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New 2018 Weapons: Sig Sauer P365 Small Pistol

Looking through the photo and video reports from the SHOT Show 2018 exhibition, it is impossible not to notice that in 90% of cases, the new compact gun from Sig Sauer is considered the “highlight of the program”. New weapon positioned as the perfect gun for everyday wear and self-defense. Many even emphasize the designation “365” in the name of the weapon, as a hint that the gun is ready for use 365 days a year. Let's try to get acquainted with this new weapon, and also we will go over those compact models of the company that are now available on the market.

On the issue of compactness

Immediately it is necessary to make a brief digression about the compactness of various models of weapons. As is known, the classification of even certain categories of weapons may be different, what can we say about the issues of size classification. In fact, one should not be surprised that the full-size models of pistols, from our point of view, may contain the word “Compact” in their names, because even measuring the caliber of weapons is done differently. In this material, the models of Sig Sauer pistols will be presented, which the manufacturer referred to the “Micro-Compact” category, to which the Sig-Sauer P365 pistol is assigned.

Pistol Sig Sauer P365

Once the gun is positioned as a weapon for self-defense, it means you need to make special demands on it, different from the requirements for combat pistols or sporting weapons. First of all, weapons, of course, must be reliable and ready for use in any adverse conditions. Talking about reliability before the pistols of this particular model did not find their owners and were not tested by the consumer, and not by the workers of the plant where they were made, it makes no sense. Even large weapon companies sometimes make mistakes, so we’ll skip the issue of reliability. Despite this, you can get acquainted with the design of the weapon itself, which will give a general idea of ​​what you can expect from a pistol.

New 2018 Weapons: Sig Sauer P365 Small Pistol

There are no revolutionary decisions in the design of the pistol, one can even say that it is the next of many pistols of the same type. The automation system is built around the use of recoil energy in the short course of the barrel. Locking the barrel is due to the coupling of the protrusion above the breech and the window for ejection of spent cartridges. The trigger mechanism of the pistol pistol with dovzvodom when you press the trigger. There are no external signs of the presence of at least some elements that protect against an accidental shot, which is not far from the truth. All that protects against accidental firing is the blocking of the firing pin during the forward stroke, in case the trigger is not pressed and the force of pressing the trigger itself. Which leads to the issue of weapon security.

Although the gun designed for self-defense must be ready for use immediately after being removed, it must be completely safe. Despite the fact that these weapons requirements seem to be mutually exclusive, many manufacturers find a solution in the form of using so-called automatic fuses in the form of keys, without pressing which a shot is impossible. The implementation of such a solution can be very diverse: from the Browning keys on the handle, to the keys on the trigger, in this case there is nothing of the kind. If we compare in this respect with pistols of similar design and characteristics, this is clearly not a plus of the Sig Sauer Р365 pistol. On the other hand, only the pistol that does not have a cartridge in the chamber can be called safe, under this condition everyone is equal regardless of the design and implementation of the safety devices.

An important parameter for the gun, which is positioned as a means of self-defense, is ergonomics. Not only should the weapon be comfortable when firing, it should be comfortable while wearing, and although the convenience of wearing depends largely on the holster, the gun should not have any sharp or protruding parts. In general, the concept of ergonomics and small-sized weapons are not very compatible, however, even visually, you can see that the gun is quite comfortable. Separately, it is worth noting that for a pistol there is an expanded-capacity store, which lengthens the handle, making it more convenient for people with large palm sizes. But this store will have to be bought separately, complete with a weapon it is not.

If we talk about the controls, they are extremely scarce. In particular, they are represented only by the slide stop lever, duplicated on both sides by the magazine eject button and the trigger, we do not take the lever to disassemble the weapon. Sights protozoa in the form of a pillar and front sight, they are marked by points accumulating light paint, which should facilitate aiming in low light conditions. Additional devices in the form of a laser target designator or a small-sized flashlight can be installed under the barrel of the weapon, although their choice will probably have to be limited only to those produced by Sig Sauer, due to its size and seating position.

The numbers that characterize this weapon are as follows. The mass of a Sig Sauer P365 pistol without ammunition is equal to 500 gram. It feeds weapons from shops with a capacity of 10 9x19 cartridges, including + P. For weapons there is also a shop with a capacity of 12 cartridges. The total length of the gun is equal to 147 millimeters with a barrel length of 78 millimeters. The height with the standard magazine is equal to 108 millimeters, the thickness of the weapon is 26 millimeters.

If you look at the Sig Sauer pistol objectively, then this weapon is really compact, lightweight, and most importantly, thin. The standard 10 magazine’s storage capacity is more than enough for self-defense, while the common ammunition has a wide variety of options, including an expansive bullet for the civilian market. The disadvantage of this weapon is its safety. Of course, this statement is subjective and in a person disciplined and respectful of the weapon, this gun will be completely safe. However, over the past few years, we can observe a tendency to abandon the switch of the weapon safety device in favor of automatic fuses on the trigger, Sig Sauer went even further, refusing to do so. If you give a general assessment, then in the gun Sig Sauer P365 there is absolutely nothing that could make it unique. But this does not mean that he is bad. There is simply a mass of weapons on the market with similar characteristics and even a device. The whole excitement can be explained by the adoption by the US Army of an older “brother” of this pistol, with which it is even similar in appearance.

It will not be superfluous to get acquainted with other pistols of this class, which are produced by Sig Sauer.

Pistols Sig Sauer 1911, Р238 and Р938

It is worthwhile to point out once again that in this material we are considering pistols that the manufacturer classified as Micro-Compact, but one cannot but hook on the compact version of the Colt 1911 made by Sig Sauer, just below it becomes clear why.
Considering the small-sized pistols of the Sig Sauer company, it is impossible not to be surprised that there is no modern weapon in the catalogs. Despite the fact that only a lazy person has not yet tried to make his own Glock 26 or something similar, the Sig Sauer occupied its place in this niche with pistols, one might say, of a classic design.

The company has launched a wide variety of versions and versions of its copy of the well-known Colt 1911, among which there is a compact version, under the name 1911 Ultra-Compact. This gun is a very shortened version of the same Colt 1911 and completely repeats its design, even the automatic safety lever on the back of the handle is present. The gun is made in two versions for the 9x19 cartridges and its “relatives” .45АСР. But within the framework of this article, this weapon is not interesting to us, but it’s interesting that before the Р365 appeared, more compact models of Sig Sauer pistols were based on this weapon, which has been designed for more than a hundred years and which (with all due respect to Colt 1911), according to modern standards, poorly suited for compact pistols.

So, what is the Sig Sauer P238 small-sized pistol? And he represents the whole 15 variants of weapons of all colors and versions, and each option has its own name, and not just the number behind the designation of the weapon model. There are among this variety and pistols, which are difficult not to be taken seriously, despite the modest dimensions, and there are those who would soon be mistaken for a toy than for a weapon. However, despite the apparent diversity, all the 15 versions of the P238 pistols have an identical design, and they all use the .380ACP cartridge.

As mentioned above, the P238 pistols are based on the Colt 1911 design. This means that we have a small-sized pistol with automatics built on the use of recoil energy in the short course of the barrel. Trigger trigger single action. In general, the design is completely identical to the Colt 1911, except that on the back of the handle there is not enough of the automatic fuse key.

Although pistols have different names, all 15 weapon variants have identical characteristics. So, the length of the barrel of pistols is 69 millimeters, and the total length of 140 millimeters. Mass hovers around 440 grams. P238 pistols from stores with 6 ammo capacity are powered, but there are also stores with an expanded 7 ammo capacity. The thickness of the gun is equal to 28 millimeters.

P938 pistols as well as P238 are similar in design to Colt and, like P238, these pistols are presented with a huge number of options. Sig Sauer Р938 pistols differ from Р238 by slightly larger dimensions and ammunition. So P938 pistols are powered by 9x19 cartridges. There are exceptions among these pistols, so the Sig Sauer P938-22 Target Micro-Compact pistol is powered by .22 LR cartridges, but it can be adapted for 9 XX19 cartridges. In the first case, the weapons automation system will be with a free gate, in the second, the automation system is already similar to the Browning Colt M1911. In the first version, the gun is powered from a magazine with a capacity of 10 cartridges, in the second one from a magazine with a capacity of 6 cartridges or a store with increased capacity for 7 cartridges.

Another gun that stands out against the P938 is the Sig Sauer H938 Emperor Scorpion TB. This small-sized pistol is unique in that it has an elongated barrel protruding beyond the frame of the weapon, on the muzzle of which there is a thread for installing a silent-shooting device. Otherwise, this gun is identical to all other P938.

The remaining 12 versions of Sig Sauer P938 pistols differ only in appearance and are completely identical to each other. So for all of them the following characteristics are true. Total length - 150 millimeters with a barrel length 76 millimeters. Thickness is 28 millimeters. Weight around 460 grams. It feeds weapons from magazines with a capacity of 6 rounds or long magazines with a capacity of 7 rounds.

For all these reasons, it is safe to say that the Sig Sauer P365 pistol is a sure step forward for a company that previously could not boast of having a modern small-sized pistol among its products. Even in spite of the fact that 29 variants of small-sized pistols appear in the company's catalogs, in fact these are only two models of weapons in different versions, and even these two models are virtually identical in design. Compete with other manufacturers of weapons, having in its model range greatly shortened Colt М1911, is rather difficult, Р365 should correct this situation, although this gun can be called quite ordinary by modern standards. Despite the mediocre nature of the Sig Sauer P365 pistol, judging by the way the new weapon was met, on the wave of this incomprehensible delight, the gun can count on more than one thousand customers.
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  1. AntiFREEZ
    AntiFREEZ 20 February 2018 15: 08
    An article on how citizens can defend themselves in normal countries, with sane weapons laws.
    1. kush62
      kush62 20 February 2018 18: 56
      AntiFREEZ Today, 15:08 New
      An article on how citizens can defend themselves in normal countries, with sane weapons laws.

      We are waiting for a bunch of support that we don’t allow a normal person to go with a simple heavy machine gun at night to the pavilion laughing It’s normal not to break into a tram, not to slip into a subway car. Well, the people have no weapons laughing
      1. AlexMark
        20 February 2018 19: 51
        I want to buy, as during the war, a tank at the expense of the artist, but to use myself for a while. It's nice, probably, to suddenly appear in the housing office and ask to replace the floor in the kitchen, without leaving the car. It is good to enter the market and ask through the slot: “Skoko, skoko? One kilo or whole bag? ”
        (C) laughing
        1. kush62
          kush62 20 February 2018 19: 56
          AlexMark Today, 19:51 ↑
          I want to buy, as during the war, a tank at the expense of the artist, but to use myself for a while. It's nice, probably, to suddenly appear in the housing office and ask to replace the floor in the kitchen, without leaving the car. It is good to enter the market and ask through the slot: “Skoko, skoko? One kilo or whole bag? ”

          You still want the collapse of our economy. And what will the head of the Housing Office buy a villa in Gispan? laughing
    2. tracer
      tracer 20 February 2018 22: 23
      You are a respected forum member do not hang your ears. Noodles will pile from three boxes. Believe me, as a representative of a "normal country", that where he is destined to "defend the owner" he will not help. A "help" only where you do not need to wear it.
      Such is the paradox.
      1. AntiFREEZ
        AntiFREEZ 21 February 2018 02: 26
        Quote: tracer
        that where it is intended to "defend the owner," he will not help. A "help" only where you do not need to wear it.
        Such is the paradox.

        belay What is your problem there? Wearing prohibited? Or is the application strictly regulated?
    3. Vladimir 5
      Vladimir 5 21 February 2018 18: 49
      The key word is "normal", but we have an abnormal comprodo-oligarchic regime. Those in power are afraid to give weapons to citizens, and the state of poverty is not ready to use weapons at the household level. For the British and other Germans, civilian weapons are strictly regulated by many requirements ...
  2. Curious
    Curious 20 February 2018 15: 27
    "If we talk about controls, they are very scarce. In particular, they are represented only by a bolt-release lever, a magazine extraction button duplicated on both sides and a trigger, we don’t take the lever for disassembling weapons."
    The author, if you decide to write about weapons, you somehow work on yourself. What are these phrases from the repertoire of sofa armourers. And what other “controls” can I stick to such a gun? Steering wheel? Pedals? Leverage? The helm
    1. AlexMark
      20 February 2018 15: 46
      And the fuse switch? wink But I understood the criticism, we will get rid of this expression)
      1. Curious
        Curious 20 February 2018 17: 35
        Mark, do not be offended by some sharpness, but the right word, it doesn’t cost to invent anything. Open Fedorov's “Foundations of the Automatic Weapon Device”, 1931, and you will find out that weapon automation is not built around a principle, but on a principle. Yes, and these principles he painted. This is a classic.
        And that is, after all, an author is already on the site, whose details have “sufficient length and width with height, as well as one or another weight”.
        1. AlexMark
          20 February 2018 19: 00
          Yes, there is no offense, on the contrary, the shortcomings need to be pointed out. Someone is doing well at once, but this is not our case. laughing
  3. alex-cn
    alex-cn 20 February 2018 17: 06
    The author is right that there will be a surge in sales. This is due to the fact that the "brother" was adopted by the army. And so, it’s quite an ordinary design.
    about reliability in a variety of conditions - this is a civilian weapon - do not crawl through the mud with it and do not throw it in the sand
    but something I am somewhat confused by the sighting look they have "clinging"
    1. tracer
      tracer 20 February 2018 22: 29
      There will be no surge in sales. The market is full.
  4. tracer
    tracer 20 February 2018 22: 27
    I did not buy SIG just because of a nasty grip and a hammer-like appearance. But with a friend, the machine has already shot at least 5 thousand maybe even more. It works like a clock. But I do not like.
    1. gladcu2
      gladcu2 21 February 2018 00: 02
      Walter PP, the best compact. Well, PM is also very correct.

      True in Canada with laws along the length of the trunk, excesses. Therefore, a similar topic is unfortunately not for Canada.

      I don’t like hammers either.
  5. gladcu2
    gladcu2 20 February 2018 23: 58
    Thanks to the author.

    The compact property description is correct. There’s nothing to complain about.

    But there is such a chip.

    Pay attention to the eject buttons stores.
    When worn in a holster, a hard holster, and even a soft one, can press the eject button of stores and you may find yourself without a store quite unexpectedly.

    Since nothing sensible can be opposed to this, when buying a holster, you should carefully consider the design of the holster. Given this feature.

    In one of the photos, there is an extension on the trunk. This is due to laws in some countries to limit barrel length.
  6. Burks
    Burks 21 February 2018 21: 51
    Zig-Sauer is one of the best pistols in the world and the author’s reasoning whether he will be reliable looks unprofessional. It’s also that buying in a BMW saloon is afraid that you will buy a Zaporozhets. I live in the EU and have personal weapons. When buying a new gun you get a guarantee of at least 2 years and in the event of a defective return! Considering that Ziga has not reached 50.000 warranty service life, everything is clear with the quality. As for the scarcity of management, this is a general global trend. Minimalism. All world pistol leaders have abandoned mechanical fuses in favor of automatic fuses, since a simple layman in a stressful situation often forgets to remove it. An automatic fuse will prevent a random shot from being fired, for example, when a pistol with a cartridge in the chamber falls and hits, as happened with the TT. Only conscious pulling the trigger. I descend as 365 but those Zigi that I shot (250, 245) are very comfortable and ergonomic. I think that this one wakes up no worse. For me, the trunk is so short, but it’s a mini and it doesn’t need much accuracy at point blank range. And the demand will be despite the saturation of the market since we do not have a limit on the number of pistols for personal use. Many have a gun for constant training (usually full-sized), a compact for carrying, and even some sort of a soul.
    1. AlexMark
      22 February 2018 07: 32
      As practice shows, the scale of the company is not an indicator of blind trust in quality. Remember Remington, as they recently withdrew their pistols. Of course, the cost was reimbursed to the owners, but the sediment remained, from which the company is now suffering. No manufacturer is insured against errors. request