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Bandera deadlock

At the Munich Security Conference, Kiev announced the holding of a “Norman format” with the participation of foreign ministers to discuss the newly baked Assistant Poroshenko and former NATO Secretary General Rasmussen’s “peacekeeping plan” for Donbass. This format did not take place, and Poroshenko was “thrown” by Berlin and Paris. The position of our Sergey Lavrov is known: “it is always useful to talk”, but there was nobody to talk to.

Rasmussen’s plan is actually an American plan, it was prepared by American advisers, while Rasmussen was a way to insert it into the “Norman format.” It turns out that Europe "threw" not so much Kiev and Poroshenko, as much as Washington and its special representative Kurt Volker, while rejecting propriety, refusing even to "talk." Why?

Obviously, the Rasmussen plan is unacceptable for Moscow, perhaps Berlin and Paris simply did not want to waste time on it. But it is also a demonstration of dissatisfaction with Washington’s unilateral actions, because this plan was not previously discussed with Europe.

In Munich, Europe, one might say, refused to support the unilateral policy of the United States on Bandera’s Ukraine. In addition, Berlin refused to block the “North Stream - 2”, on which the Americans insisted, Kurt Volker even called it a purely political project. It turns out that Berlin is politically drawing closer to Moscow in defiance of Washington. Construction of the joint venture - 2 should begin in April, this month will be the moment of truth in relations between Germany, the USA and Russia.

Starting from the conclusion of the Minsk Agreements, which were, in fact, a separate agreement between Berlin, Paris and Moscow, with the establishment of a “Norman format”, Washington was present in “Minsk” indirectly, through Kiev. Moscow tried to separate Europe from America on the basis of disagreements over Ukraine and on energy policy. And this plan of Moscow in Munich seems to have reached its goal. Europe is changing its policy in Ukraine in peak America! As a result, the Bandera Ukraine is turning into a platform for the struggle of Russia only with the United States and with England and East European border-countries adjacent to it.

Such a split in the West reduces the likelihood of Bandera’s military adventure in the Donbas. An urgent war in the Donbass is needed by the American neocon democrats in order to undermine the legitimacy of the presidential elections in Russia and lash out new criticism on President Trump. Accordingly, Trump does not need this war now, which is what US Secretary of Defense James Mattis apparently was cramming Ukrainian Defense Ministry Poltorak in Washington and Poroshenko in Munich: Trump is his commander-in-chief.

And Poroshenko in Munich, and the chief of the General Staff Muzhenko in Kiev, paying the due tribute to Russophobia, almost synchronously say that they have no plans to fight with Russia. But Donbass, according to the law on “reintegration” already adopted by the Rada, is considered “occupied by Russia”. In this situation, Europe’s blocking of the “peacekeeping” seizure of Donbass according to the Volker-Rasmussen plan drives Poroshenko into the Donbass into a dead end, and for this the Nazis, the Azovs and pravoseki, may well arrange another “revolution of dignity”.

In general, the United States always conducts its foreign policy under a false flag, that is, they always lie about their true goals - this is a common thing for them in colonial wars, today, instead of beads and mirrors, they present to the new Indians "democratic values", before the Indians were smarter. However, today the United States had a "trump". President Donald Trump, on his Twitter account, following a regular report by Special Prosecutor Muller on "Russia's interference", gave an assessment of the situation in the country: "If Russia’s goal was to create disagreements, chaos in the US, they succeeded beyond their wildest expectations."

This American chaos extends to Ukraine, apparently, the American residency in Kiev receives conflicting instructions from Washington. Some come from Trump through the Department of State, others from the neocon Democratic circles (Clinton-Biden), which the Atlantic Council of the USA publicly expresses. In the last articles of the senior scientist Diana Francis, the atlantists openly threaten Petro Poroshenko with a new Maidan revolution, with demands being made either impracticable or suicidal, such as urgent reforms and the creation of an Anti-Corruption Court over itself.

The agent of the Atlantic Council in Kiev, which is why untouchable for such a long time, was the leader of Mikhail Saakashvili, the ex-governor of Odessa and the “golden boy” Clinton. And Poroshenko urgently and rudely, grabbing his hair, sends professional color revolutionary Miho to Europe through Poland, from where he entered. Comedy, however, it can have a tragic end.

Now the chief of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the ruler of the Nazi “Azov”, Arsen Avakov, will strive to crush the “Movement of New Forces” Saakashvili and, in general, all of the Mikhomaydanovites. Poroshenko creates the conditions for the unification of all the neo-Nazi forces under his arm Avakov, already relying on numerous "Azov" assault troops. “There are a lot of us, we are not afraid to use force to create the Ukrainian order on the streets,” the “Azov” leader Biletsky openly declares.

The situation is stalemate for the Bandera regime, it is surrounded with red flags, like a beast, from all sides: Berlin and Paris were denied the “Norman format”, Poland adopts the anti-Bandera law, Hungary and Romania make “language” claims, Russia is not inferior in the Donbas and what is waiting, and the United States is far and incomprehensible what they want. The “Atlantic Council” may try to provoke the Bandera neo-Nazis on the new Maidan against the “corrupt Poroshenko” and “for the war to the bitter end,” and the beast cornered may give in to this provocation, it has nothing to lose.
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  1. 210ox
    210ox 21 February 2018 06: 53
    Tupikova? The most interesting thing, I think, will begin towards the end of this year. I hope that Kiev will not start chopping the Gordian Knot in the Donbass. But then they will begin to "throw" insolently banderlogs.
    1. Tatar 174
      Tatar 174 21 February 2018 07: 16
      Quote: 210ox
      The most interesting thing I think will begin closer to the end of this year.

      Guess - do not guess, it is clear that the knot is contracting more and more. However, it’s necessary to somehow unravel or cut it, although the “knotters” themselves can untie it if it lays or suddenly wiser by chance.
    2. Vend
      Vend 21 February 2018 10: 16
      Quote: 210ox
      Tupikova? The most interesting thing, I think, will begin towards the end of this year. I hope that Kiev will not start chopping the Gordian Knot in the Donbass. But then they will begin to "throw" insolently banderlogs.

      We are waiting for initiatives from the EU to divide Ukraine, the Poles have already prepared for the influx of Bandera, have adopted a law against their ideology.
  2. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 21 February 2018 07: 28
    The situation for the Bandera regime is deadlock
    Moreover, Europe is already openly poking the hetman’s snout in his feces, like a cat who’s messed up (as an example: the rude answer of the Danish Foreign Minister to Poroshenko’s harassment with a question). At the same time, he smiles exhaustedly and declares that this is yet another "rethinking." Full madhouse.
  3. Antares
    Antares 21 February 2018 11: 06
    Eh .. it's good to be an analyst. So many fantasies can be embodied on paper ... Fiction rest.
    It is very interesting that even the text sometimes contradicts but the general conclusion "the RF has outplayed everyone"
    Yes, and the abundant words "Bandera / junta" immediately lower the already low level of the article.
    Munich itself was a conference. In short, the world is on the verge of great conflict. Moreover, the EU is in the most modest martial law of all the key military powers and blocs.
    A similar EU policy, the Munich report says, is caused by growing US isolationism and Donald Trump's "economic egoism", which has long been refusing to ensure Europe’s security at the expense of America.
    It is very strange that the author forgot his favorite Walker, whom he in every possible way belittled in previous articles, and here is the direct implementation of the “Dubai package” of American developments, in contrast to the “Belgrade” one. Authors Walker / Surkov. The fact that the theme of peacekeepers is not discarded, but is central, Surkov said immediately.
    Judging by the conference and near-political events, the “Blue Helmets” Evolution took place in Ukraine (articles on peacekeepers from the Russian Federation / Sweden)
    It would be better if the author turned to the covert meetings of special representatives and the content of calls of presidents and representatives. MK itself is dedicated to global topics. There, the Russian Federation is also on the list of growing threats, but after China and the problems of the EU itself.
    But no .. "Bandera, juntas, etc." is more interesting .. but the world is global and the obsolete is quickly dying.
    1. Curious
      Curious 21 February 2018 14: 26
      Where did you find the analysts? You are familiar with such an archaic concept, as it seems, as engrafters. If you are not familiar, get acquainted.
    2. Victor Kamenev
      21 February 2018 16: 53
      4 svidomye shouted that they are not Bandera, and not the Nazis, but in general, the Sumerians. But ukrokholop will not hide from the Polish eye, and has already received Bandera with genocide and Nazism. Polish analysts are not Russian to you, they will quickly show you where your rightful Sumerian place is.
      1. Curious
        Curious 21 February 2018 16: 57
        Exactly! This is yours. Slogans on a given topic. And then analysts, you know ...
  4. worms
    worms 21 February 2018 16: 29
    the Sumerians are gently pushed to the sidelines of history ... repeat
  5. AlNikolaich
    AlNikolaich 21 February 2018 17: 53
    The analysis is interesting, thanks Victor! From myself I want to add that hell knows how events will develop. We are waiting for new characters. And they will appear in any way.
  6. Alex20042004
    Alex20042004 21 February 2018 20: 07
    I was surprised. Petya is sober !!!
    1. sxfRipper
      sxfRipper 21 February 2018 21: 20
      This is a double.
    2. akims
      akims 21 February 2018 22: 57
      Where is he sober? He was wound on the walls, as if there was a storm, and they were on the ship.
  7. kush62
    kush62 23 February 2018 20: 48
    Poroshenko turns out to be a good magician-illusionist. Nobody in the world knows what this time he will show on the podium laughing But without this he cannot. If not a bottle, then something must be in hand laughing