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GRU extortionist virus? Americans, British and Australians discovered the Russian "demons"

Russia was involved in a cyber attack using the NotPetya virus, reported in the United States. The attack was undertaken in June last year and touched not only America, but also Europe and Asia. The damage is expressed in billions of dollars. The British Foreign Office also believes that the cyber attack was organized by the Russian authorities. Finally, Australian intelligence said that the Kremlin supported the organization of cyber attacks. These accusations are surprising, because Russia has suffered from the actions of hackers.

According to UK Deputy Foreign Minister Tariq Ahmad, who is responsible for cybersecurity issues, the Russian government and the Russian armed forces are responsible for the cyber attack carried out in June 2017 using the NotPetya virus. European firms suffered major damage from these attacks - in the hundreds of millions of pounds sterling.

Lord Ahmad has publicly attributed the NotPetya cyber attack to the Russian government. The decision to openly declare this underlines the fact that the UK and its allies will not tolerate "malicious cyber activity." This is stated on the British government website.

The attack was disguised as “a criminal enterprise”, but its main goal is penetration, they say in London. And the primary goals were the “Ukrainian financial, energy and public sectors”. The total penetration of the virus caused its further spread. the virus has affected other European countries and even Russia itself.

Lord Tariq Ahmad, on behalf of the British government, said that the Russian government, in particular, the Russian military, was responsible for the NotPetya destructive cyber attack, held in June 2017 of the year. The goal is a violation of the sovereignty of Ukraine. The "reckless launch" of this virus disrupted the activities of enterprises in Europe, which cost them "hundreds of millions of pounds."

The Kremlin "positions Russia" as a state "directly opposing the West." This "should not be," said Lord Ahmad. “We call on Russia to be a responsible member of the international community,” he says.

The Lord further promised that the United Kingdom would identify, pursue and respond to malicious cyber activity no matter where it comes from. Britain is committed to strengthening “coordinated international efforts to maintain free, open, peaceful and secure cyberspace.”

Following him, as noted by the Western press, was the Danish Minister of Defense Klaus Yort Frederiksen. He categorically stated that the traces of a virus attack lead "directly to Russia, to the Russian military." Earlier it was reported that the systems of the company AP Moller-Maersk (Denmark) suffered due to the attack.

Australia also accused Russia of a hacker attack. how noted the The Australian newspaper, with references to Australian intelligence, as well as to the results of government consultations with the US and UK authorities, the Australian government concluded that "the Russian authorities supported those responsible for the incident."

The main word was said, of course, by the USA.

According to Washington, Russia stands behind the extortion virus. The attack using the NotPetya virus in June 2017 was organized by Russian intelligence, White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders reported. The introduction of an extortioner virus into computers subsequently led to "losses of billions of dollars in Europe, Asia and the Americas."

Sanders also discovered the Kremlin’s desire to destabilize Ukraine with a virus. By words Sanders, the attack was “part of the Kremlin’s ongoing efforts to destabilize Ukraine, which more clearly demonstrates Russian involvement in the ongoing conflict.”

It is curious that such a “hot” statement sounded very timely: a few days earlier, the American intelligence community warned that Russia and its allies may well use their “cyber-tools” to intervene in the upcoming elections to the US Congress (to be held in November).

As we see, the accusation is not just serious, but also categorically. The attack was arranged by Moscow, and the point. And the entire English-speaking choir - the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom - sings together one song: the Kremlin is to blame, the virus has set the Kremlin on free countries. Almost all of Europe sings along with America and Australia.

The NotPetya virus has become something of an object around which the scattered democratic states of the Old World should unite again. “Russians are coming!” This ridiculous slogan has now acquired a different, truly terrible sound: if before, neither the Europeans in the mass, nor the Americans believed that the Russians would start a nuclear war in Europe, now they are beginning to believe in another: the Russians will take it away them money. Here it is easier to believe in it, and the evidence from all sorts of “intelligence services” (even from the Australian one) arrived in time.

“It was also a reckless and indiscriminate cyber attack, which would entail international consequences,” the Kremlin warned the White House administration.

The Russians have already responded to foreign statements. In particular, commenting on the statement by the Deputy Foreign Minister of Great Britain, Lord Ahmad, the press secretary of the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov saidthat the Kremlin categorically rejects baseless accusations against Russia of involvement in cyber attacks.

Where did such a terrible virus come from, none of the Western intelligence services, and behind them the Australian one, speaks. As always, the West lost evidence somewhere “in the office”.

Meanwhile, the charges are the most serious: after all, this is not about trying to influence the elections in one of the European countries, but about a loss of many billions. The bourgeoisie can forgive a lot, but not the loss of money.

Attack NotPetya launched, we recall, 27 June last year. The first under it, as the press wrote, oil, telecommunications and financial companies in Ukraine. The ransomware virus broke through the protection of computers from sixty-four (!) States. Its “geography” extends from Belgium to Denmark with Germany, from India and Brazil to the USA. However, the trick is that in Russia a number of major companies suffered from the extortioner virus, including Rosneft, Bashneft, Home Credit Bank and, as expected, Gazprom (there are still no exact data ).

The “information” that the NotPetya virus was created in the GRU first appeared in January 2018. About this with reference to some sources in the CIA reported the largest newspaper Washington Post.

2017 was allegedly ascribed to the CIA by the “Russian military hackers” cyber attack. The attack NotPetya, the newspaper writes, destroyed data from computers of banks, energy companies, high-ranking government officials and the airport. According to the CIA's “secret reports,” the NotPetya virus was created by “military spies” from the GRU.

However, this information directly to the CIA declined to comment, the newspaper said.

According to the publication, such attacks "reflect the growing aggression of Russia in cyberspace." These attacks are "part of the broader doctrine of hybrid warfare."

The expert told reporters that the virus NotPetya is not really an extortionist, but only disguised as an extortionist. Its task is to constantly erase data from computers.

According to sources from the CIA, hackers worked for the Main Center for Special Technologies, a Russian division that actively participates in the "GRU cyber attack program." The newspaper does not give any names or proofs.

* * *

What could be the consequences of such serious accusations against the Kremlin?

Western experts and politicians are waiting for a real "firestorm" in international diplomacy. British Secretary of Defense Gavin Williamson saidthat Russia is “tearing to shreds a set of rules, undermining democracy, destroying everything that gives people work, and turning information into weapon».

This is the very Russia, we recall, whose economy in 2014 was “ripped apart” by Mr. Obama.

Well, in the US were made in the press, the former chairman of the intelligence committee of the House of Representatives, Mike Rogers, and the ex-deputy director of the NSA, Rick Leggett. They linked the viral attack with interference in the US 2016 election of the year.

“One of the most dangerous misconceptions associated with Russian intervention in American democracy is that it began and ended with the presidential election of the 2016 of the year,” said Rogers and Leggett. According to them, the US government should set up a task force to combat foreign influence, and the Trump administration should have the authority “to deter foreign forces” implicated “in hostile influence campaigns and cyber operations”.

And just, we note, the giant defense budget of the United States, part of which is devoted to the fight against Russia, will highlight money for cyber divisions. It is possible that the planet is on the threshold of a very special war: hacker. A war in which bombs will not fall, but computer systems will be destroyed.

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  1. lance
    lance 17 February 2018 05: 45
    something Americans catch and catch our hackers abroad, and viruses all multiply and multiply. can stop catching and the virus thinks?
    1. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 17 February 2018 05: 58
      Americans, British and Australians discovered Russian "demons"
      they have demons in their heads ... call the exorcists. I give a tip: the Catholic Church is preparing exorcists at the University of Athenaeum Pontificium Regina Apostolorum - contact ...
    2. siberalt
      siberalt 17 February 2018 06: 05
      Whoever screams the loudest, he launched the virus. History is as old as the world. winked
      1. thinker
        thinker 17 February 2018 11: 26
        Who would doubt that. Here are the statistics from the Kaspersky website
      2. To be or not to be
        To be or not to be 17 February 2018 11: 52
        "GRU ransomware virus? Americans, British and Australians have discovered Russian" demons "" "
        Proud of it!
        How strong Russia was torn to pieces by Obama.
        The whole Western world is trembling and wherever you look, torn to shreds everywhere!
        1. megavolt823
          megavolt823 17 February 2018 15: 01
          blaming in all cases is one thing. but we are accused from all directions and in all cases. and this; the trend. So they prepare world opinion and leave traces in the press for history. this is not the GRU this is the CIA. hi
          1. dSK
            dSK 17 February 2018 15: 19
            Quote: megavolt823
            this is the CIA

            The first states in the world created "cyber troops"and hid them in the deserts of the state of Nevada, where they created the world's first nuclear weapons. A new round in the arms race.
            1. megavolt823
              megavolt823 17 February 2018 16: 21
              "cyber troops"
              Well, how dangerous they are, you can reason. But what really works is the media. They know how to create what they need. Goebels they revered and listened. And we all climb the uterus with the truth. And uncles with a keyboard sit in many countries. And in the states of hyper flash drives. Here your son writes to a friend about the first jamb, and they save. And when needed they will get it. You answer some fools with humor, and they will save and give out as harassment to minors. Well, I think the principle is clear. hi
              1. Dembel77
                Dembel77 17 February 2018 17: 21
                The fact that the countries united against Russia, in yet another insanity, are originally not benevolent (the mildest expression that I could pick up) for it, says a lot. The main thing is that they want to finish Russia by any means. It will be hard for us.
      3. Норд
        Норд 18 February 2018 09: 05
        Found a universal horror story. Evidence is not required after all "and so everyone knows" ... The most impressed by the Australian intelligence - the boys work, cleaner British scientists.
    3. Starover_Z
      Starover_Z 17 February 2018 18: 16
      The main word was said, of course, by the USA.
      According to Washington, Russia stands behind the extortion virus. The attack using the NotPetya virus in June 2017 was organized by Russian intelligence, White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders reported. The introduction of an extortioner virus into computers subsequently led to "losses of billions of dollars in Europe, Asia and the Americas."

      Well, after the sports "doping" Russia was accused of worldwide hacker attacks!
      And this means, in my personal opinion, there was a “reason” for disconnecting Russia from the Internet!
      It remains to be expected when this will be voiced and they will begin to “punish the switchman”. With these inhabitants of the "Yellow" is no longer at home and the sector of the world will become!
  2. Vard
    Vard 17 February 2018 06: 38
    It has long been known that viruses are written by schoolchildren who have learned programming ... So to speak, they assert themselves ...
  3. aszzz888
    aszzz888 17 February 2018 07: 29
    Russia is involved in a cyber attack that used the NotPetya virus, according to the United States. The attack was launched last June and affected not only America, but also Europe and Asia.

    Only one (those) who organized this attack can know. It is almost impossible to prove, and therefore "do not spoil all their nonsense to us in poverty" (c) .... bully
  4. alex-cn
    alex-cn 17 February 2018 08: 00
    The virus is "Petya" - and where it sits, and how it extorts, it is known ... But he is "their son of a bitch" and he will not be touched ... bully
  5. atakan
    atakan 17 February 2018 08: 06
    Military Review now, the fan in the sewage treatment plant.
    To post crap at all.
    Is it true that the site has changed the registration to ... under the board ?!
  6. sabakina
    sabakina 17 February 2018 12: 12
    Lord Tariq Ahmad on behalf of the UK government
    Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson smoke a lot, drink and don’t understand how it can be?
  7. TOR2
    TOR2 17 February 2018 13: 00
    Following him, as the Western press notes, the Danish Minister of Defense, Klaus Jort Frederiksen, spoke. He categorically stated that the traces of the virus attack lead "directly to Russia, to the Russian military"

    But that's not all. A few days ago I read an article on the translation site that we also spoiled the weather at the Winter Olympic Games. Climatic installations were delivered by the Russian military to the Yakutsk region, the work of which caused the prevalence of Siberian winds as a result of the 2018 Olympics, which became the coldest in history. And there is no need to prove anything, traces of the cyclone lead to Russia directly to the Russian military.
    1. Korax71
      Korax71 17 February 2018 14: 19
      In the same year in 10 they wrote about the heat and fires in the suburbs, only there the stripes were to blame.
  8. Sergeant71
    Sergeant71 17 February 2018 13: 03
    Live to take, demons! (C) wassat
    BARKHAN 17 February 2018 13: 06
    For the sake of the phrase "Lord Ahmad," it was worth reading the article ... I can’t wait for Mohamed to be crowned.
    Well, what about our hackers? Well done! Even without doing anything, you put the whole world in a delicate pose ...
    1. mari.inet
      mari.inet 17 February 2018 14: 10
      ))) without a doubt, for the sake of repeated mention of the "Lord Ahmad," the article was worth reading. Great!
      And the origin of the hacker program "Petya" must be sought in Ukraine. Their handwriting: I’ll make out everything, but I’ll write to a neighbor. Insolent thieves.
      And why did you catch up so late? More than six months have passed since June. Apparently, another provocation is being prepared for the Russian elections. They searched for a reason, and found it.
  10. klm-57
    klm-57 17 February 2018 13: 53
    The product is "for domestic consumption." However, it will “breed” in Europe, the SGA and Australia, which will create, in general, a negative background for Russia. They do not want to live in calm conditions, let them live in fear and phobias.
  11. ljvjdbr
    ljvjdbr 17 February 2018 14: 01
    CBR reports damage resulting from hacker attack via SWIFT
    At the same time, the Central Bank reported that in 2017, hackers attacked the processing centers of money transfer operators eight times. At the same time, they tried to steal a total of 950 million rubles. "These incidents indicate insufficient security of the internal local network of credit organizations," the report further says. (C)
    That's the reason for the information attack about Russian hackers from London,
    to drown out a possible swift scandal with unreliability (s)
    PANTELEIMON 17 February 2018 14: 30
    Our "cybernetics" need to intensify this work as the notorious anti-Russian sanctions intensify! Yes, so strengthen that our overseas partners begin to go crazy for real, and not from their own dope! Go Russia! It's time to go on the attack! Otherwise, Western "well-wishers" will shut us up. Cybernetics is the selling girl of imperialism! So let her serve them in full!
  13. Cheburator
    Cheburator 17 February 2018 15: 29
    May all these computer systems collapse
    It used to be good without them
    At least everything was real
  14. Mikhail Zubkov
    Mikhail Zubkov 17 February 2018 15: 51
    Quote: megavolt823
    blaming in all cases is one thing. but we are accused from all directions and in all cases. and this; the trend. So they prepare world opinion and leave traces in the press for history. this is not the GRU this is the CIA. hi

    Psychological and LEGAL preparations are underway for the Third World War, in which the "Russian aggression in cyberspace" has already been declared and approved by the highest bodies of NATO as the LEGAL reason for the sudden blow of the United States and NATO. Almost any collective statement of the “Russian cyber attack” has already been declared the “legal basis” for NATO military operations against the Russian Federation. At the same time, any of our liberals with a computer will be a witness in any American court - according to the "Rodchenkov scheme." Any traitor, including even this one, can be used for this as a “key informant” with “secret testimonies”. In short, the West does not need, strictly speaking, a military pretext for a war against us - any fabrication is enough. This must be understood when choosing the answer to their impudent blows, in which we have the vain caution of our senior management. The enemy must be scared, and not encouraged with excuses for the imperfect. At least send ambassadors for blatant slander against us.
  15. tracer
    tracer 17 February 2018 17: 20
    Why from the GRU ...? Clear as daylight. A real puncture of the Russian special services. .. On the monitor, soldiers in trousers and caps with earflaps marching with a portrait of Putin on red flanks.
  16. macgyver
    macgyver 17 February 2018 17: 59
    Computer security problems are not in viruses, but in holes intentionally left for NSA by software developers in the system. And you can even accuse of virus writing aliens, it is impossible to prove ... So gentlemen, Americans, you either close the holes, or don’t trynd about the “Russian hackers”!
    1. g1washntwn
      g1washntwn 19 February 2018 08: 19
      The NSA picks these holes by itself in the code. If you don’t cooperate, you fly out of the market like Kaspersky. But since their hands grow from the fifth point of the body, we periodically observe blackouts of all kinds of tweeters, skype, etc.
      The information war on the Internet has been going on for a long time and the cry of the Americans is caused only by the need to divert attention from themselves to the designated enemy.
      A la guerre comme à la guerre.
  17. Cer59
    Cer59 18 February 2018 22: 01
    Yes, men, hard times have come.
    only you can’t understand from what and why?
    so We are MUSIC, not pedarasts like them.
    when you talk with ordinary Americans it turns out they are interested in the same problems as us:
    family, home, children, work, and so on in descending order.
    when you talk with the powers that be, you cannot understand who you are talking to, and then you begin to understand that they have only pedarasts in power, all the time, they cannot be next to NORMAL MEN; they simply infuriate them, but they cannot hear about NORMAL WOMEN odor they can not tolerate.
    Men will drink so much because we only Russians have for our NORMAL Women.
  18. Rustic i ......
    Rustic i ...... 21 February 2018 21: 11
    Shaw, another test tube with white powder? Can order a moleben?