the militia of the Donbass.
        Which here
        The obvious combination: Ruban - Medvedchuk - Putin

        And here is Russia in general, and Putin in particular? Yes, and the FSB too?
  8. nivander
    nivander 12 March 2018 10: 46
    tent number 6 is having fun
    1. Victor Kamenev
      12 March 2018 11: 36
      However, the fire of the Reichstag became the reason for the Nazis for mass sweeps, although it is from the same chamber No. XXUMX
  9. andrewkor
    andrewkor 12 March 2018 13: 23
    I remember they caught in Kiev a “resident of the FSB” with daggers behind his belt, and right now it’s straight with a whole arsenal, rookies and fantasies are growing!
  10. motorized rifle
    motorized rifle 12 March 2018 14: 18
    I will duplicate my own kament

    It is difficult to analyze in this muddy water, but I will try.
    Ruban with his union, this is a channel, whatever you call it, a channel of communication, transmission or exchange, etc. but this is a channel. What is its value, or rather weight? The fact that he is not official, i.e. formally, and perhaps realistically, it is not controlled directly from Moscow and Washington. Nevertheless, its most valuable component (in my opinion) is the connection (in what form, one can argue) between Kiev and LDNR. Since they took up it soon, we can safely assume that the presence of this channel is beneficial for someone, but not for someone, i.e. its existence is someone else's resource. This resource should, according to current events, either cease to exist, or go to someone else. In any case, current players have no indifferent attitude towards him. You can also attach to this the last telephone conversation between Putin and Poroshenko (for the most convincing), about the exchange of prisoners, there are two components on the surface at once. One, as many have already written, is to close the question of the exchange of prisoners (for Poroshenko) and bring it to the level of communication between the presidents. Then this channel should be closed. The second, flows from the first, then the Ukrainian people, you can accustom to calmly relate to Poroshenko’s communication with Putin, but the noble goal is the exchange of prisoners. Well, in between, you can discuss other theories (which they won’t say). Well, this is not a fact of course, but by the way.
    One way or another, Moor (Ruban) has done his job and may leave. How this will happen already and it doesn’t matter, that which is clumsy, then nothing, and so it will come down, has no time, no mind, to develop a beautiful combination.

    If you consider that in the article, Medvedchuk is connected with Poroshenko, and Medvedchuk himself is in very close contact with Putin, it turns out that they also want to cover the direct channel of communication Putin-Medvedchuk-Poroshenko. Then it turns out that Poroshenko is really being encircled, depriving him of direct access to Putin and LDNR, i.e. with one shot - two birds with one stone. For what? Well, they cannot "there" not know that if Poroshenko is blamed, then with Ukraine everything will not be possible to elect a new president ("democratically"). So that's it? Will they try to use the corpse of this country to the detriment of Russia? Or is it just a violent fantasy of the current government for the extraction of the most overpowering (which, as always, will turn into a siege)?
    1. Antares
      Antares 13 March 2018 12: 23
      Quote: motorized infantryman
      I will duplicate my own kament

      The moment the comment is better than the article.
      Thank you, I read it with interest.
      In essence, this is a monopoly on opportunities.
  11. sib.ataman
    sib.ataman 12 March 2018 16: 28
    One continuous dirt, loot and someone's ambition! And all this is heavily involved in human blood. But human blood is not voditsa — he loved to repeat, now the late General K.P. Petrov. According to the laws of the World Order, the suffering of ordinary people always turns around and overtakes those who arranged this suffering! If the culprit didn’t have time to answer, then he can “fly in” to the children, and even to his grandchildren, such are the laws of life! Who does not believe, he can rummage through history, and find plenty of examples! And there is no particular magic here, everything is extremely simple: as long as people suffer, they send thousands of curses to the heads of tormentors! Well, if the afflicted ask! How can God not answer their moans ?! Parashenki, Yaytsenyuhi, A-a-Avakov - and the rest of the undead, pretending to be believers, even entering churches, but obviously, fraternizing with Sa ***** d, are pleasing neither to God, nor d **** material. It is strange that they had not yet thought of this themselves! So much the worse for them! All the rest that happens to them is just demon **** lace.