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The Pentagon acknowledged that part of the Kurds "distracted" from the fight against terrorists

Part of the forces of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDS) ceased participation in the operation against the IG group (banned in the Russian Federation), which is being conducted by the Western coalition in the Euphrates River valley, reports RIA News Post press service of the Pentagon.

We are aware of the departure of part of the VTS units from the middle valley of the Euphrates and we continue to point out what is worth the distraction from the fight against IS,
said the press officer Adrian Rankin-Galloway.

Earlier in a number of media reports appeared that part of the VTS units, based on the Kurds, were redeployed to the area of ​​the Afrin town to protect it from the Turkish army.

At the same time, the representative of the military confirmed that the United States would continue to support the VTS and "local Syrian military and civilian councils" in the liberated areas as long as they focus on fighting terrorism.

Any military actions other than those specifically aimed at defeating the IS, do not receive and will not receive support from the coalition. Although the coalition has done significant damage to the IS, much remains to be done to free up the IS-held areas and stabilize the newly liberated areas so that we can prevent the IS
Rankin-Galloway emphasized.
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  1. Simple
    Simple 6 March 2018 11: 33
    The most violent ones are disposed of at their own request.

    This is the basis of modern warfare.
    1. Monos
      Monos 6 March 2018 11: 35
      They say the Syrian Army organized a corridor for them, for the transfer. Soon fools, to fight for amers, will not remain. smile
      1. Angel_and_Demon
        Angel_and_Demon 6 March 2018 11: 38
        Quote: Monos
        They say the Syrian Army organized a corridor for them, for the transfer.

        so they make a rotation, they came to the war zone with an igil - they received ammunition, medicines, moved to the Ottomans, and so on in a circle, but the states are not against Turkey laughing
    KVU-NSVD 6 March 2018 11: 41
    Here are the rascals! For the sake of their own interests, they dared to “score” on the interests of overseas uncles laughing laughing Vile traitors! laughing Now with IG? Do the sponsors themselves now fight? laughing laughing
    1. taiga2018
      taiga2018 6 March 2018 11: 53
      Quote: KVU-NSVD
      Do the sponsors themselves now fight?

      their hand will not rise to kill their own ...