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Air Force and Air Defense exercises - "Ladoga-2012"

Tomorrow in the Western Military District (ZVO) ends aviation exercises of the Air Force and Air Defense units - "Ladoga-2012". The Ladoga-2012 aviation exercises are a planned measure for the training of military command and control bodies and air defense forces.

The exercise "Ladoga-2012", as the name implies, is held every year at the same time period, in the area of ​​the Russian Air Force training ground in the area of ​​Lake Ladoga. This year, to participate in the Ladoga-2012 exercise, at Besovets airfield (Republic of Karelia) approximately 30 of various types of air defense fighter aircraft were deployed from other air bases located in the Kaliningrad, Kursk, Murmansk and Tver regions.

According to the press service of the ZVO, the exercise officially began on 9 on April 2012 and ends on 15 on April 2012.

During this period, fighter pilots on combat aircraft Su-27, Su-27UB, MiG-29MT and MiG-31, while conducting combat missions in day and night conditions, worked out elements of modern air combat, including enemy detection, target acquisition and its conditional defeat, with the performance of combat launches of guided missiles at air and ground targets, setting active radar jamming, and also worked out the interaction between crews and ground control points in the dark. Every day, exercises around 30 combat vehicles with different crews worked out combat training missions in the air over Ladoga. As a result of flights to combat use, the crews successfully hit more than 150 various ground and air targets. Additionally, the pilots gained valuable night flight experience, and for the first time young pilots worked on targets with real short-range combat missiles (RD) with thermal guidance P-73.

SAB-250-200 and SAB-250-T special bombs with parachutes were used as "conditional targets" to slow the fall, which were dropped by target aircraft.

According to the press service of the ZVO for IA REGNUM:
"During the training battles, military pilots destroyed all types of aviation equipment of a conditional opponent who tried to break into the territory of Russia, both at extremely low altitudes and at heights above 10 thousand meters."

“A special feature of the exercises was that the military pilots were not informed about the location of the target and its characteristics and received their own search, escort for escort while in the airborne duty zone,” the press service clarified. “All personnel involved in the exercises he performed the tasks of air combat in good and excellent. " Source REGNUM.

In order to join, so to speak, to the pleasant, we bring to your attention a recent photo report from the 1-th day of the exercise.

1. Su-27UB (from w / 71) was involved as a weather scout before the start of the exercise.

2. Fighter-interceptor Su-27 b / n 41 forces of aviation technicians are preparing to fly

3. Shock fighter MiG-29CMT b / n 27 before preparing for takeoff

4. Shock fighter MiG-29CMT b / n 27 before preparing for takeoff

5. Shock fighter MiG-29CMT b / n 04 before preparing for takeoff

6. Shock fighter MiG-29CMT b / n 05 parked

7. He's a bigger plan.

8. Shock fighter MiG-29CMT b / n 08 before preparing for takeoff

9. Ammunition. Famous Soviet / Russian short-range missiles (RMD) with thermal guidance - Р-73

10. Photo in the comments does not need

11. Su-27 b / n 45 takes off with suspended a / b SAB-250T (thermal targets)

12. Same board, different perspective on takeoff

13. Su-27 b / n 36 takes off with suspended a / b SAB-250T (thermal targets) and containers of EW station Sorption

14. On the air hunt. Takeoff - a pair of MiG-29CMT fighters

15. MiG-29MT b / n 04 crashes to complete the task

16. MiG-29MT b / n 05 crashes to complete the task

17. Su-27 b / n 36 is returned. Under the wings - conditional targets of a / b SAB-250-200

18. Su-27 b / n 34 crashes to complete the task

19. Su-27 b / n 35 crashes to complete the task

20. Su-27 b / n 34 and b / n 35 in the air

21. Su-27 b / n 34 and b / n 35 returned

22. "Sweet couple" - Su-27 b / n 34 and b / n 35

23. Su-27 b / n 36 - jogging after landing

24. Su-27 b / n 04 crashes to reset goals. Suspensions - conditional targets of a / b SAB-250-T

25. Su-27UB b / n 71 crashes to reset conditional goals. On hangers - lighting a / b SAB-250-T

26. Su-27 b / n 34 crashes to complete the task

27. MiG-29MT b / n 04 crashes to complete the task

28. MiG-29MT b / n 03 landed

29. Su-27UB b / n 71 once again crashes to reset conditional targets in the form of lighting bombs

30. MiG-29MT b / n 07 crashes to complete the task in the evening

31. Su-27 b / n37 on takeoff. Before you car after repair ("damned Serdyukov" still reached ....)

32. But in what form did this board leave for repair at the aircraft plant (photo from the resource)

Air Force and Air Defense exercises - "Ladoga-2012"

33. Among the sides of the Su-27, who took part in the exercises, were nominal. The planes are named after pilots of the Air Force who fought during the Great Patriotic War and were awarded the high title of Heroes of the Soviet Union. The board №41 in the photo is named after Colonel Alexander Chislov, the 63 GIAP commander, who personally shot down an enemy aircraft 21.

34. An-26 military transport aircraft at Besovets airbase

35. An-12 military transport aircraft at Besovets airbase

36. One of the fighter-interceptor Su-27 b / n 20 a / b Besovets from the staff on duty with a pilot in the cockpit

37. Su-27 interceptor is ready to perform combat missions to protect the air borders of Russia

38. Group shot of aircraft from Ladoga-2012 exercises - as a memento

PS As they said in ancient times: "Those who have ears, let them hear it, and those who have eyes can see it."
Skeptics are often hard to believe, but the Air Force after the reform and before it are completely different categories.
We are not going to promote the new leadership of the Ministry of Defense, but simply offer an objective look at the situation and take for granted that the positive changes are obvious.


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  1. Sarus
    Sarus April 20 2012 08: 29
    More often such teachings ...
    so to speak, train the nervous system of the Baltic states ...
    1. 755962
      755962 April 20 2012 11: 34
      A dream to see live. 31 photo-cry of the soul .. I agree.
  2. vadimus
    vadimus April 20 2012 08: 32
    Experience must be gained. Fly, fly and fly, the benefit of our worthy aircraft!
  3. leon-iv
    leon-iv April 20 2012 08: 55
    Starting this year, plaque standards are already in the USSR, but they plan to bring to the level of the United States.
    1. Volkhov
      Volkhov April 20 2012 10: 27
      The coloring is already in the USA, it is a pity that actions are in the interests of the USA.
  4. Yurkin
    Yurkin April 20 2012 11: 12
    Our falcons! Only thanks to the Air Force, Air Defense and Strategic Missile Forces, we are still a single country !!! THANK!
  5. Olegovich
    Olegovich April 20 2012 11: 25
    Guys, what is skepticism like? Yes, and the advantages of the article are not enough. Undeservedly.
  6. Gur
    Gur April 20 2012 13: 46
    Who will say what with MIG? What a hump and motnya in the middle ??
    1. Olegovich
      Olegovich April 20 2012 15: 24
      The site had an explanation: a model of SMT-extended range, the hump - additional fuel tanks, because the engine is quite voracious. For an acceptable flight duration and, accordingly, radius - more fuel is required - this is such an intermediate exit.
  7. Pravdoruba
    Pravdoruba April 20 2012 14: 43
  8. Landwarrior
    Landwarrior April 20 2012 15: 23
    ABOUT! Native Besovets! laughing
  9. Russian sniper
    Russian sniper April 20 2012 16: 42
    Many thanks to the author for the colorful and informative article. drinks Everything is fine, if only the resolution photos are bigger good
  10. potterz
    potterz April 20 2012 19: 00
    Everything is fine, of course! But you can paint it was board number 34! (
    1. Sergh
      Sergh April 20 2012 20: 32
      Yes, normal board number 34, a worn old veteran wolf, the main thing is that the equipment plows. But board number 20, which is on the line, it’s a pity today, probably will not be allowed to fly, such a horde in the air will disperse the entire Baltic region into bushes, in which there are only four planes and then strangers.
  11. Stasdubov
    Stasdubov April 20 2012 23: 29
    everything is very beautiful, but the planes are already old, despite their power ...
  12. Landwarrior
    Landwarrior April 21 2012 00: 03
    Ladies and gentlemen! "You can minus me, but it is on the example of Besovets that I observe tendencies in the army. I remember from the example of his 90s, when no one flew at all. I remember when I flew one plane a month. And now I saw how they flew threes, replacing each other, working out coherence.
    In this garrison one of my relatives "licked", and the other was in the Department of Internal Affairs.
    Maybe not everything is smooth, but progress is visible ...
  13. Apophiz
    Apophiz April 23 2012 16: 35
    I have a question. It has always been that they flew with a minimum combat load, otherwise you watch and a maximum of 4 missiles / bombs are suspended, but how will they fly with a maximum combat load?
    1. almost demobil
      almost demobil April 27 2012 20: 16
      Yes, they will be so, only the possibilities for range and maneuverability will decrease. But why cling to the entire BC, if the task is to put 4 bombs in a square, or launch 2 missiles. It is dangerous to land with the remaining unused bk; in addition, you will have to burn or pour kerosene in the air to ensure a normal landing mass.