Complex RB-341В “Leer-3”: EW bomber and just useful


"Leer-3". We can already say that it is not a novelty, but quite such a proven fighter. And this is a fact: the baptism of fire took place in Syria, and both the calculations and the equipment coped with the assigned tasks.

What can we say about the complex, we say. And, accordingly, we will show. The benefit of our beloved and dear already team of EW ZVO allowed to do this.

The complex “Leer-3” technically consists of one KAMAZ car with the corresponding filling and two (three) UAVs “Orlan-10”.


Application radius, km - to 120
Maximum flight duration, hours - 10 (maybe more, if the right approach to the issue of adjustments)
UAV take-off weight, kg - 18
Wingspan, m - 3,1
Maximum payload mass, kg - 2,5
flight speed, km / h:
Maximum - 150;
Cruising - 80
Maximum flight altitude, m - 5000

The main useful feature of the Orlan-10 is the ability to use interchangeable payloads. Due to interchangeable “fillings”, the UAVs in the complex can perform the following actions:

- the suppression of mobile communications;
- imitation of the work of a cellular base station in the GSM 900, 1800, 2000, 2500 ranges and sending false messages;
- detection of subscriber points (mobile phones, tablets and other communication systems);
- conducting reconnaissance by determining the points of radiation of devices in GSM networks;
- drawing the location of subscriber points on a digital map;
- transfer of data about the location of subscriber points to artillery calculations for a fire strike.

In addition, the Orlan-10 is able to perform the role of a bomber. Only instead of bombs used modules suppression. But also very weighty, by the way.

If we talk about long range, then everything is simple. "Orlan" can carry a set of equipment in the center section (power 10 W), and work on subscribers at a distance of 6 km. There are kits placed in the wings, each 2 W. With them, the exposure distance to 3,5 km.

The frequency range is very wide. From 900 to 2500 MHz. New items that appeared in 2017 allow Leer to master 3G and 4G, which was not there before.

The calculation of the complex 4 person.

The initial task of the calculation is to deploy the station in the allotted time.

Half of the calculation deals with "Orlan", the second - with antennas and other elements.

By the way, "Leer-3 is the first complex in which heavy things like a gas generator are retrieved with a winch.

Run and warm up ...

As the engine warms up, the launch catapult is pulled.


"Orlan" goes to the sky. For a couple of hours.

Landing apparatus is made using a shock absorber and a parachute. At a pre-selected site. It is desirable equally.

As you can see, the landing was made successfully.

While the UAVs were being assembled and deployed, the second half of the calculation worked at the station.

Installed the antenna and all connected.

Workplace Commander / Equipment Operator

Here are those who rule the Orlans.

Behind the pilot operators is a bed. When I entered, the second Orlan rested there.

Even in the complex equipment includes such a useful thing as a tent. It can be deployed away from the machine and work, let's say, not in the cramped Kung. In the fresh air. But this is when you do not need any air conditioning or heater.

In general, “Leer-3” is not only modern in combat and technical terms, but also comfortable. If to compare with "Krasukha-2о" - the top of comfort. But after all, it was calculated at least on 10 hours of operation. So everything is justified.

The use of the complex is also very impressive. Blocked connection is only half the problem. Opportunities "Leer" lie far beyond the usual electronic warfare, but rather in the field of psychological warfare.

For example, what can arrange several thousand subscribers who received SMS from the analogue of our Ministry of Emergency Situations about the toxic release in the nearest enterprise? Chlorine leakage from meat-packing refrigerators, for example. Rustle can make.

In general, since it is unlikely that anyone will doubt the capabilities of our EW complexes, in conclusion it should be noted that Orlan-10 gives the impression of quite a normal apparatus. No worse opportunity than foreign counterparts.

A "Leer", along with the "Resident", can do some very serious cases if necessary.

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  1. +5
    21 February 2018 08: 20
    The article is good, but the last phrase just killed laughing
    A "Leer", along with the "Resident", can do some very serious cases if necessary.

    Well, absolutely different complexes of tasks. It's like a plumber, together with a gynecologist, are going to do serious business wassat tongue
    1. -1
      21 February 2018 19: 41
      What kind of "resident"? Ground "Khibiny"?
      1. 0
        22 February 2018 00: 58
        Quote: pvs512
        What kind of "resident"
  2. +1
    21 February 2018 09: 31
    And what film is not removed from the seats? Warranty yet? Well, yes, under the feet of the operators, the packaging from the laptops was preserved.
    1. 0
      21 February 2018 11: 02
      My neighbor bought a car 3 years ago, still have seats in bags, so what?
      1. +1
        21 February 2018 13: 00
        And crawls the fifth point on the seat on the turns. So what for seats tighten? Immediately from the packages you need.
    2. 0
      21 February 2018 11: 15
      And why are they sitting inside in helmets, is it inconvenient?
      1. +3
        21 February 2018 14: 05
        Tired, the camera takes off. In life, I think they allow themselves liberties, such as a helmet to take off.
    3. +1
      21 February 2018 16: 56
      And you, during a casual connection, why do you wear a rubber band? ))))
      1. -1
        22 February 2018 04: 57
        Do not judge others by yourself. And do not confuse driving with lust (which is bashfully called ... ks).
        1. 0
          22 February 2018 12: 20
          But I do not judge, and do not confuse. This is just an analogy. Nothing personal. ;)
  3. +5
    21 February 2018 10: 50
    During the events in Debaltseve, Ukrainians complained that art raids occurred immediately after the broadcasting of radio stations and calls on mobile phones and SMS messages were sent ...
  4. +1
    21 February 2018 13: 56
    We need to arm with pistols, as a second weapon. The machines get in the way.
    1. +2
      21 February 2018 14: 08
      In war, the machine never bothers! They have "Ksenia", in principle, compact, well, of course, it was possible and PP. Although you need to keep and Kalash at least somewhere in the car. If they happen to shoot, then something like DRG will be against these guys, pistols will not help.
      1. 0
        21 February 2018 19: 49
        That is exactly what I want to say. There was simply no time.
  5. -1
    21 February 2018 15: 26
    I believe amers have something like that!
    So that even a little people can vparivat us such that everyone will break wherever their eyes look.
    The higher and cooler the technology, the less stable this world is.
    The image of Svyatogor the bogatyr whom the earth no longer holds is the image of human power!
    And most importantly you can’t do anything about it!
    The civilization of consumption has fallen into the embrace of progress, like in quicksand.
    The more efforts are made to get out the deeper it sinks !!!!!
    1. +2
      21 February 2018 18: 53
      Hmm, our complex, our Kamaz, our drone, and the OS on laptops (control panels) Windows 7, Yes, Karl is Seven, not even MSVS !!!!! This is proprietary software and the code is closed there, are you interested in buying licenses?
  6. +3
    21 February 2018 19: 52
    An awning to protect against rainfall UAV collectors clearly does not hurt. I hope they have it. But the table lamps were installed irrationally, on the wall of the place is full. To remove them and on a long table it is quite possible to sleep, without clinging to anything. Although, you can bend, of course.

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