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Transparency International has named Russia and Ukraine the most corrupt European countries

International organization Transparency International published another version of the list of countries in the world in terms of corruption (or rather, in countering corruption). There are no significant changes in comparison with last year’s publication in the rating. At least in relation to our country. Russia in the ranking was put on the 135-th place of 180-ti. Virtually the same number of "anti-corruption" points scored such states of the world as the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Mexico, Papua New Guinea and Paraguay.

Transparency International has named Russia and Ukraine the most corrupt European countries

Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Iraq, North Korea and others are on the list below. Syria, South Sudan and Somalia close the list.

Belarus - 68-i.

It is interesting by what criteria the compilers of this rating determined the “incredible level of corruption”, for example, in North Korea. Something suggests that none of the rating compilers in this country has ever been, and it is unlikely that they were guided by objective data.

Transparency International did not make a present for Ukraine on the four-year anniversary of the “revolution of guiding”, putting it on the level of corruption actually next to Russia - on the 130 place. Does this mean that the West actually recognizes the failure of the project called “Maidan Ukraine”. Or was the project in order not to overcome corruption in the country (as it was demanded on the Maidan), but simply to turn Ukraine into another state with Russophobic elites?

The leaders of the list: New Zealand, Denmark, Finland and Norway. The same Norway, whose athletes, of course, without a corruption component get permission to use illegal drugs because of the total incidence of asthma and win dozens of medals ...

US with an incredible level of corruption, for example, in the field of trade weaponsput on a relatively high 16-place.
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  1. 210ox
    210ox 22 February 2018 06: 37
    For some reason I’m not surprised. Here Belarusians have pleased. That's what punishment in the form of a tower does!
    1. siberalt
      siberalt 22 February 2018 06: 41
      Why not? Our constitutions are twins - brothers (sisters). One hand written. belay I foresee objections, but parliamentary rule does not play any role in this.
    2. insular
      insular 22 February 2018 07: 27
      Quote: 210ox
      For some reason I’m not surprised.

      Why wonder?
      Isn’t it that our governor can be in power for decades, nor any switchgear, accounting chambers and other FSB with prosecutors can find any violations on the appeals of citizens and business, AND Suddenly (SUDDENLY), it turns out that the dog was still stealing ... And how checked? Those who checked did not put?
      After all, not in hundreds, but in billions of feathers!
      So what? They planted him, and a new one came in his place (how did he come .. appointed) and it all began with even greater force and no one finds anything ...

      And the long-suffering cosmodromes and cosmos program as a whole?
      What about deceived equity holders?
      And Skolkovo with Rosnano?
      In general, the whole housing system?
      And medicine, where in plain text they say "if you want for free, you’ll be young to operate, if you want comrade XXXX — the luminaries of science, then N thousand."
      What about senior business officials and a kickback system?
      Damn it, yes the untouchable golden youth, what is it worth ?!
      No, there is no corruption. Everyone lies.
      It is high time in Russia to declare a caste system or serfdom.
      Can we recall the Russian Post? The TOPs are written out by the good ones, but how do mail and ordinary employees work?
      Lobby do not like? And let's recall the automotive industry lobby and the “temporary” duties? And along the way, remember where the price tag on domestic ...
      Maybe the "market" fuel prices for the domestic consumer are not a lobby?

      Is it to hell with nodding over a hill, since we really know our problems and who doesn’t do anything. Look .. Offended by the ratings ...

      "Only mass executions will save the motherland" (C) wassat soldier
      1. Anarchist
        Anarchist 22 February 2018 07: 37
        We consider it the norm that traffic cops take bribes! That says it all.
        1. insular
          insular 22 February 2018 07: 39
          Quote: Anarchist
          We consider it the norm that traffic cops take bribes!

          We consider it the norm to give a bribe to a traffic cop - that says more.
          1. Anarchist
            Anarchist 22 February 2018 07: 54
            I don’t argue, some take, others give ... But the first also extort!
            But you need to start with yourself.
            1. ul_vitalii
              ul_vitalii 22 February 2018 08: 07
              Quote: Anarchist
              I don’t argue, some take, others give ... But the first also extort!
              But you need to start with yourself.

              Alexander, good afternoon hi I completely agree, but there is also a situation where they want to give, but there is no money and is not expected and everything fell into place, people have a stupor. That's what it came to, corrupt officials are completely insolent.
              1. Anarchist
                Anarchist 22 February 2018 08: 18
                Immediately after the new year, we drove from Stavropol to the Rostov region, stopped by traffic cops. With us was a child of ten years old, fastened with a belt. The traffic cops got to the bottom - why, without a "triangle", they were waiting for something ... My wife and I demanded to show the point in the SDA where it is indicated ... My wife threatened the prosecutor, they released him.
                He told all this to a friend, to which he answered me - you can’t talk to them like that, there may be problems ...
                I replied that those who violate the "give" will have problems. I didn’t break anything! Yes, and breaking I will not give anything! Now the person who paid the fine pays half in ten days!
                But still, they’re giving, idiots ...
          2. cormorant
            cormorant 22 February 2018 09: 46
            Yes, and it’s very good that they still take ... Eh, if you could live in a country without corruption, I would see how you would howl. Everything should be in moderation...
        2. cariperpaint
          cariperpaint 22 February 2018 09: 21
          I don’t know about you, but all my last attempts to even hint have failed. and 90 percent of my personal fines from cameras come in the form of letters of happiness. maybe not so bad?
          1. BecmepH
            BecmepH 22 February 2018 09: 35
            Quote: cariperpaint
            I don’t know about you, but all my last attempts to even hint have failed. and 90 percent of my personal fines from cameras come in the form of letters of happiness. maybe not so bad?

            Quote: cariperpaint
            I don’t know about you, but all my last attempts to even hint have failed. and 90 percent of my personal fines from cameras come in the form of letters of happiness. maybe not so bad?

            Drive to Sochi by car. Surely optimism will diminish.
            1. cariperpaint
              cariperpaint 22 February 2018 10: 09
              from Khabarovsk?))) by plane cheaper)))
              1. BecmepH
                BecmepH 22 February 2018 12: 49
                Quote: cariperpaint
                from Khabarovsk?))) by plane cheaper)))

                Wow))) In those parts, the gayts are imprisoned for requisitions.
      2. your1970
        your1970 22 February 2018 09: 37
        Quote: insular
        "Only mass executions will save the motherland" (C)
        -China shoots 3 people a day (!!!!!)... helps? yeah ....
        already 25 for those who were born - when they started to massively shoot

        and in the USA everything is fun, if they have 16 - we should have 0 +++++++++ ... ours against their background - practically angels

        “Since 1999, the US government has been unsuccessfully trying to figure out the Pentagon’s spending. [27] Donald Rumsfeld, George W. Bush's Secretary of Defense, has publicly stated that a quarter of the Pentagon’s spending goes unclear whereand also 2-odd trillion dollars just missing accounting documents.Now, in 2014, there are no normal documents already on 8,5 trillions of dollars. This is a huge amount, half of the gigantic US foreign debt. Pentagon somewhere spent that money and did not report for them. "
        "Expeditionary Combat Support System (ECSS) cost $ 1 billion was completely ineffectiveThe Pentagon General Controller believes that, in general, the Ministry of Defense has several more similar software development contracts. They are $ 8 billion higher than the initial bids and 13 years behind the implementation schedule."
        "In October 2013, a scandal erupted around the website, which a private company was doing for the American health care system. According to some sources, A contract for the development of the site for $ 700 million was given to a black classmate Michelle Obama, the wife of the US president, without a competition. In June, the 2015 Barack Obama finally acknowledged that HealthCare, the main US IT project, was a "disaster." According to some estimates, more than $ 2 billion was swelled into this site. "
        "Washington Securities Commission spent 3,9 million dollars to relocate furniture in his office. "
        "US Secretary of State John Kerry said in April 2014 that $ 6 billion of budget money has gone somewhere. For example, the auditors could not find any documents on 2 billion dollars spent by the US State Department in Iraq. "
        “Two judges in Lucerne County, PA have been convicted of extremely harsh sentences for teenagers. Judges Ciavarella and Konahan have been found to have harshly sentenced children and teenagers and received bribes from Robert Mericles, the owner of two private prisons, who was interested in new “clients” for his "business". In total, judges received more than two million dollars in bribes. Also, with the active participation of these judges, the State Juvenile Prison was closed. "
        "100 million dollars transferred to 125 centers for the education of difficult adolescents disappeared without a trace. Now, due to a shortage of money, the entire program of such training is in danger of stopping. No one was prosecuted or even arrested.."
        "Arab suppliers supplied the Pentagon with equipment at ten times higher prices. For example, for parts of sewer pipes at a cost of one and a half dollars, the Pentagon paid $ 80, and for each switch worth $ 7,5 - $ 900. The total volume of such saw contracts amounted to at least 14 billion dollars. "
        "The usual price of diesel fuel in Afghanistan - $ 5 per gallonnor is it a deficit there. However, USAID bought diesel fuel in 100 times more expensive for $ 500. The cost of 600 gallons of diesel fuel amounted to three hundred thousand dollars - instead of the expected three thousand. Also for 220 thousands dollars a temperature control system was purchased, the usual price of which is from 2 to 10 thousand dollars. At the same time, no verification was found even overhead from suppliers to these supplies "
        "In 2015, an investigation was conducted into how Pentagon employees (US Department of Defense) use their credit Cards issued for official expenses. It turned out that over the year, employees using official credit cards more than 900 times paid $ 100 with prostitutes and strippers, and at the casino paid 000 times almost $ 4,5 million. "
        "The US government has assembled 43 billion dollars allegedly for the construction of a landfill for the disposal of radioactive waste. Money for this purpose was collected from buyers of nuclear power 30 years, since 1983, while in practice no burial was carried outThe first 12 billion of the money raised was spent on an unsuccessful attempt to build a landfill in Nevada. Where the remaining 31 billion was spent is not reported."
        1. Gado
          Gado 22 February 2018 11: 59
          These are serious figures, where we and you are to them.
    3. APASUS
      APASUS 22 February 2018 07: 46
      Quote: 210ox
      That Belarusians pleased

      What does the Belarusians have to do with it? Who paid for this publication, he arranged the countries. There is no order for Belarusians.
      And how to take bribes in Scandinavia, you can also tell
      1. Anarchist
        Anarchist 22 February 2018 07: 56
        Figs with them - with the Scandinavians, but not noticing your own problems at least is stupid! We do not live in Scandinavia ... But because of the corruption of the disaster in the country. Due to the rollback system, we do not have a decent housing and utilities and roads. Spawned one-day firms in the budget from which nothing goes. Salaries are gray ... Etc. and so on
        1. APASUS
          APASUS 22 February 2018 15: 37
          Quote: Anarchist
          Figs with them - with the Scandinavians, but not noticing your own problems at least is stupid!

          So no one denies problems with corruption and corrupt officials, but the rating is fake, and putting the Scandinavians ahead of the rest is a purely political step. Or the same Americans in 16th place, where corruption is officially renamed lobbying for interests.
          How have our officials not yet reached such a tricky step?
    4. BecmepH
      BecmepH 22 February 2018 09: 30
      Quote: 210ox
      For some reason I’m not surprised.

      They are not far from the truth.
      But I’m surprised that the author is surprised ...
  2. Theodore
    Theodore 22 February 2018 06: 40
    About Lithuania would be mentioned! Could weight list publish! Pzhlsta!
  3. Kot_Kuzya
    Kot_Kuzya 22 February 2018 06: 46
    This list can only be wiped, and not be believed. Ukraine should actually be in the top five countries on corruption. In the United States, the level of corruption is just surpassing; generally, congressmen and senators lobbied for their interests. And about the dough cut on military orders and research generally silent.
  4. Herculesic
    Herculesic 22 February 2018 06: 47
    And what's the use of this list? We can also order such a worthless piece of paper where Russia will not exist at all! This is a blow to the eyes of those who believe in all kinds of meaningless opinion polls and other nonsense — they are far from reality!
    1. Anyone
      Anyone 22 February 2018 07: 12
      Right In Russia there is no sex (crossed out) corruption. These are all the machinations of the corrupt girl of American imperialism - the organization Transparency International.
  5. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 22 February 2018 07: 14
    by what criteria did the drafters of this rating define an “incredible level of corruption”
    According to the interpersonal attitude of the American elite to other countries. Russia is simply not possible to put higher by default, as it is a potential enemy. With the countries of Africa it is also clear - the "black hole". Engagement rushing out of all the cracks of this "rating".
  6. Hard Rock
    Hard Rock 22 February 2018 07: 30
    The question is - what is this office of "whose will be"? And how much corrupt money I received for such "research" conclusions. Let the IOC explore, Norway again ... Who believes them ...
  7. bald
    bald 22 February 2018 08: 09
    If the United States is in 16th place, then let them stick their calculation.
  8. Pacifist
    Pacifist 22 February 2018 08: 19
    Nothing at all. Sales agency on intelligence financing. The US community says something stupid for consumption is just as stupid. Amused North Korea. Gentlemen from the agency are unlikely to be able to imagine at least someone able to clearly explain how they found out. It looks especially chic that Ukraine is above Russia, neighing right up to tears. Price rated - a donut hole. The guys just sawed the grant.
  9. Felix99
    Felix99 22 February 2018 08: 45
    And how much does it cost to have breakfast with the president? Is there such a rating?
  10. mari.inet
    mari.inet 22 February 2018 08: 46
    Rating is a fiction. The United States is the most corrupt state, only there, corruption at the level of the road patrol is acceptable, but at the level of the highest authority it goes off scale. There is no trust in fictitious custom ratings, especially on the eve of the Russian elections.
  11. annodomene
    annodomene 22 February 2018 08: 57
    Well, who would doubt that the "world champions of democracy" in terms of corruption look yellow ... wassat
  12. bogart047
    bogart047 22 February 2018 09: 59
    Taburetkin, Red and Dimon are indignant - why not the 180th? So there is still room to steal, there is something to strive for.
  13. Bosch
    Bosch 22 February 2018 10: 39
    Nothing new. For 27 years now.
  14. Archivist Vasya
    Archivist Vasya 22 February 2018 11: 15
    In this case, everything was just the same, it was possible to put it lower. Alas, here we are in losers, but not in Honduras. Belarusians are great.
  15. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn 22 February 2018 11: 23
    Their territory is their rule! "Who dances a girl, he dines with her."
  16. Antares
    Antares 22 February 2018 12: 30
    They didn’t give a gift to Ukraine at Transparency International for the fourth anniversary of the “revolution of guides”, putting in fact the 130th place in terms of corruption. Does this mean that the West actually recognizes the failure of the project called "Maidan Ukraine"

    And here you need to find a neighbor’s cow! There are 5 places (135 and 130) and Ukraine is right up to the Maidan in 1 place was without corruption and theft ... yeah .. Norway 2 straight
    Yes, the EU is trying, but to the point .. here the most difficult. They cannot / do not want / bees against honey .. In the Russian Federation, likewise, just there nobody is doing it.
    Surprisingly, in Ukraine I heard this news that Ukraine and the Russian Federation are the most corrupt countries. At VO I hear the news that this is a failure of Ukraine ... apparently the neighbor's cow is more interesting ..
    This is the trouble of two identical countries!
  17. chenia
    chenia 23 February 2018 19: 04
    There will be no corruption, let’s live like in Greenland. laughing
    But the couple do not really want to.