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In Italy, laid a new helicopter

In 2022, the Italian Navy can get a new helicopter carrier. According to the portal, at the shipyard Fincantieri, located in the city of Castellammare di Stabia (Campania region), a solemn ceremony was held for laying the keel of a new warship.

Since the Italian Navy did not disclose the name of the new helicopter carrier, at the shipyard it is called LHD (Landing Helicopter Dock).

In Italy, laid a new helicopter

The ship will be about 200 m in length and will be able to reach speeds up to 25 nodes. It will be equipped with a diesel-gas turbine installation and will be able to accommodate more than 1000 people on board, of whom more than 700 will be landing troops. The main purpose of the ship is to transport people, vehicles and cargo.
- The press service of the company Fincantieri.

Initially, it was planned to build a ship up to 190 m in full displacement up to 20 000 t, but during the design work its dimensions increased significantly. The inset board states that the length of the ship will be 240 m, displacement - almost 26 000 t. It is planned that in this way the Italian navy will receive a replacement for the light aircraft carrier (aircraft carrying cruiser) Giuseppe Garibaldi, which has served since 1985.

The ship's hold will be able to receive equipment weighing up to 60 t, and the flooded deck will accommodate four landing craft of type LCU or one landing craft of air-cushion of American type LCAC. The helicopter carrier wing will consist of 12 helicopters of type AW101 or NH90. According to unofficial data, the new ship will also be able to carry F-35B fighters, reports "Warspot"

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  1. voyaka uh
    voyaka uh 21 February 2018 14: 42
    And Italians assemble planes for him at their factory. All amenities.
  2. yehat
    yehat 21 February 2018 15: 16
    but I thought to read that the helicopter carrier had laid down some sort of huckster for debts)))
  3. Magic archer
    Magic archer 21 February 2018 15: 58
    Garibaldi was the smallest aircraft carrier. And while carrying more planes than the Invinsbl. So I think it will be a full-fledged aircraft carrier and not a helicopter carrier as it is now announced
  4. Oleg7700
    Oleg7700 21 February 2018 16: 14
    When ten years later (as always with a delay of exactly 10 years ...), the Israeli military and political leadership, having surveyed the surrounding sea expanses and see clearly, suddenly discovers that Minister Steinitz and his like-minded people are right and need their grand fleet, then the first aircraft carrier to order only at Fincantieri, to your requirements, of course. Submarines continue in Germany ... smile
    1. Alexey RA
      Alexey RA 22 February 2018 14: 39
      In 10 years, an aircraft carrier ship will be cheaper to order in South Korea or China. smile
      1. Oleg7700
        Oleg7700 22 February 2018 15: 51
        The price here is not the main thing, where are those China and South Korea? The experience of 2.5 years of work on the SAAR-6 project and many years on submarines, when many dozens and hundreds (with families, children in German kindergartens and schools, return with bilinguals ...) of Israeli specialists from the Defense Ministry, Navy, future naval crews, engineers, technicians and workers from the shipyard, undergoing training for maintenance, regularly moving back and forth (to Kiel and vice versa) about the mass of approvals, specialists from Israeli firms whose equipment will be mounted in Kiel or Haifa and must be compatible with the Germans in all respects, guarantees secrecy from the stage of pr design, Israeli security services working in conjunction with the Germans, etc. etc. With Italians, logistics was worked out by military technology. cooperation and sea neighbors. Well, the Fincantieri Marine Group in Wisconsin allows you to use American financial assistance (cis!) winked
  5. Lexus
    Lexus 22 February 2018 02: 08
    It turns out that something is between “Cavour” and “Giuseppe Garibaldi”.hi