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Viktor Yanukovych told how he directed the appeal to Vladimir Putin

The former president of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, convened a press conference at which he decided to tell new details about the involvement of the current Ukrainian elites in the shootings on the Maidan and about his vision of the situation in Ukraine.

One of the issues that was discussed during the press conference is associated with the name of Paul Manafort and meetings with the President of the Russian Federation. Yanukovych confirmed that Manafort was a freelance adviser to the president. At the same time, Yanukovych noted that the “Party of Regions” was doing everything with him.

Yanukovych (ether TASS):
After I left Ukraine, I did not see or hear Paul Manafort. As for my discussions with Vladimir Putin. I have met President Putin several times in these 4 years. I am more in contact with his apparatus. With President Putin, my situation in this regard is not simple. First, there is no need. Secondly, it is a very busy person. If there is any opportunity to promote our proposals for a peace agreement, it will be possible to meet. If this will be necessary.

Viktor Yanukovych told how he directed the appeal to Vladimir Putin

112 channel Ukraine:
At whose expense do you have security here? Comment on the situation with the confiscated 1,5 billion dollars. As well as the situation with the citizenship of the Russian Federation.

I am visiting Russia. I must respect the owner. I have a question for you. Why are you still not achieve that the government informed the population that it was in court. 1,5 billion is a huge amount. Where are these accounts. Any witness in Kramatorsk said something? Where is the money? In some banks, offshore. I'll find out about it from you. I know less than you on these issues. The time will come, and they will respond to these adventures. This is the money of depositors of Ukraine, and this money was taken away from them.

On the question of citizenship, Yanukovych clearly did not answer.

Ukrainian media:
You wrote an appeal to the President of Russia about the entry of Russian troops in Ukraine. Are you asking Putin to withdraw Russian troops from the territory of Ukraine today?

Appeal to Putin, I wrote 1 March in Rostov. We sent this appeal (which was later made public at the UN Security Council) to the Foreign Ministry. I am not the only one who made this decision. We consulted for a long time. We had to find the right position. The basis is an agreement on friendship and cooperation between Ukraine and Russia. On this basis, the appeal was written.
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  1. Black_Vatnik
    Black_Vatnik 2 March 2018 13: 23
    The most worthy thing he can still do is put a bullet in his forehead. Framed all who could.
    1. Mar.Tirah
      Mar.Tirah 2 March 2018 13: 56
      True, he divided the country into concepts, ruined everything that could be done with his cowardice as Gorbachev, condoned the creation of all kinds of nationalist gangs, flirted with the Westerners, and the USA, and wanted Russia to shed blood for him, her and the Ukrainian people. hands, SBU, army, intelligence. Everything profiled.
      1. gurzuf
        gurzuf 2 March 2018 15: 00
        It’s not fair! You’re offering Yanyka to the wall, but they humbly kept silent about Hunchback. What is it for?
  2. The comment was deleted.
    1. Nasrat
      Nasrat 2 March 2018 13: 42
      Hehe yes there are more than half the country of traitors ...

      1. revnagan
        revnagan 2 March 2018 13: 46
        So what? Are you not the Kuzbass miners who launched the collapse of the country by tapping hard helmets on the pavement? Or is that not interesting for you?
        1. Nasrat
          Nasrat 2 March 2018 13: 57
          Miners? Those that in 1998 year pounded? wassat

          And to state the facts: - the evil irony of fate:

          General strikes in the Donbass in the years 1989-1990 - The largest strikes of miners in the Donbass. They sounded not only economic, but also political demands - independence from Russia, constitutional consolidation of the Declaration on State Sovereignty of Ukraine, claims were put forward on no confidence in the President and the Supreme Council.
    2. self-propelled
      self-propelled 2 March 2018 13: 51
      that he was a political corpse immediately after his appearance in Rostov - a chance for the fugitive to return to politics to strive for zero (as well as the “government in exile” negative );
      a coward - maybe I just don’t think Yanyk would have lived long after any arrangements and security guarantees there. but oh, how you want to live;
      the traitor - most likely yes, for he betrayed and set up, probably, everyone he could, starting with the "Golden Eagle" (defending his ass as well) and ending with the people who believed that the president would not allow war in Ukraine ...
  3. ul_vitalii
    ul_vitalii 2 March 2018 13: 25
    In short jelly on milk, I'm not me and not my hut, as they were cunning and remained that the current, that the former.
  4. Albatroz
    Albatroz 2 March 2018 13: 56
    Profukali Ukraine guys
    Now torrents have gone
    1. Per se.
      Per se. 2 March 2018 14: 15
      Quote: Albatroz
      Profukali Ukraine guys
      This is also the case with the Russian leadership, they whistled. How the CIA carried out a coup d’état under our nose, how the United States crossed the “red line”, brazenly climbed to the borders of Russia, in the zone of our archival national interests. As having the legitimate President of Ukraine and the Prime Minister, having the fact of an anti-constitutional coup, we allowed all this to happen, as with all the trump cards in our hands, we pissed Ukraine, moreover, allowed the States to shift everything from a sore head to a healthy ? Further more, we do not recognize the choice of the Donbass in response to the Bendera junta, but dutifully we recognize the farce with the elections in the former Ukraine held by the Bandera junta under the leadership of the CIA. It makes no sense to blame everything now on Yanukovych, he is no more dependent on the West than our gosdepovskie henpecked, which clearly outlines the boundaries for their actions. They took the Crimea, the action quite expected by the West ... It was the "Crimean Gambit" played by the State Department and the CIA, we were sacrificed to the "queen" in order to win the whole game in Ukraine. There is nothing to excuse Yanukovych now, if our government has political will and true independence from the West, it could well be used in the interests of Russia, whether he wanted to or not. Moreover, from the point of view of international law, the mosquito wouldn’t bend the nose, and UN sanctions could be demanded against the United States.
      1. g1v2
        g1v2 2 March 2018 14: 37
        Ukraine has been our enemy since 92 years. We could not fuck her. Three times we were one step away from the war with it long before 2014. And 2 times with the allegedly loyal to us Kuchma. Plus, she firmly held us for Faberge blackmailing 3 things - the base of the fleet. which we stupidly had nowhere to put, gas transit and entry into NATO. The annexation of Crimea allowed us to throw off a noose. The Black Sea Fleet will forever remain in Crimea; a country with territorial disputes cannot enter NATO. And Ukraine will never recognize the loss of Crimea. In 2019, the last blackmail items will be decided - the gas pipeline and the ammonia pipeline.
        Personally, I personally think that we were very lucky with the Maidan. I hope that he is not the last and the country hostile to us will disappear, and 20 percent of our people will return to a single country. How much time will be needed for this - xs. But the bright future is clearly not waiting for the ruin. hi
        1. Per se.
          Per se. 2 March 2018 16: 48
          Quote: g1v2
          and the hostile country will disappear, and 20 percent of our people will return to a single country.
          In any case, Vitaliy, the Yankees should not have climbed into Ukraine. When the entire southeast of Ukraine gave signals to Russia, the Ukrainian army was neutral (to everything, it had to obey Yanukovych’s orders, wherever it was), and the sick Natsik walked over the head and did not crush the people, they did not legalize the authorities, not 20% of our people could return to Russia, but much more, plus strategically important territories. The fact that we almost fought, why to be surprised when ambassadors such as Chernomyrdin and Zurab were sent to Ukraine, when such a drunk as Yeltsin disgraced Russia and squandered everything right and left. Putin came, against the background of Boris Nikolayevich, it is probably difficult not to seem a genius, and failures and half-measures not to pass off as triumph or "cunning plan" ... Nevertheless, being a president is not a favor or a feat, but duty and duty in front of Russia and its people. The Russian government did not achieve what could, Ukraine is lost, a large-scale war is brewing in the Donbas, and our government will either have to surrender the Donbass or be dragged into an armed conflict. The surrender of Donbass will only delay the time, but it will aggravate the situation for the future. While we are sitting in capitalism, with our brother oligarchs that trade in freebies, selling raw materials and Soviet military technology, there is not much optimism. Soviet safety margins and kaput will end, lawyers with economists have a poor understanding of science and technology, and Russian bad guys will run to their bourgeois owners, to their good that has long been in foreign banks and foreign currency. The West keeps their personal belongings for this good, in this and the whole problem of their dependence.
          1. g1v2
            g1v2 2 March 2018 20: 37
            You proceed from an incorrect initial premise. That Yanukovych was pro-Russian. The Yankees came to Ukraine under Kuchma. Yanukovych. having lost the elections in 2004, he completely lay down under mattresses in 2010. Didn’t it seem strange that the Americans protested so against him in 2004 and immediately recognized in 2010? And the fact that it was not Russian but American political strategists led by Manafort who steered his election headquarters? And the fact that Tymoshenko was imprisoned because she concluded contracts with the Russian Federation? And the fact that Natsik was dragged to the Rada precisely with the help of the regionals? And armed their SBU under Yanukovych. And who pushed the Euroassociation? And much more.
            I can not vouch for reliability, but I heard that Putin, after another conversation with Yanyk, said that he was a traitor. request
            Just the mattresses, after Yanyk, having talked with Putin and received a loan agreement for 15 lards, decided that he was again outbid. So they went to stupidity in the form of a coup d'etat. And they would wait until 2015 and calmly put Yatsenyuk. And we wouldn’t do anything, since everything would be peaceful and lawful. request
            Well, about the discharge of Donbass is not even funny. In recent years, we have invested a lot of money, weapons and forces in it. Why would we do this if we wanted to merge? As they say - I do not bachu logic. request Capitalism is about money. And money speaks better than any boltology.
            1. avia1991
              avia1991 3 March 2018 00: 52
              Quote: g1v2
              about the discharge of Donbass is not even funny. In recent years, we have invested a lot of money, weapons and forces in it. Why would we do this if we wanted to merge? As they say - I do not bachu logic. Capitalism is about money.

              And logic is here on the surface: it is precisely in the conflict of economic interests that the dog here rummaged. Firstly, it’s very convenient to raise prices and twist the hands of Hoh Lam, having an impact on the Donbass. Secondly, how MUCH did we invest there? WHO counts them? .. But there are such people! And to themselves beloved, at these calculations, they do not forget. And how much money our oligarchs earned during this time in the war - no one thought?
              When we are told in the media about the next "brazen assault" of another Russian institution in the open, everything tempts me to ask the journalist: "What are our businessmen doing there ?! Our bankers? Our artists? Is it smeared with honey ?!"
              About that, that
              Quote: g1v2
              After another conversation with Yanyk, Putin said this is a traitor.
              - maybe not in those words, but it is quite possible. But in fact, in this case, we should have a drum on his personal qualities: when the interests of Russia are at stake - what difference does it make who the president of Ukraine is? It was necessary to use it, as your opponent said above:
              Quote: Per se.
              There’s nothing now to blame Yanukovych, if our government has political will and true independence from the West, it’s completely could be used in the interests of Russia, would he like it or not
              And since EVEN THIS has not been done - not to mention the fact that since the 92nd year Russia has simply withdrawn from building up its influence on Ukraine, which the US has skillfully used - and I strongly support the diagnosis of Profucali. If you want peace near your country, be able to make your neighbors make friends with you! Otherwise, they will go "be friends" with your enemy. And if you are the President, then this is not about sympathies, antipathies, but about the need to ensure the security of your country - first of all, military! What we have, in terms of allies, remains at the level of talking.
      2. samarin1969
        samarin1969 2 March 2018 15: 47
        You are very right ... hi ... Only now it becomes clear that the Russians were "thrown" not in April 2014, but much earlier ....
  5. flicker
    flicker 2 March 2018 14: 21
    In case you have to send troops, Yanukovych’s appeal will be very welcome.
    1. avia1991
      avia1991 3 March 2018 00: 58
      Quote: flicker
      In case you have to deploy troops,

      In this case, a plan to mobilize furniture enterprises will be very helpful: there will be a lot of coffins. The army in Nenka is no longer what it was in 2014 - they did not lose time on empty talk, but were actively preparing! And no matter what the ryak crack says, you can’t take the APU with your bare hands.
      1. flicker
        flicker 3 March 2018 11: 32
        Eh, your words would be in your ears: Poroshenko, Poltorak, Muzhenko, Volker ... they would look at you and say: yes, a bad case.
  6. worms
    worms 2 March 2018 15: 08
    Quote: Nasr
    the largest strikes of miners in the Donbass. They sounded not only economic, but also political demands - independence from Russia, constitutional consolidation of the Declaration on State Sovereignty of Ukraine

    hehe and Sumerians, even though they have pisses in the eyes of all God's dew, their Union was destroyed exclusively by Russians and Russia .... repeat
  7. vladimirasha
    vladimirasha 4 March 2018 23: 10
    Give it to Khokhlov. Why should we mess with this good only in vain, but to sense as from a goat.