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Jacob Kedmi: Putin beautifully clicked on the nose of Americans

Ten years ago, the United States set the goal for the 2018-2020 years to achieve absolute military superiority in strategic armaments. 1 March 2018 of the year - a day that will definitely go down history - It turned out that everything that the Americans had been doing in recent years is a kindergarten compared to what, as it turned out, Russia has reached.

According to Israeli military-political expert Jacob Kedmi, the current strategic position of the United States weakens before our eyes. In the Middle East, Russians are beating terrorists; in Europe, the Iskander-M operational tactical complexes are deployed. In the east, China is gaining military power, not allowing to unleash a war against North Korea. The African continent is also coming under Chinese control.

In order for a little "stay afloat", the Americans will have to make enormous financial efforts, otherwise there can be no talk of parity with Russia, and with China in the future.

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  1. Vlad Morozov
    Vlad Morozov 2 March 2018 19: 37
    An aging American elite is not able to think strategically! In the heads of only slavery.
    1. Spartanez300
      Spartanez300 2 March 2018 19: 54
      Putin clicked on the base, which is called no hell to climb, and then get back.
    2. urman
      urman 3 March 2018 15: 06
      Quote: Vlad Morozov
      An aging American elite is not able to think strategically!

      Maybe I'm wrong, well, the current United States reminds me of the late USSR,
      here you have censorship and freedom of speech and an aging elite that believes in its not a fallibility.
    3. Felixsoft
      Felixsoft 5 March 2018 15: 44
      Please name the US slaves.
      1. turcom
        turcom 8 March 2018 21: 25
        Well, it’s immodest to show such an attitude, although the yellow-black slaves of the USA will be honored only for honor. Just do not hide behind the flag of another country.
  2. Chichikov
    Chichikov 2 March 2018 20: 01
    It’s very difficult for amers to tear their ass away from their homes, which is world hegemony!
    1. Spartanez300
      Spartanez300 2 March 2018 20: 18
      Amers will have to reckon with his ass and the more so with the Russian yes
  3. polpot
    polpot 2 March 2018 20: 25
    Another ancient Rome (USA) leaves the historical scene, humanity needs to look for new ways of development, and American neoglobalism with transgender people and homosexuals turned out to be the wrong way, a normal person needs to raise children, plant trees and enjoy life, the classical conservative model once again wins
  4. bear
    bear 2 March 2018 21: 07
    Well, now the world has no choice but to make a choice.
    1. Tatar 174
      Tatar 174 3 March 2018 07: 31
      Only now everyone understands it in his own way. In American terms, this is violent democratization of all those who can, but in our opinion, this is peace, peace, down with war and terrorism.
  5. Terenin
    Terenin 2 March 2018 22: 58
    But the updated US National Security Strategy, which D. Trump published in December, speaks only about "... affordable technologies, propaganda and means of pressure with which Russia and China intend to rebuild the world to the detriment of US interests." They didn’t know a damn about our new military developments, which Putin spoke about on December 1. And so far, the Pentagon has not said anything intelligible. Like they knew everything request I don’t know, gentlemen of the Americans, like us, but Putin will definitely make you work yes
  6. Anatoly Denisov
    Anatoly Denisov 3 March 2018 06: 14
    . It is necessary to look through Kedmi’s thesis ... that national interests are higher than international law ... So think ... what and who Kedmi is ..
    and .... for some reason, Israelis often flicker in ISIS instructors ...
    1. Ncplc
      Ncplc 3 March 2018 17: 21
      Anatoly Denisov, you are a rare liar - show at least one ISIL instructor who flashed by Israel.
      1. bessonov932
        bessonov932 8 March 2018 12: 29
        Why is it rare ... vulgo anti-Semite!
  7. krokus792
    krokus792 3 March 2018 07: 49
    The Russian defense industry produces products whose priority is its functionality in combat conditions, and for mattresses, the task is to sell as expensive as possible ...
    PISTOL 3 March 2018 10: 19
    Very timely SPEECH! Bravo! Thanks to Vladimir Putin and his entire team !!! And God grant that after him there will be the same worthy great fair presidents of our beloved Motherland - RUSSIA! HOORAY!!!
  9. Savignon
    Savignon 3 March 2018 17: 30
    Yes, these United States did not understand. With such a “Martian” logic of thinking and tolerant behavior, no one understands anything there.
    You must understand that one cannot play games with one’s own psyche with impunity, deceiving oneself all the time, passing off one’s obscene Wishlist for real events and slipping this chewing-pot into one’s own mind and own psyche.
    Such a game usually ends primarily with a mental collapse.
    Therefore, when I say "the United States did not understand anything, with such a logic of thinking no one understands anything there," I mean it is a game of deceit with your own psyche.
    At one unbeatable moment, this game ceases to be a game and turns into a schizophrenic perception, the illusion of Wishlist becomes its own reality, it becomes impossible to remove unimaginable glasses in front of our eyes, turning our own morality inside out and thereby the stability of control in our own chains of direct and reverse control is lost.
    You can begin to cross the road inappropriately and get under the truck. You can begin to walk inappropriately on the ledges of skyscrapers and fall from a height of three hundred meters. You can inadequately go to your school with firearms and shoot half of your classmates just because you saw in them the supposedly true face of a zombie or alien monsters. You can inappropriately consider yourself an invulnerable Superman and ask for a bullet in the stomach right on the street just because you thought the shoppers in the store were looking askance at you and plotting something bad behind your back. It may even seem inadequate that people from another country already on another continent are unpleasant and hateful to you just because they do not think and do not worry about you being good.
    This is the logic of the United States - it is closer to the truth, therefore, in turn, do not entertain your psyche with illusions about the sanity of the top leadership of the United States, everyone has been sick there for a long time.
    Actually, all life in all its versatility is not a question of religious or political addictions and beliefs, not a question of education or the amount of skills in the workplace, it is not even a question of what is the state system under which you live - monarchy, imperialism, communism, military socialism etc.
    No, in fact, the most important question in life is the question of psychology, the question of psychoenergetics, the problems of the interaction of two or more psyche between individuals, the problems of the theory of schooling, the problems of identifying the mechanisms of action of mental injuries and questions similar to this industry.
  10. Alice mon
    Alice mon 3 March 2018 18: 04
    Kedmi is not a citizen of Russia, but why is he proud of our Motherland, and our liberals hate her so much? Maybe because he is a reasonable and honest person, or maybe because America and the whole west are already fed up with all sane people? But there is one more thing, and this is our president, who is admired all over the world, so let us also admire our president and be grateful to him for all his affairs.
    1. karish
      karish 3 March 2018 18: 17
      Quote: Alice Mon
      Maybe because he is a reasonable and honest person, or maybe because America and the whole west are already fed up with all sane people?

      Yasha then?
      Retired man.
      Why not organize a small supplement, by order of the client.
      I * like * his manner of conversation and the writhing of himself as a super expert, especially when he is called the head (former) of the special services * Nativ *
      Nativ was never a special service
      Yasha - was never a scout
      He is practically not known in Israel and on TV he never shone.
      After his enormous attempt to get into the Knesset (immigrants from the USSR practically did not vote for him, and he doesn’t know the indigenous people at all) - everyone understands perfectly well - pay this and you will get any comment you need.
      Satan's incidentally the same.
      He doesn’t voice anything like that at Sloviev, the whole interview is very interesting, and from 27 minutes especially
      1. St Petrov
        St Petrov 3 March 2018 22: 50
        Satanovsky himself can pay you so much that you confess publicly in all your sins
  11. Mstislav Udatny
    Mstislav Udatny 4 March 2018 13: 29
    “The Louse That Roared” (“Putin: the louse that roared”) is the title of Max Booth’s article in the Los Angeles Times (USA) February 14, 2007 - / la-oe-boot14f
    eb14,0,1863705.column? coll = la-opinion-rightrail. This article is written about the speech of Vladimir Putin at the Munich Conference on Security Policy on February 10, 2007. In his speech, Putin then made the following statement: “Russia is a country with more than a thousand-year history, and almost always it enjoyed the privilege of pursuing an independent foreign policy. We are not going to change this tradition today. ”

    In fact, it turns out that this very louse has always been the USA, trying to growl exactly until they click on their nose.
    Even the Cold War Victory Medal is an unofficial commemorative award from the US National Guard. The medal may be acquired, without the right to wear, by members of the U.S. Armed Forces and civil servants of the federal government, who have an official certificate of service during the Cold War (1946-1991). As it turned out, they tried to climb forward to a famous place without soap
  12. Felixsoft
    Felixsoft 5 March 2018 15: 25
    Wagner PMC losses inflicted by the American army, it turns out to be a strong "click on the nose of the Americans"
    In truth: "Upside down"
  13. An64
    An64 7 March 2018 19: 15
    The United States ten years ago set the goal by 2018-2020 to achieve absolute military superiority in strategic weapons
    And some proof can be. It seems to me that 10 years ago the United States stubbornly "finished off" us at the START-3, going for a much larger reduction in strategic offensive arms than Russia.
  14. ggl1
    ggl1 9 October 2018 13: 17
    This is not the first time
    Remember the story before World War 2
    for the USSR, the USA did not exist at all
    USA scared and climbed themselves with a land lease
    when no one asked them
  15. Seld
    Seld 8 November 2018 12: 03
    It is worth noting: Slovyov's attitude to the statements of show men (NOT MORE) in show circuses is not serious. Continuous "production", and - not of the highest quality (and this is also a shame !!!!). The same personalities, from one channel to another, migrate with smart faces, discussing ANY AND ANY TOPICS (there is no "expert" on all issues !!!!) and without bothering at the same time at least changing the places of words in their memorized exclamations ... By the way, it is very noticeable: as soon as the memorized text ends, noise / din / scream / mess / insults, etc., etc.
    It is also noteworthy: as soon as one of the program participants makes an attempt to express a really interesting and thoughtful thought, which was clearly not included in the director's idea of ​​the "circus performers", Solovyov is not ashamed to behave like a habalka from an Odessa import and begins to shut up and interrupt the person with the most arrogant and arrogant way, masking it with an assumed and artificial irony (even here, the impression is created of a not high (well, it turns out so !!!!!!!) mental level of the leader). Is this what they teach in the first year of the Faculty of Journalism of Moscow State University? .... However, this does not apply to Solovyov. He is a graduate of MISIS, so everything is OK.
    A clear impression is created: Solovyov's programs are designed for the lowest level of viewers, undemanding, thoughtless, unassuming. With a clear bias to the side: "more noise and CURVES with insults at the level of half-drunk cooks - less specifics and analytics" because the people hawk the circus and are happy with that.
    Earlier (years, commercials, 5 years ago), it seems, this was NOT ....
    The behavior of Solovyov himself simply "screams" that the presenter has clearly brought down the bar of a normal thinking journalist and turned himself into a clown (WITHOUT QUOTATION), WHO DOESN'T STOP IN THEIR MISSING THEATER MIZANSCENES (which are only worth his miserable attempts to imitate the Ukrainian language !!! !!) ANY ADVICE, offensive not only for the participants of the program (s), but also for the viewers. The utter disrespect for the audience suggests that Solovyov either got drunk in his "crowned interviewer SAMO" (and outside observers are afraid to draw his attention to that), or Solovyov was given a command "from above" to churn out such practically pornography of journalism.
    Both options are regrettable and abomination towards the "journalist". Only a person who has lost respect for himself and sold for aaaa can behave this way ... well, villas in spain, etc. (he himself spoke about it quite officially).
    I am sure that the participants in his programs (and there are people who are far from stupid) see everything, but the contracts with the TV channel do not allow sending everything to the same "grandmother" together with the presenter.