Military Review

Russian artillery has shown its incredible abilities

During the annual autumn exercises "West-2017", in which the military took part from Russia and the Republic of Belarus, a special role was assigned to the "god of war" - artillery. The gunners of the Western Military District made a forced march to the Lugsky range. On the march, opposition to the sabotage groups of the alleged enemy was worked out.

In total, about three thousand units of various artillery, ranging from 80-mm mortars, to Smerch multiple-launch rocket systems, Tochka-U tactical complexes and 240-mm Tulip self-propelled mortars, were deployed to the proving ground near Luga.

The "artillery" part of the exercises "West-2017" was the most massive of all time of these maneuvers.

In general, in the exercises took different types of troops of the Armed Forces of Belarus and the Russian Federation.

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  1. polpot
    polpot 26 February 2018 20: 36
    God of war is not in vain so called
  2. Firework
    Firework 26 February 2018 20: 54
    very impressive
  3. sabakina
    sabakina 26 February 2018 21: 10
    Strong. It’s just not clear why they spoiled the trees, the whole lapnik was blown away with the first shots.
  4. Homeland
    Homeland 26 February 2018 21: 47
    Very interesting. Adrenalin.
  5. bear
    bear 27 February 2018 02: 50
    The main thing here is not to get used to. Otherwise, then it is impossible to sleep in silence.
  6. Vard
    Vard 27 February 2018 03: 49
    Why guns are good ... This is because in principle ... He shot and forgot ... And there, God sends ...
  7. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 27 February 2018 04: 55
    Launches of rockets in calm weather ... 15-20 minutes to sit in a cloud of poisonous gas ... Are you intentionally harassing rockets?
    Yes, there are gas masks, so you can give a standard - do not take off 20 minutes, and so. Not Christian.
    1. freejack
      freejack 27 February 2018 12: 36
      Yes, there are gas masks, so you can give a standard - do not take off 20 minutes, and so. Not Christian.

      Are you the greatest Christian here ??? ... Then you should pray from morning to night, and not climb on an Internet ... Great Lent in the yard! .. hi
  8. Igar
    27 February 2018 08: 28
    What kind of device on 01: 23 minute?
    1. Bronevick
      Bronevick 27 February 2018 13: 15
      A mine layer (remote mining system) based on a Ural vehicle.
  9. nnz226
    nnz226 27 February 2018 13: 48
    For accuracy: 82-mm mortars! Or did you manage to change the caliber? The question is when?
  10. nnz226
    nnz226 27 February 2018 13: 52
    The positions of towed artillery are far from "close to the combat situation" !!! Still fun would have put on the crest of the hill, so that everyone could see ...
  11. Charik
    Charik 16 March 2018 14: 44
    even from otrk explosion did not show
  12. serge siberian
    serge siberian 18 March 2018 15: 09
    Impressive. But from the rocket the place of impact was not shown in vain.
  13. Olfred
    Olfred 18 March 2018 17: 24
    the epicity of this video is off the charts, especially when the “hail” and “tornadoes” are hammering hi