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The feminine face of the Great War

As you know, the war has no female face. But the best of the fair sex in the difficult times of the First World War, to the best of their ability, tried to help the fighting states by participating in combat operations at the front and selflessly working in the rear. We recall only some episodes of such participation.

Of course, the most important area of ​​application of female labor was the field of medicine. We know about the ascetic work of women - doctors and, of course, sisters of mercy.

The feminine face of the Great War

Representatives of the elite of society and even women from the ranks of the imperial family did not disdain to work as ordinary sisters of mercy. So, K. Popov, who was treated at the Tsarskoye Selo infirmary, recalled how he had witnessed the daily hard work of the great princesses, who were daily caring for the wounded and dressing. The Empress also worked as a simple sister of mercy.

Many sisters of mercy committed a feat on the battlefield and were awarded with military awards.

For example, the paramedic, a volunteer of the 186 Infantry Regiment of the Aslanduz Regiment, Elena Konstantinovna Tsebrzhinskaya distinguished herself in November of the 1914 year. She arrived at the regiment as a "volunteer medical assistant Tsetnersky". And, being at the 7 th regiment company, the paramedic carried traveling troubles on a par with the fighters, encouraging the latter and setting an example of personal valor. So, November 2 as a volunteer "paramedic" under a strong shrapnel fire climbed a tree and looked out for the location of the enemy's artillery and machine guns - greatly facilitating the attack of fellow soldiers. On November 11, under the heavy fire of the enemy, the paramedic selflessly performed dressings until he was wounded by a fragment of a projectile - but continued to assist the wounded. And, finally, having forgotten about his own wound, under artillery fire he made the company commander from the front line.

And then it turned out that the volunteer paramedic was obstetrician EK Tsebrzhinskaya. Her husband went to the front, and she followed suit. Leaving 2 sons with her father, changed into a man's suit and with one of the marching companies, she ended up in the 186 regiment with which she reached Czestochowa.

EK Tsebrzhinskaya was awarded a rare for a woman award - the Order of St. George 4 degree (the Emperor personally considered the award case) and 2 June 1915 became a medical assistant of the 3 Caucasian Red Front.

The sisters of mercy assisted the wounded and sick on both sides of the front line.

Finally, it is worth remembering the sisters of mercy of Russia's allies, including those who worked on the Russian front.

The sisters worked both in medical institutions and at nutritional centers for the needy - above all the refugees.

As well as in the Refugee Assistance Bureau, in nursing homes, etc.

In Europe, the active movement of the so-called. suffragettes - the women's movement for equality with men. So, in 1915, several detachments of English suffragist women arrived in France - they were divided into companies by 500 people and used to serve as signalmen, chauffeurs, etc.

Finally, the women worked in the defense industry, transport

engaged in socially useful activities and charity.

Finally, the fair sex fought in the ranks of the army in the field. Here it is necessary to recall “the cavalry maiden of the First World War,” Margarita Romanovna Kokovtseva, who fought with the enemy in the ranks of the 1 Astrakhan Cossack regiment. As the regiment’s military magazine testifies, the 20 of November 1914 of the regimental units conducted a joint battle with the Guards Cossack Division. In this battle, the Cossack Kuznetsov was killed and the hunter Kokovtsev was wounded in the head.

Kokovtsev (actually - Kokovtsev) - cavalry-maid, wife of the lieutenant of the 20 Dragoon Regiment MR R. Kokovtseva, who volunteered for the Great War and fought as a hunter (i.e. volunteer) in the 1-Astrakhan Cossack regiment.

This case was not unique.

And of course one can not forget about women volunteering in the campaign of 1917 - final to Russia.

Look at the faces of women - front-line workers and home front workers who tried to be useful to the warring armies and gave their strength and life to the service of their homeland.

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  1. Bouncer
    Bouncer 8 March 2018 07: 10
    The war was popular
    What is evident from the content of this richly illustrated article
    Women are always at the forefront of serving the Motherland
    Happy Ladies Party!
    1. Spartanez300
      Spartanez300 8 March 2018 07: 12
      A huge number of soldiers survived thanks to the sisters, and how many of them fought with arms in their hands for their homeland, thanks to them and a low bow for courage and kindness.
    2. Brutan
      Brutan 8 March 2018 07: 20
      Young and old, Russian women fought in the rear and at the front in WWI
      Princesses washed the wounded
      Cavalry - girls and girls - gunners went into battle. Sometimes masquerading as men
      And since 1917, already whole female units - which have proved to be excellent
      It’s great that on the holiday, which almost 110 years old, remembered the exploits of our women in that war
      1. Streletskos
        Streletskos 8 March 2018 10: 59
        Moreover, the Bochkareva Women's Battalion in 1917 was not alone
        The photo shows that there was for example a battalion of the Women's Military Union
        1. Hoc vince
          Hoc vince 8 March 2018 13: 24
          Bravo author! Wonderful, informative, interesting article. I wish you success in your future work.
          1. Mikado
            Mikado 8 March 2018 21: 39
            I will join. drinks Friends, congratulate your ladies girls! To always remain beautiful and bewitching love To the author - Alexey Vladimirovich, please congratulate your girls on behalf of the Emperor of All Japan Mikado and all the rest of US! hi
            1. OAV09081974
              8 March 2018 21: 59
              Thank you very much dear Nikolai Vladimirovich! hi
              Be sure to convey congratulations - sounded from the mouth of the representative of the most ancient monarchy on Earth drinks
              Mutually. And you also congratulate your girls love
              1. Mikado
                Mikado 8 March 2018 22: 10
                I will definitely congratulate! good it will be so! We will be bears, condescending to women's weaknesses hi loving, and taking care of everything. love
  2. XII Legion
    XII Legion 8 March 2018 07: 48
    Various forms of women's participation in the First World War are considered.
    How many names and exploits!
    In the West, even suffragettes actively helped their armies. And the sisters of mercy, like Edith Cavel, gave their lives.
    Especially in Russia - women of all social groups fought at the front, looked after the wounded, worked in the rear.
    How many names and exploits!
    Very rich photo article.
    Great, thank you!
  3. Mamka pula
    Mamka pula 8 March 2018 09: 31
    A string of feats, crazy. Yes, and this is a drop in the ocean
    Painting oh oh oh
    Thanks to the author love
  4. Cheburator
    Cheburator 8 March 2018 10: 13
    Even the Japanese worked on our front, super
    But 10 years since they fought
    Well done)
    1. Streletskos
      Streletskos 8 March 2018 11: 01
      By the way, the Japanese even planned to deploy troops on our front - against the Germans
      But it was good that Japan took the side of the Entente - the Siberian corps were on European fronts.
  5. Streletskos
    Streletskos 8 March 2018 11: 04
    St. George awards found many heroines
    But much more important was the reverence and appreciation of the male front-line soldiers.
    Happy Holidays!
  6. Rotmistr
    Rotmistr 8 March 2018 12: 08
    Under the fire, in all conditions, our women acted, at the end of the war even serving as an example for men
    Persons of different ages, different classes.
    They were united by one thing - the desire to be useful to Russia in the years of difficult trials that fell on the lot of our Motherland.
  7. Albatroz
    Albatroz 8 March 2018 13: 12
    Real photo album
    1. Horseman without a head
      Horseman without a head 8 March 2018 17: 43
      Real photo album

      And you understand why the Great War
  8. Lieutenant Teterin
    Lieutenant Teterin 8 March 2018 13: 57
    A wonderful article and a selection of photos is simply incomparable! Alexey Vladimirovich, I bow to you for restoring the memory of the exploits of women heroes of the First World War!
    1. Olgovich
      Olgovich 9 March 2018 09: 42
      Quote: Lieutenant Teterin
      bow to you for memory recovery about the exploits of women heroes of the First World War!

      Yes, this is the main thing!
      For he himself tried to collect information about the women of Russia in the Second World War, but the information is extremely scarce, many of the heroines mentioned by the author are simply no nowhere! And it's terrible and tragic!

      Let me add a little bit to the author in the information on the participation of women of the Emperor’s family in the ROCC movement:
      -Mother of the Emperor Maria Fedorovna - headed the activities of the ROCC,
      -both sisters EmperorOlga and Ksenia were the sisters of mercy of ROCK,
      - both of his younger daughters are not mentionedNastasia and Mariawho also completed nursing classes and selflessly looked after the wounded.
      _ adoptive daughter of the Emperor Maria Pavlovna served as a sister of mercy at the front, twice awarded the St. George medal for courage.

      Those. ALL women of the highest person of the state served in infirmaries for the benefit of the Fatherland — this has never happened and nowhere is the highest feat!

      Do not forget that the women of the Emperor’s family also organized a worthy burial of those who died from wounds, creating a cemetery in Tsarskoye Selo. They escorted the dead from wounds to the last journey, a temple was built.
      “People’s” power arranged ... GARMENTS on the cemetery, right on the graves of the Heroes of Russia fool

      The ROCC Sisters of Mercy Alexandra, Olga, Tatyana, Maria, Anastasia were brutally destroyed by bandits: even the invaders did not. Eternal to them MEMORY!
      Only the sisters of the Emperor and Maria Pavlovna managed to escape.

      .Wounded WOW warrant officer, the great Russian poet Gumilyov wrote in bagarity to the nurse Princess Anastasia:

      Today is the day of Anastasia,
      And we want through us
      Love and caress of all Russia
      Thank you to hear from you.

      What a joy to congratulate us
      You, the best image of our dreams,
      And put a modest signature
      At the bottom of the greeting poems.

      Forgetting that the day before
      We were in fierce battles
      We are the feast of the fifth of June
      In our celebrate hearts.

      And we are taking to the new seche
      Full of delight,
      Remembering our meetings
      Among Tsarskoye Selo palace.

      Warrant Officer N. Gumilyov.
      Tsarskoye Selo infirmary.

      at the Bratskoye cemetery of thousands of heroes of the Second World War in Moscow, the "people's" government arranged ... A PARK and movie theaters with attractions fool
      Among them, FIFTY ONE sister of mercy perished at the front. After the "people's" power, the people remembered their Heroes, today there are several monuments. One of the main is consecrated to the lost Russian sisters of mercy

      Mr. Oleinikov -Thank you so much!
      I will keep the article
  9. alatanas
    alatanas 8 March 2018 18: 17
    Sentry, guard post: “Corporal Donka Chr. Bogdanova of the 60th Infantry Regiment, originally from the village of Smilyovo, Bitolsky District .. She participated in the Chetnik movement as the Chetnik for the freedom of Macedonia and in the wars for the unification of the Bulgarian people from 1912 to 1917, and was awarded the Order “For Courage” in 1912 and 1913 ”IV and III degree, and in the present war (WWI), she was personally awarded the Commander-in-Chief of the Golden Order“ For Courage of the First Degree ”, 1917
    1. Olgovich
      Olgovich 9 March 2018 09: 46
      Quote: alatanas
      by 1917

      Those. fought against Russia. "Well done"!
      1. alatanas
        alatanas 9 March 2018 16: 56
        On the southern front, she fought for Bulgaria, against the British and French.
        1. Olgovich
          Olgovich 9 March 2018 17: 05
          Quote: alatanas
          On the southern front fought for Bulgaria, against the British and French.

          What's the difference? belay
          1. alatanas
            alatanas 9 March 2018 18: 17
            Everyone has the right to fight for their homeland!

            Bulgarian Exarchy

            According to the Constantinople Conference of the 1876 year.

            According to the San Stan Treaty of 1878

            During WWII 1915-1918
            Such a difference here hi
            1. Olgovich
              Olgovich 10 March 2018 08: 56
              Quote: alatanas
              Everyone has the right to fight for their homeland!

              Against Russia and its allies and on the side of the arsonist and culprit of the most terrible wars on earth-NO hi
              1. alatanas
                alatanas 12 March 2018 10: 45
                Your logic is one-sided. Did Bulgaria fight in the territory where there are no Bulgarians?
                Did Bulgaria fight on the territory of the Republic of Ingushetia?
                (see maps)
                NO hi
                1. Olgovich
                  Olgovich 12 March 2018 11: 04
                  Quote: alatanas
                  Your logic is one-sided. Did Bulgaria fight in the territory where there are no Bulgarians?

                  She fought on the side the worst criminals in the history of mankind.
                  And no matter what she decided there for herself.
                  Objectively, she made the bastards stronger, i.e. was an accomplice in a crime.
                  One could be either on the side of Good, or on the side of Good. There was no third.
                  Bulgaria chose Evil. hi
                  1. alatanas
                    alatanas 12 March 2018 15: 59
                    In WWII, it was strange how weighed in that on the one hand only evil, and on the other hand, only good. WWII - imperialist war, and each empire drove its imperialist interests. For Bulgaria, this war was a continuation of the war for the unification of all Bulgarians into one state and revenge for the 1913 year. Therefore, it entered the WWI at the end of the 1915 year.
                    In history, you need to deal with objective facts, and not succumb to subjective emotions.
                    1. Olgovich
                      Olgovich 13 March 2018 07: 28
                      Quote: alatanas
                      In WWII, it was strange how weighed in that on the one hand only evil, and on the other hand, only good. WWII is an imperialist war, and each empire pursued its imperialist interests. For Bulgaria, this war was a continuation of the war for the unification of all Bulgarians into one state and revenge for the year 1913. Therefore, it entered the WWII at the end of 1915.

                      Got what you deserve? Received. The war is on the side of evil and the invaders of Europe.
                      Quote: alatanas
                      In history you need to do objective facts, not succumb to subjective emotions

                      Objectively Bulgaria in WWII and WWII made Germany STRONGER, contributing to its CRIMES.
                      And nobody cares (and should NOT be of interest) -what "noble" interests did she pursue for myself.
                      1. alatanas
                        alatanas 13 March 2018 10: 32
                        You are not interested, but viciously, you are not going to change your opinion. Stay with your primitive subjectivism. hi
                    2. Olgovich
                      Olgovich 13 March 2018 10: 51
                      Quote: alatanas
                      You are not interested, but angry at the market.

                      Where is the "malice" in the above UNDISPUTABLE FACTS? belay
                      Are facts really “evil?” request
                      Why did you fight for the Nazis and the Kaisers, absolutely not important. The fact itself is important.
                      For which Bulgaria suffered a severe and well-deserved punishment.

                      This is objective reality, unlike yours subjective her perceptions. hi
  10. K.A.S.
    K.A.S. 8 March 2018 18: 36
    Kokovtseva is similar to Savchenko!
    Very interesting article! It is unfortunate that the period of World War I was deleted from our history. So many lost names of exploits!
    Author ...... Well done!
    1. 3x3zsave
      3x3zsave 9 March 2018 19: 15
      Yes, I also noticed.
  11. Black joe
    Black joe 8 March 2018 20: 34
    Even if possible, do not strain our women in front
    But they must be protected
    The gene pool of the nation
    1. 3x3zsave
      3x3zsave 9 March 2018 19: 18
      The gene pool of the nation in our testicles. And everything else is our women! Honor and praise be to them! And a deep bow!
      1. Black joe
        Black joe 9 March 2018 19: 32
        Women - carriers of the nation's gene pool
        Maybe not so put it
        And, of course, bow to them
  12. Bersaglieri
    Bersaglieri 8 March 2018 22: 41
    Great stuff!
  13. Opera
    Opera 9 March 2018 08: 48
    He looked with great interest. Thanks to the author. Looking at these old photographs, it is impossible not to draw a conclusion about the nature of the war and the character of Russian women of all classes and about female beauty in general under any circumstances!