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Poroshenko urged Europe not to recognize the Russian presidential elections in Crimea

Petro Poroshenko said at the Munich Security Conference that Russia did not come to the Crimea to protect the rights of people - “they are violated wherever Russia is present,” according to a press release on Online the Ukrainian president.

According to Poroshenko, Moscow is also not interested in returning Donbass to Kiev - “that territory was subjected to a military attack by the Kremlin in order to weaken and destabilize Ukraine”.

However, Ukraine is not the goal of Russia. Russia has a different goal. Its goal is to satisfy the Kremlin’s ambitions and revenge for the “greatest catastrophe of the twentieth century,” as Putin described the breakup of the Soviet Union. The collapse of the "Russian world", built on lies and violence,
declared the president.

He recalled the "little green men" in the Crimea: after the first ridiculous objections, the Kremlin admitted.

It is not surprising that the same people are traced this time, for example, in Syria, apparently with their previous combat experience in the Donbas and Crimea. I am not the one who believes the denials of Moscow, that, as they say, "they are not there." I am the one who warns of the absence of borders with the Kremlin in its hidden agenda,
said Poroshenko.

That is why I urge you: in our common interest to resist Russia's attempts to break our unity and destroy our democracies. Prove that blackmail and aggression is over in Europe. That Europe is a continent of peace, stability and cooperation. And that universal values ​​should respect everything
he continued.

Ukrainian leader noted that these values ​​are the best weapons against the Russian threat.

So, is the current situation with Russia different? Our answer should be no. “No” - recognition of the Russian presidential elections in the occupied Crimea. “No” - restoration of the powers of Russia in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. "No" - pacifying visits to Moscow in search of economic benefits for your own preferences. "No" - "Nord Stream-2", which has nothing to do with economic interests, but is a political and energy expansion of Russia. Neither politics nor business can exist separately from values
he declared.
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  1. Slovak
    Slovak 19 February 2018 16: 49
    Least of all is anyone in the world interested in the opinion of the alcoholic Potroshenko. They have their own game.
    1. maxim947
      maxim947 19 February 2018 16: 55
      21 century!!! debi.lism and insanity rolls over ... and not only with Petya, where humanity is rolling ... kapets. It's scary for the children.
      1. 210ox
        210ox 19 February 2018 17: 18
        So they don’t recognize the elections in Crimea without the Sinegal. So what?
        Quote: maxim947
        21 century!!! debi.lism and insanity rolls over ... and not only with Petya, where humanity is rolling ... kapets. It's scary for the children.
        1. vovanpain
          vovanpain 19 February 2018 18: 07
          Quote: 210ox
          So they don’t recognize the elections in Crimea without the Sinegal. So what?

          The parliamentary elections were not recognized in the State Duma and why, they dispersed the State Duma or something laughing as Faberge knocked on the walls, it continues to knock, and here the rooster can strangle its snot at least, but its business is six. hi
      2. ustinov.yuri
        ustinov.yuri 19 February 2018 19: 46
        That way in in 12 (1912), many thought similar.
      3. Humans war
        Humans war 20 February 2018 05: 25
        Yes, children and youth are already crazy
        You look at them and you don’t recognize Russian guys in them, they bazaar in a moronic dialect, and in your head there is one rap and Amer blockbusters. If there are guys who are similar to Nashensky’s, then it’s probably in the army. Well, also in our dying production, because for the most part people from the old, Soviet school work at the factory, and they teach the youth to the mind, and right now, hell, not every young man will go work hard at the plant. Why do I say so myself in production with the Nashensky men I work.
    2. volodya
      volodya 19 February 2018 16: 58
      Quote: Slovak
      Least of all is anyone in the world interested in the opinion of the alcoholic Potroshenko. They have their own game.

      Togo and look out of his pants jump! And when he runs away from Ukraine, will Rostov be asked to come to us?
      1. ,
        , 19 February 2018 17: 10
        Meanwhile, GDP also tightens the screws
        “On February 14, the Rosselkhoznadzor ban on the import of fresh apples came into effect against 31 suppliers of the Republic of Belarus. Another 22 enterprises, the Rosselkhoznadzor specifies, do not have products in storage, despite the fact that in December 2017 - February 2018, products from these enterprises arrived to the territory of Russia "
        The Rosselkhoznadzor banned the import of Serbian pears into the territory of the Russian Federation in connection with the suspicion of re-export from third countries.
        Pshekam, Ukhraintsy and all progressive Europe .....
        1. andj61
          andj61 19 February 2018 17: 21
          Quote: andre
          Meanwhile, GDP also tightens the screws

          And where does the GDP? what
          This Rosselkhoznadzor finally, after three years of scratching, began to comply with the requirements of presidential decrees and government decrees on the introduction of counter-sanctions - and nothing more! bully hi
    3. svp67
      svp67 19 February 2018 17: 03
      Quote: Slovak
      Least of all, anyone in the world is interested in the opinion of the alcoholic Potroshenko

      And who said that this is his opinion? He voices the opinion of his masters ... And this is easy to see, since he speaks the same thing from speech to speech ...
      1. IL-18
        IL-18 19 February 2018 18: 01
        His masters ...
        The bottom line is different. In all appeals to the west, Proshenko talks about unity. Calls, it will be more correct. Tries to organize on the principle of "against whom are we friends?"
        1. svp67
          svp67 19 February 2018 18: 41
          Quote: IL-18
          Tries to organize on the principle of "against whom are we friends?"

          Rather, by this principle ...
          1. rocket757
            rocket757 19 February 2018 21: 57
            That’s true, only it hasn’t come to the ataman’s pan yet, since you have a mess in the country and in your heads, you are not interested in the cardinal!
            Well, the gorilka hasn’t come to an end yet, so there’s nothing to grieve for the chieftain and to grieve!
            Can you think such a power would be insulting? His bins are full and for the rest he-us-nothing!
  2. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 19 February 2018 16: 49
    Did someone listen to him? I saw the footage. He was broadcasting in front of an almost empty hall ...
    1. Monos
      Monos 19 February 2018 17: 27
      Quote: Mountain Shooter
      Did someone listen to him? I saw the footage. He was broadcasting in front of an almost empty hall ...

      Not true, Klitschko and Klimkin were sitting there. I saw it myself. laughing
      1. rocket757
        rocket757 19 February 2018 23: 41
        You can’t do anything, significant figures as they are ... would you only understand in which chicken coop they are significant?
        At a Komsomol meeting today, a guest from Germany spoke ... specially the "bastard" indicated who the AtOman’s listener listened to, they wouldn’t invite him to Svidomo TV and radio!
  3. seregatara1969
    seregatara1969 19 February 2018 16: 50
    so called already or only called?
    1. svp67
      svp67 19 February 2018 17: 05
      Quote: seregatara1969
      so called already or only called?

      He can’t say goodbye to Russia just like Russia, but you’re climbing into such subtleties ...
  4. Kelwin
    Kelwin 19 February 2018 16: 51
    A good half liter works wonders, go on))
    1. Alexkorzun
      Alexkorzun 19 February 2018 23: 28
      No need to envy
      1. Kelwin
        Kelwin 20 February 2018 20: 22
        This photo after yesterday and a half liter here was not enough))
  5. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn 19 February 2018 17: 06
    With Nord Stream 2, it was necessary to start, otherwise Europeans would lose the main thread of this long speech. Mustache. The freebie ends. And you, now their poor relatives, with a bare ass. In turn, for a free soup! Become!
  6. Chichikov
    Chichikov 19 February 2018 17: 08
    Yes, everyone who has such an opportunity is fleeing from Ukrainian democracy - the EU, Belarus, Russia!
  7. Zubr
    Zubr 19 February 2018 17: 12
    Meli EMELYA, YOUR WEEK, fulfills his thirty pieces of silver.
  8. Herculesic
    Herculesic 19 February 2018 17: 12
    More and more convinced that we needed to share ukroinu in 2014! It was necessary to return the native Russian lands to themselves!
  9. Bosch
    Bosch 19 February 2018 17: 35
    Banderlog! You admit, you don’t admit - absolutely nothing will change from this.
  10. Hurricane70
    Hurricane70 19 February 2018 18: 00
    And you are all about the fact that we do not respond to mattresses ... This woodpecker must be lowered to the ground, there must be leverage! As a training session before others ... So if you talked about Russia badly, then for business! And ours all compete in wit ... How infuriating this kosher pork snout is!
  11. taiga2018
    taiga2018 19 February 2018 18: 02
    in all this verbal diarrhea, of course, the main thing for Petro and Ukraine is Nord Stream-2 ...
  12. Machete
    Machete 19 February 2018 18: 25
    Do not recognize the elections in Crimea-do not recognize Russia itself. Crimea has long been very firmly spelled out in all laws and does not recognize it separately from Russia - it can only drunken Poroshenko.
  13. The comment was deleted.
  14. Alex-a832
    Alex-a832 19 February 2018 20: 02
    Again Pedro about the "little green men" weaved. And what about Russia? If only as a producer of alcohol, from the excessive consumption of which these little men occupied the Porosenkovsky brain ...
  15. Metallurg_2
    Metallurg_2 19 February 2018 20: 17
    Pedro will ever think that the Outskirts will lose recognition as a sovereign state so far.
    In any question they rule the grandmother. Russia can afford to "buy everyone", and the country 404 only begs.
  16. friend of animals
    friend of animals 19 February 2018 20: 17
    Guess if Russia recognized the presidential election in Ukraine in 2014?
  17. sabakina
    sabakina 19 February 2018 21: 04
    He recalled the "little green men" in the Crimea
    You guys will laugh, but after a certain dose of alcohol I wake up on the floor, although I went to bed. But at the same time, I did not see either small or green ones. recourse
    1. rocket757
      rocket757 19 February 2018 23: 50
      Wrong product?
      It is necessary to find out the recipe from AtOman’s pan and send it to all NATO officials and others concerned !!!
      Here it will be a squeal !!! Can anyone and Kondraty visit out of fright then, it’s scary to imagine, green people will come to them not only in fantasies!
  18. gsev
    gsev 19 February 2018 22: 11
    Before saying such stupidity, Poroshenko would not hurt to inquire about the opinion of Crimeans about the elections. And already based on the opinions of these people and make statements. By this statement, Poroshenko reminded the Crimeans that he was their worst enemy. Do Germans, Poles, Anglo-Saxons need to make Russians angry again? Or do not spit in the well from which he drank.
    1. rocket757
      rocket757 19 February 2018 23: 52
      Are we so strange, did you think this was stupid? At his thought he straightened and slipped out!
  19. earloop
    earloop 20 February 2018 02: 52
    Not to “recognize” the elections, it’s trying to look absolutely sober when there is a vivid manifestation of the unmasking factors of the politician’s special condition: the face’s oil face, the smell of sivuhi on the exhaust, he perceives the pitching in the restaurant on the deck of the ship during a storm, makes a childish babble of a young man Michurinets about world threats to a “hybrid” of cranberries with a banana.
  20. LeonidL
    LeonidL 20 February 2018 03: 33
    No, there is no and there is no godfather and huckster Petyunchik Poproshenko to Europe ... soon neither Petyunchik nor Poproshenko will remain
  21. sgr291158
    sgr291158 20 February 2018 05: 54
    Petka on the basis of alcohol already has some sort of tantrum.