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In Italy, Putin won

The preliminary results of the elections to the Italian Parliament struck both Italy and the entire European Union. So-called populists got the majority of votes, and with them Euro skeptics who oppose migration policies. Traditional parties were defeated. Other European analysts are already talking about the victory in Italy ... Putin. Of course: where without Putin!

In Italy, Putin won

Counting ninety-nine percent of the vote showed that the Five-Star Movement won the election in Italy. This party in the EU is considered populist, and led by Mr. Grillo, a former comedian. And this movement won - with a large margin in the number of votes: more than 32% of voters voted for the party. A comedian can celebrate a resounding success. Actually, he does.

“Democratic Party” is in second place: about 19% of votes. For her, this is more than a modest result.

Other relatively honorable places were divided by the center-right parties in Italy.

"League" took the third place: more than 17 percent of the vote. Recall that this party has long and firmly protested against the current migration policy of the European Union.

Silvio Berlusconi's party “Forward, Italy” received 14% of votes.

The nationalists of the "Brothers of Italy" got four-odd percent of the vote.

Stephanie Kirchgaessner, Roman correspondent «The Guardian», spoke about the victory of the "two populist parties" in the following words: these parties won "sensational victories in the national elections in Italy." The journalist immediately asked an important question: would Putin benefit from the "pro-Kremlin sentiments of the Italian populist parties"?

The two “populist parties” that won the elections have “close ideological ties with the Kremlin and can translate Italy’s foreign policy into a course advantageous to Russian President Vladimir Putin,” the journalist says.

Both the Five Stars Movement and the League, formerly known as the League of the North, had previously raised questions of withdrawing from NATO, the termination of sanctions against Russia (which only hurt the Italian economy) and even "supported the Russian campaign in Syria"!

Moreover, Matteo Salvini from the League made several trips to Moscow, including a trip that took place a few weeks before the 2016 constitutional referendum of the year. “No” at the referendum then marked a major defeat for the then Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, head of the Democratic Party and associate of the former American President Barack Obama.

In 2014, Salvini refuted reports that he received "cash from the Kremlin" according to a scenario that was once run around by "his ideological partner" - Marine Le Pen in France.

“I was in Moscow, but I did not ask for money, but I was there because we have a political vision of Europe, different from today’s, and one that Brussels doesn’t share,” Salvini explained to reporters.

The founder of M5S (“Five Stars”), Beppe Grillo, became famous for the fact that his party “has changed its position” in recent years, the correspondent continues, not without irony.

In 2016, one of the foreign policy experts from this party spoke at the congress of the Putin party "United Russia". In his speech, he not only called for the termination of EU sanctions against Russia, but also said that the crisis in Ukraine was the result of EU and US intervention in Russia’s affairs.

According to expert opinion, which is given later in the article, the growing influence of M5S and the League does not necessarily mean a change in relations between Italy and Russia. Yet, from now on, much more may be required for negotiations: for example, NATO will have to base its decisions on “certain grounds”, perhaps a clear “resistance to new sanctions” or the extension of “previous sanctions”. Professor Raffaele Marchetti from Rome recalled that last year he had seen politicians from only two parties in the Russian Embassy: M5S and the League.

The failure of the “traditional” politicians in Italy, we add, was the reason for leaving Matteo Renzi to retire to the party. At least, there are such messages in the Italian press. The politician intends to resign from the post of general secretary of the "Democratic Party", reports TASS with reference to ANSA.

The reason for the proposed decision was the party failure in the parliamentary elections: the previously popular “Democratic Party” did not overcome the 20% level.

It's funny, but this politician said earlier that he would not resign even if the party failed. Apparently, the outcome of the election greatly upset him. About half of the ministers of the outgoing government turned out to be outside the parliament today. In addition, Mr. Renzi, who led the party in 2014 a year and then took the post of prime minister, is accused of splitting the center left: they say it was his work that became the actual cause of such a split.

It is difficult to say whether Renzi will soon resign, but the party chair beneath him is clearly staggering.

It is ridiculous to think, we note that the Italians in the elections did not cast votes for their parties, but for some interests of Putin. Despite the harm from sanctions mentioned in Italy, Italians care little about any success or failure of the Kremlin. A coincidence can be seen only in the fact that present-day Italy has paid closer attention to a number of values, which have recently been much spoken of in Moscow. This is national sovereignty and an objection to the all-powerful “hegemon” (USA), as well as an objection to sanctions, from which real losses are felt in Italy. Migration is a separate issue for both Italy and the European Union. Italian journalists and losers in political choices can regard him as “Putin’s” interest, but this does not make populist parties “pro-Kremlin”.

The accusations and worries of opponents of the populist parties and of Brussels are built on the fact that the election winners, who in the future will create a coalition, seem to have one common feature: these forces are in positions of Euroskepticism.

And this mood, perhaps, one way or another, can be used by Moscow. But not at all for the collapse of the EU and NATO, as the omnipresent conspiracy therapists and supporters of the “Putin’s cunning plan” write about. And to ease the sanctions. The Russian economy is now far from in the best shape, and the weakening of the sanction strangulation would give it an impetus to development. Of course, the revival of trade with Russia would be useful for the growth of Italy's GDP.

It is still difficult to say which agreement will be reached by the election winners in Italy. But another thing is clear: the picture of such electoral achievements is typical in Europe not for Italy alone. Earlier, Euroskeptics of Hungary and Austria, as well as in Poland, showed impressive results. Quite good results were also demonstrated by the so-called ultranationalists of the Netherlands, Germany and France.

This kind of achievement was shocked over and over again by Brussels, which extremely negatively reacts to the strengthening of not only “populist” and “pro-Kremlin”, but also openly anti-immigrant moods. The latter concerns the entire European Union. As a result, Brussels is beginning to suspect that some kind of cardinal reforms are needed in the former united Europe, otherwise the union will break from the inside.

While Brussels pulls, "populists" win elections and offer their solutions.

Observed and commented on Oleg Chuvakin
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  1. Olgovich
    Olgovich 8 March 2018 07: 22
    In Italy, common sense and self-preservation instinct prevailed.
    But will they be able to defeat Brussels? request
    1. Spartanez300
      Spartanez300 8 March 2018 07: 29
      It’s very good that Putin defeated Italy too. yes .
      1. andj61
        andj61 8 March 2018 08: 12
        Quote: Spartanez300
        It’s very good that Putin defeated Italy too. yes .

        And this is just the beginning! laughing Who is next? wink
        But in fact, sane politicians won. It will be difficult to agree with them whether they will persistently uphold their own interests, the interests of Italy. But contracts are possible with them. The current leaders of Italy and the European Union in many ways often obediently followed in the wake of US policy, directly looking into the mouth of the Americans. Now this policy ends. True, I do not think that sanity in the European Union will come quickly - for this we need a few more such victories. hi
        1. Town Hall
          Town Hall 8 March 2018 09: 16
          And what is the victory, for example, of the Salvini party? Or the same 5 stars?. First of all, they are rivals from different "political camps." So if you won one, you lost the other.

          Some of them scored 50% and will be able to form a government?)
          1. Vladimir16
            Vladimir16 9 March 2018 10: 03
            Quote: Town Hall
            Some of them scored 50% and will be able to form a government?)

            It is said - Putin laughing
            Read carefully and shudder in horror wassat
            The two "populist parties" that won the election have "close ideological relations with the Kremlin and they can translate Italy’s foreign policy into a channel beneficial to Russian President Vladimir Putin, ” assures the journalist.

            Paranoia mows Europe. laughing
      2. AUL
        AUL 8 March 2018 13: 08
        It is very good that Putin defeated Italy as well.
        Fine! Now he is packing his bags and sent his wife for tickets to Rome!
        1. Vladimir16
          Vladimir16 9 March 2018 10: 07
          Quote: Spartanez300
          It is very good that Putin defeated Italy as well.

          When is the EU presidential election? wassat laughing lol
          Tremble Brussels. tongue
        2. Viking
          Viking 11 March 2018 12: 01
          Who sent for the tickets?
      3. krops777
        krops777 9 March 2018 04: 39
        It’s very good that Putin defeated Italy too.

        Yes, Vladimir Vladimirovich will not remain without a job without a grab. wink
        1. Anti-Corr.
          Anti-Corr. 9 March 2018 05: 39
          Quote: krops777
          Yes, Vladimir Vladimirovich will not remain without a job without a grab.

          From the article
          While Brussels pulls, "populists" win elections and offer their solutions.
      4. faiver
        faiver 9 March 2018 08: 27
        recall the "victory of Putin" in the usa in the form of a trump? and what do we have? a wagon and a small cart of hemorrhoids ... hi
      5. yakyu20
        yakyu20 13 March 2018 22: 25
        So let's get it right to the presidency, what's the little thing then?
    2. Finches
      Finches 8 March 2018 09: 09
      Well done comedian Grillo! He understood well that from the great to the ridiculous one step, but vice versa ...!
    3. siberalt
      siberalt 8 March 2018 09: 38
      In Italy, common sense wins once a year, so what? laughing The Italians have had a fascist ideology in their blood since the time of Rome, and there’s nothing you can do about it. winked
    4. Vadim Sh.
      Vadim Sh. 8 March 2018 18: 39
      It’s simpler to say that it is the policy of the United States, because they completely control the policy of Brussels. No.
    5. Vend
      Vend 12 March 2018 10: 34
      Quote: Olgovich
      In Italy, common sense and self-preservation instinct prevailed.

      Is not a fact. In Greece, too, there was a victory, but after everything returned to EU circles.
  2. Pax tecum
    Pax tecum 8 March 2018 07: 48
    The controlled chaos that European politicians organized to please globalist forces outside Europe has also crossed its borders in the form of migratory flows of "alien organisms" with a different worldview and sensual vision of the situation. Suicidal humanism and tolerance, reaching the point of absurdity, invented multiculture and mythical "values" that replaced traditional ones, did their job: the instinct of national self-preservation began to make itself felt.
    I'd like to believe that the "Sunset of Europe" is postponed.
    Nevertheless, having a wild Islamic horde in western Europe and the borders of Russia is quite unpleasant and dangerous, but only the Slavic world, whose representatives have strong historical immunity to this mythical tolerance towards the “Mohammedans,” can really confront them.
    The Clash of Civilizations has not been canceled.

    * "The Clash of Civilizations and the Transformation of the World Order" (1996) is a historical and philosophical treatise by Samuel Huntington.
    ** “The Decline of Europe” (sometimes published in the 2000s under the title “The Decline of the Western World”) is a philosophical work by Oswald Spengler, published in 1918.
    1. 23rus
      23rus 8 March 2018 09: 02
      It smacks of "divide and conquer." But what about Eastern wisdom: “what has been done before you - save, but do better multiplying”?
  3. shinobi
    shinobi 8 March 2018 07: 51
    So what? When did Italy decide something? Well, did they win, and then what? Trump was openly spilling nightingale that he would seek to improve relations with Russia. So there is no reason for optimism. So, gossip from the life of sunny Italy.
    1. Tatar 174
      Tatar 174 8 March 2018 08: 35
      Quote: shinobi
      So what? When did Italy decide something? Well, they won, and then what?

      This is an indicator that the people of Europe are tired of everything that happens there, and in Europe the people can decide your fate in the election. That's all.
    2. seal78
      seal78 12 March 2018 16: 01
      So the point is that achieve improving relationships with someone is idiocy. It's like forcing someone to love you. About improving relationships usually agree side between each other. But Trump does not know how, he is a businessman and is used to putting pressure on his competitors and eating them.
  4. prior
    prior 8 March 2018 08: 35
    In connection with Putin’s election victory in Italy, it would be logical to hold a referendum on Italy’s secession from the European Union and entry into the Russian Federation.
    1. Korsar4
      Korsar4 8 March 2018 21: 35
      In compensation for the Crusade to Constantinople.
  5. datur
    datur 8 March 2018 09: 40
    in ITALY won- ITALY !!!! and that is not a fact knowing about the ambitions and opportunities of our ,, partners, "from the American island !!!! wink wassat drinks
  6. basmach
    basmach 8 March 2018 09: 40
    And let us rent it out. There will be more sense
  7. Bastinda
    Bastinda 8 March 2018 14: 38
    I really thought, by the headline, that Putin, out of habit, scored 146% in Italy. laughing
  8. 97110
    97110 8 March 2018 14: 59
    Russia's economy is now far from in good shape
    And when was it different? I remember that in the days of the USSR, when capitalism was overtaken by a general crisis, we really did develop at a faster pace. But after an unexpected change in the socio-economic formation, nobody dares to say that something good has happened in the economy in our country. Are you afraid of jinxing? Even the President, having said this morning that we will threaten the resettlement ourselves, we ourselves know who, leaned on the growth of the Russian economy at a rate more likely equal to an accounting error. There is a suspicion that there is still economic growth, but it is even more secret than the data of Americans drawn from social networks. After all, new types of weapons were formed from somewhere, which NATO and even the USA must certainly be afraid of - was it not for nothing that the President personally reported about them? And about the increase in pensions it is unclear how it will periodically buzz. It is not audible, they are not going to appoint someone responsible for inspiring the personnel, even if a decent occasion for a word? It is impossible that the personnel about the victories achieved and planned are not completely up to date.
  9. ibirus
    ibirus 8 March 2018 16: 04
    Right, blame Russia for all sins. I’ll tell you a secret, only shhhh, but the Darkest, yes, the same one, never sleeps.
    1. 97110
      97110 9 March 2018 12: 49
      Quote: ibirus
      Right, blame Russia for all sins.

      I read once that humor is fun of the mind. What do you use, what is in your place of mind? Manual of the State Department? They will expel, they will deprive of a salary.
  10. Pilot1980
    Pilot1980 9 March 2018 04: 47
    may translate Italy’s foreign policy into a channel beneficial to Russian President Vladimir Putin

    It is surprising that in the framework of the current problems of Italy, no one considers the BENEFITS of such a policy for Italy itself. Those. "it doesn’t matter whether it’s beneficial for us or not, but the MAIN thing is that it isn’t beneficial for Putin."
    The finish.
  11. 1536
    1536 9 March 2018 07: 23
    In Italy, fascism was never revived, Russia was never accused of any crimes committed by its own special services, and the Italians are far from thinking about world domination (what the Roman Empire ended with, they are well aware), and the Italians themselves are similar to Russians, therefore, blue is a pleasure to do business.
    But now there will be a shout from over the Ocean. Many still remember the tragic fate of Aldo Moro, etc. The robbery of the United States is already beginning to impede the development of civilization.
  12. Rider
    Rider 12 March 2018 14: 02
    Let the Western rhetoric be better preserved, or else again our authorities, as usual at the expense of the people, will help Western friends begin to overcome the crisis.
  13. Serge Gorely
    Serge Gorely 12 March 2018 21: 46
    Oh come on you ... There, just now in Catalonia, menacingly burst so terribly- Independence,! So what? quiet bunch into the water, everyone is free.