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Motherland: digitalization or death! Part two


CHAPTER II. Blockchain as the “tooth in the nose of the“ elite ”

Once again, the article, in this case, the chapter, is not a blockchain theory. For this there are primary sources, for example [1, 2]. This chapter discusses the potential of the blockchain, its obvious impact on the entire spectrum of socio-economic relations and stimulation of the modernization of government functions.

The first, in chronology, advantage of cryptocurrency, and they were Bitcoin, was the ability to exchange money quickly, safely and without intermediaries in the face of banks and other financial operators, bypassing the borders. There is no commission to banks in the blockchain. Of course, there are also beneficiaries here: miners, stock exchanges, operators of crypto groceries. But the end user can also act as a beneficiary, and the maintenance fee is much lower due to automation and reduction of infrastructure maintenance costs. Moreover, in some cases, the user himself can assign an increased amount of commission to speed up his transaction.

The main, so to speak, “boil up” on the part of states and banks with the advent of the blockchain, has risen due to the fact that the issue of cryptocurrency is not controlled by them. So, farewell sovereignty and sweet monopoly. After all, anyone can download an application for free, run it, or use it to create their own applications. This fact alone opens the “Pandora's box” of real democracy in a number of important relations in society and its relations with the state.

Traditional banking principles, unchanged since the end of the 19th century, have been shaken, because the low cost of peer-to-peer networks will make hard hierarchical structures unprofitable, undermines the foundation on which they stand - the centralized status of the network owner and the proprietary software that manages the network. Such attributes of the members of the Network as the value of the contribution of the participant and his reputation, which can not be erased or changed, will come to the fore. As the ancestors used to say: “Take care of honor from an early age”.

The global banking network, with trillions of dollars a day, is the most powerful economic force in the world. Banks dictate to us the conditions under which we take loans from them, banks set commission fees and other types of rewards for operations carried out with their help, banks “twist” our money in loans and in the interbank foreign exchange market, making money on customers' money.

This applies to any payment, even if you paid a check at the store, this does not mean that money was received on the store’s account - the money will come in a few days (without interest for using the bank). The store only receives a transaction confirmation. Likewise, with pensions, public sector wages - having received money from the treasury, banks immediately put them into circulation. And pensions and salaries are paid in a few days. This is at best.

You will never change the terms of the mortgage agreement with the bank, you will not achieve the truth even in a court against the bank. If you do not believe, look at the messages, how fraudsters get loans from banks through on-line services for other people's names, and then bailiffs come to pensioners and confiscate their property, even if the loan was issued from a city in which the pensioner has never been.

Now we are waiting for a new attack from the banks. They intend to introduce remote identity identification. You can imagine how this system will work, and how many hackers and scammers will profit from simple customers, possibly in collusion with banks. Your humble servant almost every month lodges a complaint with Sberbank about the unsatisfactory performance of auto payments, and “it is still there”. After all, for the Russian bank there is no concept of "the client is always right."

Well, if the developers of banking software are not able to bring the simplest service “to mind”, how are they going to implement reliable client recognition by means of communication on 100 percent? Maybe they are not aware of the factors by which the neural network is mistaken even when recognizing road signs? What about human faces to interpret. Even the most powerful face recognition systems provide reliability of just over 90 percent. I do not exclude that some joker will receive a loan remotely, presenting the cow's face to the bank. But banks persistently, bit by bit, cut the coupons from customers, not noticing their flaws and trampling the interests of their customers.

As the saying goes: “The hen pecks at the grain ...” However, the bankers did not know the second part of popular wisdom - “... and then the whole yard was littered.” That "dock". There were intelligent and decisive people who set out to monopolize the dictatorship of bankers to eliminate.

I am sure, when discussing the article, “advanced” users will write that the author, they say, is a naive idealist, believes in justice, and Nakamoto is a globalist project of world banks. However, the facts speak for themselves. Firstly, if Satoshi Nakamoto is really a backstage project of world banks, then he got out of control - there are already about 1,500 cryptocurrencies in the world, and platforms such as Ethereum, Waves, Omni have become Bitcoin's main competitors.

Secondly, in 2013 a new phenomenon appeared in the procedures for attracting investments - ICO. During the very first ICO project, Mastercoin raised $ 5,0 million in investments. Many similar crowdsales have passed since then. And their growth goes along a hyperbola in time. Compared to 2014, the number of projects increased 2017 times in only three quarters of 18. And in money, the growth of attracted investments grew 142 times, almost to $ 4,0 billion! [3].

Who can stop this phenomenon? Maybe someone is capable, but very big money is earned here. Sometimes the return on investment is in the thousands of percent, which will never be in the traditional procedures. It would be foolish to stop such a profitable business.

What to do "unhappy" bankers in this situation? And they are already doing. The first chapter describes the international payment protocol Interledger and the national platform of the Central Bank Masterchain. Apparently, the authorities and the banks chose the path that was once well presented in Eldar Ryazanov’s film “The Forgotten Melody for the Flute”, where the prototype of the “bulldozer exhibition” was shown. At this exhibition N.S. Khrushchev, who called free artists "pederasts" (as in the original [4]), instructed his party workers to take action. Meru, through the words of M. Shirvindt, was suggested by the party functionary whom this artist played: “If the phenomenon cannot be stopped, it must be organized and headed” (close to the text). Following this path, both the international consortium R3 and our Central Bank create quasi-blockchains (“quasi” because they have the function of centralized user access control).

In the words of the wise and now deceased VS Chernomyrdin: "Whatever organization we create, the CPSU always turns out."

We do not know whether they are planning to destroy the promotion of a pure blockchain to the world economy (and any project on the blockchain is potentially global), but this will not work, as it was impossible to stop many inventions.

Below are the seemingly stupid arguments against global inventions. Here are some of them:
Steam locomotives
“... if trains begin to run faster than 12 miles an hour on rails, then at such a crazy speed, the oncoming air pressure can easily kill passengers traveling in open landau cars, breaking their lungs” ...
“... permanent use of a bicycle, in the end, after several generations should lead to a change in the appearance of people. Y ... "led sapiens" excessively develop legs, but then their hands will begin to gradually shorten, thinner ... As a result, people will strongly look like a kangaroo "...
Electric lamp
“... Artificial electric light, with prolonged exposure to the skin of the face, can cause irritation and even burns. And the retina will probably be damaged due to the light of such a light bulb. ”
“Pictures flickering on the screen can literally reduce a person’s visual acuity in just a few sessions, and also develop color blindness”
"Using the phone causes diseases of the brain, lungs and nerves," and therefore the mortality rate among telephone subscribers will be three times higher than usual. " [5]

You can add historically closer facts:
• The Internet is the "background noise" of humankind's intellectual activities.
• The Internet is a means of uncontrolled propaganda, sapped by fans of pornography, poor advertising and easy money.
• The Internet is an information dump ... [6].

In fact, all of the above regarding the Internet is true, but its negative impact directly depends on the viciousness of specific users.

To these statements, one should add the skeptic’s widespread opinion at the outset that the Internet will “fall” as soon as millions of users connect to it. Not easy. Even when billions of users connected to it.

History goes on as usual, and the founder of “Ethereum” V. Buterin says: “In the future, when the blockchain will be used everywhere, the role of the state will change - just like other intermediaries. They, most likely, will form the rules of the game, but there will be a program code that will monitor the implementation of the rules. And human intervention, such as an official, will be minimized. ”[7] In the same source you will find his other statements, where he indicates not only obvious benefits for ordinary people, but also soberly assesses the “childhood diseases of growth” of such a new phenomenon as the blockchain.

We will not weigh the arguments for and against the blockchain. The reader may find alternative opinions, for example, here [8]. We can only state the obvious fact - the blockchain has come seriously and for a long time. At the same time, the blockchain revolution was stimulated by the exorbitant greed of world banks and the dictates of the rules of the market game on their part.

With regard to Russia, you can add factors such as the inaccessibility of investments for start-ups of small and medium-sized businesses that are not included in the pool of structures defined by the authorities, arbitrariness on the part of supervisory and control bodies, insecurity of ownership, violation of the rules of the game by market participants dominating .

These factors are obvious, no matter how much the domestic media and forum participants, the number of which goes beyond what is reasonable, would not prove the opposite. At the same time, laws are passed every day, bills and regulations are put forward that create hemorrhoids for various segments of society, for ordinary people or the entire society as a whole. And where are the main objectives of the state and law: order and justice?

The table below shows some international projects that have recently attracted investment through ICO and are likely to affect the global economy in the near future.

Motherland: digitalization or death! Part two


1The table contains excerpts from some ICO White Paper presentations conducted over the past 3-5 months.
2StealthCryptoTM is not based on quantum computing, here the original networking technology with a slant on the Internet of Things is named “quantum”. Given the confusion in terminology, the project can become an example of scam.

Even a quick glance at the extremely brief essence of the projects makes us think about the coming changes. With the implementation of these, and hundreds of similar projects on a global scale, fundamental changes will occur in the LOGIC of economic relations.

“Cryptocurrency can become an open programmable network for decentralized exchange of any resources - even without taking into account currency and payments. 1.0 Blockchain, as a cash settlement and payment technology, is already evolving into 2.0 Blockchain and may include smart contracts, smart assets, decentralized applications (Dapps), decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO), and decentralized autonomous corporations. The asset presented on the blockchain becomes a smart asset that can be traded through smart contracts ”[2].

Of course, effective implementation of projects on the blockchain will require development of the development environment of applications and components of the blockchain itself, such as storage, security, comprehensive reputation accounting, improvement of exchange protocols between wallets, solving the problem of network scalability and some other aspects. But it was always like this at the stages of introduction and growth of new technologies.

As for Russian realities, it is more expedient to speak here not so much about domestic projects, as about projects with “Russian roots”. According to [9], as of the end of 2017, such projects take the second place after the USA, $ 310,0 million against $ 1,0 billion (projects with American roots). Why should we talk about the "roots"? Because when developing a global project, entrepreneurs and developers choose hospitable for ICO jurisdictions, such as Switzerland, Singapore, Hong Kong or Holland.

If the project will have to earn in the territory of the Fatherland, then experienced lawyers should be involved in order not to fall under the eye of the supervisory authorities. Moscow region farmer M. Shlyapnikov fully in his “skin” felt the “support” of small business by the authorities, having passed instances of the prosecutor’s office, accusations of undermining the Russian financial system, deception of unidentified citizens, creating conditions for the economic crisis, courts, expertise, involvement in as affected by the Bank of Russia, the Ministry of Finance, the tax inspectorate (and this is all one farmer did!) In the end, the entire line of vessels, from the district to the Supreme, determined the debt receipts, “colions” used by the farmer, money surrogates and prohibited their use. But the persistent farmer got his way and released through ICO already cryptocolonies worth about $ 0,5 million, and now his farm is successfully developing.

Similarly, the noise was raised around the Moscow farmers' cooperative “LavkaLavka” that had come out on the ICO, but here people had already carefully prepared for the visit of the prosecutor’s office and got rid of the charges of violating the laws. However, in general, the situation in the sphere of regulation in the field of ICO in Russia is not so difficult, but sometimes goes beyond a reasonable framework.

And that's why. The Ministry of Communications is developing a bill in the ICO field. According to the project, an organization that has decided to attract investments through ICO must meet a number of criteria. From reading some of the “criteria” on the head, the cap rises: the authorized capital of at least 100 million rubles (!), The license for the development, production and distribution of encryption (cryptographic) means (this is issued by the FSB - author) and a special bank account for selling digital tokens (this is correct - auth.). The Ministry of Communications and Mass Media will make a decision on accreditation or refusal of accreditation within 30 days after receiving the application (red tape! You can do it on the blockchain for 10 minutes - note aut.).

According to the document, tokens and other digital financial assets can be changed to rubles, foreign currency and other property only through the operator of the exchange of digital financial assets. The bill also limits the amount for which unqualified investors (ordinary consumers - auth. Note) will be able to buy tokens within one ICO - no more than 50 thousand rubles.

Earlier, the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media prepared a program for the development of the digital economy for 2018 – 2024 years and presented it at a meeting of the Presidential Council on Strategic Development. This year, federal and regional governments will spend almost 200 billion rubles on information technology ... True, Minister N. Nikiforov audited the expenditure figure of about 100 billion rubles annually [10].

Later, our minister N. Nikiforov substantiated these requirements with such, from his point of view, reasonable, argument: “We should not have 10 thousands of different platforms. Well, there will be three, five, ten, some. It's okay that they will have such a share capital, this underlines the seriousness of the intentions of these organizations that they will not disappear tomorrow and build their activities for the long-term ”[11]. The phrase is incoherent and unfounded.

Thus, even a cursory overview of the status quo does not inspire optimism.

First, instead of creating CONDITIONS for the country's transition to the fourth technological order, the Russian Government intends to spend BUDGET money (that is, our taxes, and a lot) on digitalization, moreover, in the sense that officials understand it. Presumably, the first money has already been spent on regular economic forums.

By the way, at the February forum in Sochi there was a joke: “Digitize or die!” It seems that now is not a joke, and such a frivolous attitude to the situation does not inspire confidence in the forum participants.

At the same time, foreign countries create conditions for attracting PRIVATE investment without spending taxpayers' money. After all, project initiators use jurisdictions in which normal conditions for investment under the ICO procedure are created.

Secondly, the requirement for the presence of share capital in 100 mln. Rub. mercilessly cuts off all small and medium businesses from ICO. And not even every large business has a share capital of 100 million rubles. - there are not so many founders who are willing to risk such significant amounts in case of failure of a startup. So for whom are the conditions for sharing a sweet cake being prepared?

Thirdly, the condition of the need for a license to develop, manufacture and distribute encryption (cryptographic) tools enters the One Powerful Office into the business process. Next, do not comment.

I do not want to think that the digitalization of the economy proclaimed by the authorities is another way to enjoy the budget sinecure, although the blockchain is needed by the elite “like a tooth in the nose”.

What do people who have the desire and ability to take an active part in the revival of the country's economy, its rise to the level of world leaders, or at least earn decently?

The options are:
1. Join the harmonious ranks of participants in endless forums, exhibitions, contests, applicants for grants, cling to the "business incubator" or other technologies for effective development of the budget.
2. Spit on everything and find a warm place with a good salary.
3. Sneer on a sense of patriotic duty and go to a hospitable country for talents.
4. Join the hacker community.
5. Engage in fraud, because, it seems, domestic digitalization will allow it, unlike the correct, implemented by the rest of the world.
6. Sit on the sofa and, sitting on the neck of the parents, troll on the sites materials of the next "Don Quixote", climbed with a wooden spear against windmills.

Calculate the probabilistic distribution of the potential number of developers of digitalization projects for a country on their own - even if using the classical theory of probability, even if using newer methods of fuzzy sets.

Continued about artificial intelligence and quantum computing, follows

1. D. Tapscott, A. Tapscott / The Blockchain Revolution -, 2017
2. M. Swan / Blockchain. The scheme of the new economy, - "Olymp-Business", 2015
3. 4 of fact about ICO based on the analysis of 269 cases,
5. Газета «Труд»,
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  1. siberalt
    siberalt 27 February 2018 05: 37
    Something our Gref was at first happy with these bitcoins. And as soon as it burned out on their speculation, all the ardor was blown away. lol All this resembles a global financial pyramid. Who is the first and enriched. Mavrodi does not even believe in her.
    1. Vard
      Vard 27 February 2018 05: 50
      It’s the pyramid ... And here they steal, so it seems there are no victims ... In its pure form, money is from the air ...
      1. Esoteric
        Esoteric 27 February 2018 05: 53
        Digitalization comes and goes, but you always want to eat ... yes
        1. luk
          27 February 2018 13: 32
          It's not about food.
      2. Simargl
        Simargl 27 February 2018 10: 40
        Quote: Vard
        Pure money from the air ...
        Out of electricity.
        Author naively believes that the owners did not provide for profit.
        1. luk
          27 February 2018 13: 14
          Do you work without a salary?
          1. Simargl
            Simargl 27 February 2018 14: 34
            Are the laid down principles of making a profit on a salary similar?
  2. savage1976
    savage1976 27 February 2018 06: 01
    Everything touched by a bureaucrat's hand dies. So here, the industry will be ruined, then we will spend billions to catch up and overtake, but not a single face will answer for lost time, lost ideas, lost profit. They would stay at the trough and the rest, though the grass does not grow.
    1. ava09
      ava09 27 February 2018 07: 09
      “Branch” from the moment of its idea is stillborn. When real money can be acquired for virtual money, everyone loses (in the end). Naturally, except for the beneficiaries of the "industry" ...)
      1. savage1976
        savage1976 27 February 2018 08: 20
        You buy bread in a store for simple decorated pieces of paper, when paying with a card for the same bread you pay with a virtual machine. There is no difference at all. Moreover, cash is more profitable for the store, for the payment through the card the bank will also take a percentage for itself. Our entire economy (global, not only Russian) is one big virtual machine. State support for oil producers, government support for bankers, government support for car manufacturers, government support for agricultural producers, tax breaks for fishers. Where is the economy? It is not, there is an ordered system for maintaining slavery at a certain level and no more. So where is the real economy?
  3. Snail N9
    Snail N9 27 February 2018 06: 28
    Oh, how do you want someone to remove cash, classic money replacing them with a virtual machine in any form. As one person said only that which lies in my pocket and has my money, everything else on electronic media and in banks is no longer mine, since in this case I depend on the "uncle" -banker, network owner, owner of the "cloud" ", of the exchange, or of the manufacturer of the HDD .... The author himself named the reasons why these" pyramids "of cryptocurrencies are not money and have a purely speculative value-1 - they are not supported by anything except the faith of suckers in their" value "- more believers there are suckers in them, the greater is the “value”, 2-there is no way to instantly pay with bitcoins and other crypto because of their volatility -sale only through the exchange, 3-the ability to create your own cryptocurrencies reduces the very idea of ​​crypto to the point of absurdity - no one millions of types of cryptocurrencies are needed. The crypto project is a project of large TNCs in order to isolate themselves from the state, creating a system of their money, a system of cashing them out or paying them within companies — that is, to create “states in the state” and in the future, to divide the world not according to the national-state type as now, but economically.
    1. tasha
      tasha 27 February 2018 06: 40
      What to do to people who have the desire and ability to take an active part in reviving the country's economy, raising it to the level of world leaders, or at least making decent money
      . "Decently" is the key word ... But just do not "earn", but get ...
    2. prodi
      prodi 27 February 2018 07: 10
      well, yes, like, a socialist project, when the money was subordinate to the state, even within that state it did not burn out, and with bitcoins it suddenly burns out laughing
    3. luk
      27 February 2018 13: 37
      “Classic” money was when it was backed by gold. Read on the Soviet ruble below.
      1. Fedor Sukhov
        Fedor Sukhov 27 February 2018 13: 45
        Quote: luk
        Read on the Soviet ruble below.

        On the ruble it was written it was provided with all the property of the USSR, but on the chervonets gold and precious metals:
        1. Town Hall
          Town Hall 27 February 2018 14: 02
          A lot of things are written on the fences
          1. Fedor Sukhov
            Fedor Sukhov 27 February 2018 14: 03
            On the fences is written for you bully
            1. Town Hall
              Town Hall 27 February 2018 15: 09
              And on empty Soviet pieces of paper, for you
        2. savage1976
          savage1976 27 February 2018 14: 12
          Did it help you much in 1991-2000? Probably 3 Volga, 4 apartments received from all the property of the USSR !!!!
          1. Fedor Sukhov
            Fedor Sukhov 27 February 2018 14: 20
            Quote: savage1976
            Did it help you much in 1991-2000? Probably 3 Volga, 4 apartments received from all the property of the USSR !!!!

            The question is somewhat strange. But I can say that in 1989, when I was in Finland, the Finns I, with pleasure, took the Soviet chervonets at the rate of 1 to 10, that is, for the “chirp” of 100 fin marks, taking into account that sport. the fin flyer suit cost 70 marks, and the karh crosses cost 50 marks, cotton T-shirts chopped a bucket. good
      2. prodi
        prodi 27 February 2018 14: 35
        Quote: luk
        “Classic” money was when it was backed by gold. Read on the Soviet ruble below.

        it’s not that they were or weren’t provided - the state could (and did!) subordinate the economy to the expediency of developing the country, but even this did not save the system from collapse. Do you think that blockchain will “save” humanity from its essence
        1. Fedor Sukhov
          Fedor Sukhov 27 February 2018 15: 16
          Quote: prodi
          however, even this did not save the system from collapse.

          And what about the collapse of the system and the provision of currency? There are statements from one former deputy and owner of the Tan company on this score.
          Quote: prodi
          Do you think that blockchain will “save” humanity from its essence

          I believe that the world is either on the verge of an unprecedented technological revolution, or on the brink of disaster. hi
          1. gridasov
            gridasov 5 March 2018 23: 02
            Few people understand that the idea of ​​creating virtual currencies is that on the one hand, those who created it always have the opportunity to access any virtual assets. This means that you can always create or collapse any market. And it is clear who manages this brilliant project. But most of all, it is surprising that there are no experts at all who are experts in mathematics and cannot give a clear explanation to the leaders of states that everyone who owns the virtual asset market will always be held hostage by those who created this system. Therefore, virtual money is on the one hand a brilliant breakthrough, but only when a new computer is created on the numbers of the natural series, and not on binary code. And at the same time, any account holder will be inaccessible to the encroachment, under no circumstances, to third parties.
    4. naidas
      naidas 28 February 2018 19: 40
      What lies in his pockets is also not his money, but the one who prints it can be taken away at any moment. Inflation, exchange, depreciation, rising prices, etc.
  4. sxfRipper
    sxfRipper 27 February 2018 06: 44
    Once again, I note that the article, in this case, the chapter
    And how many more will there be? Heads? And for what? The message of the Author is clear, why is the water in the mortar crushed? Or graphomania aka logo uber alles?
    1. luk
      27 February 2018 12: 54
      Troll, I already had it, what came again?
      1. sxfRipper
        sxfRipper 27 February 2018 13: 43
        Poke to drinking companions, huh? Well, which of us is a troll - everyone else will decide for themselves.
  5. Spook
    Spook 27 February 2018 09: 22
    Honestly, it’s not very clear what the author wanted to convey. If the message of the blockchain is cool and the shit is shit, then I bet.

    The first, in chronology, advantage of cryptocurrency, and it was Bitcoin, was the ability to exchange money quickly, safely and without intermediaries in the person of banks and other financial operators, bypassing borders. There is no commission for banks in the blockchain

    But what about the transaction fee for "other financial operators"? it’s just a blatant thing, because sometimes this commission is several orders of magnitude higher than the commission for transferring money by the banking system.

    I’m sure that when discussing the article “advanced” users will write that, they say, the author is a naive idealist

    I don’t want to offend the author, so here’s a simple example - I would have to give the child to kindergarten, but the city still can’t build it, there aren’t enough taxes, but I have to go to the clinic and it’s far away, but the one that is closer cannot be completed.

    this is about cryptocurrencies, but then the author abruptly mixed in the ideas of the crypto state and I want to hint that these are two separate topics!

    History goes its own way, and the founder of Ethereum V. Buterin says: “In the future, when the blockchain will be used everywhere, the role of the state will change - just like other intermediaries. Most likely, they will formulate the rules of the game, but there will be program code that will monitor the implementation of the rules.

    If the article about cryptocurrency ends here, then here is my message: go TE with your cryptocurrency forest.

    About the crypto state, I would discuss it, but what did YOU say about the crypto state except the “blockchain” in order to discuss with you?

    there is nothing to talk about - idle talk
  6. Seld
    Seld 27 February 2018 11: 10
    The author seems to have read all kinds of rubbish and pulled all kinds of links, not understanding the essence, even on banal historical examples.
    1. So far, no one has really been able to define the digital economy. Who is sumlevoets - forward in search! Qualitative analytics is present ....
    2. Digitalization in the "backward" state-wahs can be very, very naaaaa .... high (or even equal-grade) in comparison with leading (USA, Europe). The usual paradox.
    Evidence - SEA !!!!!!!!! Affffftar read good academic sources. And there will be happiness!
    3. The concept of "Digital Economy" is being actively discussed ... IIIiiii ........ specialized specialists, trying to understand and define this phenomenon, point to a baaaaaalsh number of potentially negative phenomena and this is AFFFFFFFFTAR !!!! !! - Well, saaaaavsem is not about “hackers” and bitcoins (I didn’t play MMM, it seems like afffftar, never!) (hackcccker factors, of course, are present and taken into account, but - almost lastly).
    And what in the first place? - Read specialized and boring analytical materials.
    And in general: it’s bad, very bad, when an elephant is made from a trivial transaction between banks. And at the same time they go to the "bank" (at least the same savings ") ...
    Finally fly away !!!!! AFFFFFFTAR, KARL !!!!!!, if you already started even writing about the digital economy, learn - for starters - to use the services of ONLINE BANK (any !!!!!!). Start with yourself and the basics, so to speak! And zhalovatso will not go anywhere Nuna ...
    1. luk
      27 February 2018 12: 49
      What do you smoke there? Judging by the grammar - a very high-quality smoke.
  7. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 27 February 2018 11: 27
    Honestly, I didn’t want to speak out, but the author really got it. Okay. In general, new tools appeared on the currency market - cryptocurrencies. And for the promotion of these tools, someone invested mountains of money, so the author got a bit ... For a start - who is the beneficiary of all new financial instruments? From the beginning of time? Suddenly - financiers.
    Well and further. The fact that cryptocurrencies are “unmanageable”, that they “belong to the blockchain community”, that the blockchain cannot be hacked, etc. In general, guys, this is the case. It is necessary to involve as many countries as possible. As much as possible. And then who will be the master of the situation?
    Close to the text, I will repeat what I wrote on another site. The owner of the situation and of all cryptocurrencies in the world will be the one who has more computing power and more advanced algorithms. Quantum computers, and better quantum clusters. Control over network communications and routing. Should the whole community agree with the transaction? And how does it know about the transaction? Suddenly, everything is connected by network equipment. The one who controls the network equipment ... Etc.
    Anyone who has assembled a larger pool of computing power and has set a specific task will completely and completely dominate blockchain transactions. Since no member of the community possesses and cannot possess comparable computing power, no one can ever prove anything. To launch global dominance of the blockchain, there must be as much as possible, which we see.
    A lot of money was thrown. Brains to lohams specialists like the author of the article are sawing day and night. Since suckers are voters, and democratic authorities are composed of greedy, vile and stupid people, a blockchain revolution is inevitable. However, cyber command belongs to a country that knows neither mind nor measure. Putting everyone with their noses in the ground, they will begin to paint the faces of brainless elites with blue paint from spray cans. A counter-revolution will follow, as a result of which the money will be forced to leave the network so much that even by fax it will not be possible to send a payment. Convoys of gold will go as before ...
    1. luk
      27 February 2018 12: 51
      So what? Amazon has invested and thrives. So here it will be, who invests will prosper, and whoever snot will chew, will continue to chew them
      1. Mikhail3
        Mikhail3 27 February 2018 14: 51
        You can’t "invest" in the blockchain. He is not an Amazon for this. You can enter it. Like a certain substance ...
  8. Essex62
    Essex62 27 February 2018 11: 32
    The Phoenicians, with their ugliest invention of mankind, did not suspect to what heights the equivalent of exchange of goods would reach. Let him plow the loshara, create a product, and a smart kid of candy wrappers from the air can do a finger only by moving his finger. The fairest society was primitive. They got a mammoth, devoured the tribe, waved to the skin with a neighboring tribe. True, it quickly ended when the "concrete boys" learned how to sharpen stoned stones with batons.
    1. luk
      27 February 2018 12: 53
      Well, go at least to the Amazonian Indians. Why are you angry from the couch over the Internet?
  9. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn 27 February 2018 12: 08
    So here it is, the road to a brighter future.! And we didn’t know! Give the national blockchain! Down with the capitalist ministers! Only there at the feeding trough, all the places have been occupied for a long time, and again they want to play us in the dark.
    1. luk
      27 February 2018 13: 39
      That's right, all the brooms are already handed out
  10. Begemot
    Begemot 27 February 2018 14: 01
    Block chain projects, cryptocurrencies themselves are a serious challenge from globalism. Like all previous challenges, these carry a lot of positive prospects, while minimizing the negative consequences, such as: the loss of the state monopoly on the issue and control of money circulation, the elimination of their own resident legislation, the universal unification of the rules and customs of business.
    The state in such a situation is already losing the meaning of existence, and then the presence of the people themselves too. Is this not a dream of globalists: there are no states, some united states of the earth, the population is 0,7 billion people. It is no coincidence that globalism promotes population control programs: family planning, contraception, a cupcake for pleasure, child free, LGBT people, harassment, etc. But whatever you say, the appearance of these technologies fits into the general theory of the evolution of matter. Man is becoming an increasingly weak link in the overall structure of the universe and is being replaced by artificial intelligence and mechanical executive systems. Unlike biological objects, AI and robotics do not need food (only energy), neither water, nor housing, nor spectacles, nor medicine, are not subject to emotions, illnesses, fears, laziness, unjustified hopes, ambitions, envy and other weaknesses of the human nature and thereby questions the feasibility of having man himself on Earth. To expect that everyone will comply with the laws of robotics and AI, which prohibit harming humans - is utopia, is it also prohibited by law to kill, and that no one kills? In the near future, we will encounter the fact that with the help of the block chain, AI and robots, those who go ahead (you can even begin to list surname surnames) will try to subjugate or destroy the others, and here the author is absolutely right: the backlog is death, however sad and unfair it may seem. As for Russia, one cannot do without the likeness of the 37 of the year: officials who usurped power in Russia will try their best to maintain their status quo near the budget feeder, lay down with bones for their dominant place in the hierarchy of society and the ability to live well without straining and spitting for tomorrow, the main thing is to have time to grab and dump. Therefore, the struggle for modernization in the fourth technological order is in fact already in full swing and the prize pool in it is the future.
    1. Mikhail3
      Mikhail3 27 February 2018 14: 58
      Quote: Begemot
      loss of state monopoly on issue and control of money circulation

      And why were states forced to introduce monopolies? Didn't think about it? "Positive" moments ... Ah, yes, I get it. Anyone who issues money, he profits from it! Since there are few states for us, let's begin to distribute our income to cryptocurrency issuers. There are so many convenient, there is someone to give everything that has earned.
      And by the way. This unpleasant state is responsible for its emissions. And for the blockchain? And the blockchain "has no master." That is, suddenly, there is no one to answer. Oh yes, everything will always work perfectly and self-regulate there! This will be the first system in the history of planet Earth that works this way. But everything will be fine!
      I'm not a poet
      But I will say in verse ...
      1. Begemot
        Begemot 27 February 2018 15: 49
        And the blockchain "has no master"
        Here you have a problem. The owners will be found, if not already found,
        Anyone who issues money, he profits from it!
        In general, then money, like territory, the right to violence, legislation, and a few other positions are the foundation of any state, if you are categorically against it, then you are a globalist, my friend, are you not Rothschild in your passport in place of your last name or Krasnoshchit? Or do you like the lack of a state as an institution of power, like a horse on the outskirts? Or it’s more convenient for you to profit from foreign countries and individual citizens abroad. The warhead does not cancel the net cash withdrawal scheme, but makes it more perfect. Your country is at least a little bit, but it depends on you, but you don’t need a stranger to a stranger, he handed over the money and good bye!
        But everything will be fine!
        “In 20 years there will be no cinema, no books, no theater - one continuous television” (Moscow does not believe in tears)
        1. Mikhail3
          Mikhail3 27 February 2018 17: 49
          Quotation marks are not enough, right? Very bad. Sorry, I’m used to talking with those who have started the thinking process at least a couple percent. Get together. Blockchain systems HAVE hosts. Originally. Those who sincerely think that the blockchain will free them are worthy of pity. These unfortunates are completely broken by processing, the brain is disconnected, their cause is hopeless.
          1. Begemot
            Begemot 28 February 2018 08: 09
            at least a couple of percent

            Well, good intellectual practices at the level of 2%, we will be waiting for you at the threshold of at least 50%.
  11. Horon
    Horon 27 February 2018 14: 09
    Another cryptocurrency advertisement! Soon we get to the point that in order to rob a person and transfer him to the category of nonexistent, it is enough to take possession of his personal device. If the Americans block the Internet or the system becomes infected with viruses, when we switch to digital forms, we may be left with nothing. It will be covered with a copper, shiny basin not only banking, but also trade, any paperwork from arranging a visit to a doctor, to customs and criminal control. With its "digital paradise" humanity is digging a grave for itself, but believes that it is digging a pool where it will swim and enjoy life.
    PS With good intentions, the road to hell is lined! Digital slavery is just another road to hell with a beautiful door at the entrance and a polite electronic doorman!
  12. Wolverine 1234
    Wolverine 1234 27 February 2018 22: 12
    The author, thanks for the article, but could you insert at the end of the link to the previous parts (chapters).
    1. luk
      28 February 2018 09: 30
      The link is at the bottom of the article
  13. Seld
    Seld 12 March 2018 14: 05
    Quote: Horon
    If the Americans block the Internet or the system becomes infected with viruses, when we switch to digital forms, we may be left with nothing. It will be covered with a copper, shiny basin not only banking, but also trade, any paperwork from arranging a visit to a doctor, to customs and criminal control.

    Vooooootoot !!!!!!
    It’s about an ap of this type "...If Americans block the Internet or the system becomes infected with viruses, when we switch to digital forms, we may be left with nothing. It will be covered with a copper, shiny basin not only banking, but also trade, any paperwork from arranging a visit to a doctor, to customs and criminal control."and tried to express a thought !!!!!
    AND Z U M AND T E L N O!
    I assumed: people behind computers reduced the concept of "digital economy" to "banal-primitive" phenomena, as indicated in italics! For Hochma, experts: google the concept of SWIFT and the date of its birth .... Is this also a “digital economy”?
    Horon, Buddy !!!!!!! Well, Tyrnet something to do with it !!!!! That is, according to your development of Mind, there is no Tyrnet - there is no digital economy ????? So? If so, you are hell! Even the most basic “fundamental and academic” infa about the Digital Economy speaks in principle of something else, of other macroeconomics. phenomena in which the presence of a network is required, but by no means necessarily through Tyrnet (and all sorts of "google-mugli-explorer" there).
    if everything was so banal and simple! ....
    It is significant: on the “chat portals” (and not only here), discussing the “Digital Economy”, people reduce everything to trivial access to the databases via tyrnet + online payments + hagggers, which has existed for decades. And the point / point is not in the coins, from the word waaaaapche!
    It's not about that !!!!!