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Hungarian Micro-Uzi. Robert Veress Pistol

In the article about Warren Evans rifle, we met with one of the first options for the implementation of a screw shop. The modern development of the idea can be traced by the Calico M960 and Bison submachine guns, previously there was material about a Chinese submachine gun with the Chang Feng auger shop. In this article we will try to get to know one more representative of this rare subspecies. weapons, which was supposed to live on the territory of Hungary, but, as often happens, was crossed out by the ruthless evolution as unsuitable for survival. It will be a question of a pistol by Robert Veresh, who “ate” from an under-barrel screw shop with an 33 cartridge capacity.

History development gun Veress

In the process of studying any topic that goes into the depths of history, it is impossible not to notice that many facts from the biographies of certain people are the same, and the developments themselves are often repeated. So, the designer Robert Veresh had not previously worked with firearms, like the dentist Evans, though he was an engineer, so he had a more complete idea of ​​what he was doing and what he wanted to receive as a result.

Hungarian Micro-Uzi. Robert Veress Pistol

The main ideas of the designer were the creation of a competitive pistol with a large-capacity store, which could be opposed to the Israeli Micro-Uzi. Just as in the case of the Israeli weapon, it was decided to first make a version without automatic fire, and then after making a submachine gun at the base of the pistol. It is for this reason and the layout of the version of the weapon without automatic fire denoted as a pistol, an option with the possibility of firing bursts - a submachine gun.

The main priority for the designer was the possibility of concealed carrying and preserving the operability of the weapon, regardless of the quality and type of ammunition. Understanding that he doesn’t have his own knowledge in the field of firearms design to create a workable model, the designer worked only on a general concept and made a mock-up, which he presented at an exhibition in Nuremberg in 1989 year.

The efforts were not in vain, gunners Hindlemayer and Wittner became interested in the project. The three of them managed to create the first workable model of the weapon, which was given the name VHW, according to the first letters of the names of the designers who worked on it. A new weapon had a magazine with a capacity of 36x9 cartridges in 19, but so far it was only a pistol, without the possibility of automatic fire.

To complete the work together with those with whom he started it, Veress failed. Disagreements between the designers and a number of domestic difficulties broke this trio. I had to look for new companions, which Robert Veresh found in the German arms company Jagd-Hammer.

It was thanks to the designers from this company that not only managed to achieve the result that was originally planned by the engineer, but also to establish the production of new weapons.

In the process of working on a new gun, it was necessary to slightly reduce the capacity of the store (to 33 cartridges), the store itself was repeatedly processed in order to achieve an optimal balance between size, capacity and reliability. The bolt group was also subject to change, in search of a common base for weapons with single and automatic fire. Special attention was paid to reliability in adverse conditions.

The first batch was insignificant, total 60 units. The designer offered these pistols to collectors, who immediately bought them out. In addition to the civilian market, the designer aimed at a large order from the military, which was given several units with the possibility of automatic fire for testing.

It must be said that the military was delighted with the new submachine gun. Both small dimensions and high reliability were noted with heavy contamination of weapons. However, the results on the accuracy and accuracy of automatic fire left much to be desired, which is quite expected with such a layout and the absence of at least some support for the shoulder. However, these figures were better than the Israeli Micro-Uzi, as the submachine gun could be confidently held with two hands, using the magazine as a handguard.

Separately, it should be noted successfully implemented the supply of ammunition in this software. During military tests, the submachine gun was filled with cartridges with various types of bullets, as well as with a different sample of gunpowder, while there were no delays in the conduct of automatic fire.

Despite the good performance and the overall good impression of the weapon, there was no major military order, as they simply could not find a niche for the new software. All limited to only a few small batches.

The design of the gun Veress

Despite the overall unusual appearance, the design of the gun is quite simple, one might say, the most common. The automatic system with a free gate is placed in the receiver box, from which only two small stops for cocking are removed. Shock trigger trigger. The screw shop is also not news, the use of twisted springs inside the rotating auger we have seen more than once.

The frame of the weapon is made of aluminum alloy, which facilitates the overall design, the steel receiver. There is a button between the fully adjustable and the front sight. When pressed, the weapon is disassembled. Many compare the Veress pistol with the Micro-Uzi, finding common solutions in the design of the weapon. It is difficult to judge how correct this is. With the same success can be compared with any other model of weapon with a similar design of the bolt group. But a comparison of the characteristics here is more than appropriate, since the Veress pistol was originally designed as a competitor to Israeli weapons.

Characteristics of the gun Veress

The total mass of the pistol is two kilograms without a magazine, which is a lot for a pistol, but quite acceptable for a submachine gun. The length of the weapon is 305 millimeters with a barrel length of just 127 millimeters. Such a short barrel and a pistol layout made it not the most heapy and accurate weapon, even the manufacturer claims the effective range of fire to 25 meters, and manufacturers usually like to overestimate this parameter. The height of the gun is equal to 160 millimeters. The thickness of the weapon due to the auger magazine is equal to a millimeter 61.

To all this, add the characteristics of the store itself. Which weight without cartridges is 450 grams, and equipped with ammunition - 860 grams. Store length is 146 millimeters. Capacity - 33 cartridge.


Assessing a pistol and a submachine gun is difficult. If we consider this weapon as a pistol, it becomes clear that any other sample of this class will benefit both in terms of compactness and characteristics, after all, simply in weight, so that in the context of a pistol the weapon in question is clearly not the best.

The complexity of the assessment begins when considering the Veress pistol as a submachine gun. On the one hand, it is possible to compare with the full-size versions of weapons, which are represented in large numbers, and as a result of the comparison, we can conclude that the designer’s development was completely failed. On the other hand, we must not forget that this submachine gun was designed as a weapon for concealed carry, which means that many of its parameters were underestimated in favor of smaller dimensions. And if we consider the Veress pistol as a special weapon, then the designer can put a solid top five, since he coped with the task.

Well, if you evaluate the Vereshsh pistol as a competitor to the Israeli Micro-Uzi, then even here the weapon wins in all respects, except, of course, the price.
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  1. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 10 March 2018 06: 15
    auger shop - masochism and perversion in one bottle ... the Magyar was that same fanatic ...
    1. Vard
      Vard 10 March 2018 06: 42
      Why ... The invention was simply ahead of its time ...
      1. siberalt
        siberalt 10 March 2018 12: 06
        The cartridge disc was invented a long time ago. And here it is combined in five rows. Each row is like a cartridge in a horn. The original design, however! winked
        1. Kibb
          Kibb 14 March 2018 23: 33
          The auger was also invented a long time ago, auger application stores were in carbines as far back as the 60s of the 19th century, when there was no talk of disk ones, only more than a hundred years later they decided to use the auger in serial (well, relatively serial) automatic weapons
    2. Maki Avellevich
      Maki Avellevich 10 March 2018 08: 29
      light engineering erotic on face
      1. Cat
        Cat 10 March 2018 10: 47
        I’ll add from myself. Large-capacity auger, disk and drum (rotor) stores make sense in the niche of heavy submachine guns.
  2. shinobi
    shinobi 10 March 2018 06: 45
    And why did everyone rest so hard on a Parabelum cartridge? No, for a citizen he can do it, but for military purposes it’s far from it. There’s a wonderful Mauser one at 7,62. Moreover, everyone has a wonderful experience with the Belgian complex (yeah, there the gun was attached) FN R-90. On the Belgian caliber change from 5,7 to 7,62 and generally candy would come out.
    1. Cat
      Cat 10 March 2018 10: 51
      At 7.62mm - low stopping power. For service weapons is not rational. If riveting PP then it makes sense to reduce noise and rebound. In general, PP under the cartridge from Vintorez is not bad. But here another misfortune of ammunition is very expensive.
      1. Maki Avellevich
        Maki Avellevich 12 March 2018 07: 16
        Quote: Kotischa
        At 7.62mm - low stopping power.

        you are right, 7,62 has less stopping power than say 9.
        but God forbid to experience stopping power even 5,56!
        this weak in comparison caliber very well demotivates people.
        although the porridge with oil does not seem to be spoiled, I think 7.62 is more than enough.
      2. gross kaput
        gross kaput 13 March 2018 22: 52
        Quote: Kotischa
        In general, PP under the cartridge from Vintorez is not bad.

        PP under 9X39? sho you smoke there? There are small-sized machines for it - 9A91 and SR-3 (in fact, the shaft without a silencer and with another butt)
        Quote: Kotischa
        But here another misfortune of ammunition is very expensive.

        Why has the 9X39 become expensive? A re-squeezed sleeve from 7,62X39 with a standard automatic capsule, as old as mammoth shit and cheap P-45 gunpowder and a conventional bullet in design of SP-5 and inexpensive, without design refinements of armor-piercing in SP6 and PAB.
        The price tag is somewhere at the level of 7,62X54 7N1 -7N14.
    2. Kibb
      Kibb 10 March 2018 10: 55
      It’s just that earlier 9x19 was the most optimal in terms of breakdown / stopping, these are the last 20 years, the trends are different. And it also always seemed to me that with current trends 7.62x25 could get a second life (naturally in a modernized form), but no - apparently in conditions " market "profitable to produce new calibers (well, how profitable - for creators profitable)
      1. Cat
        Cat 11 March 2018 08: 00
        Then it’s 9 × 21mm, under Gyurzu!
        All the advantages in one product.
        1. Kibb
          Kibb 13 March 2018 11: 44
          Another new cartridge, and the gun is still not finished, judging by the network. I didn’t shoot, I didn’t hold it, therefore I can only know by the obs system (one grandmother said) - the product must be clearly brought to mind.
      2. gross kaput
        gross kaput 13 March 2018 22: 42
        Quote: Kibb
        here, too, it always seemed to me that with current trends, 7.62x25 could get a second life (naturally in a modernized form)

        What are these trends? Army bulletproof vest ANY pistol cartridge is too tough, it’s better for an unprotected carcass. 9X9 is widespread in the world, it’s cheap and everywhere, except for the conversion of weapons designed for 19X9 into weapons under 19X7,62, it makes almost no sense, because you have to change at least the barrel and the receiver - for weapons under 25X7,62 can easily be converted to 25 since the assholes are the same and 9,19 shorter, but shove a longer cartridge and a wider magazine 9 into weapons under 7,62X9 not it turns out - not enough space is corny.
  3. andrewkor
    andrewkor 10 March 2018 07: 29
    I will add that the balance of this original weapon is very mediocre for a pistol, the author has already highlighted other features.
  4. acetophenon
    acetophenon 10 March 2018 09: 41
    The very place for him is in the cinema. It looks stylish, works, what else?
  5. san4es
    san4es 10 March 2018 09: 56
    the development of the idea can be traced by the Calico M960 and Bizon submachine guns

  6. Kibb
    Kibb 10 March 2018 10: 57
    The revolving handle looks like an alien part
  7. Mooh
    Mooh 10 March 2018 14: 04
    It’s interesting, but is it possible to realize double feeding of cartridges - from a screw under-barrel magazine and from a box-shaped one in the handle?
    1. Alex.Kom
      Alex.Kom 18 June 2018 09: 58
      If in the handle, then what will you cover the difference in length between them? .. And if in front of the trigger guard, then this is Bison’s version.
  8. Arkady Gaidar
    Arkady Gaidar 10 March 2018 19: 01
    Once again invented a bicycle. Sometimes it seems that the designer eat their bread in vain.
  9. Kibb
    Kibb 14 March 2018 09: 41
    Quote: gross kaput
    What are these trends? Army bulletproof vest ANY pistol cartridge is too tough

    I did not say that the trends are correct, but they are
    Quote: gross kaput
    9X19 into a weapon under 7,62X25 is practically meaningless because you will have to change at least the barrel and the receiver - for weapons under 7,62X25 can easily be converted to 9,19 since the assholes are the same and 9 shorter, but shove it a longer cartridge and a wider magazine 7,62 in weapons under 9X19 will not work - there is simply not enough space.

    From the above I see no particular problems making a gun or PP under 7.62x25 and 9X19
    1. gross kaput
      gross kaput 14 March 2018 17: 41
      The key word here is to do it - on the civilian market, please, but the military, with their number of weapons, will be interested in three questions in the first place - the first as far as it is necessary, the second - how much the characteristics will exceed the current and the third, the most important , how much is it?
      Considering that the auxiliary weapon will not even be seriously considered by anyone - even the Americans, in the mid-00s began to raise a wave of the return of the 45th as the main one in the army, but after tinkering with competitive samples for two years, they decided that it wasn’t worth it that money and hemorrhoids.
      1. Kibb
        Kibb 14 March 2018 22: 57
        Quite right - I see no reason for a dispute. Nevertheless, small-caliber pistol cartridges are intensively promoting for the army hi
    2. Alex.Kom
      Alex.Kom 18 June 2018 09: 59
      The gun has already been made, Berdysh is called, I don’t remember about the item immediately ...