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Ukrainian trace in the "Afrin slaughter". Merged Ankara project of the system "Rain" will change the balance of power in Syria


While the leading Western European and Russian analytical agencies are focused on covering the situation in Eastern Ghouta, where the Tiger Forces, contrary to the hysterical scream of the American, French and British establishment, are conducting a successful offensive operation against the militants of al-Nusra and the Free Syrian Army under tactical support aviation The Russian Aerospace Forces, events no less decisive for the Syrian Arab Republic are taking place in the Kurdish canton of Afrin. Despite the fact that these lands of Aleppo province are exclusively under the sovereignty of Syria, both the Turkish Armed Forces are trying to gain comprehensive control over them during the bloody Operation Olive Branch and the US Armed Forces, relying on the "slipping" of the 5th assault corps SAA. And it seems that Ankara has absolutely no intention of waiting for an attempt to transfer the SDF to Afrin, reinforced by the state marines or the Syrian Arab Army, and therefore decided to force the operation by selectively modernizing the advanced tank units that entered Syrian territory from the direction of the Hatay and Kilis silts.

We are talking about equipping Turkish main battle tanks M60T "Sabra Mk1 / 2" with an integrated modular active protection complex "Akkor Pulat" ("White-hot steel"). According to the information of the publication referring to the Twitter page of the Deputy Minister of Defense Industry of Turkey Ismail Demir, KAZ Akkor Pulat passed all stages of fire tests and is ready to be adopted by the Turkish Armed Forces in the near future. Obviously, the Turkish General Staff, taught by the bitter experience of using the Leopard-2A4 and Sabra tanks on Afrin’s difficult elevated relief (with the overwhelming superiority of the anti-tank complexes at the disposal of the YPG / YPJ Popular Self-Defense Forces), decided to fundamentally turn the tide.

The Akkor Pulat active protection complex was developed by the Turkish military-industrial giant Aselsan, which is also known for designing and fine-tuning such high-tech products like the Koeral multi-element mobile complex and the AselPOD optical-electronic reconnaissance and target designation navigation container designed to equip transitional fighter jets. Nevertheless, the Turkish company founded in 1975 year has a much lower scientific and technical potential than the Tula Instrument Engineering Design Bureau JSC (KAZ Arena) or Israeli companies Rafael and IAI (KAZ Trophy) and therefore could not develop the “Hot Steel” only on its own constructive and element base. As a result, the Turkish specialists decided almost in the literal sense of the word to copy the project of the Ukrainian complex of active protection "Zaslon-L", which is licensed under the name "Hornet" in Poland. Moreover, it is known that specialists of the state enterprise BCT “Microtech” were involved in the programmatic adaptation of the complex for the Turkish tank information and control systems, an agreement on which, apparently, was reached after Erdogan’s October visit to the Square. That is why the complex acquired operational combat readiness unusually quickly.

But what is the Akkor Pulat active protection complex capable of not in video presentations and PDF presentations on the official pages of the manufacturer and resources close to the Turkish Defense Ministry, but on the Syrian theater of operations, taking into account all its complexity and abundance of PT-vehicles with different flight paths ?

In order to more accurately answer this question, it is necessary to immediately determine the type of complex that is being prepared for entering the Turkish troops. Back in 2015, there was a mass news posts regarding the development by the company "Aselsan" of the KAZ "Akkor". This product is fundamentally different from the Ukrainian KAZ "Zaslon-L", and hence "Akkor Pulat". Akkor is built on a completely different radar and firing architecture. In particular, to detect ATGMs, anti-tank grenades or tank guided missiles, a 4-sided radar with active phased or slotted antenna arrays with an azimuth and elevation angle of about 90 degrees is used for each radar module responsible for the front, rear and lateral hemispheres. respectively. The radar operates in the high-precision Ka-band at frequencies up to 40 GHz, which makes it possible to follow the approaching high-precision elements with an accuracy of several centimeters. weapons at a distance of three tens of meters.

The complex of active protection options "Akkor"

As a means of destroying the enemy’s missiles, small-sized unguided interceptor shells launched from twin-type swiveling turret launchers of an inclined type are used. Interceptor shells are equipped with a radar fuse, an annular antenna array which forms a radiation pattern perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the anti-projectile. The fuse is triggered when the interceptor projectile turns out to be side by side with the enemy’s attacking ATGM at a distance of several tens of centimeters. The advantage of Akkor KAZ is the ability of the radar antenna modules to be positioned at an angle of 45 degrees to the normal, which makes it possible to bring the scanning beam angle to 90 degrees, which can destroy rockets attacking in the slide mode, in particular, FGM-148 “Javelin ". Allows you to do this and an inclined turret.

The nominal “Akkor” operating range in the elevation plane (without turning the antennas) is from –5 to + 45 degrees. The principle of operation of “Akkor” is similar to the Israeli complex “Hetz Dorban” (“Iron Fist”), or the South Korean KAPS (“Korean Active Protection System”), designed to equip Black Panther type K2 tanks. Due to the high accuracy of the radar there is the possibility of intercepting artillery shells, while modern armor-piercing feathered sub-caliber shells cannot be destroyed due to the high speed of approach (more than 1450 m / s) and the absence of complex structural elements (besides a heavy-duty uranium or tungsten core). For covert operation in standby mode, it is possible to synchronize with an infrared longwave or UV sensor that detects the torch of the launched ATGM in a passive mode at a distance of several kilometers (in this case, the anti-projectile radar is activated only when the attacking missile is approached for as long as possible to hide the location of the tank from enemy funds RTR)

However, the more advanced and complex Akkor complex can be found only in the form of mock-ups on product presentations from Aselsan, or in video presentations on YouTube, while real fire tests never reached from the Korean KAPS).

Let us return to the consideration of the analogue of the Ukrainian KAZ “Zaslon-L” - the Turkish complex “Akkor Pulat”, which, due to the simplicity of the design and the corresponding principle of operation, the specialists from “Aselsan” managed to repeat in a fairly short time. We also recall that “Zaslon-M” is not a development of the Ukrainian “Microtech”, but refers to the Soviet achievements of the All-Russian Research Institute of Transport Engineering under the “Rain” project. Before us is the separated architecture of 4 autonomous single or twin combat modules that are built into the side projections of the fore and aft parts of the unit. Each combat module is represented by a compartment with avionics and a multiplex data bus for integration into the TIUS (tank information management system) and obtaining data on the approach of an anti-tank missile of the enemy. After that, the anti-projectile bar (depending on the customer’s requirements there may be two units) is put forward from the combat module. When various means of high-precision weapons fall into the main lobe of the radiation pattern of the RL sensor, the command is sent to undermine the combat "equipment" and the bar breaks into thousands of high-speed metal fragments, which hit the enemy’s missiles at speeds exceeding the speed of sound.

Turkish KAZ "Akkor Pulat" - a conceptual analogue of the modern complex "Zaslon-L" and the early "Rain"

Notably, despite the simplicity of the design, the Akkor Pulat complex is simply unique and makes it possible to withstand even armor-piercing sub-caliber shells with a flying speed of more than 1500 m / s, which was confirmed during firing tests of the similar Ukrainian Barrier-L still in 2009 year. The counter-equipment “equipment” of the complex allowed the destruction of the BOPS ЗБМ-22 “Pin”, the initial speed of which can reach 1760 m / s. The large disc-shaped sector of fragmentation and a large mass of explosive compensate for the low accuracy of the complex, but also pose a great threat to infantry and unarmored friendly vehicles, located a few dozen meters from a tank or BMP equipped with Akkor Pulat modules.

Splinter modules KAZ "Rain" on WLD and "wings"

It is necessary to recognize that the documentation transferred to the Turks on the projects “Zaslon-L” and “Rain” can make very serious operational and tactical corrections in the layout of the Afrin theater of operations, and the Kurdish YPG troops, as well as the Syrian militia from the National Defense Forces and Hezbollah will have to look for a way out of the current situation, because KAZ Akkor Pulat is able to destroy any anti-tank weapons (from Konkursov-M to Metisov-M) approaching the tank units of the Turkish ground forces.

But the “window” of opportunities for the Afrinsky Kurds still remains, because the Turks have not yet distinguished themselves with special ingenuity in the procedure of installing single Akkor Pulat modules on M60T “Sabra Mk2” tanks. The demonstration sketch from “Aselsan” provided by military-analytical resource with reference to the Council for Scientific and Technological Research of Turkey TUBITAK, you can see the modules of the complex “Akkor Pulat” that are not neatly embedded under the anti-cumulative screens and “wings” of the corps “ Sabra ", but just lie on the upper surfaces of the tank. This suggests that the modules are extremely vulnerable to heavy fire of Kurds from large-caliber small arms. The open arrangement of the modules will lead to their disabling at the first aimed shooting from 12,7-mm machine guns, which are in service with the defenders of Afrin with an excess.

The next point is that due to the compactness of the Sabra tanks (this applies to the entire M60 family), Aselsan focused on the single module version of the KAZ Akkor Pulat, and therefore for the front and rear projection the tank is responsible only for one “explosive” bar, and for covering the side projections - two similar retractable rods. As a result, for the full development of the KAZ Akkor Pulat ammunition at least one projection of the 1-2 blast, the PG-7В grenades aimed at it, after which you can safely use your favorite Kontrius-M or TOW-2A / B. Moreover, if the Ukrainian version of Zaslon-L provides for placing the 5 module on the tower’s roof, which covers the tank from ATGMs attacking from the upper hemisphere (Javelin and Spike-MR), then Turkish Aselsan moment did not provide, which also gives food for thought.

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  1. Vard
    Vard 9 March 2018 06: 00
    It seems there without these ... Lotions cope ... Not that Turkish tanks would be destroyed by dozens ....
    1. Safevi
      Safevi 9 March 2018 10: 31
      The author clearly has a weakness for the Kurds, although the basic rule of journalism implies an unbiased attitude when reporting information. This time. And so, the Turks, without this gadget, are doing an excellent job of suppressing the terrorist beloved by the author. Ginderes fell yesterday, the Turks and Allies entered the operational space, breaking the mountains. The city of Afrin is 4 km away. Turkey has announced an operation now against the PKK already in Iraq.
      1. mgero
        mgero 9 March 2018 19: 53
        A vi ispitivaete slabost k turkom vixodit.
        1. Simargl
          Simargl 12 March 2018 16: 37
          He attributed Turks any (which was not) victory?
  2. lance
    lance 9 March 2018 06: 51
    will soon learn to let 3-5tru in a row and there will be happiness
    1. seos
      seos 9 March 2018 09: 28
      It’s easier to attach snipers to the calculation of ptur ....
  3. Doliva63
    Doliva63 9 March 2018 07: 52
    Well, damn it! Even the Turks are trying to survive due to the old Soviet backlog! laughing drinks
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 9 March 2018 08: 40
    the hysterical scream of the American, French and British establishment
    The hysteria is really loud with wringing hands, lamentations about the civilian population, etc.
    The fact that the Turks equip their tanks with complexes of modular protection is not surprising. Who needs extra losses in equipment and crews? To nobody.
  5. Andrey VOV
    Andrey VOV 9 March 2018 08: 42
    I immediately recognize the author by the first lines ...
  6. aybolyt678
    aybolyt678 9 March 2018 09: 14
    for some reason, it’s insulting and painful for the Soviet achievements that go to Nato ... crying
    1. Kars
      Kars 9 March 2018 09: 48
      Oh yeah, okay. Here it has always been stated that the screen is full of bullshit)) and here once there are already traces in the slaughter)
  7. zyzx
    zyzx 9 March 2018 09: 58
    M60 is obsolete 30 years ago, as a piece of iron do not spirits perfume, such it will remain.
    1. Shura Sailors
      Shura Sailors 9 March 2018 13: 57
      With proper planning of the operation and with a trained crew, the T-54 (-55, -62) is a formidable vehicle (as well as 'without brains', you can kill more than one modern tank).
      1. zyzx
        zyzx 9 March 2018 14: 23
        But the T-54,55,62 just for the native armies are not out of date, from the word in general. Plus, they have a great bonus, speed, low silhouette and maneuverability.
        1. chingachguc
          chingachguc 9 March 2018 18: 23
          the most important thing is their dignity - cheapness ... along the bearded and T-55 will come down ... their damaging effect in local wars is enough. Therefore, they changed their minds about disposing of old tanks ... ammunition in warehouses is also sufficient, and the capabilities of the same T-90 or Abrams are clearly redundant for Syria.
    2. chingachguc
      chingachguc 9 March 2018 18: 24
      the Kurds will come down
  8. Butchcassidy
    Butchcassidy 9 March 2018 11: 18
    KAZ, DZ or any other means of protection increases the survival of equipment, but does not make it invulnerable. The question is the consumption of missiles or the preliminary shelling of KAZ elements from heavy machine guns or sniper rifles. On any tricky nut there is a bolt with a left-hand thread!

    PS I wish the Kurds good luck in repelling the attacks of the Turkish aggressor and less divide within themselves on a tribal or clan basis!
  9. Butchcassidy
    Butchcassidy 9 March 2018 11: 20
    Quote: sefevi
    The author clearly has a weakness for the Kurds, although the basic rule of journalism implies an unbiased attitude when reporting information. This time. And so, the Turks, without this gadget, are doing an excellent job of suppressing the terrorist beloved by the author. Ginderes fell yesterday, the Turks and Allies entered the operational space, breaking the mountains. The city of Afrin is 4 km away. Turkey has announced an operation now against the PKK already in Iraq.

    And what's wrong with the Kurds? And why do you call all Kurds terrorists?
  10. Babalaykin
    Babalaykin 9 March 2018 11: 36
    I think this topic does not hold BOPs (or a low percentage of interception), otherwise this system would have stood on most tanks for a long time.
    1. Shura Sailors
      Shura Sailors 9 March 2018 14: 03
      Maybe. The question is whether the Kurds have 'how to shoot' the BOPs. In addition, no KAZ system guarantees 100% interception of the attacking ammunition (not necessarily BOPS)
      1. Babalaykin
        Babalaykin 11 March 2018 09: 08
        100 of course does not hold, but if we say 50 to 50, who needs it? And the Turks are hardly ever looking at the Kurds when developing this system.
  11. APASUS
    APASUS 9 March 2018 11: 36
    It is noteworthy that, despite the simplicity of the design, the Akkor Pulat complex is simply unique and can withstand even armor-piercing projectiles with an approach speed of more than 1500 m / s, which was confirmed during fire tests of the similar Ukrainian Zaslon-L back in 2009 year.

    It’s not clear who breeds anyone here, either the author makhanul, or the Turks added value to themselves.
    The weak point of the KAZ systems is precisely in the inability to withstand the caliber shells, and here Turkish scientists simply did wonders who did not know what the KAZ was yesterday.
    1. Zaurbek
      Zaurbek 9 March 2018 12: 32
      BPS is not now the main way to destroy tanks (in local conflicts) ... 90% of losses are cumulative grenades and ATGMs and explosions. About BPS 120-125mm equal to breaking through, say, Cornet (152mm) I have not heard. This line will be conquered when tank guns increase the caliber to 140mm. Therefore, for KAZ, the future is also a vital necessity for countries that regularly participate in local conflicts (the Russian Federation in the first place).
  12. Monarchist
    Monarchist 9 March 2018 13: 01
    [quote = zyzx] M60 is out of date 30 years ago, just as you don’t try to search for a piece of iron, it will remain such.
    You +, but at the same time a small remark: the main thing is BRAINS of tankers and their command. For example: put macaques in the T90, and trained tankers in the M60, and I bet I will bet that the T90 will be covered. You will find a lot of examples in mVMV
  13. Anchonsha
    Anchonsha 9 March 2018 13: 49
    Well, the abomination and venality was and will remain with the Svidomo forever, if you look at our history and especially the bastard Mazepa.
  14. The comment was deleted.
  15. mkop
    mkop 9 March 2018 14: 33
    If you look at the tanks that took part in hostilities especially in urban conditions, you can see in what condition they have the entire body kit, casing, etc. above the tracks - everything is tattered and distorted. How long will the whole system live sticking out in all directions from the tank, and even with such a rather big reach?
  16. glavnykarapuz
    glavnykarapuz 9 March 2018 18: 08
    Turks along the way only computer drawings of the level of "late 80's" (or schoolchild) can draw. But there are no real videos of full-scale tests.
    Draw your own conclusions.
  17. chingachguc
    chingachguc 9 March 2018 18: 26
    Ukrainians are ready to sell everything that they have and even that nobody has, just to get a pretty penny ... it's such a psychology of a cadaveric worm
  18. Santor
    Santor 9 March 2018 19: 10
    Again Damantsev ?? I started reading, I thought something serious and worthwhile ...
    1. Cossack 471
      Cossack 471 9 March 2018 19: 56
      Everything looks very much like the headlines on the main page of VO "our tractor will tear everyone"
  19. zoolu350
    zoolu350 9 March 2018 20: 23
    The launch of 2 ATGMs with a minimum interval of one place completely eliminates the KAZ, so that everything is solved.
    1. Golovan Jack
      Golovan Jack 9 March 2018 20: 28
      Quote: zoolu350
      Launch 2 ATGMs with a minimum interval in one place...

      Could you put it more clearly?

      Mafynka love
      1. zoolu350
        zoolu350 9 March 2018 20: 29
        For you, a dog will do.
        1. Golovan Jack
          Golovan Jack 9 March 2018 20: 39
          Quote: zoolu350
          Launch 2 ATGMs with a minimum interval in one place

          Thank you, you made me an evening good
          Quote: zoolu350

          ... will go for a walk soon, but for now, run ... to one place, GYYY laughing laughing laughing
  20. Cuba
    Cuba 10 March 2018 07: 47
    Quote: Anchonsha
    Well, the abomination and venality was and will remain with the Svidomo forever, if you look at our history and especially the bastard Mazepa.

    Why go so far ?? .. look at today's Outskirts-Judah in Judah!
  21. Maki Avellevich
    Maki Avellevich 10 March 2018 08: 25
    the system is called - End Infantry
  22. byrnas
    byrnas 11 March 2018 21: 53
    the Ukrainian version has already been tested in real battles, dozens of T-64 with broken corpses are scattered around the Donbas ...
  23. Valdemar One-type
    Valdemar One-type 12 March 2018 09: 27
    a tank is processed by a machine gun, then a pair of RPGs followed by a powerful charge. and krants and the system and the tank
  24. Pavel57
    Pavel57 21 November 2019 17: 09
    The tank will live on average longer on the battlefield.