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To arrive at the Donbass and get hurt by a blue helmet?

Following the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus and Finland, the principle readiness to send their peacekeeping contingent to the Donbass, in the event of a corresponding decision of the UN Security Council, was also expressed in the Foreign Ministry of Sweden. In total, at the time of the preparation of the material, the three countries are by and large not opposed to their soldiers, being endowed with special UN mandates, went to the Donbass.

Against this background, a statement was voiced in Kiev that their current format does not suit them. The reason is named: the hypothetical presence of Belarusian military personnel and the absence of representatives of the North Atlantic military bloc. The argument of the Ukrainian authorities is as follows: Belarus is a member of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), and therefore a “counterweight” is needed. And this counterweight can only be contingent from at least one NATO country.

By the way, earlier, the former NATO Secretary General, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, voiced the idea of ​​a possible dispatch of a contingent from such countries of the military bloc as Austria and Portugal to the Donbass. Will such states be organized by the elite of Ukraine’s Maidan, or will the “give” the USA as a counterweight to the Belarusians in military uniform? ..

If we assume that all sides of this process, after long debates with spitting saliva on each other, nevertheless found a compromise solution on the mission of the peacekeepers, then it is worthwhile to reflect on what the mission expects in this case.

So, the contingent promises to be "motley". In addition to notebook neutrals in the person of the same Swedes, whose neutrality clearly cracked in the 30-40-s of the last century, representatives of the CSTO and representatives of NATO may well be. By and large, it all looks like an explosive mixture for provocation. And, forgive this pessimism, but it is hard to believe that there will be no provocations with peacekeepers.

Who needs these provocations? All the same persons who need incessant war (or at least tension) near the borders of Russia. All the same persons who were not originally interested in the implementation of the Minsk agreements by Kiev. And all the same people who stood at the origins of the bloody Kiev performance under the hypocritical title “Revolution of Dignity”.

If we go from the opposite and still put out of the brackets the possibility of provocations ... Let the peacekeepers of Belarus, Finland, Sweden and, say, Portugal are about to appear, and even if they appear in Donbas, as if going to fulfill the functions of " appeasement "of the parties. What's next? What are actually going to do 200 Finnish and 200 (well, not about the thousands, probably, will be discussed) Belarusian soldiers, if, for example, “pidrozdil” some uporotyh ukrokombat again, excuse me, zakhnet “into the thick of events »From a large-caliber gun? It is unlikely that the total elimination of such ukrokombat with all their "pidrozdilami."

As an option, partners who decide to send their peacekeepers to the Donbass with Pyotr Lekseich will have a heart-to-heart talk in advance and will propose to finally disarm the so-called “dobrobaty”, as if something did not work out ... After all, they are well aware that which burned people in the House of Trade Unions in Odessa, there are no red borders, and a priori no one in the same Stockholm or Helsinki wants to make victims of this trash of their peacekeepers. Peter Lekseichu transparently hinted to disarm himself, his presidential forces and powers. And he has them?

And this is actually a year before the parliamentary and presidential elections in the Square (today is about a year, and then there is even less time). Attention, the question is: will the current “president of the world” go for it? Of course not. If only in words, as usual for him in such cases. After all, the deputy commanders will quickly pack his rating in a wooden mac and arrange a magnificent funeral with a button accordion. And from a rating in a wooden mac to a president in a similar mac in a democratic Ukraine, one step often happens. And only Rostov saves ... True, not this time ...

Because Poroshenko will pull the political rubber, as they say, until it stops. Automatically this will delay the entry of an international peacekeeping contingent into the conflict region and at the same time continue a sluggish civil war - with the presence of victims and destruction.

If in the capitals of the states that have announced their readiness to send peacekeepers to the Donbass, they are not going to talk about disarmament with Poroshenko, then there is only one place where the peacekeeping contingent will “cuddle”. This is the border with the Russian Federation. They will be drawn to it, even if officially the mandate extends only to the line of demarcation. According to the instinct of self-preservation, because the reason is the same - for peacekeepers simply safer. On the "front end" on both sides will remain those who remain there today, and the peacekeeping mission will smoothly flow into the rear, as is the case with the OSCE mission, which is a rare guest on the confrontation line - more and more in hotels and coffee houses. And the truth is, why should peacekeepers take risks when guarantees, like guarantees of the Minsk agreements, are zero point zero ...

To arrive at the Donbass and get hurt by a blue helmet?

Based on this, you can get a very vague perspective of the entire peacekeeping mission. After all, in order for the mission to leave at least some sense, it will have to uncover "revolvers" - but how to pacify the parties otherwise? And between the hammer and the anvil, even with an uncovered revolver, the only security that peacekeepers will take care of is their own.

One can imagine what will happen to the political ratings of the Swedish or Finnish authorities, if the same Swedish and Finnish military personnel actually perish in the Donbas. Here, even the rating of Alexander Lukashenko can move downwards and quite significantly, does he need it? ..

Therefore, the opinion is this: if a mission is for the sake of a mission, then what does this fundamentally change? And if the mission of peacekeepers has real powers, then it is necessary for someone (I guess who ...) will decide to take advantage of the appearance of a sacred sacrifice with far-reaching consequences.
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  1. andrewkor
    andrewkor 21 February 2018 06: 46
    In short, popiz .. we got into a mess and forgot.
  2. XII Legion
    XII Legion 21 February 2018 06: 47
    Moreover, the Belarusian SSR was among the original members of the UN.
    In vain Kiev is obstructing, a good option - with Belarusians in the Donbass
    1. Selevc
      Selevc 23 February 2018 12: 35
      Moreover, the Belarusian SSR was among the original members of the UN
      Listen to whom in the West is this really interesting? And this is not at all interesting to the fanatics who founded there 70 years ago ... Behind the Bandera fanatics are big uncles from the West who have invested a lot of money in the process of destroying Russia and punishing Putin - and they demand results from their hirelings ... Therefore, what kind of wait from Kiev enlightenment, awareness and peacefulness is at least stupid and naive ...
      Russia just will not be left alone this is a no brainer - all the more so since the USA has been clearly intoxicated by successes (real and even more far-fetched) in the last 30 years ... Do you think they will stop ???
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 21 February 2018 06: 59
    ... not happy ... lack of representatives of the countries of the North Atlantic military bloc
    And in this case, Kiev wants to be trickier than everyone. It’s impossible to draw NATO into an open war, so it can try through the peacekeeping contingent? That's just for something too tricky there is always something with a thread.
  4. inkass_98
    inkass_98 21 February 2018 07: 07
    First you need to get the consent of the parties to enter the contingent, then find alternatively gifted governments willing to send their soldiers to the frozen horses, and only then look at the resulting results.
    Apparently, there will be no mission, since the first condition is almost impossible; the disagreements of the parties will not make it possible to choose a warrior who suits everyone at once for the separation line.
  5. Abalon
    Abalon 21 February 2018 09: 30
    Austria, a member of NATO ???
  6. Antares
    Antares 21 February 2018 11: 28
    Ukraine may be suitable for the role of "peacekeepers" (it does not belong to any of the blocs), Swedes will also be suitable.
    I would be happy for the Belarusians, but really everything can be. Perfectly Belarusian and Canadian.
    The author has old views about kindness and radicals. There is NG, and when necessary, without pressure, everyone crushes. They are needed for domestic consumption. And opinion formation.
    Poroshenko himself does not solve much, in complex political problems. And in the internal it’s easy if it is required and give the go-ahead. An ideal candidate and nothing needs to be changed. Only the appearance of democracy.
    The theme of peacekeepers is popular. The idea of ​​Ukrainians, supported by the Americans, may well bear fruit. But in what form, time will tell. Over the years, MS has had many ideas. But guns are more eloquent diplomats yet.
    1. Sergey-8848
      Sergey-8848 23 February 2018 22: 47
      Few people ask for a wish or wishlist for a territory called "Ukraine." The very possibility of discussing the introduction of troops into the territory even breathing countries (in Kiev they say so) - is absurd. Wherever we want, we are fighting there, and wherever we want, everything is nishtyak in full compliance with EU standards. That's bullshit!!!
  7. dDYHA
    dDYHA 21 February 2018 15: 32
    If they are "blue helmets" will stand on the line of demarcation. That agrees with the author they will have to uncover the weapon. Provocations will be constantly both stand and on the other hand. And I think Poroshenko needs blue helmets more. This will provide an opportunity, if not to draw NATO into the war, then increase the flow of arms to Ukraine. As a result, Russia will have to start delivering weapons to the DNI and LC. And this is a full-scale war. In the USA they rejoice, and Europe begins to dig bomb shelters.
    1. Mih1974
      Mih1974 21 February 2018 20: 40
      You rave, this war is needed for theft only for theft and covering up the OPA in which Ukraine as a country ended up, or rather, just such poets as gutted "got" there. And he needs NATO there as a dog’s fifth leg, and he longs for a war with Russia like his father’s two-piece belt. fool fool Offal - steals as if not in himself and only prays that it would not stop. Any radical change in the situation - for him a real death, or the Natsiks will hang (shoot) or Russia in the event of a real war will crash his KR like a cow in Syria.
    2. Suhow
      Suhow 24 February 2018 22: 32
      gutted blue helmets are needed for stripping, as in Yugoslavia, my sofa opinion.
  8. kan123
    kan123 21 February 2018 21: 34
    Poroshenko specifically drives them there - he will have a chance to play nuclear wars. provocations, killings of peacekeepers, with blaming the blame on the Russian Federation-will be 100%. This is understandable to everyone, but if it is the United States - the CIA signs it - they need this provocation, it is obvious that they should put an end to relations - with the same Finland, with the same EU, for the Russian Federation. All these "decisions of Kiev" pass through the USA.
  9. Suhow
    Suhow 24 February 2018 22: 30
    he said, that is, he printed, not ...... there’s nothing to throw pi314 with partners, it’s necessary to solve their interests.
  10. Boyar
    Boyar 25 February 2018 21: 42
    UN "peacekeepers" calmly watched as Albanians slaughter Serbs, the introduction of the UN contingent is a NATO screen.