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Upgraded Tu-160 will be equipped with a stratospheric oxygen system

A strategic bomber-missile carrier Tu-160 will receive a new stratospheric oxygen system after the upgrade, ensuring the crew’s livelihoods, the Tekhnodinamika holding press service said on Wednesday.

SPE "Respirator" holding "Tekhnodinamika" (part of the state corporation "Rostec") begins testing oxygen-breathing equipment for flights in the stratosphere. The new system is designed to be powered by oxygen by the crew members of the upgraded strategic bomber Tu-160.
- said in a statement.

Upgraded Tu-160 will be equipped with a stratospheric oxygen system

The holding noted that the system is integrated into the on-board radio-electronic equipment of the strategic rocket carrier and is designed to work both in sealed cockpit conditions and in cases of its depressurization. It also participates in the operation of protective equipment for pilots and the ejection system, ensuring the crew’s livelihoods.

The equipment provides several lines of oxygen supply, which are interconnected. The system conducts continuous intelligent monitoring of pressure at various points, ensuring the supply of oxygen, even if one of the routes fails.

The modernization program of the Tu-160, carried out under the leadership of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, provides, among other things, a complete replacement of the onboard radio electronic equipment. It is expected that this will give a significant increase in the efficiency of the use of the aviation complex for its intended purpose.
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Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
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  1. Hunter 2
    Hunter 2 28 February 2018 14: 11
    What a beautiful airplane! Exactly - White Swan! good And - deadly ....
  2. Irokez
    Irokez 28 February 2018 14: 11
    Well, if we equip it, then we can offer the Americans, otherwise their pilots are suffocating poor. )))
  3. Incvizitor
    Incvizitor 28 February 2018 14: 18
    Here he is handsome at Max.
  4. Alexey-74
    Alexey-74 28 February 2018 14: 19
    Such modernization has long been self-evident, given the booming technology. So soon we’ll reach space ... we’ll mock continents not from the stratosphere, but from near space. This is by the way the dream of the Americans.
  5. flicker
    flicker 28 February 2018 14: 21
    The hotels will deliver to the "partners" quickly, reliably and guaranteedly.
  6. NKVD
    NKVD 28 February 2018 14: 59
    From empty to empty, money only from the air does this NPP
  7. FID
    FID 28 February 2018 15: 59
    The stratosphere is a part of the atmosphere with 11 m .... Even from Wiki there is a practical ceiling of Tu-000 - 160 m ... So, did pilots fly to the USSR without a “stratospheric” oxygen system? And how is oxygen equipment “embedded” in avionics? Is it now that the oxygen mask is becoming part of the ABSU-22? What nonsense are the representatives of the press services of various holdings and corporations ... One word - MANAGERS!
    1. Iline
      Iline 28 February 2018 17: 42
      Also in strong thought. In which of the stations, how and from which fright the oxygen equipment was slammed into avionics. Nonsense.
      1. d1m1drol
        d1m1drol 28 February 2018 18: 48
        The point is that the oxygen supply will be automatically controlled, and the control unit will be part of the avionics, as if logical, given that this is electronics. And this mask is needed in case of depressurization, as a result of, for example, damage to the cabin by the damaging elements of an anti-aircraft missile. Just to shout that everything was gone and that everything around the victim of the exam hi
        1. Iline
          Iline 28 February 2018 19: 44
          Are you telling a former engineer for REA on these aircraft?
          Quote: d1m1drol
          as if logical, given that this is electronics

          What does the electronics of REO and the electronics of aviation equipment mean, to which, in fact, is the instrument and oxygen equipment. Or do you think that some short-wave station, for example, or a locator in some surprising way can influence the operation of the oxygen system on an airplane?
          1. Galleon
            Galleon 1 March 2018 09: 09
            Thus, the main thing is to lick and calm "public opinion". Specialists in all matters raised by HE.