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Russian Defense Ministry publishes archival documents on the exploits of women during the war

Archive materials on the exploits of women during the Great Patriotic War were published on the website of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. Press Service Office:
The section was based on collections of declassified documents from the Central Archive of the Ministry of Defense of Russia (TsAMO) - letters, photographs, clippings from wartime newspapers, memoranda, award documents. Each of these collections is история in miniature, and together they are a kaleidoscope of women's lives, full of courage, courage, selfless and not at all women's acts.

The published archive of archival materials is called “They sent a heart to the front”. In it you can get acquainted with the military stories of the medical orderlies Maria Fofanova 1921, who was born from the battlefield 46 wounded soldiers of the Red Army. The material presents the award list of Mary, who was presented to the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.

Russian Defense Ministry publishes archival documents on the exploits of women during the war

The materials include the chilling story of the 216 infantry infantry regiment Helena Stempkovskaya, who destroyed three Nazi soldiers and was captured by the Nazis after being subjected to horrific torture.

From the material about the medical orderr of 19-th Guards Stalin Siberian Rifle Corps Olga Filatkina (colleague Alexander Matrosov):

26 February 1943, Olga Filatkina, having been appointed radio operator in the squad of machine gunners, skiers, moved to the rear of the enemy. When the group stopped in the village Srednyaya of the Kalinin region, an unequal battle suddenly broke out. Wounded Olga to the last transmitted messages. Her calm voice indicated the location of the detachment and caused a fire. In the last program, she said: “... The Germans broke into our location. Goodbye comrades! Radio is blowing up.

Olga remained alive. Only in 1945, it became known what tests she had to go through during this time. Captivity, concentration camps, betrayal, escape, work with the underground in the occupied territory. She did not break, did not lose faith in the Victory, persevered and returned to her homeland. Was reinstated in the party.

Details with all published materials can be found. here.
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  1. Vard
    Vard 7 March 2018 06: 45
    War is not a woman’s business ... But if it comes to the survival of the nation ... then they have to fight ... With the upcoming holiday of all women in the military ...
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  2. Same lech
    Same lech 7 March 2018 06: 45
    I bow to the hero of the Second World War hi thanks to her and heroes like her we can live now.
    1. bouncyhunter
      bouncyhunter 7 March 2018 07: 46
      I join your words. hi A great gift for the upcoming holiday! good
  3. Herculesic
    Herculesic 7 March 2018 06: 48
    Could have declassified it earlier! Women in the war showed themselves heroically, on a par with men, as in the rear, although in the rear they got more masculine! The peasants were killed unnecessarily, often villages and small towns were precisely women and they raided with their own hands from the ruins! Our bow to them, for all that they have done for the country and the people! hi soldier love Happy 8th of March! love
    1. Same lech
      Same lech 7 March 2018 07: 00
      The peasants were killed unnecessarily, often villages and small towns were precisely women and they raided with their own hands from the ruins!
      When you get acquainted with the life of Russian women after and during the Second World War, especially in the villages in the outback, I feel very anxious ... they were left without their breadwinners without a livelihood and hopes for a personal life ... it was terrible to see devastation in such houses.
      1. alstr
        alstr 7 March 2018 09: 02
        The saddest thing is that the attitude towards them after the war was mildly not very said. Not always, not everywhere, but many who counted women who returned from the front of permanent residence.
        And the attitude is appropriate.
        This is even seen in the movies. The same Aty-Baty. Remember when the daughter of GG says that the order is not held by them, but by her grandmother, because she did not recognize their marriage. And even this is a lot in the movies.

        My grandmother ran into this. At 16 she went to the front with a hospital (moreover, he was voluntary - there were some). And when one of the military commissars returned to her through Moscow and expressed, she was only permanent residence at the front. And she has a medal "For Courage" and a wound in the thigh. Well, she freaked out and threw her military card. Then she regretted and recovered documents for a long time.
    2. Glory1974
      Glory1974 7 March 2018 09: 21
      Could have declassified it earlier!

      It’s not enough to simply declassify; Our descendants must know our heroes.
  4. aszzz888
    aszzz888 7 March 2018 06: 58
    Women in war are nonsense. But to fight for the Motherland is a special feature of our women.

    Our dear - with the upcoming March 8 Day !!! love love love soldier
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  5. ancestors from Don
    ancestors from Don 7 March 2018 07: 38
    It was real golden youth!
  6. Fedorov
    Fedorov 7 March 2018 07: 42
    But few remember the Soviet tankmen. In the heat of BT, sweating, the men at the transitions built a separate bathhouse .. And no hint of physical intimacy.
    Women - happy holiday to you! upcoming.
  7. Serg65
    Serg65 7 March 2018 07: 50
    I bow my head in front of you, female soldiers! soldier
    More than a million Soviet women participated in the Great Patriotic War!
    Here are some of them

    Famous "Night Witches" of the 46 Guards Night Bomber Aviation Regiment !!!

    Rosa Shanina, the most productive sniper of the Red Army, in 45 the Germans called her “The Horror of East Prussia”!
  8. Altona
    Altona 7 March 2018 08: 57
    Maybe it was thanks to such women of the USSR that he survived. Which did not spare themselves either in the rear or at the front. Women to whom Konstantin Simonov devoted immortal lines "wait for me and I will return, just wait very much!"
  9. sib.ataman
    sib.ataman 7 March 2018 10: 10
    Eternal Glory to our courageous and heroic compatriots! Here is a real role model for modern youth! Their names, photographs and biographies must be filled in all history textbooks, from 1 to 11 class! From I to V course of the university! So that later different stakes from Urengoy, not remembering kinship, do not carry diarrhea in the Bundestag of defeated Germany in a fierce war!
  10. Hurricane70
    Hurricane70 7 March 2018 11: 12
    And how about this? Well, besides J. D'Arc, of course! Work in this direction, I wonder?
    1. Paranoid50
      Paranoid50 7 March 2018 14: 51
      Quote: Hurricane70
      And how about this?

      Well, the most famous, perhaps, is:
      In February 1945 (when she was 18 years old) she joined the British ATS as a truck driver. Today, Elizabeth is the only one of the heads of state who participated in the Second World War. And of the current, warring ... only the IDF and Peshmerga come to mind.
  11. komrad buh
    komrad buh 7 March 2018 17: 01
  12. Tatar 174
    Tatar 174 7 March 2018 18: 46
    Huge respect and gratitude to the heroic women of the USSR and Russia, along with men who fought for their homeland, not only at the front, but also to the workers, sparing no effort in the rear not only for themselves, but also for fathers, husbands, brothers. I bow to them. Happy holiday, all of our Russian women, you are the best!