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Russian army will receive a new system of mining

Vladimir Lepin, Director General of the Splav Research and Production Association, announced the completion of the development work of the new mining system.

At the moment, any information about the new system is missing, but it is known that the system is designed to install combined, i.e. consisting of anti-personnel and anti-mine mines, minefields

Russian army will receive a new system of mining

The CEO noted that it is planned to put the system into service in 2019. In addition, the Research Institute in 2017 completed four more development work on the creation of mines, anti-submarine ammunition and engineering systems. Eight more works will be completed this year and next.

Research and Production Association "Splav" produces multiple launch rocket systems. Here are created MLRS BM-21 "Grad", "Hurricane" and "Smerch". For Smerch, for the first time in world practice, a corrected rocket was developed, having an angular stabilization system in the active part of the trajectory and a range correction system. This made it possible to improve the accuracy and accuracy of firing in range and direction more than twice as compared with unguided rockets. For the production of the Smerch multiple rocket launcher, NPO Splav launched the Breakthrough project, which will restore the production of Grad multiple rocket launchers and increase the production capacity of Tornado-S guided missiles.
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    KVU-NSVD 6 March 2018 12: 47
    Remote mining is not new, but relevant, especially based on modern technologies and materials. Compatibility with old models of military and military equipment is important, and not just with modern samples. This would greatly enhance export potential.
  2. Blue fox
    Blue fox 6 March 2018 13: 24
    It’s very good when it is possible to quickly establish a combined type of MP remotely, it’s much more difficult for the enemy to carry out work on forging passages, and such a field will create big problems when overcoming it on the go, because if you had to put the infantry inside before determining the type of mine field armored vehicles and overcome if it is anti-personnel, then now it won’t work out as well as infantry to overcome, if necessary, anti-tank MP without armor.
    1. In100gram
      In100gram 6 March 2018 23: 41
      Quote: Blue Fox
      when it is possible to quickly install a combined type of MP remotely, it’s much more difficult for the enemy to carry out work on forging passages

      "Serpent Gorynych" copes with such a task in 15 minutes, with three smoke breaks
  3. aleks.29ru
    aleks.29ru 6 March 2018 20: 03
    A little sense in such a "mechanized" field. All mines are in sight, at the same distance. Or am I wrong?
    1. Vovanya
      Vovanya 7 March 2018 20: 12
      Each minefield is covered by fire of various means, and the task of the minefield is to stop the advance of the enemy and to allow the weaponry to hit its sedentary equipment at this time. But the “efficiency” minefield has about 30%, and if the crew does not know about its presence, it can overcome it, but the mines visible on the surface of the minefield will definitely stop the enemy - the self-preservation instinct will not allow maneuvering between the mines.