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In the USA consider Iran’s statements on the creation of a drone a “boast”

In the USA consider Iran’s statements on the creation of a drone a “boast”

Washington doubts that Iran is able to create a copy of the captured US drone RQ-170.

In particular, Interfax writes, Senator from Connecticut Joe Lieberman called "Tehran" appropriate statements "boasting". “Iran is not the first to brag,” he said. “Especially now when they need to preserve their image against the backdrop of economic sanctions against the country.”

Earlier today, the head of the aerospace division of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, General Amir Ali Hadjizade, said that the Iranian military had discovered the principle of the intercepted US drone RQ-170. Currently, he added, experts are creating a copy of it.

According to the general, the Iranians managed to gain access to information stored in RQ-170 Sentinel computer systems.

The fact that Iranian soldiers destroyed the American drone RQ-170 in the airspace of the Islamic Republic, it became known 4 December last year. It was noted that the aircraft conducted reconnaissance and was shot down in the east of the country.

The drone aircraft was declared the property of the Islamic Republic. This statement was made by Iranian Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi in response to the demand of US President Barack Obama to return the aircraft to the United States.

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  1. older
    older April 23 2012 11: 24
    They are trying to make a good face with a bad game ... If there is an apparatus, then there will be specialists who will take it apart and understand everything and everything ...
    1. domokl
      domokl April 23 2012 11: 34
      Surely Seryozha ... If a person has done something, then there will always be another person who will disassemble and make weapons against this invention ... Well, it’s also true about ours .. I recall the story with MIG -25 ...
      1. Dimitrxnumx
        Dimitrxnumx April 23 2012 13: 19
        I hope that "our" specialists are actively involved in decoding the drone, otherwise the amers would not be so nervous.
        1. Gurza
          Gurza April 23 2012 13: 48

          I hope that "our" specialists are actively involved in decoding the drone, otherwise the amers would not be so nervous.

          100% will be, I think the Iranians have big problems with composites and they will seek help from anyone.
    2. VAF
      VAF April 23 2012 20: 08
      Quote: older
      Trying to make a good face with a bad game.

      And let me also "throw amers" FLY, so that "a good mine would not work for them ?!" good

      Iranian Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi announced progress in developing and manufacturing his own version of the Russian S-300 air defense system, Fars reported on Tuesday.

      “The creation of an alternative missile system is underway,” he said, adding that the work “yielded good results.”

      The Iranian military previously stated that the missile system, called the Bavar (Belief) 373, is even more powerful and advanced than the Russian S-300.

      In the photo: Iran’s S-300 air defense
  2. Zerstorer
    Zerstorer April 23 2012 11: 36
    To understand this is half the battle. It is still necessary to reproduce, and this is technology. If they understand and reproduce - well done. Increase your technological level.
    1. older
      older April 23 2012 11: 55
      Naturally, they will not be able to reproduce completely ... But, in principle, something similar is quite possible ...
    2. party3AH
      party3AH April 23 2012 12: 10
      Well, there was information that after the "landing" of the UAV, the Chinese asked to look at the device, I do not exclude that together they "revealed" the secret ...
      1. Goga
        Goga April 23 2012 12: 18
        partyZAN - Colleague, there was information that it could not have done without our "car depot", so it is more likely not China, but our YuSovskie guts, in order to exchange experience ... wassat
        The shot down "stealth" was brought from Iraq, so it is quite possible that this product is now somewhere in the suburbs.
        1. Tersky
          Tersky April 23 2012 12: 30
          Goga-Good day, colleague! I completely agree with your version, it was hardly possible without our brother in this case. You need to wait a bit if there is news about the creation of a new UAV by Russia, then the assumptions about the possibility of our participation in the creation of the Iranian UAV will be justified.
          1. Goga
            Goga April 23 2012 15: 01
            Tersky - Good afternoon Victor, neighbors after all, in the neighborhood, where is the salt, where are the matches and where are the drones to share ... bully
            1. Neighbor
              Neighbor April 23 2012 15: 46
              Quote: Tersky
              if there is news about the creation of a new UAV by Russia, then the assumptions about the possibility of our participation in the creation of the Iranian UAV will be justified.

              Well, if our Soviet station - the newest drone planted a super-duper, without intercepting it and blocking its control without a scratch, then creating Amers.ko.go at times is not a great problem.
              Moreover - not so long ago - from a month ago - there was already an article - about the creation by Russia of an attack drone - will go into service in the 13th year. drinks
              And the fact that it will be cooler than analogues - there should be no doubt at all !!!
              drinks drinks
  3. mpanichkin
    mpanichkin April 23 2012 11: 56
    Yes, Iran can make a single copy, no doubt. But mass production is unlikely. And yet this is not boasting, mockery of the States.
  4. 101
    101 April 23 2012 11: 58
    They won’t do it themselves. They will find those who in exchange for technology will share the finished product.
  5. Bat1stuta
    Bat1stuta April 23 2012 12: 00
    President Barack Obama's demand to return the plane to the USA

    there is such a children's saying: "what has fallen is lost" lol
    1. party3AH
      party3AH April 23 2012 12: 11
      Yes indeed, Barack somehow did not think about it laughing
  6. awg75
    awg75 April 23 2012 12: 19
    I do not believe that they figured it out, but that someone very smartly sold or changed it very profitably, I believe in it. I think the "masters of the world" are most afraid of this
  7. snek
    snek April 23 2012 12: 45
    Yes, of course, bragging. The only country that could copy in such a time is China.
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov April 23 2012 13: 21
      This statement was made by usa! American statements today do not even believe children
  8. sergskak
    sergskak April 23 2012 12: 59
    I believe that a flying sample can very well be done, but a copy cannot be made without the help of Russia. In addition to iron, you will also have to launch a couple of satellites with the help of which most systems are controlled and data transmission there. And without all this, it’s just a circle of skilled hands: management with the remote control and flying no further than the horizon.
  9. Zlu
    Zlu April 23 2012 13: 15
    I hope to reproduce as close as possible TTX. and it will not like the USA
  10. Trailer
    Trailer April 23 2012 13: 17
    Call me a pessimist, but I would first analyze the engines of this device, and the material from which it is made! And all the rest of the equipment - not all of this, is right now necessary for Iran!
  11. Jeen
    Jeen April 23 2012 14: 01
    Try to "disassemble and play" your own mobile phone.
    Why is there a mobile phone!
    Play the flash drive. But only from Russian-made components. To fit into the mass and dimensions, and consumer properties would be the same
    And Iran to Russia, like apple trees to Mars
    It was correctly noted above that it is not enough to understand, "... and how does it all work?"

    It is much more important to be able to create the same materials.
    To have equipment for the implementation of technological processes for the production of all components without exception.
    Have an appropriate service infrastructure (same control satellites)
    To be able to create on-board optics and electronics that can solve the same problems that Sentinel solves.

    Any, at least a little competent techie among you will understand and agree that the implementation of all of the above will require not just the creation of a new industry. The task of fully reengineering a flying gift will require a radical change in ALL Iranian industries. In essence, the creation of technological civilization of a new level.
    The same level that Americans have
    Any other Iranian attempts to rivet "something similar" will be akin to attempts to recreate a Ferrari that accidentally wandered over to them in the locomotive workshops. The shape will be similar, and even will be red. But, nothing more
    1. snek
      snek April 23 2012 14: 29
      Voice in the wilderness.
      By the way, I remembered about assembling my phone:
      1. Jeen
        Jeen April 23 2012 14: 53
        Quote: snek
        Voice in the wilderness.
        Well, one thing is the unshakable conviction of an ideologically correct teaching, which is true because it is true
        And a completely different thing is a materialistic understanding of the essence of the problem.
        Less and less Cherepanovs and Kulibins around, but more and more Mitrofanushki and Korchagins
    2. Odinplys
      Odinplys April 23 2012 19: 42
      JeenNobody talks about production ...
      Revealed the principle of action ...
      And got access to the information contained ...
      This is already half the battle ...
  12. yacht
    yacht April 23 2012 16: 37
    Let's still be objective, it will be difficult for Iran to create an exact copy of the RQ-170 UAV even with the help of China and Russia, but it is undoubted that Iran gained access to part of the U.S. secret technologies and is able to use part of these technologies itself or with the help of anyone own developments. He will figure it out somewhere, somewhere in exchange for access to secret components, he will ask for help from Russia and China. By the way, there was already information that Russian experts gained access to the RQ-170 UAV, I’m sure that the Chinese as well.
    1. werewolf
      werewolf April 23 2012 19: 32
      The fact is that when a trophy stinger in my opinion was brought from Vietnam (perhaps I am mistaken in the name), ours took it apart and ... everything was very simple, but to make a clone it was necessary to have factories an order of magnitude higher than we had. Also, look on the Internet about flying saucers. Along the way, both we and the amers have "trophy" ones at secret bases and seem to be active, but neither they can not reproduce them. so it's not all that simple. For anyone interested, see
  13. Jeen
    Jeen April 23 2012 17: 45
    In general, a strange article, translated from Rosbalt. It seems that Rosbalt journalists tried to "creatively rethink the titanic legacy" of the Voice of America

    As a result, something appears neither in the village, nor in the conquerors of the pole:
    Iranian military destroyed American drone RQ-170

    And the most important thing is omitted:
    Iran is unlikely to be able to use any data or technology on board thanks to the measures taken to reduce the reconnaissance value of drones working on enemy territory
    Ask the question "What codes are the Iranians trying to" decode "there?
  14. dengy12
    dengy12 April 23 2012 18: 43
    and the black monkey was completely crazy with grief! at that I need so much impudence to gather! to demand a scout shot down in the sky of a sovereign state! would demand for one and all the secret info of the General Staff of Iran
    1. Odinplys
      Odinplys April 23 2012 19: 19
      Quote: dengy12
      and the black monkey was completely crazy with grief!

      No, he just fell from a tree .... and wants to go back ...
  15. General_Nogay
    General_Nogay April 24 2012 17: 12
    In general, the Iranians say that they did not shoot him down, but landed at their base! Along the way, without our REBovtsov could not have done.