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In North Ossetia started the exercise with the use of aviation

Mouth tactical exercises with live firing began in the motorized rifle formation of the 58 th Army Arms Army stationed in North Ossetia, reports RIA News Post press service of the Southern District.

More than 300 military personnel were involved in the exercise, about 50 units of military equipment were involved, including BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicles, Tanks T-90, multiple launch rocket systems MLRS "Tornado-G", army helicopters aviation Mi-35, Su-25SM attack aircraft,
says release.

It is reported that “in the course of the exercise, the infantry will work out the repelling of the attacks of the air attack equipment of the conditional enemy, blocking and destroying its sabotage and reconnaissance groups in mountainous areas, overcome the zone of radioactive, chemical and biological contamination”.

At the stage of combat shooting, “it is planned to spend more than 10 thousands of cartridges, about a thousand fragmentation grenades, as well as more than 200 mines and artillery shells, the press service noted.

At the site, 500 has various targets, training minefields, as well as various obstacles and barriers.
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Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
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    KVU-NSVD 27 February 2018 12: 09
    “It is planned to expend more than 10 thousand rounds of ammunition, about a thousand fragmentation grenades, as well as more than 200 mines and artillery shells,” the press service said.
    In general, not bad guys shoot ... In the fields aired ... Horrosho-oo ...
    1. Alexander 3
      Alexander 3 27 February 2018 14: 40
      The exercises, as far as I remember, will take place in the mountains. Tarskoe Gorge, in my opinion there is a training ground.
      1. KVU-NSVD
        KVU-NSVD 27 February 2018 15: 05
        In the fields for me, means field exit, as a concept, not a place. It was necessary to take in quotation marks .. smile hi
  2. ingenera
    ingenera 27 February 2018 15: 55
    And in the photo of the T-90 it was weak to find And advertisers here have recently been blamed ... The pictures on the site are quite a disaster.