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The General Staff spoke about the implementation of the experience gained in Syria

The Ministry of Defense summarizes and implements the experience gained in Syria in the preparation of the military administration, reports RIA News a message from the head of the Main Operational Directorate (GOU) of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Sergey Rudsky.

Currently, under the leadership of the GOU, work has been launched to summarize the experience of the hostilities gained in Syria and its implementation in the training of military command bodies, troops and forces, as well as in the educational process of military schools of the Ministry of Defense,
Rudskoy wrote in his article on the 316 anniversary of the formation of the General Staff of the Armed Forces.

The general noted that "the conduct of a special operation to stabilize the situation in Syria has become a serious test for the Main Operational Directorate and for all the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation." Also, generals and officers of public educational institutions “take an active part in the negotiation processes to resolve conflicts in Syria, contribute to the implementation of peacekeeping initiatives of the Russian Federation.”

He added that the GOU officers "constitute the core of the combat command and control group of the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation, which is engaged in analyzing the situation in Syria and preparing proposals for the leadership." According to Rudsky, all questions of the organization, preparation and conduct of hostilities are constantly under the operational management and control of public educational institutions.
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  1. bane's jacket
    bane's jacket 19 February 2018 13: 25
    Here is Rudskoy, one of the few in the leadership of the Russian Defense Ministry who personally impresses me. Tightened up, he speaks competently mostly not on a piece of paper and always on business.
  2. bazzbazz
    bazzbazz 19 February 2018 13: 26
    Unfortunately a bitter but very rewarding experience! It’s a pity that we turned the country around and are losing our guys. But unfortunately in the modern world without this in any way.
    1. okko077
      okko077 19 February 2018 14: 50
      There is no experience in Syria, there are forgotten WWII rules that I had to remember. Yes, our army is fighting at the level of 2 years ago and uses modern weapons. And he uses it poorly ... But nobody wants to see the lessons of Syria. We have completely no modern Combat Information Systems in the army that allow us to monitor the entire combat area in real time day and night and provide real-time targeting to our modern weapons .... We do not have such systems, we control position areas using observers and scouts, overflights of aviation. The technical means of reconnaissance are scattered, are not included in the systems and issue information with a great delay. This applies to medium and large radius UAVs that are written to carriers. This applies to TU-60R airplanes, which also write to the media .... All real-time intelligence is transmitted in voice by people with advanced lines and suggest the possibility of their death .... Thus, without suicide correctors and pilots, also suicide bombers, as it turned out , we do not control the real, not very quickly changing situation in Syria in real time. We don’t have technical equipment, which, in addition to monitoring, should also provide real-time target designation, without loss of life ... We will stack the loyal and most competent fighters, well just like in the 214nd World .... Nobody wants to notice these lessons and nobody talks about them ... And we don’t have normal generals. Some stupid backward, but loyal degenerates ... Devotees in this case are closer to the word "traitors" for their soldiers and officers and people ....
      1. okko077
        okko077 19 February 2018 15: 09
        Most importantly, we have everything for creating LSI, and individual elements of these systems can be created in a year ... GS is guilty of this cave lag behind the realities of the modern world of information technology in the military field, and its leader personally, who ditched one of the attempts the creation of such systems .... Where in Syria are the information channels of ESU TK "Sozvezdie_M" and "Andromeda". If they work, then why aren't they there? ... Have you ever heard such systems and words in the forum? .... And you say to introduce experience ?! The experience of narrow-headedness and dullness?
        1. okko077
          okko077 19 February 2018 15: 53
          Not a single enemy intelligence officer at the highest headquarters does as much harm as a dumb general ... Without implementing information technology, these poor strategists invent "new" systems, "new" methods of warfare ... Instead of developing intelligence capabilities based on information systems, they remember about massive tank attacks, which simply cannot be in a modern war with a strong enemy ... Tanks are only targets and they are used only for full stripping in the second, or rather in the third echelon ... And then, how to explain to Europe our defensive character ..
          Instead of eliminating combat contact and casualties during combat operations, they put soldiers in the "Warriors" and force them to use toy robots in their battle formations. Soldiers do not go in the first echelon, they are all removed, and ours, as always, go ahead ...
          Tu-160, which are needed for political advertising and which have limited locations and are counted and will be destroyed immediately, turn into a miracle weapon ... They suggest making an attack aircraft from the carrier of a nuclear weapon SU-34, although there is no attack anymore ... We don’t have simple attack aircraft for local conflicts, and we are proud to use “strategists” in them and stamp fighter jets ...
          High-precision calibers are launched at the coordinates calculated using binoculars ... Our artillery systems of the MLRS and the Coalition shoot farthest and best of all, but do not know where? At all exercises, they shoot direct fire from the trench .... Enough? Parade of freaks! ... Will we introduce this experience?
          1. rruvim
            rruvim 19 February 2018 16: 17
            I completely agree with you! The complete lack of BIOS Some Chinese-made laptops on the folding tables of our officers are simply ridiculous. Gunners operate with conventional optics, sometimes even behind enemy lines. Israeli Outposts are just a gift to the enemy. Yes, for the entire three-year company of "calibers" already spent as many as 100 pieces. One-third of the one-day bombing of Iraq in 1991. The bridge drowned, Palmyra was taken twice. MI-28N crashed due to lack of data from military topographers. Relation: "The SAR air defense (Y. Bondarev) was fully restored," the result: one Israeli F-16 hit. They didn’t save the Su-25 pilot ... But Rudsky has a bunch of Chinese-made LCD monitors in the so-called National Defense Center, and they show ... - VESTI 24 with elections 2018
          2. Alexey-74
            Alexey-74 19 February 2018 16: 25
            I think not everything is so bad .... do not give in to panic. Everything is smooth only on paper. And the fact that our units have acquired practical knowledge is unequivocal.
  3. Same lech
    Same lech 19 February 2018 13: 28
    work to generalize the experience of hostilities

    It is interesting that it will be ... methods ... textbooks ... a memo ... something in the charter of the army and the Russian Air Force is supposed to change after analyzing the war in SYRIA.
  4. Egorovich
    Egorovich 19 February 2018 13: 40
    Syria is an invaluable experience both for the General Staff, and for the army and navy of the Russian Federation, and especially an excellent training ground for Russian new weapons. The results are very good! good