Military Review

As a Soviet officer destroyed the German "death camp"

22 September 1943 of the year. On the platform near the Polish village of Sobibor train arrives. More than 2000 prisoners come out of it with yellow stars on their clothes. They all came from Minsk. There is one among them. Alexander Pechersky. Prisoners are met by well-armed German SS soldiers.

One of the officers approaches the people who got off the train and commands: "Familyless carpenters and carpenters, step forward!" Several dozen people come out of the crowd. The officer builds them into a column and leads them in the direction of the barracks. Tens of hundreds of people remaining on the platform in two hours will be dead.

Sobibor - Nazi "death factory", daily destroying several thousand Jews. He stood out against other similar camps. Most of them exploited prisoners as free labor. The task of Sobibor was precisely the physical destruction of prisoners.

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  1. antivirus
    antivirus 27 February 2018 21: 16
    not fried for fried eggs.
    hooked with the Bulgarians. I apologize to them.
    it’s not worth Bligria’s theme, before such a Sobibor theme
    1. pytar
      pytar 27 February 2018 23: 59
      on little things are not offended. There are more important topics! Hero to Alexander Pechersky bow soldier