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Shilo on Kiev's soap

Discussion of options for changing the leaders of the Kiev regime without liquidating the regime itself is absolutely counterproductive

The other day a curious document came into my field of vision. Which is now actively distributed through all communication channels and communicated to all participants in the punitive operation of Kiev in the Donbas. Here is the text:

“Appeal to the military of Ukraine!
You are not our enemy. Our enemy is only the criminal Kiev regime. Who seized power through a coup d'état and the overthrow of the legitimate president. Do not believe the tales of "elections", which allegedly legitimized their power. State criminals are not entitled to appoint them.
But you serve them. Weapon in your hands is the physical evidence of your complicity in their crimes. And this is your pass to the dock. The military oath is no excuse. It has no legal force if brought to impostors.
Drop this weapon! Get rid of direct evidence of your involvement in criminal acts. And run as far as possible from this criminal gang! It's not too late yet.
Command of the army of New Russia "

I do not know anything about the authenticity of this appeal. But I can quite definitely say that the main problem of the present-day Ukrainian situation is completely captured in it. For the problem lies precisely in the Kiev regime itself as such, and not in its individual, even the most vile, representatives.

Now it has become very fashionable to lower all the dogs to the local leader Poroshenko. And that is typical, perhaps the main violin in these visits is played by ... reptilian, Kholuy by nature, Kiev press. And this campaign is mobbed almost as evidence of the complete triumph of democracy and freedom of speech in Ukraine. In fact, everything is much simpler.

It is no secret that many in the West Petro Poroshenko tired worse than bitter radish. An incorrigible drunk, a political doubler, a morbid greedy and a person who has long been lost in life. Which even the actual declaration of war on Russia in the form of a “law on the reintegration of Donbass” signs rather out of fear for its future than from a real desire to fight. And at the same time, his fear of personal collapse will only intensify after the signing of this extremely risky document. In general, the mood in favor of the speedy replacement of this weak character only intensifies.

Moreover, the replacement is in order to fully strengthen the Kiev regime itself, but not to destroy it. It is for this reason that the pro-fascist Kiev press is trying so hard to get the go-ahead to criticize its current leader in the view that even more bloodthirsty Nazi bull terriers are ready to replace him.

That is why when these figures of the political process in other, more eastern, capitals are connected to this search for a more effective replacement of the current “president” of Ukraine, but not at all, it seems to me to be a mixture of inexcusable naivety and deliberately erroneous calculation.

Frankly, it is ridiculous to listen to how some people in all seriousness begin to twirl in the language the theme of the same Yulia Tymoshenko, who, they say, is completely different from the other test and should help her a little bit how she will change everything there. Baby talk - otherwise you will not tell.
When the same State Department of the United States begins to crack the topic, this is completely understandable. The Americans in the hands of all the belts of the situation. Starting with the fact that in the United States under the vigilant care of special services is a former accomplice of Yulia Vladimirovna in gas frauds, when he was Prime Minister of Ukraine, Pavel Lazarenko. Who knows about the behind-the-scenes commercial exploits of the "gas princess" of Ukraine, a little more than enough to keep her eternal American hook. That is why the aforesaid Mrs. Yulia again became a welcome guest at prayer breakfasts in Washington and other “vipovskiy” mezhdusboychiki, such as the Munich, where not everyone is allowed to go.

In Russia, many may not be aware of this. stories. But in Ukraine, almost everyone knows how much a pound of Tymoshenko’s "raisins". Here are just a tiny fragment of what the Ukrainian press wrote on this topic when it was still allowed to it.

“It all started in January 1997 of the year - a case was opened on the fact of theft of state property in the Naukovy state farm in Dnipropetrovsk, then the investigation took the shape of the Prime Minister of Ukraine Pavel Lazarenko and his secret bank accounts. Later, at the beginning of 1998 of the year, GlavKRU conducted a large-scale inspection in the gas sector and discovered losses in the state budget and in JSC "Ukrgazprom". Began a second investigation. And so-called “the case of Tymoshenko” grew out of these two cases. At that time, she was heading the United Energy Systems of Ukraine corporation, which played a key role in the gas sector, and Pavel Lazarenko, who was prime minister, lobbied UESU’s interests. It was established that tens of millions of dollars from the Cypriot company’s accounts went to secret foreign accounts. Somolli Enterprises Limited, owned by Yulia Tymoshenko, her husband and another resident of Dnepropetrovsk.
Mykola Obihod, the former deputy prosecutor general of Ukraine, spoke about the progress of the investigation, he was at the origin of criminal cases against Tymoshenko and Lazarenko, which were initiated in 1997 — 1998, and even wrote a book about those events.
Nikolay Obikhod, ex-deputy prosecutor of Ukraine: We set up currency accounts for a Cyprus company, which was established in 1992, by Tymoshenko, by her husband, Alexander, who has now fled to the Czech Republic and by their third partner, also from Dnipropetrovsk, Alexander Kravts. This is one of the main foreign structures of offshore structures of Yulia Vladimirovna and her partners. ... This Cypriot company was the main donor for the receipt of foreign currency in secret accounts, first of all, by the vice-premier and then by the premier Lazarenko. About Tymoshenko’s accounts in 96 and 97 only passed about 350 million dollars, part of them - 86 million through intermediary advisor of a certain Peter Kirichenko entered Lazarenko's secret accounts in Swiss banks, all this was tracked, documented, although we heard all this time from Tymoshenko and others that this never happened»
Yulia Tymoshenko and her two partners, her husband and Oleksandr Kravts, also owned several large firms, through whose accounts several billion dollars passed, the source of origin of which also included the gas sector of the Ukrainian economy. The accounts of these firms were opened in various banks around the world and the money of the Cyprus company was transferred through them, and then they were transferred to the accounts of Tymoshenko and Lazarenko. This is more than 500 million dollars.
As for Tymoshenko, at that time enough evidence was collected to formally bring charges against her: first, in giving Lazarenko bribes worth 86 million 800 thousand dollars and smuggling Russian natural gas worth about 2 billion dollars.
SC: Nikolai Obikhod, ex-deputy prosecutor of Ukraine:
Why smuggling? A simple scheme that operated in 96-97 year, when UESU corporation, led by Tymoshenko buying gas from Russian Gazprom, showed a significant part of what she allegedly received from the British company, spent on customs as the gas supplies received not from Gazprom, but from the British company and then she transferred money to pay for gas not to Gazprom, but to the accounts of a British firm. Thus, about 1,5 billion were withdrawn from the economy of Ukraine and hidden. United Energy Limited is a property through Yulia Vladimirovna’s offshore schemes. In addition, she was charged with concealing revenues in the amount of 105 million dollars and in organizing the concealment of currency earnings in the amount of 76 million dollars. It was also invented almost brilliant schemes in order to hide income. Fictitiously opened correspondent accounts of the Ukrainian “Yuzhkombank” which president was Yulia Tymoshenko.»
Source - the program "Antidot", the television company "Academy" (Odessa) 19.10.2012

So what of all this? And the fact that the entire pro-American figure, which will be even stronger than Poroshenko, can really come to power in Ukraine is tied to the Washington steam train with the sins of his political youth.

Yes, Tymoshenko, most likely, will be able to strengthen the regime, to the disgrace of shattered his current "Kiravniki". But what do we get from this? It will fulfill the orders of its overseas employers with even greater zeal, and exactly such armed and ready-made Nazi gangs, which today are supporting Poroshenko, will support it from below. Accelerate that she can not, even if she wants to. The latter, however, is doubtful. Just because these gangs are an indispensable tool for the indirect control of Ukraine in the hands of the United States.

It is precisely in this - complete external controllability and inability to resist the pressure of frankly fascist radicals, right up to full bond with them, lies the main essence of the current Kiev authorities, and not at all in the personality of Zapyantsovskiy Poroshenko.
And with this essence, Tymoshenko will do absolutely nothing. Because, firstly, they will not allow her to do this, and, secondly, she herself will hardly want it. Why would the former Prime Minister of the Orange Nazi Yushchenko, who also came to power as a result of a coup d'état, be engaged in the eradication of Nazism in Ukraine? Yes, she will not do that. From the word at all.

Chatter about this, perhaps, will. She knew it before. I myself heard that in Odessa, in the past, she carried over the bumps of the same Bandera, and the next day in Lviv she glorified him to the skies. And what else, even in terms of boltology, can we expect from a politician who has not been shy until recently to call for “destroying Russians from atomic weapons” ?!

However, all this, of course, the verbal husk. And that's not the point. But it is precisely in what is mentioned in the above-mentioned appeal of the “command of the army of Novorossia” - in the criminal, anti-people essence of the Kiev regime itself. Regardless of the names of his regular leaders. And Tymoshenko is absolutely not the person who can change this essence.

And in general, I must admit that such people in Kiev today are not observed in principle. As they say - there are no others, but those are far away. And this is not to mention the generally extremely crappy quality of the entire Ukrainian elite - which is the same as the current one. However, Ukraine by and large, this is one continuous and endless Maidan, and the same “non-dead” Tymoshenko is his prophet.
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  1. 210ox
    210ox 22 February 2018 06: 41
    But for some reason I’m sure that it can’t, but this "lady with a scythe" will come ...
    1. siberalt
      siberalt 22 February 2018 07: 22
      I don’t think that the “appeal to enemies” published in the article is thought out politically and from the point of view of perception to whom it is addressed. It, in essence, boils down to the fact that the Armed Forces employees get rid of material evidence of their "criminal activity", in other words, they dropped their weapons and violated the military oath. This can have a directly opposite effect and only embitter the enemy. But is it necessary? belay
    2. Megatron
      Megatron 23 February 2018 14: 15
      Maybe it’s time to stop considering soldiers everywhere and most of the Ukhrintsy are “innocent” and “lost sheep”? Those who do not want to serve - run away from the call in advance, and now they go there mainly to earn money, and by all available means, for example, taking away cowards and toilets.

      I don’t understand why the SSU and SBU have not yet been recognized by us as terrorist organizations? Like the SS and the Gestapo? With all the consequences. But terrorists, like fascists, can and must be destroyed!
  2. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 22 February 2018 07: 40
    Today, whoever comes to power in Ukraine will not turn it in the right direction. It's time to forget about the "fraternal" Slavic country. Already the second generation is being brought up in a spirit of hatred of Russia and all Russian. Whoever comes (seizes) power will not be better, and perhaps worse. And, something tells us that sooner or later Russia will be forced to defend its interests in this region by armed means.
    1. BecmepH
      BecmepH 22 February 2018 08: 14
      Quote: rotmistr60
      Today, whoever comes to power in Ukraine will not turn it in the right direction. It's time to forget about the "fraternal" Slavic country. Already the second generation is being brought up in a spirit of hatred of Russia and all Russian. Whoever comes (seizes) power will not be better, and perhaps worse. And, something tells us that sooner or later Russia will be forced to defend its interests in this region by armed means.

      Here I agree with you.
      Our enemy is only the criminal Kiev regime. Who seized power through a coup d'etat and the overthrow of the legitimate president.
      I can not find the answer to the question: "Why did our government recognize this criminal Kiev regime?"
      The Americans have in their hands all the drive belts of this situation.

      They know where Julia has a "point G"
      1. FIFA from Cardiff
        FIFA from Cardiff 24 February 2018 18: 52
        As for the "recognized" rationale, do not bother me? It seems that Putin has been talking about Kiev’s words for 4 years with the words "who came to power as a result of an unconstitutional coup d'etat" and NO way he calls them.
        Next, about everything else - Ukraine should be surrounded by a quarantine belt as a plagued hut
        1 - close the borders tightly for all Khokhloa including LDNRovskih
        2 - to close tightly the entry-exit to Crimea from Crimea as measures to protect the Crimean coast from the penetration of Khokhloa, to blow up the bridge with Ukraine to mine the straits, and to put machine guns-Crimea OUR and ANY Khokhloa on the banks should not be there by default
        3 - "come in large numbers" in the Russian Federation is also nice to extradite in the most uncomfortable way for them, for example

        with Central Asian biomass it is necessary to do the same
        4 - to revise the migration policy in the Russian Federation by tightening it, as measures, for example, it is necessary to introduce compulsory one-year insurance for compulsory medical insurance and Pension Fund for 72 hours from the moment of arrival for "come in large numbers", consider these policies as work permits in the Russian Federation and require accounting for them when applying for a job from employers of the Russian Federation. Further, for those wishing to obtain Russian citizenship - to give EVERYTHING, BUT only after 5 years of "residence permit" - for the data of 5 years of stay, the applicant must provide data on taxes and contributions paid to the compulsory medical insurance and the Pension Fund, and to add deportation to introduce deportation for 5 years for any applicant for ANY administrative offense, regardless of what they brought him to, drank beer on a stampede in a public place? YOU are going home. Did you jump to the “red” at the wheel of a minibus? Once again, you are going to your Homeland, where instead of Merc, you will drive a donkey in the village.
        5 - against Ukraine introduce a full-fledged sea and air blockade, declare Kiev and all the borderlands as no-fly zones, and arrest ships and deliveries to ships and cargoes at auctions for ships and cargoes to and from Ukrainian ports to and from Ukrainian ports.
    2. Baloo
      Baloo 22 February 2018 08: 20
      Ukrainians themselves decided their fate as a servant of geyrops, cannon lard for the FSA, they exterminate themselves. So who will pose as the leader of the herd unprincipled. I would venture to suggest Nalivaychenko, for this he will have to destroy or subjugate Balitsky and the other bizarre Bandera community. Apparently not everything is ready yet. Poproshenko will start a war in the Donbass, the people will be horrified by the number of victims, and probably then the process of a change of power will begin. At the same time, they will stop asking whether or not beggarly asked. Sukashvili is more like the role of a sacred victim. No matter how the Cockroach swaggers in its messages on VO, things are bad in Ukraine.
    3. German Titov
      German Titov 22 February 2018 08: 38
      Unfortunately, you are right. A small group of "prosperous" seized power and "commands the herd." All the "crap" on Yanek. "The state to steer, not to rub caps." In general, according to Gordon, "Maidan has tricked Russia." (Sorry for my french)
      1. Berber
        Berber 22 February 2018 09: 19
        And unfortunately, Russia does not have the opportunity to nominate its candidate.
      2. Baloo
        Baloo 22 February 2018 10: 40
        Quote: German Titov
        (Sorry for my french)

        Is this a French surzhik? wink But all on the topic. yes
    4. Lelek
      Lelek 22 February 2018 11: 09
      Quote: rotmistr60
      And, something tells us that sooner or later Russia will be forced to defend its interests in this region by armed means.

      Provided that "this region" will remain in its present form by then, which is very problematic and foggy.
      1. Sergej1972
        Sergej1972 22 February 2018 23: 50
        In Eastern Galicia, a completely different situation than in the Crimea. There are no pro-Polish sentiments, rather the opposite. Yes, and there are a small number of ethnic Poles.
    5. ronnon
      ronnon 22 February 2018 11: 36
      But it’s not easier, just to ignore them, in about a dozen or less years, such a country will no longer be on the world maps, some will go to Poland, some will separate as New Russia and some will turn into specific collective farms under the yoke of the oligarchs, where current activists, Bandera’s laborers and pravoseki.
  3. German Titov
    German Titov 22 February 2018 08: 26
    "The command of the army of New Russia" sounds cool, but what is it? The Donetsk residents took the oath "Serve the people of the DPR", "Luganchans" most likely also took a similar oath. There are 1 AK, 2 AK. In the case of “kneading” we will always come to the aid of each other. At one time, O. Tsarev handed out "PM" - so-called "deputies of New Russia" (award). Where are all these "note clowns"? People from all second-hand regions of Ukraine (and the states of the former Soviet Union) serve in the DLNR troops. Odessans, for example, want to return to Odessa, ask "and on a hib." Well and so on by region. So far, no one has heard of the "Command of the Army of New Russia" either in Lugansk or in Donetsk.
  4. antivirus
    antivirus 22 February 2018 08: 27
    sell the land and stop running over - say Poroshenko, they wait a long time, good nerves from overseas owners. unlike commentators
    1. Baloo
      Baloo 23 February 2018 07: 33
      Quote: antivirus
      sell the land and stop running over - say Poroshenko, they wait a long time, good nerves from overseas owners. unlike commentators

      They are waiting for the territory to be freed from the aborigines, the land is nowhere to be found.
      1. antivirus
        antivirus 23 February 2018 09: 04
        to bring in new workers is a cost.
        it’s easier to drive local natives through the fields bought by the new owners (and you need to know the nuances of financial transactions and laws on the sale of land-eternal, + it can be “non-rejected” (?), etc.)
  5. reibert
    reibert 22 February 2018 16: 34
    Why let the crowds of Ukrainians in Russia ??? Nobody needs them here, and cause wild contempt
  6. Antares
    Antares 22 February 2018 20: 48
    There was an awl on soap for a long time in Ukrainian politics. However, the proposal from the “Army of New Russia” was even more expensive. The authors of the proposal do not even know that
    Do not believe the fairy tales about the “election”, which supposedly legitimized their power. State criminals are not entitled to appoint them

    The fairy tale was realized in the past by all countries, recognizing the elections. Neighbors are no exception.
    In general, the proposal to change the flea was for soap and even for the worse. (If you exaggerate, although there is a wide field of patriotism, worlds, geopolitics, etc.)
    As for Ukrainian politicians, thieves always voted for the best of the worst. In particular, for the last president, they voted for his Peace Plan. And the peace plan turned out like the Minsk world ..
    And so they are all smeared in one world. Notorious thieves and corrupt officials of the highest category ... they still get paid for something ...