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Russia: between Qatar and Nabucco

I. Like cheese in oil

Qatar lives very well. This is a small country (11586 sq. Km) with a population of just 1,7 million. It receives revenues from the sale of gas (6-th place for export in the world) and oil (21-th place). Qatar ranks first in the world in terms of GDP per capita (over 93000 dollars). Recently, its residents broke the world record for the proportion of obese people in the country, overtaking the United States. Already more than half of Qataris are obese. Hassan Taiz, one of the inhabitants of the country, admits: “It's all because we just sit in Qatar, smoke and eat heavy food at fast-food restaurants. There is little work, everything is automated, and most of us spend time in offices and cars ”("Arguments and Facts").

Russia: between Qatar and Nabucco

"The country is inhabited by people who once came for a long dinar, and now embody their life doctrine, which turns out to be very primitive: eat and sleep," writes "TVNZ". In Qatar, the rial monetary unit is now, but this gluttony is not a hindrance.

However, in Qatar, which rolls like cheese and butter, where there are a lot of McDonald's, not everyone was so fat that they were able to think only about food and sleeping. Some people in the ruling circles, swallowing saliva, but courageously refusing another tasty donut or a second liter of sweet Coca-Cola, are building a rather substantial energy strategy. To the detriment of the interests of Russia, by the way. After all, Russia is doing the same as Qatar. No, no, we are not talking about traveling to McDonalds for double cheeseburgers, but about exporting gas and oil.

Unintended Qatari here are at one with the unripe Americans.

Doctor of Economics, head of the geo-economics department of the Russian Academy of Geopolitical Problems and head of the ANNA information and analytical agency Marat Musin believes that at present the United States, engaging Qatar in “cooperation”, is implementing a geopolitical and economic strategy similar to that in 1980 yo was one of the global causes of the destruction of the USSR. If, at that time, oil prices hit (to 12 dollars per barrel) Saudi Arabia, now Qatar, controlled by the United States through Exxon Mobil, is engaged in gas.

Qatar was transferred to the United States (Exxon Mobil) and Britain (British Petroleum) advanced technologies for liquefying and transporting gas, which are ahead of Russia, according to M. Musin, are fifteen years old. Qatar has a “splendid fleet of special vessels 54 - gas carriers of the South Korean construction class Q-max (270 thousand tons of LNG) and Q-flex (166). But the risks of Iran blocking the Strait of Hormuz with Iran do not allow Qatar to replace Gazprom in the same Europe. For this, it is necessary to lay a gas pipeline, at least, to the Mediterranean Sea, and, as a maximum, through Turkey and on to Europe. In reality, this can be done only through the territory of Syria, which Iran’s strategic ally will never do. Note that the richest field in the North is located on the border of Qatar and Iran, where it is called South Pars ”(Marat Musin, "On the Eve").

The existence of the newest scenario of gas geopolitical "regrouping" Musin proves last year's events in Libya and the current vector of American politics in Syria.

Let me remind you that the Syrian world hegemon, with the help of its allies, including Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, is trying to democratize it, dividing it into the notorious “buffer zones” and “humanitarian corridors”. It should also be remembered that Israel and the United States are aggressively disposed towards Iran. Who knows if the anti-bunker bombs will fall on the Iranian hydrocarbon deposits instead of nuclear facilities? .. Let us return to Musin.

“The main reason for the events in the Middle East,” he said, “is the economic background, because it will determine the future of such countries as Russia, China, Iran and Germany. For the “energy superpower” of Russia and Iran, which is rich in hydrocarbons, today it seems natural to provide Europe and China with its energy resources. For the latter - to receive them from Russia, Iran and Algeria, regardless of the wishes of the United States. Including for the main EU economy in Germany. Qatar has already declared a price war to Gazprom, especially since the latter does not depend on gas transit countries ”(Marat Musin, "On the Eve"). And further: “In order to bring the streams to Europe from the south under the control of the US satellites, it is necessary to dismember Syria, coup in Algeria and bombard the Iranian fields. In Syria, there should be either the leadership of the country controlled by the Americans, or a part of the territory should leave as a buffer. That is, we are talking about dismemberment ”(same source). Mussin draws the following scenario: “gas isolation” of Russia through Qatar and Saudi Arabia using the “price-quality” economic lever. “Either they transfer liquefaction terminals to a safe zone in the Mediterranean,” Musin says, “or they will drag the gas pipeline further, but it is profitable to build it to 2 thousand km, then it is profitable to transport liquefied gas. The pressure will be very strong in the coming 12 months. Otherwise, if the Americans do nothing, many can get out of the dollar zone, start settlements in national currencies, create an international financial settlement system independent of the Americans ”(same source). Thus, for the implementation of the described strategy can be used a combined option associated with the transportation of liquefied gas by sea, and with the construction of a gas pipeline through the territory of Jordan and dismembered Syria to a friendly US Turkey.

As you know, Qatar is one of the long-time supporters of the weapons of the so-called Syrian opposition. “The ideological cover and mobilization of Islamist militants in Qatar is carried out by the Chairman of the World Council of Islamic Theologians Yusuf Al Qardawi, the former head of the Egyptian Muslim Brothers, whose strong influence on the Emir and the high degree of Russophobia cannot be underestimated. Especially considering his active support of the Chechen terrorists. That is why the Qatari Canal “Al Jazeera” deals with the problems of Syria from morning to evening, and the mountains from Qatar are transported by Qatar air forces to Jordan and Turkey. weapons for the “Syrian Free Army”, openly funded groups of Syrian terrorists and Islamic militants "(M. Musin, "ANNA").

As for the alleged cooperation of "Exxon Mobil" with Russia, that, according to Musin, is one sheer swindle. “Here we must understand whether we received projects on paper or real investments - these are different things. Qatar also promises us Yamal LNG, Ural Industrial - Ural Polar and other projects, but when it comes to money, it turns out that it’s all a linden. We are embroiled in expensive projects, we spend money, and when it comes down to business, it turns out that our partners have “thrown” us. As a result, we have debt problems, but they have nothing to do with it. Exxon Mobil is pursuing this active policy, and as the mouthpiece of American interests in the oil and gas sector, it will naturally try to control the processes both in Russia and in other countries ”(M. Musin, "On the Eve").

In words El murida“For some reason, Qatar constantly keeps Russia on a short leash, expressing interest in one, now in another, now in the third major investment project - as a result, refusing and starting to show interest in the next. Considering that there are not so many people who want to invest in the Russian economy, Qatar behaves like a rich uncle, waving a bundle of dollars in front of the Russian nomenklatura - while clearly chasing empty. ”

According to Musin, it turns out that with the current Exxon Mobil strategy, it’s also an American strategy, it’s also Qatariian, and due to allied hydrocarbon intentions and Saudi, the following series of measures is planned for Moscow’s economic opposition: 1) American oil and gas blockade of Russia through Qatar and Saudi Arabia; 2) the replacement of Russian gas supplies to Europe for the supply of US satellite countries (for this, Syria is being dismembered, democracy is being built in Algeria and Iranian fields are being bombed); 3) saving the dollar as one of the key currencies in the world, while preventing the creation of an alternative system of international settlements (such as, for example, the system of the BRICS countries, or at least a system of direct settlements in rubles and yuan). That is, we are dealing with a tough strategy ahead, designed to prevent the dollar from falling - the very one that everyone has already become accustomed to calling contemptuously "green paper" and which nevertheless remains one of the key currencies.

“The successful US implementation of these long-running plans,” writes M. Musin, “allows us to destroy the emerging bundle of euro - ruble and euro - yuan, make the yuan an ordinary regional currency, make Europe and Germany dependent on US energy supplies by the satellites, force Russia to surrender. Obviously, in such a situation, China will be forced to begin the direct annexation of Russian territories and resources, which will most likely lead to a military clash between two nuclear powers ... ”("ANNA").

According to Musin, today de-industrialization of Russia is preventing the effective counteraction of US plans. Our country would help solve the emerging geopolitical and economic problem: an alliance with Germany (the Germans give us high technology, we give them hydrocarbons for guaranteed supplies); strong strategic friendship with Syria, Iran, India and China; the creation of independent from the US international financial settlement systems. Otherwise, the planned combined blow to gas and oil, Russia will not suffer.

Already, Moscow has lost 3% of the gas market because Qatar supplies gas to Europe (Victoria Fomenko, Trud). That is, Qatar is going to gain a foothold in the European market for the supply of liquefied natural gas. Here he “enters into direct competition with Gazprom with its pipeline gas. For this purpose, an extensive infrastructure is being created: the creation of LNG terminals in Europe is being financed, the possibilities of entering European energy structures are being considered, and another huge sea port is being built and gas carriers under LNG are being built.

Soon 25 of Q-Max project supertankers laid on the stocks in Qatar, capable of transporting millions of cubic meters of 150 per flight, will become a powerful armada of expansion in foreign markets. This armada, considering that the American Exxon Mobil is looking over the shoulder of the Qatari producer, will be used to undermine Russia's status as a leading supplier of gas to Europe. There is an opinion that using such a powerful lever, the neoconservative lobby in Washington, which gives Russia, at best, the role of the United States vassal in the future confrontation with China, will try to force Moscow to abandon a completely independent foreign policy ... "(Vadim Vikhrov, Foundation for Strategic Culture).

"In the end, under the nose of" Gazprom ", - writes El murid- regasification terminals are rapidly being built in Europe - in the South, in the North, in England. A huge fleet of gas carriers is being built - and the Q-Max series of twenty-five copies is not the only and not the last. It should be understood that 50 billions of cubic meters of gas per year is, of course, just 5% of the European gas market, but we are talking about the fact that this is in addition to already working projects. And Qatar quietly and peacefully pulled back 6 percent of the European market to itself, as a result of which the share of Gazprom decreased from 26 to 24. But we should not forget about Libya, where Qatar densely sits on the Libyan gas, and most importantly - keep in mind Algeria, which is absolutely outrageous leads, though controlled, but in many ways and sovereign policy in the gas sphere. By all indications, Algeria is one of the following goals for democratization. By the time Qatar builds its fleet and creates the infrastructure for LNG supplies, the fate of Algeria will be decided. Anyway".

So, Russia has a place in the post-Syrian and post-Algerian world. And probably the Postiranian. However, while analysts are scaring us with their geopolitical forecasts, Iran’s President Ahmadinejad, ready to block the Strait of Hormuz, in which case Qatar is not alone, transports its goods to the European market, is skillfully negotiating with the “six”, and Syrian President Bashar Asad with his gratitude notes how Syrian opposition terrorists surrender to hundreds of winning armies. It seems that if Russia succeeds in retaining its influence in Syria - and for this it is necessary to continue to defend its position before the aggressive West - then the chances of surviving in the post-industrial world, which turned out to be, despite the predictions of futurologist Toffler, an ordinary industrial one, will be there. And there will be another reason to speed up economic ties with BRICS - against the backdrop of a general opposition to the dollar. And it would be nice to think about expanding the BRICS, including on a mineral-raw material basis ... What is OPEC in Russia when Syria and Iran could join BRICS? Is it inconvenient somehow from the point of view of international diplomacy - against the background of “nuclear” hysteria around Tehran? .. But it is convenient for the States wherever there is oil or gas. And if Russia does not come there - with the proposal of an ordinary union, by the way, and not for oil or gas - then sooner or later either the States or their obese satellites will be there.

So both Syria, in which UN observers are already operating (by the way, even slightly criticizing the opposition for attacks), and a formidable Iran, are quite serious obstacles to the implementation of the geo-economic plans of the United States and Qatar with the Saudis. And five percent of the Euromarket gas in Qatar is not so much. But Russia must keep its eyes open.

The fact is that, in addition to “deindustrialization,” Russia is preventing its beautiful life — well, yes, in the manner of a fat Qatar — and the behavior of Gazprom’s management, who does not seem to notice the emerging “competitive” problem. Other analysts see here, however, the problem is not so much Gazprom, as the “pro-American” government of Russia, others believe that the top managers of Gazprom are completely relatives and godfathers, and part-time members of the fifth column, still others believe that these top managers are simply incompetent; Musin simply states the fact: “They have not yet come out of these projects. Gazprom still does not understand that Qatar has thrown us. They only said that, guys, let's be friends, there will be so many billions "("On the Eve").

We honor El murida:

«Парадокс ситуации заключается в том, что мощная и весьма обеспеченная ресурсами — финансовыми, людскими, административными, лоббистскими и так далее — структура «Газпрома» совершенно беспомощна в области внешней разведки. В области стратегического прогнозирования. <…>

... No action to advance - only a reaction to events. There is only one explanation for this - there is no normal corporate intelligence service and an analytical forecast.

При этом как раз в области контрразведки у «Газпрома» всё в полном порядке — во всяком случае, нет громких проколов с утечками, нет перебежек топ-персонала, внутри корпорации ведется активная борьба с засланными казачками, с говорунами и так далее. <…> С внешним уровнем, судя по всему, просто беда.

In my opinion, now for Gazprom (and for Russia) there is a vital task, even with a delay, but adequately and precisely ahead of schedule to destroy plans to seize Gazprom's markets - and first of all, in Europe. ”

El Murid suggests Gazprom to create an analytical center that responds to external threats. Secondly, Gazprom (as if together with Russia) must determine its strategic allies. In Europe, it is the Germany mentioned above, in Asia it is also the mentioned Syria, Iran and China. Well, in Africa, the mentioned Algeria.

(That's right: everyone who is against the dangerous geopolitical game of the United States needs to be friends with Russia. And Russia is to be friends with them. The common enemy rallies, you know).

Finally, El Murid offers no special ceremony in corporate wars. Polite competition - was it ever there? .. Therefore, it is proposed to use those who are not too fat in Qatar - 15% of the Shiite population, who come from Iran. This is a “color revolution” in Qatar that Iran could initiate.

Since our ambassador was beaten in Qatar, we at least have a reason for a competitive response. El Murid believes that the ambassador’s beating is, in essence, the same as a naval vessel’s attack or sabotage on the territory.

As for Gazprom (El Murid harmoniously passes from it to Russia), then “it is here that the selfish interests of the nomenklatura coincide with the state ones. It is the war with Qatar today - this is the point of consensus, which can quite well without mental spasm explain the unity of power and society. Qatar encroached not only on Russian interests - it robs our nomenclature. Selecting acquired by overwork. For whom did our oligarchs revolutionize 91? For whom did they flood Moscow with 93 and put a half-drunk half-half on 96 on the throne? For the natives of al-Thani, or what? "

Ii. Bypass!

A reduction in the “dependence” of the European Union on Gazprom (read: Europe on Russia) is also planned in a different way, in which Germany’s “natural” buyer of Russian gas comes close to a competitive pipe. True, this path is no less complicated than the idea of ​​dismembering Syria, bombing Iran, occupying Algeria and making Qatar the world's leading gas supplier.

We are talking about the planned construction of the Nabucco gas pipeline.

From the huge gas pipeline 3,9 length, thousand km (from the Caspian Sea to Austria), its entertainers refused at the beginning of 2012.

In January, US State Department Special Representative for Europe and Asia (there is such a yes) Richard Morningstar, speaking at the conference "Natural Gas and the Energy Future of Ukraine", said: "It has recently become clear that from a financial and temporary from the point of view it is harder to realize ”("Russian newspaper"). The implementation of the project will require long-term labor costs. In addition, the pipeline is unlikely to be filled to 100%.

Затем, в середине марта 2012 г., газета «Financial Times» сообщила, что «урезанный вариант газопровода, получивший название Nabucco West, одобрен большинством акционеров проекта, в котором с равными долями по 16,67% участвуют австрийская OMV Gas & Power GmbH, венгерская MOL, болгарская Bulgargaz, румынская Transgaz, турецкий Botas и германский RWE Supply & Trading GmbH. Примечательно, что проект Nabucco West был представлен и британской ВР, которая в число акционеров Nabucco не входит, но заинтересована в транспортировке газа с азербайджанского месторождения Шах-Дениз» (Alexander Shustov, Foundation for Strategic Culture).

All these gentlemen assume that the gas supply to Europe, including Germany, will not be Russia, but Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan bypassing Russia. This strategic bypass maneuver in the economic language was called the diversification of the “energy supply routes of the European Union” (Alexey Chichkin, Rossiyskaya Gazeta). A major discussion on the “diversified” supply of Turkmen gas to Europe took place at the “Turkmenistan - Europe: Prospects for Cooperation” forum, which ended on March 16 in Berlin. The head of the European Commission's Energy Directorate, Jean Arnold Vinoy, speaking on behalf of the European Commissioner for Energy, Günther Oettinger, said that it would be most expedient to supply the EU with energy through the Southern Gas Corridor, which should be part of the Nabucco gas pipeline. Gas will go to Europe through a pipe through Azerbaijan and Turkey. Vinua urged Ashkhabad to hurry with the decision, expressing fears that other gas players - for example, Russia, Iraq, Iran - would not pull the cat by the tail. However, what they can do, he did not specify.

But Bairamgeldi Nedirov, minister of oil and gas industry and mineral resources of Turkmenistan, confused the cards to Western players.

According to A. Chichkin, the Minister "noted that" it is planned to increase gas production to 2030 billion cubic meters a year by 230, of which it is planned to export 180 billion. " At the same time, he made it clear that Turkmenistan is interested in deliveries to Russia: “The main buyers of Turkmen gas are Russia, China and Iran. Preparation for the start of the construction of a gas pipeline through Afghanistan and Pakistan to India is being completed. ”

As for the European direction, Nedirov did not say anything concrete here, and only diplomatically mentioned that "the process of substantive discussion of the pipeline in the direction of Europe has significantly intensified recently."

Thus, if Nabucco decided to solve the problem with the future resource base (with 100% content) by shortening the future gas pipeline, they cannot solve the negotiation problem with Turkmenistan - although Ashgabat is not refusing the idea of ​​building a gas pipeline under the Caspian Sea as such (having, by the way, contradictions with Azerbaijan - about supply quotas).

Another difficulty with the construction of a gas pipeline under the Caspian Sea: the issue of the legal status of this sea is not resolved. This inland water basin is not subject to international maritime law. "The water surface and the bottom of the sea are still not demarcated," writes A. Shustov, - therefore, the construction of the Trans-Caspian gas pipeline looks incomprehensible from both legal and practical points of view. ”

But the European Union is not going to give up its “diversification” bypass ideas (as well as the USA - from its own). True, the German company RWE announced in February that its Nabucco enthusiasm could come to naught, and the Turkish Ministry of Energy ceased to consider the Nabucco project a priority (G. Lomsadze, Eurasianet), but it still does not speak about the “funeral” of a geopolitical idea of ​​infringing Russian interests.

In the newspaper Financial Times, in the "Brussels Blog" for 22 in March, an article by Joshua Chaffef "Another nail in the coffin of Nabucco??"

We learn from the article that one of the most persistent supporters of the gas project, started bypassing Russia in order to eliminate “Europe’s dependence on Russian gas imports”, is the European Commission, the EU executive body. In the financing of the project "Nabucco" invested up to 200 million euros. The article also states that if European politicians view Nabucco from the point of view of geo-strategy, then one of the potential participants of the project, BP, considers it with a cold commercial calculation. The shortened and cheaper project was called the Nabucco West. To abandon the project, which has lost a little in economic scope, but has not lost in the geostrategic sense in the least, is not going to be in Europe yet.

Observed and translated by Oleg Chuvakin
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  1. Sarus
    Sarus April 20 2012 08: 31 New
    It is worth recognizing that he is already a full-fledged US state ...
    Try to touch him .. Immediately scream about violation of democracy ...
    1. aksakal
      aksakal April 20 2012 10: 24 New
      Quote: Sarus
      Try to touch him .. Immediately scream about violation of democracy ...

      - And now, do not touch? belay
      Да плевать, тут статье плюс за конкретные рекомендации по Катару, причем на соновании очень грамотного сравнения - избиение посла - это равноценно диверси на территории России, и отвечать на это нужно соответствующим образом. Обвинить Катар в отсутствии именно демократии и разбомбить все, что он там построил или строит к чертовой матери. Ну окэй, для поборников международной этики могу поправиться - окэй, давайте тоньше, без бомбежек, но такую жестоку войну спецслужб развязать на территории Катара, что бы мало не показалось, и Катар бы оказался в состоянии перманентной революции. Что бы раз в полгода там была революция, причем кровавая, и после каждой революции что бы стопками убивали предпринимателей и инвесторов, возжелавших поработать в этом Катаре. Короче, даешь сомализацию Катара. Это разве сложно? Почему до сих пор сидим, чего ждем? Пока не повторится ситуация как с СССР? Базару нет - ошибка Штатов, что они повторяют по шаблону свои действия. Но ошибка России и особенно Газпрома - позволять эти шаблонные действия, повторно наступать на те же грабли. Я, к сожалению, вижу опреленное противодействие со стороны России, но я не вижу жесткой решительности. Какие-то робковатые, как у нашкодившего кошака. Типа, "нижайше извините, а можно мне сделать то-то и то-то, от этого зависит моя жизнь". Ну и какого? Мощнейшее ЯО за спиной, если что. И дать понять миру "не будет России - не быть и Миру". Предельно четко, ясно и жестко. И на основании этого посыла уже на Ближнем Востоке действовать не робко, а именно нагло и вызывающе, именно так и не иначе!!! А если кто возмутится, объяснить, что это жизненно важные интересы России, а если эти интересы не соблюсти, то повторить - "не будет России - не быть и Миру". Да в конце концов, просто дать Катару понять, что на газовом рынке его не потерпят, несмотря на любую крышу, и любые дальнейшие движения Катара ставят планету на грань ядерной войны, и все. Точка.
      1. phantom359
        phantom359 April 21 2012 00: 54 New
        aksakal5 points old man. Only tough and decisive measures and no lisp. Break off immediately and uncompromisingly.
      2. Kasym
        Kasym April 21 2012 02: 46 New
        Aksakal +. I propose not to bomb, but to declare the territory of Qatar a missile range. And instead of launching missiles in the Far East, send them to Qatar. There will be a lot of stench, but no one has the right to beat the ambassador. Then maybe they will think at first, and not wave their fists.
    2. domokl
      domokl April 20 2012 10: 29 New
      Quote: Sarus
      Try to touch him .. Immediately scream about violation of democracy ...
      Well, well .. And how many times the same states handed over their allies at a time ... Qatar is now a money bag through which it is very convenient to throw human waste into the region ...
      1. pepper
        pepper April 20 2012 11: 56 New
        Самое смешное то, что тема газа возведена в России в абсолют. Что мы сейчас обсуждаем? Давление США и Европы через аж почти 2-х миллионный Катар на величайшую Россию. А почему никто не задаёт вопроса: а что же сделано за последние 12 лет для диверсификации экономики России и снижения зависимости от экспорта нефти и газа? Получается Россия всего лишь сырьевой придаток США,Европы и Китая, и полностью зависит от коньюктуры цен на эти энергоносители?! Почему все так обеспокоены злостными происками Катара? Бизнес, есть бизнес. Когда Россия "душит" например Украину ценами на газ дороже , чем в Германии - то это вызывает полный одобрям-с, а вот когда стали "поджимать" Россию на мировом рынке газа, сразу истерика о "мировом заговоре"... двойные стандарты? smile
        1. ZloySobacka
          ZloySobacka April 20 2012 12: 18 New
          Продажа газа - абсолютно естественное дело для стран у которых он есть (газ на продажу). Все страны, у кого газ есть его продают. Вне зависимости от "диверсифицированности" и "модернизированности" экономики. В данном случае обсуждается вопрос о демпинге на газовом рынке осуществляемом США при посредстве королевства Катар. Катар обладает уникальным по составу природным газом, в котором основу составляет метан - легко сжижаемый, летучий и гораздо более безопасный чем пропан-бутан. При этом конденсат образующийся при сжижении катарского газа это керосиновая смесь, очень годный и полезный продукт, снижающий цену сжижения до 100-150 долл. за тыс.кубов. Катар в разы превышает квоту ОПЕК по добыче этого конденсата, но ОПЕК упрямо зажмурилась (угадайте с трех раз с чьей подачи). Демпирование рынка может грозить России потерей части гос. дохода. Не смертельно, но неприятно. Поэтому нечестная рыночная политика США вызывает у местных читателей справедливое негодование. Вот как то так.
        2. aksakal
          aksakal April 20 2012 13: 20 New
          Quote: pepe
          And why no one asks the question: what has been done over the past 12 years to diversify the Russian economy and reduce dependence on oil and gas exports? It turns out that Russia is just a raw materials appendage of the USA, Europe and China, and is completely dependent on the conjuncture of prices for these energy carriers ?!

          - Пепе, а вы не видите принципиальной разницы между терминами "сырьевой придаток" и "сырьевой диктатор"? Видите? Отлично. А теперь перечитайте свой пост и поправьтесь, пожалуйста, если вообще хотите, что бы с вам считались как с пусть и оппонирующим, но адекватным челом - я все еще надеюсь, что вы адекватный человек.
          Ну это во первых, во вторых, диверсификацией решили заняться через модернизацию оборонки, други пути не дали эффекта. Например, авиастроение, уничтоженное кстати, далеко не Путиным (вынужден постоянно приписывать это, потому что как только тронешь что-либо, бывшее в СССР и утерянное в России, сразу начинают перескакивать на Путина) уже не способно к самовозрождению. Зато есть шанс возродить через "Сухой" (Суперджет) и "Иркут" (МС-21). Какие это самолеты - другой вопрос, не об этом, я констатирую факт. Так вот, вы поняли, что становление авиастроения - это вам не в ладоши хлопнуть, оно ррраз и появилось. Да даже если бы и не развалилось гражданское авиастроение, все равно бы пришлось туго - СССР строил по своим стандартам, где превалировали неприхотливость, конструктивная простота, надежность самолета и его способность садиться чуть ли не на грунт. Комфорт, экономические и экологические показатели (в т.ч. и шумовые) были на втором плане. Это не давало возможности экспортировать самолеты. Как видите, Запад даже на уровне стандартов огораживает себя от опасного конкурента. И напомню об Алиталии и Опеле - а продали нам их? То есть нам пытаются вставить и палки в части продажи газа и нефти, и палки в части экспорта готовой продукции (разными способами, в т.ч. и стандартами), и палки в части освоения новых технологий (через препятствия в покупке технологичных предприятий, да и поправку Джексона-Вэника не отменили), в общем, везде делают нам швах, но как только мы начинаем что-то делать в своих интересах (извините, но кушать хочется), так выскакивает Пепе и кричит ай-яй-яй! Низзя!". Нет, Пепе, никакие не двойные стандарты, а на войне как на войне. И уж если торговать сырьем, то как-то уютнее в качестве продавца-диктатора, нежели продавца-придатка.
          Так что я например речь веду не просто о противодействии "поджиманию России, я вообще речь веду о бомбардировке Катара и его дальнейшей сомализации. Катар - ужасная кровавая монархия, там монархи мало того, что друг друга постоянно свергают, они и детей на завтрак съедают, представляете? Свободу катарскому народу!
          1. 755962
            755962 April 20 2012 14: 20 New
            The United States strategy today obviously boils down to the following:
            1. Organization of the oil and gas blockade of Russia by the hands of Saudi Arabia and Qatar.
            2. Replacing the supply of Russian gas to Europe from the north to the supply of US satellite gas to Europe from the south (which requires the dismemberment of Syria, the coup in Algeria, the bombing of Iranian fields).
            3. The preservation of its monopoly on international financial settlement systems, which, following the example of Iran and Syria, is guaranteed to provide an opportunity to block the participants of "non-dollar" settlement systems.
            But to counter this, it is possible and necessary:
            Firstly, the alliance between Russia and Germany according to the formula for delivering high German technology to Russia, primarily in the field of space, microelectronics and engine building, in exchange for guaranteed provision of Germany with hydrocarbons from Russia.
            Secondly, the construction of the strategic axis of Syria-Iran-China-India-Russia.
            Thirdly, the creation of US-independent international financial settlement systems.

            Otherwise, the above countries will face big serious problems.
        3. St Petrov
          St Petrov April 21 2012 15: 12 New
          pepe, this is patriotism. nothing personal. dog you are an enemy)
  2. Trailer
    Trailer April 20 2012 08: 56 New
    Хорошее обозрение, но сильно идеологизировано. Про тот же жирный Катар - напомнило Советский "Кто есть Что?" Там была замтка про Америку. И там текст такого же рода: в Америке высокие небоскребы, из-за которых многих рабочие никогда не видят дневного света. Не завидовать надо, а стремиться к такому же уровню.
    1. late
      late April 20 2012 09: 37 New
      Strive for obesity or something? Who envies them? They reduce their lives to pigs in a stable, they say, work a little, eat fast food, sit in the office ... It causes disgust, not envy.
      1. Trailer
        Trailer April 20 2012 09: 54 New
        This is the frantic propaganda. As in the Polish media, constant scribbling about the Russians who are evil at everything and everything, or as in the Russian media - about the eternally poor state of affairs among residents of the United States alone.
        1. aksakal
          aksakal April 20 2012 10: 32 New
          Quote: Karavan
          This is frantic propaganda

          - I did not see the propaganda here. Typically, propaganda in a flock I feel good about the falseness of the messages, that it is written differently from what the author actually thinks, an order is felt ... And here the author quite sincerely expressed hostility to the Amers and Qatars. You can share this hostility, you can condemn, but this is not propaganda.
          I have such hostility, but not on the basis that they are obese. Such hostility based on envy (excuse me, this assumption, maybe I'm mistaken) I just do not have. Dislike due to policies that are potentially dangerous for our Eurasian space. The 90s showed me that under the Amer’s fifth it’s not at all sweet, as expected before perestroika. I don’t want to repeat this.
        2. older
          older April 20 2012 11: 08 New
          The question is not propaganda .. The question is actions .. And Qatar now occupies the most probably vile position among the countries of the region ...
    2. domokl
      domokl April 20 2012 10: 32 New
      It seems to me that striving for someone else's life is somewhat wrong .... The combination of the Middle Ages and ultramodern nonsense ... Our mentality is different and our lives are different .. The strength and weakness of our state are one and the same - we are huge and inert ... It’s hard to break, but it’s also hard to make jumping ...
  3. Recon
    Recon April 20 2012 09: 27 New
    they won’t succeed, before it was necessary to think in the nineties and early 2000s. time is lost, such tricks will not work with Russia now. Article + for the analysis of geopolitical plans.
    1. Vito
      Vito April 20 2012 10: 58 New
      Our economy is still based on hydrocarbons. The higher the price, the more stable our poor economy. But here . what is annoying. in the dashing 90s, we were taught a good AMERA lesson with the SAUDITS, but our supreme authority, in my opinion, did not draw any conclusions from this. They say like parrots of the last 15 years about modernization, development of other sectors of our economy, development of the infrastructure of our vast country and avoiding dependence on oil and gas prices. And where is all this? Personally, I guys, until much notice progress!
  4. танк
    танк April 20 2012 09: 28 New
    They survived ... It’s necessary to reckon with shit, the interests of top managers of Gazprom and Russia as a whole are to blame. Yesterday the ambassador was beaten, and tomorrow they’ll give the president an ophnik ??? And we will continue to sit and we don’t have any leverage it turns out ???
    1. Vito
      Vito April 20 2012 10: 41 New
      Well done TANK! And in truth, probably soon it will be so. Everything would be very funny if it were not so sad!
  5. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov April 20 2012 09: 43 New
    The free Qatar has a master, here the Emir licks the boots to the owners, hoping for a sweetie
  6. late
    late April 20 2012 09: 43 New
    Nabucco ordered a long life, and he needs to go there! I don’t like to depend on Russia — sit without gas.
  7. SectoR
    SectoR April 20 2012 09: 50 New
    and they have nothing to envy ... an ordinary puppet, as they say, they yap ... 40 years of independence, but the habit of dependence on someone remained ...
    One coup, and Qatar will be yapping the other way
    but the fact that they are eating is temporary ...
    1. lewerlin53rus
      lewerlin53rus April 20 2012 10: 14 New
      Something muddy had happened there already, either a coup or an attempt to it. And only Qatari citizens who do not work and live on oil and gas income live there. But oil and gas are not extracted from the earth themselves in tankers are packed. For this, they have a huge disenfranchised army of hard workers, who only work hard for a penny for the benefit of their host sheikhs
  8. B_KypTke
    B_KypTke April 20 2012 10: 45 New
    As long as there is political imbalance in Georgia and Azerbaijan and Armenia share Karabakh, no investors will invest in the NAPUCCO project.
    And still while we hold in our hands South Ossetia and Abkhazia ..
    1. MinNatSec
      MinNatSec April 20 2012 11: 29 New
      Quote: B_KypTke
      As long as there is political imbalance in Georgia and Azerbaijan and Armenia share Karabakh, no investors will invest in the NAPUCCO project.
      And still while we hold in our hands South Ossetia and Abkhazia ..

      It is necessary to solve means the problem in their interests. Karabakh will be returned to its true owners, Azerbaijan, as the UN and other organizations require, to start a dialogue with Georgia, and there will be no Nabucco.
      I repeat once again, Russia will have a lot of losses because of its outpost called Armenia.
      Until the Karabakh problem is resolved by Russia in favor of the rightful owners to the land of Karabakh (Azerbaijan), everything will bypass Russia.
      It’s worth considering. Are the Armenians worth such sacrifices?
      1. ZloySobacka
        ZloySobacka April 20 2012 12: 33 New
        They may not be worth it, but Azerbaijan should deserve such a gift. Do something for Russia and Russia will do something for you.
      2. B_KypTke
        B_KypTke April 20 2012 14: 49 New
        This is all obvious to you about the status of Karabakh .. but the question is somewhat more complicated and multifaceted. Armenia is our long-standing and reliable partner, unlike wagging Azerbaijan. Given the supply of arms from Israel, Russia needs to strengthen the military component within Armenia for balance.
      3. Passing
        Passing April 20 2012 15: 45 New
        Quote: MinNatSec
        Karabakh to return to true owners, Azerbaijan

        Как вы себе это представляете? Предлагаете нам "кинуть" Армению? Это не наш метод. Моральный авторитет и надежная репутация дороже любых денег. А тот кто торгует своими друзьями и предает союзников рано или поздно плохо кончит. Так что думать тут нечего - настоящие друзья стоят жертв.
  9. ward
    ward April 20 2012 10: 52 New
    I went to a friend ... he recently got married ... to see what and how ... wonderful ... wife rustles ... mother-in-law .. Mother-in-law ... runs ... the table was set in five seconds ... vodka .. .gribochki ... well, they drank ... they had a bite ... I ask ... how ... HOW I got it ... tells ... we hired a horse from the registry office ... we go ... stumbled ... I say one time ... again .. I say two ... one more time ... I say three I pull out a gun and shoot her in the ear ... on the spot ... mother-in-law yells .. what are you doing herod ... I say ... ONCE ... so on mother-in-law .. two ... on my wife alone ... What am I doing ... about the coup ... Qatar .. RAZ ..
  10. General_Nogay
    General_Nogay April 20 2012 12: 43 New
    Everything is correctly noticed, Iran must stir up the revolution in Qatar so far not knowingly!
  11. Readme
    Readme April 20 2012 14: 35 New
    If Qatar licks the owner’s feet, it would not be bad for us to have such a slime that would unleash the revolution and put the right sex in the dog’s pose.
  12. vladimir64ss
    vladimir64ss April 20 2012 14: 45 New
    When you know what to do, it’s always easier. Properly spelled out perspective. Covering Iran, we can untie his hands. He will help Syria, and he will not forget about Qatar.
  13. Nechai
    Nechai April 20 2012 14: 47 New
    Qatar has a “magnificent fleet of 54 special vessels — South Korean-built gas carriers of the Q-max class (270 thousand tons of LNG) and Q-flex (166).
    "Скоро 25 заложенных на стапелях в Катаре супертанкеров проекта Q-Max, способных перевозить по 150 млн. кубов за один рейс, станут могучей армадой экспансии на внешних рынках."

    Итого -79 штук. Ведь сомалийские и йеменские пираты запросто могут выловить непротраленые, ещё с времён арабо-израильских войн морские мины. Где-то прикупить новейшие. И использовать эту сотню "рыбок" в своих преступных, деструктивных целях. А ещё глобальное потепление, может привести к появлению в данном районе судоходства, громадных невидимых айсбергов. Надеюсь, что экипажи айсбергов уже проходят интенсивную подготовку.
    1. ZloySobacka
      ZloySobacka April 20 2012 15: 43 New
      Выставленную мину лучше не трогать. А вообще - мысль интересная. В свое время "танкерная война" Ирана и Ирака в Персидском заливе с применением морских мин вызвала нефтяной кризис, скачок цен и, как следствие - создание ОПЕК. Чем газовый танкер хуже? Только лучше. Он экологию не портит. Мин правда нужно много.
  14. Bob
    Bob April 20 2012 17: 33 New
    For a tooth (of the Russian ambassador) - two or three teeth, given what Qatar is in the world and what Russia is in the world. Frozen ... in a word.
    Since the game is already played openly and all the cards have been removed, they must be beaten, and if not, then this is a weakness. The fate of the USSR cannot be repeated.
    A preemptive blow to the obvious aggressor by economic (few of them), political, and finally by military means. Is it possible by all means not to curtail the head of hydra (Qatar) ???? Or do not really want in view of today's apparent well-being? So after all, it will soon, very soon, or rather in an instant (2-3 days) be violated. The explanation of the stupid policy, when they silent and leave without harsh reaction an attempt on our ambassador, I see only in one thing - in betrayal.
  15. Mr. Truth
    Mr. Truth April 21 2012 12: 37 New
    They think that we won’t get them there. We get it, and no American special forces will help anymore.
  16. illarion
    illarion April 21 2012 14: 03 New
    One scientist wrote that the Arabian Peninsula is on a fault and there is a very high probability of a tsunami and an earthquake. For some reason, I very much agree.
  17. warrior
    warrior April 22 2012 15: 16 New
    The situation is clear - everyone wants to cash in on EU money. And the EU itself was asked. The Euro Commission has already launched a plan to strengthen gas production in the EU. So the prices will go down. Here is a map of the Dobichi districts.