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The first stage of "Aviadarts-2018" launched in the South-East

The press service of the Southern Military District announces the launch of the first stage of an aviation competition for military pilots. We are talking about the competition "Aviadarts-2018", during which both individual pilots of the Russian Aerospace Forces and the crews demonstrate their skills.

It is noted that over 100 crews of various types will take part in the competitions. aviation, including assault, tactical and army.

From the message press service:
This year's competition participate pilots of Su-25SM, fighter-bombers Su-34, frontline bombers Su-24, MiG-29 and Su-30SM and combat attack helicopters Ka-52 «Alligator" Mi-28 "Night Hunter" and transport and combat Mi-35M and Mi-8AMTSH. During the competition, the crews will overcome the air defense system, carry out aerial reconnaissance, work out single and pair pilotage, combat use of missile-bomb armament for ground targets, and also perform air navigation tasks.

The first stage of "Aviadarts-2018" launched in the South-East

It was noted that for an accurate assessment of the bombing, as well as launches of unguided missiles, plus - firing of the air cannons, a special target situation was created imitating various objects of the conditional enemy. This is military equipment, airfields, clusters of manpower, etc.
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  1. the most important
    the most important 7 March 2018 13: 03
    After an internship in Syria, the results should be much better !!! Good luck to the guys !!!
  2. Each other
    Each other 7 March 2018 18: 45
    When will the military be allowed to not train for window dressing on television, but to calmly engage in combat training? What does preparation for two exercises have to do with combat training? Hero of Russia Major Filipov took second place at Aviadarts, and in battle he was shot down not even by some modern air defense system, but by a bearded uncle with MANPADS.
  3. Yura Kharlamov
    Yura Kharlamov 7 March 2018 19: 01
    I really hoped that this props would be stopped. But no. Waste of money
    1. Each other
      Each other 7 March 2018 19: 35
      Meal'n'Real! Well, our people love on TV when there is no fig, no fig, and then FIIGAAA !!!! And figs in different directions. It’s like showing off in hand-to-hand combat. The real combat effectiveness is zero. But people hawks like bricks crumble over their heads