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Notes of the Colorado Cockroach. Almost about food between two ... holidays


Greetings to you, those who remained in shape after the next holiday! And right away, on the move, I wish to make it to the next. And survive both. Regardless. For the post, diet and other garbage.

I am sure you, dear, the same problem.

Well, got over? All jokes aside. Under the new law, we are now at war with you officially. And hybrid. We fight and trade. We fight and file with international courts on the economic responses to our “greetings”.

By the way, according to my information, until April 1 our hydrant is going to appoint a new war commander. And a new war plan. All as intended. Spring, the fields will dry up, and ...

Although, where is it ever seen that the 4 army of the year ran from the miners? ATO need to stop. Now, probably, this nonsense will be called ZATOL. Clearing the area of ​​the people. One hope, should Putin keep his word. Do not give offense to the Ukrainians ... Ukrainians.

I usually save the most interesting things. And today I decided to dump it on your head right away. Especially because svidomye head is already completely severed.

And then under this case pour, zapim, zadim and so on.

So, February 22 turned 74 year from the date of the liberation of Krivoy Rog from the Germans. The date, of course, is not round. But memorable for every family. Including for employees of the National Guard. Then I quote the official paper from the Ministry of Internal Affairs:

"Yesterday, February 22, the military men of the NSU in Krivoy Rog took part in events to mark the 74 anniversary of the liberation of the city from the German invaders. Soviet symbols were used during the rally."

I will translate official words into human language. Guardsmen arranged a holiday for the inhabitants of the city and passed the parade with ... red flags of the regiments and divisions that liberated the city. The only thing I did not see was the guards banners. Maybe there were, but I did not see.

Notes of the Colorado Cockroach. Almost about food between two ... holidays

Imagine the gap pattern Svidomo? Not a single flag of the UPA! None sogs. And who is to blame that the current "hero" cities from the Nazis did not release? I know that the guards in IN also read. Thanks guys! As a balm for the soul before the holiday ...

What can not say about our border guards. Not those who guard the border, but those who command. They disgraced Ukraine specifically. In the shit we dipped to the top of the head.

The fact is that in 2014, the Europeans decided to arrange our borders in a European way. To calmly go to us. We were given almost 30 million euros and waited for the border to become European. Naive. This is Ukraine, baby! In short, the money we successfully "mastered." In a sense, divided by seniority.

And given that we have a large number of seniors ... You understand, there was not enough money for everyone. And about these same PPC and say nothing. Europeans last year were very surprised at such a metamorphosis. The money has been settled, the acts have been granted, and the checkpoint has not been repaired.

And the Europeans not only refused to give more money for PPC, so they also demand what is left back. Interestingly, they really think that you can pick up a Hamanian from a Ukrainian just like that? It fell to them, they disappeared, and they lost themselves in the midst of the inferno. Popular wisdom, you know.

You know, we are changing. Have you heard about the trial of Yanukovych? The authorities wanted to condemn the followers, but it turned out that they were judging themselves. Questions began to ask ordinary people. Brains in the brain appears.

On the Maidan, where the next anti-Russian hysteria was planned to “celebrate the death of the heavenly hundreds,” people hung out many paper angels. As a symbol of the innocent death. Deceived, but innocent. They died because they believed liars. Hmm, there are no angels in hell ... I don’t quite understand what relation angels have to participate in an armed coup d'état. Why angels? What is the logical connection?

And at about the same time in Lviv in front of the town hall raised the red and black flag of the UPA.

"Today, on the Memorial Day of the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred, in pursuance of the decree on" On celebrating dates in Lviv in connection with the outstanding events of the national liberation struggle and commemorating the fighters for the independence of Ukraine, the red-black flag was hung in front of the Lviv city council building ".

Bravo, well done! Show the Poles what true fluidity is. And then the Poles will understand how they were wrong and will lead you to Europe and NATO with joy. And so that no one doubts you, arrange for the Hungarians in Beregovo an exam in Ukrainian with the only question - whose Transcarpathian? Country inside out ...

Enough of the sad. Let's get better about increasing our exports to the EU and Russia. Moreover, it is growing! With our friends from the EU, we have sold as much as 1,2 billion euros. Growth on the whole 27%! And with you, Russia, only 3,9 billion dollars. And almost no growth - 109% ...

Do you know what we are throwing down Europe today? Be surprised. Yes, meal!

Last year we exported ... 415 tons of snails! We have these most snails divorced ... The French won sell their own for 2,6 thousand hryvnia, and we are for 700! Dumping in black. I will reveal the secret of such cheapness.

We take out snails alive. We carry to Romania, Poland, Lithuania. There, snails are processed, frozen and ... increased in cost 3 times. And all is well. Well, as with salmon and Belarusian shrimps in Russia, yes.

I already wrote about bees. Remember. 73 tons sent to the EU and 140 tons to you, to Russia. And you thought that only Ukrainian women go to you. Although, the bees are also female. And how do you like our export ... tick? By the way, 653 000 greens have been sent to you. Catch it now.

We also exported ... 110 tarantulas and 120 tarantulas! Although all 4 000 dollars, and take out yes put. But these are insects.

And the French, in fact, eat frogs. The inhabitants of Odessa were the first to understand that our frogs are croaking no worse than the French ones. Yes, and spit frogs, what a toad is. In short, almost 100 tons of frog legs we supply. Profitable. At home, this thing can be eaten for 200 hryvnia. And in the EU for the 10-15 euro. By the way, rapanov is also eaten in the EU. Ours. 348 tons last year ...

Most recently, we made rockets and built ocean-going ships ... Now, I hope, no matter how cockroaches they plan to export there. Mind enough. On the subject of cooking in oil. Together with lice pubic and worms. Agrarian superpower, wood louse bite ...

I will show you how to reach such a pace. What he looks like, a scary dream of any cockroach.

As befits an agrarian power, we are dying out. Last year on 198 100 people. This is according to statistics. Our population should (according to statistics) remain 42 million 386,4 thousand people. Easier to think so. On 100 dead 63 newborns ... Another Petin’s term, 4 of the year on the presidency, and “not only everyone will live, few can do it”. Klitschko said for good reason: get ready for the ground.

Again sad? Okay. I present a new way of earning for Ukrainians.

In order to become rich, work is not necessary. We must ... participate in European lotteries! Visa is not in vain begged. Won the usual planned circulation of EuroMillions reached 174 million euros. Take the bus. You come to any European country and buy a ticket in person. Easy further. Register on the site and wait for the jackpot.

And you say we do not like to work. Europe is all living. On the jackpots. The media will not lie! Maybe from an agrarian super power to a lottery go?

Oh, I almost forgot. We carried out another decommunization. In Kiev, the Moscow bridge was renamed the North. Can you imagine how much damage the Russian Defense Ministry did? Cards must now be reprinted. In order not to get lost. By the way, this was the name in the project. So, we can say, returned historical title.

You will see the second decommunization yourself. "In the Association of Suppliers of Retail Networks, they calculated how much one of the most popular Ukrainian dishes cost - dumplings with meat, to calculate the inflation index in the country for the year. Our Ukrainian Big Mac index calculates inflation rate better than all government agencies together."

Understand that we Ukrainized? Although ... Maybe in our dumplings boiled meat is added. Cook borscht on broth, and shove meat into dumplings with meat. I do not know.

"For the calculation, the State Statistics Service data were used. It is reported that the ingredients for cooking meat dumplings according to the simplest recipe as of January were 2018 worth: 800 g of flour - 7,6 uah,
300 of pork - 35,5 UAH
300 of beef - 38,7 UAH
50 of butter - 9 UAH,
150 of onion and fat, respectively, 0,9 UAH and 10,8 UAH,
250 g sour cream - 12,8 UAH. "

Total for the year the price of dumplings increased by 45%.

This is how we live, although we don’t want to.

And our most important peremoga today is this:

"The Kiev City Council handed over to the British Queen Elizabeth II a land plot of 0,1622 ha on Kostelnaya St., 13, and in the Shevchenkovsky district of Kiev for rent for 49 years. This is stated in the relevant decision of the Kyiv Council."

Checkmate Russians. Look how good to live in Ukraine. Even the British Queen bought the land! Imagine, Elizabeth II is walking along the Khreshchatyk's own ponies or shelties. Or maybe a collie. This is all the British lords will soon rush to buy real estate in the Shevchenko district.

Ukraine - the pearl in the British crown! Kiev kingdom! I can imagine how this same Elizabeth will be in the Department of Land Resources of the KSCA with our grandmothers swear because of the queue. She also needs to hand over the documents within a month.

The only thing that is somewhat embarrassing, for some reason, the address of the queen's section strangely coincides with the address of the Canadian embassy. What are we going to throw in Canada? Or recall that Canada is a constitutional monarchy, in other words, a kingdom, headed by the monarch of the British Commonwealth. And the monarch is Elizabeth II.

Until next time. Life continues to amaze even those who can not be surprised. That's why it is life ... And you have a successful completion of winter. In the spring it smells, as much as my head is spinning during the day.

And I did not forget to tell you about our fast. And since I have not forgotten, do not miss it in the near future.
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  1. Vard
    Vard 27 February 2018 05: 55
    Yes ... Everything seems to be bad ... But there is still a chance to survive ...
    1. 210ox
      210ox 27 February 2018 17: 04
      I respect the author’s humor. But maybe it’s enough? This is already a hackneyed record. It’s about that everything is bad. Can we solve our problems and begin to solve them?
      1. domokl
        domokl 27 February 2018 19: 03
        Quote: 210ox
        .Could we solve our problems and begin to solve them?

        laughing Like we’ll call a Cockroach and let it write about Russia? Are we not local ourselves? ..
        I always like that in any article "about something" we want to read about something else. But the most interesting, in the article about "something else" there is surely someone who wants to discuss the topic "about request lol something "
        1. 210ox
          210ox 27 February 2018 20: 29
          Well, a person is not a cockroach. He can choose any pseudonym. We just often forget about the saying that we don’t notice a log in our eyes. Or maybe we don’t want this?
          Quote: domokl
          Quote: 210ox
          .Could we solve our problems and begin to solve them?

          laughing Like we’ll call a Cockroach and let it write about Russia? Are we not local ourselves? ..
          I always like that in any article "about something" we want to read about something else. But the most interesting, in the article about "something else" there is surely someone who wants to discuss the topic "about request lol something "
  2. savage1976
    savage1976 27 February 2018 06: 14
    Why should not everyone who is thirsty for decommunization and born before 1991 suicide. Well, they were born in the hated USSR, so that they could overcome the damned Soviet past and commit this heroic deed. It will be easier for the descendants, although they also need to kill themselves, their parents are also from the Soviets.
    This hohland already got it to be honest. Well, they want to be senile and mentally ill, let them be.
    1. Sargas
      Sargas 27 February 2018 08: 32
      The trouble is that Ukraine (like Germany) was originally created not in order to live peacefully with its own mind, but as rams against Russia.
      1. Semen1972
        Semen1972 27 February 2018 14: 15
        Quote: Sargas
        The trouble is that Ukraine (like Germany) was originally created not in order to live peacefully with its own mind, but as rams against Russia.

        An interesting point of view .. new. You can ask for a link to information about who created Germany and for what purpose ... This turns the story of the whole of Europe upside down .. I look forward to receiving confirmation from you.
        1. naidas
          naidas 28 February 2018 20: 06
          The slogan “Drang nah Osten” appeared early in German history, namely in the VIII-XIII century, when the Germans attacked the lands of the Western Slavs, especially in the Laba (Elba) basin and along the entire southern coast of the Baltic Sea from Schleswig to the Baltic.
          So turn the story page is not yours.
  3. inkass_98
    inkass_98 27 February 2018 07: 03
    The Panopticon continues to replenish with new exhibits, there is nothing more to say.
  4. andrewkor
    andrewkor 27 February 2018 07: 08
    The photos from Krivoy Rog were stunned and shocked: the red banners of the Soviet Army with stars with a sickle and a hammer!
    And the proud standard bearers carry them, still have to march to hear the "Victory Day"! Thank you, Cockroach, pleased, not everything for the Russians on the Ruin is lost!
    1. Berber
      Berber 27 February 2018 10: 06
      The gap pattern in Ukraine is already the norm. Honestly tired of being surprised. One wish to the "insects" so that everything ends faster.
    2. Egoza
      Egoza 27 February 2018 10: 39
      Police opened the production due to the use of red flags by the National Guard of Ukraine during the parade in Krivoy Rog on the 74 anniversary of the liberation of the city from German occupants.

      This was reported by the local police.

      As noted, production is open under the article "production, distribution, as well as public use of the symbols of the communist, national-socialist totalitarian regimes."

      The case is being investigated by the city police department.

      And the guys knew what they were going for! Not afraid! Well done !!!!
  5. Evdokim
    Evdokim 27 February 2018 07: 59
    I already wrote about bees. Remember. 73 tons were sent to the EU and 140 tons to you, to Russia. And we exported ... 110 tarantulas and 120 tarantulas! In short, we supply almost 100 tons of frog legs. Together with lice pubic and worms. And they do not care about the frogs, what kind of toad is, that our frogs croak worse than the French.

    I read all this - yes,
    Ukraine Agrarian superpower, bite their wood lice ... And you thought that only Ukrainians were coming to you.

    There’s nothing to add belay especially about tarantulas and 120 tarantulas. wassat
  6. geniy
    geniy 27 February 2018 08: 30
    But I wonder when Ukraine will begin to give financial debts? I would like to know the breakdown of the entire amount. That is, 3 billion with a tail of debt from Russia to Ukraine is of little interest to me personally - Russia is not rich enough from returning this debt. But anyway. After all, there was already a final court decision. And we must assume that just about - in the coming weeks, Ukraine is obliged to repay this debt. So when?
    And most importantly, the total amount of state Ukrainian debt is not $ 77 billion, but 89, as one economist said yesterday. So who knows - when exactly - in what month will the Ukrainian state begin to pay these debts?
    1. alekc75
      alekc75 27 February 2018 09: 02
      you were wrong, in what century!
      1. novel66
        novel66 27 February 2018 09: 39
        both are mistaken - Ukraine will disintegrate - and there will be no one to demand
        1. geniy
          geniy 27 February 2018 10: 26
          Ukraine will not disintegrate in less than a year.
          But still, how will things be with her paying debts? And I would like to know: should this start exactly in this - in 2018, a dozen billion debt - will this happen or not?
          Will members of the International Monetary Fund forgive Ukraine that it is delaying payments. And will they agree to a restructuring - that is, simply a postponement? But there must be negotiations for this. Last Minister Veresko (American) fled back to her America, but she did a restructuring (that is, a delay) until 2018. Now what is the situation with debt repayment?
    2. Egoza
      Egoza 27 February 2018 10: 40
      Quote: geniy
      when exactly - in what month will the Ukrainian state begin to pay these debts?

      NEVER!!!! rename the Khazar Kaganate and High try to claim what! In general, about insects - this is a clear intention with China to establish friendship with either Taiwan or .... well, where does everything that moves eat there. So we are still oh-hoo! Entered the world market!
    3. gm9019
      gm9019 27 February 2018 14: 56
      Quote: geniy
      So who knows - when exactly - in what month will the Ukrainian state begin to pay these debts?

      Interestingly, do they really think that a Ukrainian can be taken away for a Hamanese just like that? Scho from carts disappeared, those were gone, and I wasted to the gut. Popular wisdom, you know.

      Dear Cockroach - Health! love
      And wait for spring with us, otherwise it’s cold, already terrible!))
    4. naidas
      naidas 28 February 2018 20: 08
      Only cowards give debts.
  7. BAI
    BAI 27 February 2018 10: 40
    According to the new law, we are now officially fighting with you.

    Not really. Now Russia’s official filth can be done - the answer is to the "aggressor", but there is no declaration of war.
  8. Egoza
    Egoza 27 February 2018 10: 52
    And yet we are! And we will! I can not help but make a moment of positive!
    The well-known Ukrainian Russophobic writer Larisa Nitsa, about whom Russkaya Vesna previously wrote, was horrified by the fact that the vast majority of Kiev residents prefer to communicate in Russian.
    “I went to LAVINA. Son invited to the cinema. He ran for popcorn. I stand. One. Among the great Russian sea. One. Grain of sand. And all around Tambov, ”she wrote on her page on the social network.
    "Where from?" Where did all these people come from? The Minister of Education claims that there are fewer Tambov-language schools. Who! Who is stamping these Tambovskms, and in which factory? Public activists who “defend” the language say that the percentage of schools that stayed with the Tambov language does not make the weather. Where does this sea come from? ”She wonders.

    I stand. In Tambov. Although this is Kiev. I ask myself: “Where did all my work (and thousands of people like me) dozens of years of work? How many meetings attended. How many lectures have been delivered. How many lessons held. How many stories and tales have been written. Everything is in the sand. All around are foreigners: on the plane and in the subway, ”Russophobia laments.

    Most of all, Nice was outraged by the fact that young people communicate exclusively in Russian.

    "Where. You. Everything. Delhi. Ukraine ??? While the guys are fighting, and you are sitting behind their backs in comfort. WHERE. YOU. EVERYTHING. DELHI. UKRAINE ??? ”- she asks the indignant.

    Where-where ... but all the same! And how pleasant it is that “for decades, thousands of lectures, books and fairy tales .... and that’s all - Kiev is the mother of the RUSSIAN cities. Though you crack!
    1. geniy
      geniy 27 February 2018 11: 57
      Dear madam! Of course you posted great information. But you understand - so far these are mostly just emotions! He didn’t look so, this one didn’t answer so. And on a national scale, little is changed from emotions - the truth is, until they lead to some kind of nationwide explosion. But if there has not yet been a great heat, then these emotions can smolder for a very long time: for years, and sometimes for centuries.
      But money - they love the account. And moreover, in contrast to the mutual settlements of the townsfolk between each other, when debts can be delayed for a long time, or even not given away at all, since they are most often given “honestly” without any notary registration. That interstate debts are given with the condition of repayment within the exact deadline - that is, even appointed exactly at what day and what amount should be repaid. So is it true that all of Ukraine is not worried about this?
      1. your1970
        your1970 27 February 2018 13: 51
        Quote: geniy
        So is it true that all of Ukraine is not worried about this?
        - why ?? they should not only us .... they owe to almost everything, including Slovaks for their reverse ....
        the meaning of IM is worried about - for which there is no money and is not expected ???
        1. geniy
          geniy 27 February 2018 14: 47
          For God's sake, don’t think that I have a negative attitude towards you - this is about Ukraine, about how its government is preparing for changes that may or should come.
          So, if ordinary Ukrainians are not worried about paying public debts, then this is basically a common thing: very often it happens that debtors around the world are not worried about paying debt, although the deadline has already arrived. Lenders are usually worried about this. And they take any action to force the debtor - in this case, the state of Ukraine - to hurry up with the payment of each specific debt.
    2. gm9019
      gm9019 27 February 2018 15: 00
      Quote: Egoza
      All around foreigners

      Well, it’s time, such as this “writer” to bring to hell, to Canada or somewhere else - there he will find a comfortable living environment! laughing
      1. Ua3qhp
        Ua3qhp 2 March 2018 20: 49
        The author did not have to skip biology classes at school. Spiders are not insects.
        1. Ua3qhp
          Ua3qhp 2 March 2018 20: 50
          Not insects - typo