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In Brazil, began to dock sections of the hull submarine Riachuelo

At the Brazilian shipyard, they started docking the hull sections of the non-nuclear S 40 Riachuelo type Scorpene, designed by the French shipbuilding association Naval Group, reports bmpd with reference to the publication Les Echos.

Hull sections of the Brazilian head non-nuclear submarine S 40 Riachuelo of the Scorpene type before the start of docking in the workshop-final slip of the final assembly at the Itaguai Construçoes Navais Brazilian shipyard of Itaguai Construçoes Navais (ICN) in the Gulf of Sepétiba.

The first section was built in France, and the other two in the Brazilian shipyard submarine Itaguai Construçoes Navais (ICN).

Brazilian President Michel Temer, who was present at the start of the docking, noted that the S 40 is the first step towards the construction of a nuclear submarine in the country.

The publication recalled that the program for the construction of submarines PROSB is the subject of national pride of Brazilians.

Construction is tightly controlled by the Naval Group. All three sections of the head of the boat were carefully inspected by representatives of the Ituagua Constructoes Navais (ICN) company, in which 41% is owned by the Naval Group, and 59% by the Brazilian construction corporation Oderbrecht.

Bmpd help: "building for brazilian fleet Four SBR non-nuclear submarines of the enlarged modified Scorpene type under the Programa de Desenvolvimento de Submarinos (PROSUB) program are being carried out in accordance with the agreement concluded on September 3, 2009, with the Brazilian Ministry of Defense and the French shipbuilding association DCNS (now Naval Goup). To implement this agreement, a new special submarine shipyard, Itaguai Construçoes Navais (ICN), was built in Brazil in Sepetiba. ”
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Mauro Pimentel / AFP
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  1. Vard
    Vard 21 February 2018 13: 04
    So in Brazil, the nuclear submarines will rivet soon ... Soon you will not push from them in the ocean ...
    1. Anarchist
      Anarchist 21 February 2018 13: 08
      Quote: Vard
      So in Brazil, the submarines will rivet soon ...

      "... from Brazil, .... wild monkeys."
    2. annodomene
      annodomene 21 February 2018 13: 45
      Move laughing . Brazil to their pla as to the moon, squatting ...
      1. Boa kaa
        Boa kaa 21 February 2018 22: 24
        Quote: annodomene
        Brazil to their pla as to the moon, squatting ...

        In fact, they plan to build by the 2021-22 year, the 3 year of trial operation, and in the 2025 year, the adoption of weapons. France will not help disinterestedly in this Brazil. Moreover, the nuclear submarines will be built on the basis of the Scorpene submarine, with the RNAP 50 type of AR specially designed for it with the thermal power of 48Mvt. The shipyard will be built by ICN in Itagui.
        1. annodomene
          annodomene 22 February 2018 08: 19
          Well, it’s not Brazilian anymore, but there will be a French pla. If Brazil is puzzled by the construction of its own nuclear power plants, then it will only take 20 years (at best) to research and development, IMHO.
          Moreover, to make a hybrid - to plug in a nuclear power plant in a DPL PC is not the best option. By the way, we went through this, "Dollezhal's eggs" were called ...
  2. screw cutter
    screw cutter 21 February 2018 13: 33
    Of course, I understand that Rio ah ... what a city, but it doesn’t sound in our transcription, that is, it sounds, but not for a submarine.
    1. annodomene
      annodomene 21 February 2018 13: 44
      laughing Ri still like .... lo!
      1. Svarog51
        Svarog51 21 February 2018 15: 26
        Alex, welcome hi
        Ri still like .... lo!

        How is this translated? Ryahu ate? belay
        1. annodomene
          annodomene 22 February 2018 08: 15
          Greetings, Sergey!
          That is exactly what is translated - "ryahu", and cruder - "front of the face" laughing
  3. Orionvit
    Orionvit 21 February 2018 15: 13
    is the subject of national pride of the Brazilians.

    That and that. In Russia, such topics are usually discussed when a boat launched from a slipway is already a year in the fleet.