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Handle for "floating suitcase"

Not very long yet, but already very rich история The innovative American warships of the Zumvolt series resemble a well-known admonition about a suitcase without a handle, which is inconvenient to carry, but it is also pitiful to quit.
Handle for "floating suitcase"

These destroyers, which were to become the triumph of American scientific and technical thought, and ensure US naval dominance, in reality turned into a lingering headache for the command of the US Navy.

Recall that the first problem with this design was that the main armament of the ship was to become an armament that was not there yet - railguns and combat lasers. By the time of the construction of the first destroyer, neither one nor the other was (at the moment the program to create a railgun - an electromagnetic gun is minimized).

Instead of this futuristic weapons For destroyers, special 155 mm Advanced Gun System artillery systems were developed that shoot with “smart” Long Range Land Attack Projectile (LRLAP) projectiles that can hit targets at distances up to 120 km. They have a navigation system, can maneuver and change the trajectory. However, it turned out that the cost of one such projectile would be more than the planned $ 800, and fleet there is simply no money to purchase them. As a result, the ships of the DDG 1000 program - Zumvolt and Michael Monsur, as well as Lyndon B. Johnson, were without a main caliber. If we take into account that the “Thunderstorms” arsenal did not provide such a necessary attribute of modern combat ships as anti-ship missiles, then they would have to fend off enemy ships from 57-mm anti-aircraft artillery mounts Mk. 110.

In addition, destroyers have 20 launchers for 80 missiles (Tomahawk cruise missiles, ASROC anti-submarine missiles, ESSM medium-range anti-aircraft missiles).

To this we can add that Zumvolt has very mediocre seaworthy characteristics, sacrificed for low-visibility for radar surveillance devices. It is achieved thanks to the special geometry of the hull and superstructure - extremely smooth, tapering upward, giving the ship an extremely unusual futuristic look and a special absorbing coating. As a result, radio waves are reflected from the hull not into the water, but into the sky.

Finally, the destroyer does not have a reservation, in the usual sense. There is a Kevlar reinforcement on the citadel capable of protecting against fragments, and defenseless against the armored warheads of Russian missiles. In addition, radar systems provide only half of the power stated in the technical requirement.

All this, in aggregate, put before the American naval commanders a difficult question, and what, strictly speaking, to do with this vessel, and how to use it? As an air defense ship covering an aircraft carrier, or operational areas (it was intended, among other things, such use), it is clearly not suitable. Since the RIM-162 ESSM anti-aircraft missiles used on it have a range of up to 50 km and an interception ceiling of 15 km, which is completely insufficient for such tasks.

Recently it became known that the destroyers will receive more powerful SM-6 anti-aircraft missiles with an active homing system, which also allows strikes against ground and surface targets, and with a range of over 370 km. In the military budget for 2019 year laid 89,7 million dollars to adapt the ship for these missiles. With the surface ships of the enemy, Zumvolt will also fight with the help of a new anti-ship modification of the Tomahawk cruise missile, which, as it seems, is not yet in service. Maybe this upgrade will become a “handle” for this “floating suitcase” so that it will not be so hard to carry.

In other words, the "superfighter of the future" at the output is not much superior to the container ship, with the Club-K container missile complexes placed on it, whose "inconspicuousness" is achieved in a completely different way, and is much cheaper. By the way, the DDG 1000 project cost 22 a billion dollars, and Zumvolt itself cost seven billion.

Today in the documents of the US Navy, the ships of the DDG 1000 project are quite officially called “experimental”, but the feeling is that not the naval commanders, nor the creators of the masterpiece, really understand what the results of this experiment will be and what they want to get at the output.

This situation occurs not only with this project. A similar situation develops with the super heavy aircraft carrier Gerald Ford, which joined the US Navy in July 2017, also overflowing with revolutionary decisions, and cost the treasury a record 13 billions of dollars.

However, it quickly became clear that it was practically not suitable for use. As evidenced by the report of the Office of the evaluation tests of the Pentagon, the data of which hit the media, the carrier has identified a lot of problems with electromagnetic catapults, aerofinisers, weapon lifters and radars. By virtue of which he can not perform even basic functions. And of course, there can be no talk of accomplishing combat missions.

Based on the problems identified, the commission recommended that the US Secretary of Defense James Mattis move the CVN-78 impact tests to the 2024 year, when the second ship of the series, John Kennedy (CVN-79), will be ready.

That is, what happened with the DDG 1000 is not an accident at all; some regularity is traced. The problem is that developers, seeking to bail out the maximum amount for the implementation of the project, overload their offspring with all sorts of innovations, including insufficiently spent, and sometimes not entirely justified. Lobbyists of the military industrial complex know how to ensure that the military acceptance would perceive such an approach favorably. As a result, as we see, the colossal US military budget yields lower results than a much more modest Russian one. And the US Army and Navy are being supplied with openly raw samples that require long-term refinement and new costs.
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  1. Vard
    Vard 22 February 2018 15: 09
    Yes ... They didn’t live too much ... Who killed how much money ... A shell for 800 green ... Good RCC costs so much ... And yet ... 000 km ... An anti-aircraft missile on a ground target ... This is what a fool should be ... More caliber ...
    1. milling machine
      milling machine 23 February 2018 07: 40
      Quote: Vard
      Yes ... They didn’t live too much ... Who killed how much money ... A shell for 800 green ... Good RCC costs so much ... And yet ... 000 km ... An anti-aircraft missile on a ground target ... This is what a fool should be ... More caliber ...

      Sm6 weight is 1500 kg. 6.5 m long. That is, the rocket is even smaller than our 300 and 400 missiles.
  2. Barkun
    Barkun 22 February 2018 15: 40
    No, well, they’ll work catapults. And the electronics. It's unavoidable. But the railgun is a jamb, of course.
  3. Serpent Pliskin
    Serpent Pliskin 22 February 2018 15: 40
    again 25 ... every week, or even twice a week, an article about "horseradish iron." Strongly he does not let the local analytes sleep.
  4. Bastinda
    Bastinda 22 February 2018 16: 51
    "Not mistaken - the one who does nothing" Or uses old developments.
    1. gig334
      gig334 23 February 2018 17: 19
      Not mistaken - the one who does nothing "Or uses old developments.

      There is nothing new here, except for the shape of the iron. Although, this form has already been used on the cruiser Aurora. New things will appear in Russia soon, I'm talking about zircons.
      1. Bastinda
        Bastinda 23 February 2018 18: 12
        If we bring the form, then rather, “Merimac” (Virginia) is much more similar. laughing
        And also Angara, import substitution, and other miracles?
  5. Jerk
    Jerk 22 February 2018 17: 04
    The LCS program, which didn’t take off, and the Russian corvettes, that they are doing it in all respects, are also here. THREE similar jambs - this is the rule.
    1. arkadiyssk
      arkadiyssk 23 February 2018 11: 14
      What did not please you with the LCS program? It is in the Russian Federation that each vessel is trying to be a "death star", and it’s almost a fight against AUG, and the Americans are building ships for specific tasks. Here they had a threat - to ensure the landing of expeditionary forces: to suppress points on the coast, clear coastal waters of mines, hunt for diesel submarines in shallow water, intercept light boats, suicide bombers wishing to attack the lead ship - these were the tasks for which they built fast ships with a huge take-off deck and necessary weapons. And for air defense or the Tomogavks, they always have a full-fledged Arly Burke nearby.
      1. Jerk
        Jerk 23 February 2018 16: 29
        Something seems to me that the LCS program started not just for “goals and objectives,” but because a foolish boat with a couple of hundred kegs of equivalent on board almost drowned an expensive destroyer like Arly Burke in Yemen, like ? And they decided abruptly that it was too expensive to set up troughs like Burke, which could almost be drowned by a boat that pulled off the side - the RCC would send to the bottom for sure ... Something did not work:
        a) CHEAP coastal vessels - defenders ... In fact - target ships
        b) Again - the development program got expensive
        c) With weapons on board - quite a problem - either-or, the flip side of modularity.
        d) Yes, and with combat effectiveness - here the corvettes of Russia issue the tasks of the AUG. while LCS are running in the role of concepts ... Although not! Some have combat use. The Saudis, I remember, a trimaranchik, a former tripod - it came in handy - to illuminate the sea ... When wild tribes beat it.
        That is - there is a program - there is no money anymore, there is no effect either. And the golem boats that Russia stuffed into the border service - they give a thrush in a big way ... Where did the money go?
        1. Mih1974
          Mih1974 23 February 2018 19: 59
          Where, where - THERE lol "this foot - who needs a foot" (c) The problem with mattresses is not in the military-industrial complex, but in the heads, as in the famous film. Let’s look at their UAVs - they’re more than right and manic planing an anti-poop tool, but we are very far behind, and therefore we are losing pilots (unfortunately). Yes, now the division of the Armies into two incompatible tasks is already clearly coming to the forefront 1) it is also the main thing - to threaten the enemy with complete and indisputable destruction of nuclear (and so on) weapons, which makes it possible to ensure “mutual deterrence” from the opposing side of the same weapon . good 2) counter-armament weapons - everything is bad here, the “cheap” Chinese cadracopter drove a mine into an ammunition depot under an open sky in Syria and ditched the devils for how much dough and war, ATGMs and MANPADS spread around the world like cockroaches and helicopters, and especially tanks ( without which even the Papuans could not fight) became just targets. Yes, the Americans have the AUG and all the "missile carriers" they hit in different countries of the 3rd world, but they can only "threaten" us or China with them, and even in the concept, even the tiniest S. Korea they didn’t risk rolling out - they started nuclear bonuses on its territory. YES need self-made, ships, tanks and much more. But not in order to arrange massacres a la WWII, I repeat now this has changed nuclear weapons, but to advance science. Sadly, this is the most valid method of scientific development. No grants or promises move science like military requests. request Because the Army sets specific tasks and requires a solution "here and now."
          But with this, mattresses have been in the fleet lately - full of “buttocks”, the tasks set look like a mockery of reason and meaning, and therefore IT gives them to the military-industrial complex “to the mountain”. YES, with their dough and the "umbrella" of nuclear weapons, such quacks do not threaten the existence of the United States, but the trend is becoming sadder. Where the hell they come with such "achievements" - the devil knows him. We need to carefully monitor them - to identify errors and DO NOT ALLOW them to repeat with us. ".. smart - learns from the mistakes of others"
          1. Jerk
            Jerk 24 February 2018 21: 37
            Excuse me, but so, the questions are clean?
            * Arly Burke - meaning - 2/3 Ticonderoga. for the cost of a third. The berks are almost twice as expensive, and the functionality ... Two anti-ship, old, pulled Aigis on the forge? Two prk passed, paragraph!
        2. Alexey RA
          Alexey RA 26 February 2018 11: 12
          Quote: Jerk
          Something seems to me that the LCS program started not just for “goals and objectives,” but because a stupid boat with a couple of hundred kegs of equivalent on board almost drowned an expensive destroyer like Arly Burke in Yemen, like ?

          The LCS program began with some calculating the cost of the DD "X" Lockups and deciding that for every one you don’t get overboard. That is, to drive expensive "Zamvoly" and other EM URO to each fifth point of the world it will be too expensive. And then a theoretically clever idea was born - to give Zamwolt a "younger brother", and such that and a Schnitz, and a reaper, and a dude: it was planned that LCS would fight submarines, mines, surface ships, engage in reconnaissance, missile defense, special operations, intercept high-speed vessels and even logistics. And at the same time it will be massive and cheap. In short, fashionable modular design, UAVs and other mind games.
          But soon the tale affects, but not soon the thing is done. Especially when it comes to the job of professionals putting stainless azipods on a light-alloy housing and throwing out cathodic protection to reduce the cost of construction (no, seriously, that’s what the USS Independence (LCS-2) did). laughing
          In general, while fixing all the jambs, the cost of LCS kept growing and growing. And then the unexpected happened - the enemy changed at LCS.
          More precisely, the enemy remained the same, but the possible range of his weapons changed radically. Initially, LCS was supposed to be used for killing of zoosuls, in which the maximum possible was barrel artillery (D-30 or D-20) and anti-tank systems. Accordingly, it was possible to influence such an enemy with UAVs and inexpensive short-range missiles (based on the Hellfire base) without entering the return fire zone. Therefore, frankly speaking, they scored the LCS constructive defense - one massive use of light alloys in the construction of which is worth it.
          But on the example of Israel and the Saudis, it suddenly turned out that now the Zusuls might well have the coastal SCRC. That is, the coastal LCS was within reach of coastal weapons. And then immediately came out and the rudimentary air defense of the ship, and the complete lack of protection. It came to the point that, according to the calculations of the fleet, for the operation of cheap LCS along the coast, they needed a cover of 2-3 full-fledged EM URO. Those that they were supposed to release in theory for more important things. smile
          And then the LCS decided to rearm. The last of these projects involved pushing the lite Aegis onto the littoralnik. Cheap and massive ship, yes ... laughing
          And the main thing is that now the fleet plans to order normal frigates in parallel with littoralniks. Which littoralniki theoretically should send to landfill stories.
  6. sevtrash
    sevtrash 22 February 2018 17: 27
    "..all is gone, chief! ..." Their armed forces are the coolest, as is the Navy. And there’s plenty of money, almost. They can afford to experiment.
  7. ares1988
    ares1988 22 February 2018 17: 35
    Yes Yes. Truly, I tell you: imperialism is on the edge of the abyss ...))
    1. mac789
      mac789 23 February 2018 02: 37
      Better there is no beauty - than to shoot from above :-))
  8. chebman
    chebman 22 February 2018 17: 40
    J. Ford joined the US Navy not in the 1917.
  9. certero
    certero 22 February 2018 19: 32
    on modern ships no one has a reservation. So putting it into a flaw is somehow strange.
    Low visibility in the radar field is precisely the best armor in modern conditions.
  10. Rurikovich
    Rurikovich 22 February 2018 21: 47
    Aw, Oleg !!! fellow Your favorite creations !!! laughing
    Just today, an article about Chinese ballistic missiles has appeared, which are like children's goals for the "Standards" ...
    And the super-duper innovative “Zamvolt”, so it really should be a parable in the languages ​​... wink
    are the Burke really so bad that they ordered it instead ... ... "Lockups" ??? !! ...... fellow wassat lol
    Oleg, with respect, hi
    1. Morrrow
      Morrrow 25 February 2018 12: 24
      In general, all of America is defenseless, you can declare war and take Washington.
  11. Fedorov
    Fedorov 22 February 2018 22: 55
    "And experience, son of difficult mistakes,
    And genius, the paradoxes friend
    And case, god inventor. "
    But how would Pushkin A.S. wrote not about that. But the platform for the future or dead end path of verification is quite for itself - the Americans will not notice the people. Just a couple of three billion .. wink
  12. Forever so
    Forever so 23 February 2018 00: 15
    And what is it ?? It’s a normal American business. It’s not for nothing that the main postulate of Protestantism is Kill, steal, deceive, be the first, Christ looks at you. The world media today made a new horror story from Russia, but generals and businessmen know very well what a terrible Russia is today. Therefore, useless boats that do not shoot railguns and other crap will be funded more and more. Business, nothing personal.
  13. Every
    Every 23 February 2018 02: 25
    We can say that today, the ship simply has no tasks. More precisely, he is not able to fulfill them. Those. strike and using stealth, wash off with impunity.
    Stealth provides an advantage only if it acts alone or as part of the same stealth ships.
    But he cannot act independently. The "Zamvolt" is corny there is no necessary strike weapons. The weapons that were about to be installed are simply absent. (It may appear in the future, but not a fact).
    It can be used, as stated in the article, as part of the AOG, to cover an aircraft carrier. There is the necessary armament for this (air defense missile systems, missile defense systems, possibly anti-ship missiles).
    That's just its stealth will be absolutely useless. Other ships of the group, and especially the aircraft carrier, will give him offal.
    P.S. Although the idea of ​​the Americans is correct - to start developing ships of the future now and to develop weapons and technologies on it. What they do, writing it in the "experimental". But just why it was necessary to build as many as 3 units, it is not clear at all.
  14. Northern warrior
    Northern warrior 23 February 2018 03: 41
    Bullshit full of this Zumwalt! Its only interesting “trick” is full electric movement, which allows optimizing the layout of the ship. The rest is complete shit! There is no seaworthiness, there are almost no strike weapons, the detection range is low due to the low height of the radar, and it’s better not to even talk about the price.
    1. Morrrow
      Morrrow 25 February 2018 12: 21
      And stealth? And the power plant?
    2. Alexey RA
      Alexey RA 26 February 2018 11: 34
      Quote: Northern warrior
      Its only interesting “trick” is full electric movement, which allows optimizing the layout of the ship

      So with electric propulsion on ships, the Yankees have been playing for over 100 years. They even had LC and AV with electric propulsion - the same New Mexico, Sarah and Lex.
  15. Old26
    Old26 24 February 2018 00: 25
    Quote: Barkun
    No, well, they’ll work catapults. And the electronics. It's unavoidable. But the railgun is a jamb, of course.

    Not so much a jamb with the railgun design itself. He could not simply achieve that rate of fire. what was in TTZ

    Quote: ares1988
    imperialism stands on the edge of the abyss ..

    200 years already stands on the edge of the abyss ...
  16. Morrrow
    Morrrow 25 February 2018 12: 20
    The first submarines were also wretched. And so innovations are made. And caring for the American budget is touching.
  17. DimerVladimer
    DimerVladimer 26 February 2018 11: 50
    The problem is that the developers, trying to earn the maximum amount for the implementation of the project, overload their offspring with all kinds of innovations, including insufficiently developed, and sometimes not entirely justified ones.

    Kiev-type TAVKR was overloaded with innovations: a meager air group and cruise missiles and artillery and torpedoes - “such a warrior alone in the field” - a floating cellar with a mass of complex mechanical systems for reloading rockets from arsenals to launchers.
    It’s also an experiment for itself, which didn’t stop then building more advanced classic aircraft carriers.

    Only implemented in hardware and practical operation can confirm / refute the concept and get either a masterpiece or a fiasco as the output - the latter happens more often.
    But the invaluable experience of creating and operating ships on new technologies - this will remain.
    1. Alexey RA
      Alexey RA 26 February 2018 16: 49
      Quote: DimerVladimer
      Kiev-type TAVKR was overloaded with innovations: a meager air group and cruise missiles and artillery and torpedoes - “such a warrior alone in the field” - a floating cellar with a mass of complex mechanical systems for reloading rockets from arsenals to launchers.

      The construction of the TAVKR was determined not by tactical or operational, but political considerations.
      Quote: DimerVladimer
      It’s also an experiment for itself, which didn’t stop then building more advanced classic aircraft carriers.

      Just prevented. The fleet planned to abandon the Kievs after the second building and order normal full-fledged AB - 1160 or 1153. But the fleet was politically imposed on the continuation of the construction of unnecessary ships. As a result, it was possible to return to the classic AB only on the seventh building of Project 1143.
      EMNIP, the same Morin wrote that, despite the fact that formally “Ulyanovsk” referred to Project 1143 (being named Project 11437), in fact it was a return to the concept of project 1160/1153.
  18. shinobi
    shinobi 18 March 2018 13: 48
    The Yankees have no real competitors in a big puddle, that's what they are trying to do. There is no competition for one simple reason that nobody cares. The Second World War showed well that all issues are resolved in Eurasia. The time of large ships and fleets passed with the advent of missiles and Nuclear submarine.
  19. mmaxx
    mmaxx 19 March 2018 15: 57
    I’m wondering: is there evidence of poor seaworthiness of Zamvolta? Or is it the author’s fabrication due to the ironiness of the case? By the way, due to the GAS bulb, the displacement in the nose is good. Is there evidence of evidence? “What will be your evidence?” 《S》