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Six trump cards in strategic preference (part of 2)

"Horror of the Depths"

The first "official discharge" in the media about the "ocean-based multi-purpose system Status-6" took place on November 9, 2015, when during the meeting the President on the MIC issues, during the protocol part for the media, was "accidentally" shown a printed sheet from the presentation of this The system got a close-up, although then these frames with the TV companies website were deleted, but they didn’t delete them from the Internet.

On this slide, it was written: Ocean Status-6 multi-purpose system. The lead contractor for the design and development work is OJSC "TsKB MT" Rubin ", one of the two leading developers of submarines and underwater systems. The main element of the system indicated there was a" self-propelled underwater vehicle "(SPA) - a giant torpedo. The length was 24-25mm, caliber 1600mm approximately . in conventional torpedoes caliber 533mm, there are more "plump" heavy torpedo 650mm, and small-sized anti-324-400mm calibers that before long, the domestic torpedo 533mm order 7m (NATO's shorter, they have cell phones in short), and 650mm - 11m length .

The same "famous" slide

The TTX SPA on the slide was also impressive - the speed was "more than 100 knots" (185.2 km / h), the working depths of the course were "more than 1000 m", and the range was completely fantastic - more than 10000 km. Similar characteristics are achievable only with a nuclear power plant. And such compact reactors in Russia were developed long ago, moreover, given the availability of flotilla AGS - nuclear deep-sea stations GUGI Navy, these deep-water and super-deep-sea atomic minisubmarines of reconnaissance-sabotage and research purposes, the experience with small reactors has been enormous. Nevertheless, many then and then took such performance characteristics as a fairy tale.

The purpose of the "ocean system" in that "overflow" was to "defeat the important objects of the enemy’s economy in the coastal area and to cause guaranteed unacceptable damage to the country’s territory by creating zones of extensive radioactive contamination unsuitable for military, economic and other activities in these areas a long time. " Many quickly guessed what it was about. If you believe the picture, the massive head of the SPA allows you to place there a thermonuclear multistage (2-3 steps) physical package and its power can be 50, and 100 and more megatons. In 1961 the power of the only, probably, in those days, Soviet male thermonuclear bomb Ivan, also known as Tsar Bomb and Mother of Kouzma, was 58Мт, a little more than half of the nominal power it was blown up , by replacing lead rings with uranium at the third stage. As for names - in those days, the rest of the bombs had female names like "Natasha" or "Mary", why nuclear energy was associated with a woman by the developers - guess yourself, dear readers. And if "Ivan" weighed 28, then the current charge of such power is quite realistic to collect in tons, so 10, probably.

What will happen if such a charge explodes near the naval base and a large seaside city? It is estimated that the wave height can exceed half a kilometer. And if the charge is made detachable and also self-propelled, and "shove" it ashore? And if to make a charge with cobalt rings? After all, modern thermonuclear charges, especially of high power, are almost pure. If the explosion is atmospheric (that is, the fireball does not touch the ground and there is no crater and no rise of the earth’s masses), if the fraction of the fusion reaction is more than 90%, then it will be. And we have written about "long-term contamination" - and if we really put cobalt-59 rings in charge, then in an explosion it will become cobalt-60 - a very radioactive isotope with a long half-life. With this infection, the standard "rule of sevens" no longer works. It says that for every sevenfold increase in the time elapsed from the detonation of the splitting device (starting from an hour onwards), the radiation intensity drops by an order of magnitude. That is, 7% from the initial level remains after 10ч, 49% remains from 10ч and so on. And after 6 months. the rate of incidence of the radiation level increases even more. Thermonuclear charges dependence is slightly different, but generally similar. But with cobalt, no activity on the contaminated lands will be impossible for thousands of years. Without decontamination, very dangerous and expensive in this case. No one has ever exploded such bombs; this is a pure theorist plus a small number of experiments during underground explosions in Britain in 1957. and the USSR in 1971., who convinced the military that it’s better to let it remain a theory. But as an opportunity for such a charge, you can consider it.

And if we assume that the combat part of the SPA is called a “combat module” for nothing, then it should be expected that it can be separated from the “super-torpedo” and can even be equipped with the means of its delivery to the land - for greater effect. Moreover, the SPA may well not only reach the coast of the enemy, but also hide there before the deadline, or reset the combat module and return back - something expensive and with a nuclear reactor, it is possible to make it reusable. In general, there is room for both fantasy and tactics of use. In theory, such devices can even go on the march long before the start of the war (days or weeks). And the war can begin with the operation of their payload. Or as a finishing chord, a so-called pang with a miseric cord, finishing off, or, if unlucky, a punch from the grave, sending the enemy there. And under the contract is weapon also does not fall.

The carrier of the SPA indicated were two APLSN - special purpose nuclear submarines. The first “HUGI cruiser” under the “Status-6” system will be the former Belgorod “killer of aircraft carriers” (soon, it seems, without noise and a pump can release the water) and the cruiser of the 09852 new project, which will be tuned into the 949 project from the 09851 project. Khabarovsk ", laid down in 2014g. About it is not known really anything but an approximate appearance. Each of these boats, according to the same slide, can carry the 6 SPA (they are not referred to as supertorpedoes or torpedoes at all, although this is still torpedoes, but, obviously, their purpose can be not only torpedoes). It was assumed that these APLSN will, like their predecessors, be the carriers of AGS, and they will obviously carry them, and the SPA, and the new deep-sea large autonomous apparatuses "Harpsichord-2Р", ostensibly having already passed all the tests. It was the “Harpsichord” that flashed in the animation of the President, when he went out of the boat through the hatch in the back, and the boat was exactly Belgorod, very much the characteristic forms of the “loaves” of 949A.

So, according to the western researcher HI Sutton, Belgorod will look like in its finished form.

Obviously, the stuffing was intentional, and the “removal of frames” was also to show that everything was supposedly serious. Surprisingly, even in the Russian Federation many experts considered this history an attempt to “throw in a fake” to the Americans, so that they would believe in what we don’t have and started spending money on countering the chimera. And this, despite the fact that fragmentary information about the project was previously. In 2008 The Red Banner Northern Fleet (KSF) introduced the non-nuclear B-90 non-nuclear submarine "Sarov" of the 20120 project, rebuilt from the former "Sargan" project. There were a lot of versions of its use in the media and on the Internet forums. For example, testing a nuclear microreactor as an additional source of energy for non-nuclear submarines in positional maneuvering (instead of fuel cell batteries, electrochemical generators, Stirling engines, and others). Such a project in the USSR was, and it is possible that the rumors around "Sarov" in this part are probably connected with these microreactors - but for the now-known project "Status-6". Someone thought that Sarov would experience underwater drones (and probably this is also true, it’s stupid to build a unique boat for just one task).

Drew attention to the giant port in the bow of the ship, looking like the cover of a huge torpedo tube. And then rumors about a certain OCD Skif (in the West, it was called CANYON) and tests on it at Sarov and specially equipped surface vessels began to spread. Speech hearing makers talked about a family of autonomous large underwater apparatuses with various, including shock functions, both reusable and disposable. Also, by “Skiff”, many meant working on ballistic missiles loaded at the bottom of the PU (and, probably, such a trump card exists and has not yet been played openly).

And then the country's leadership "merged" information on the "Status-6". But unbelievers, probably, even increased (who couldn’t come to their senses from courage and insolence, who from disbelief in the strength of their own country). And it is strange, because such projects are still coming from A.D. Sakharov, who proposed in 1961. project T-15 - torpedo 1500mm caliber and 24m length, only the range is completely different, but with a powerful thermonuclear charge, for the destruction of ports. In 80, in the USSR, there was a conceptual design of the KS (“doomsday”, as black humorists decoded) - a semi-submersible ship with 12 strategic torpedoes with a range of thousands of kilometers and 1000 m depths. And the developer, TsKB "Chernomorsudoproekt" was in Nikolaev, and information about this project could get to the USA, as well as many secrets of the USSR which remained in Ukraine. But they either did not hit, or the United States did not attach any importance to this, and information could only be about the carrier - the torpedo itself was drawn in the RSFSR.

And now, in the 2000s, such projects were remembered, reworked, based on the technical advances of our century, and they started the R & D again. And the Americans themselves, skeptical of what was stated in the "random drain" in 2016. learned, obviously, through intelligence about the successful testing of the prototypes of the Status-6. Or maybe they were given to know this information. And in the media reported this closely related to the Pentagon journalist Bill Hertz. Very informed figure - about the same "Status", he wrote the month for 2-3 before the very "drain" in November 2015. And now Putin himself has told the world about him. But "non-believers of Thomas" will still not die out, even if they see the device live, they will say that this is a mock-up. But, if you believe that presentation, to 2020g. The system should already begin to deploy.

Moreover, it seems that "Status-6" is the program itself, the system as a whole from the carrier, software, home base and SPA, but the device itself does not have a name, since it is invited to give it. And the OCD itself may have a different real name.


Probably the most mysterious, by appointment, of the six represented "trumps" - this is this laser system, with which the President completed his speech. Why is she, and what does she do together with offensive systems such as ICBMs, cruise missiles and giant torpedoes? What is its purpose? There is, of course, no exact answer, because it was not presented, and the streamlined characteristic given by Putin gives some clues. "Significant results have been achieved in the creation of laser weapons. Since last year, combat laser complexes have already been entering the Russian Army." What kind of complexes and for what? Complexes and the truth is, of different purposes, mainly for blinding the equipment of the enemy. But what exactly is this complex for, what was shown on the video by the President?

Here it is necessary to approach the issue comprehensively. Everything shown in the Message refers to weapons that can affect strategic stability. And it applies either to the strategic nuclear forces, or to non-strategic nuclear weapons (tactical), NSNW / TNW, or even in conventional equipment can affect the strategic balance. Or to destroy important sea and ground targets, or to help in breaking through and neutralizing the enemy’s missile defense, or its missile attack warning system, SPRN. Although it’s customary to use the abbreviation SPRIAU as applied to the US SPS, they say that it’s against us, and we don’t attack, we just strike a nuclear strike, in general, a euphemism from the series “our intelligence is their spy” or “their first nuclear strike is our preventive strike at the appointed time. " So this laser complex is not intended to dazzle Tanks and enemy infantry, spoil intelligence equipment aviation, or, say, shoot down UAVs.

So what could make such a laser complex as a strategic weapon? BB MBR and SLBM opponent shoot down? No, this is fantastic, especially from the ground. Maybe to perform the tasks for the defense of the silos of ICBMs from precision conventional weapons? Also not, for this they are equipped with jamming systems and complexes and systems of active protection (one protects from the BB at the final segment, the second from cruise or guided missiles and adjustable bombs). Maybe this laser can disable the tracking equipment of the enemy’s specific reconnaissance satellites? And, at the same time, satellite equipment USA SPRIAU? At the right moment, of course, because such an attack on the orbital grouping of the enemy automatically means war, and is possible only during a war or before its commencement. Moreover, this has already been created earlier - and at the air base. It is clear that this is only an assumption, but the logic in it is visible. But while there is no exact information what this complex is and why it is not - it remains to be guessed.

The ending should ...
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  1. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 6 March 2018 07: 17
    But so far there is no exact information what kind of complex it is and what it is for - one wonders.
    The ending should ...
    intrigue. winked
    1. the most important
      the most important 6 March 2018 14: 34
      Quote: Andrey Yurievich
      But so far there is no exact information what kind of complex it is and what it is for - one wonders.
      The ending should ...

      We look at the photo and draw conclusions:
      1. The "trailer" itself is quite large, respectively, if there is a compact nuclear reactor in Russia, it can be assumed that it is there. Accordingly, the laser power is very substantial. So everything that is close and that is in space can be destroyed. Given that the laser is also scattered, but its power is huge, it can be assumed that even a spaceship on the moon can well be burned. That's just embarrassing, the cylinder itself with focusing lenses - it is not very large. Either focusing ideally, or the range is still limited, or maybe there are several “trunks” and they showed us not the main caliber.
      2. Wheels on the "van" are designed to ride on a good road (not at all like an armored personnel carrier). It can also be assumed that the design in the photo is designed to work from pre-prepared positions.
      1. Fedor egoist
        Fedor egoist 10 March 2018 15: 48
        Quote: the most important
        We look at the photo and draw conclusions

        Judging by the photo, this is primarily a short-range air defense system (a kind of "shell" of the next generation), designed to destroy subsonic missiles, drones and artillery shells. To destroy more protected targets in a short time (up to a couple of seconds), mobile laser systems will no longer have the power, this is an objective fact. There are no multi-megawatt mobile lasers, you need to fly behind them to a faraway galaxy :)
  2. Soho
    Soho 6 March 2018 07: 59
    But with cobalt no activity can be conducted on contaminated lands for thousands of years.

    the climatic conditions will be significantly affected by climatic conditions at the time of the explosion. For example, a cloud from a charge blown up in the waters of the Norfolk base can go to sea and create a "paradise" for a thousand years starting from the Caribbean islands and up to the entire northern part of the South American continent. The innocent followers of Bob Marley and the descendants of the Aztecs will suffer, not the seeders of democracy
  3. Strashila
    Strashila 6 March 2018 08: 35
    "And it’s strange, after all, such projects come from AD Sakharov, who proposed in 1961 the T-15 project - a torpedo with a 1500mm caliber and 24m length, only a different range, but with a powerful thermonuclear charge, to destroy ports." .. Yeah ... developed and proposed ... only after analyzing the consequences of using his brainchild, did Sakharov become a pacifist.
  4. maxxavto
    maxxavto 6 March 2018 08: 53
    on the basis of an autonomous apparatus, you can create a submarine hunter such as a suicide drone, or a mini spy follows a submarine and gives target designation
  5. Operator
    Operator 6 March 2018 09: 21
    The GDP, of course, spoke of “Status-6”, equipped with a liquid metal nuclear reactor (of the same type as the intercontinental cruise missile reactor under the code name “Arctic fox”) and a nuclear charge of 100 megatons (based on the diameter of the Status-6 case).

    The nuclear charge is a modernized “Kuz'kin mother”, instead of the outer lead shell of which uranium is used as the third stage of fission of the thermonuclear charge - during the tests of the “Kuz'kina mother” on Novaya Zemlya in 1961, the uranium in the shell was replaced with lead to eliminate massive radioactive contamination of the Arctic.

    "Status-6" is intended for destruction with subsequent radioactive infection of a large number of megacities of the USA, Japan and China located in the coastal zone.
  6. dzvero
    dzvero 6 March 2018 09: 23
    Have your scientists managed to create a workable beam weapon? After all, a “simple” laser does not belong to strategic (and tactical) means. Rangefinder, target designation, burn optics or drone plastic drone - yes. But armored vehicles, missiles, and ships were too tough for him. Intrigue...
  7. BAI
    BAI 6 March 2018 10: 50
    And we have written about "prolonged infection"

    Does the author understand what he is talking about? What is the long-term infection at sea? There is wind and currents. All this dirt will spread throughout the world, including to the shores of Russia. And the water area for many years will become unusable. Who needs this? Only those who were about to die in the first minutes of the war.
    1. Alexey Sommer
      Alexey Sommer 6 March 2018 15: 20
      The ocean is too big. Everything is mixed up and it will reach Russia with the usual background.
      And there, over the puddle, the entire shore will glow at night for a long time.
      1. ZVO
        ZVO 7 March 2018 08: 03
        Quote: Alexey Sommer
        The ocean is too big. Everything is mixed up and it will reach Russia with the usual background.
        And there, over the puddle, the entire shore will glow at night for a long time.

        Well, take an interest in the question at least a bit ... So that you don’t mess around like that.
  8. kig
    kig 6 March 2018 10: 55
    The author, you’d better puzzle your mind over this riddle: why announce to the whole world about weapons that are still being tested, haven’t entered the troops and are not on alert duty?
    1. dDYHA
      dDYHA 6 March 2018 12: 24
      Likely to provoke a preemptive strike.
  9. dDYHA
    dDYHA 6 March 2018 12: 22
    The explosion of the coastline of such a torpedo, the very idea of ​​this author, Sakharov, was then afraid like fire. Strashila wrote about this too. I support him.
  10. The comment was deleted.
  11. Bormanxnumx
    Bormanxnumx 6 March 2018 12: 48
    And if you make the charge detachable and also self-propelled, and "push" it to the shore?

    You suggest to fasten the chassis from "Armata"?))))
  12. ZVO
    ZVO 6 March 2018 21: 31
    Questions to Mr. Author

    1. give scientific sources of a wave height of 500 meters ...
    All studies concerning the energies of atomic explosions give an order of magnitude lower wave height.
    The order of energies of the most powerful tsunamis in history, arising as a result of the colossal energies of earthquakes, which are 2, or even 3 orders of magnitude (i.e. 100-1000 times greater) exceeding 100 MT, gives a much lower height and wavelength.
    But the height of the tsunami, without its length - nothing.

    2. About cobalt.
    You are aware that after 2-3 weeks from cobalt. blown off the coast of Miami, or after 4-6 weeks, from cobalt blown up in the Los Angeles or San Francisco area - there will be nothing alive in Russia ???
    Cobalt is a terribly radioactive thing and a terribly poisonous thing. And ocean currents are still stable. There will be no salvation for us from cobalt explosions.

    So from your fantasies you can understand one thing - the chances for America to survive the explosion of Status-6 off the American coast are scanty, but they are.
    But we, who blew up Status-6 off the coast of America, have no chance of surviving in principle.

    That's all...
    What you need to know about Status-6.

    And this is not a minuscule. This is suicide.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Goblin
      Goblin 8 August 2018 12: 03
      About the wave at 500m. So you are talking about the tsunami, and the author is talking about the wave from the explosion near the shore. These are different concepts. And such a wave (and a shock from radioactive water, moving 2 orders of magnitude faster than about a tsunami) may well be real for itself. By the way, moving such a mass of water with a blow to the shore, I think will also provoke a shift in the soil.
  13. glenffidik
    glenffidik 8 March 2018 08: 44
    read the comments, as in kindergarten visited))