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On the IL-76 on the road

This case was in Antarctica in 1983. Then, at the Soviet station Vostok, one of the polar explorers became seriously ill. In order to save him needed a plane. And the plane needed a runway.

In those days, the temperature at the station was below 60 degrees with a minus sign. Under these conditions, the snow actually turns into ice. To take the plane, the polar explorers had to “set on fire” the runway in order to form a more tenacious coating.

Today, the preparation of runways is the responsibility of the Military Transport aviation. BTA pilots themselves are doing such things that civil aviation would never have decided. For example, landing on a huge transport IL-76 not on asphalt or concrete, but on snow, and even at night.

Only the pilots of the US Air Force and the Russian Aerospace Forces possess such capabilities. And if in America such “numbers” are considered exotic, then with the onset of winter, we build ice strips on all BTA airfields.

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  1. Lexus
    Lexus 19 February 2018 14: 08
    Good practice. A lot of runways in the country were dismantled and stolen.
    HEATHER 19 February 2018 14: 48
    A little is not said that the 76th range at 5.500 did not allow him, after refueling in Cape Town, to have even a couple of approaches. The weather was wind for 30 m / s sec. Snow dust. Visibility is less than 100. Our mistakes are fraught. However, the landing was difficult. On a "light bulb". The emergency fuel balance. The 76th at the end of the run drifted into a hummock. We broke the front rack. We pulled out hours. 5. The wheels were replaced, refueled and took off. The engines did not turn off.
  3. Simple
    Simple 19 February 2018 17: 53
    Quote: from article
    Such capabilities are possessed only by pilots of the US Air Force and Russian Air Force. And if in America such "numbers" are considered exotic ...

    If he doesn’t know himself, why does he mislead others?