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Ignition on the ship of Pacific Fleet "Marshal Shaposhnikov"

The Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergencies of the Russian Federation for the Primorsky Territory reports a fire that occurred on one of the ships of the Pacific fleet. We are talking about a large anti-submarine ship Pacific Fleet "Marshal Shaposhnikov", which is currently undergoing repair procedures in the center of ship repair "Dalzavod". The ship is located at the 33rd pier of Vladivostok.

In the State Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Primorsky Territory they note that the fire service officers help military personnel and factory workers to extinguish a fire. According to unconfirmed official sources of information, at least 2 people were injured in the fire.

Reportedly RIA News, a fire occurred in the engine room of the ship of the Pacific Fleet. According to others, the ship superstructure caught fire.

Local portal Vladivostok City writes about the possible cause of the fire. According to the materials of the portal, violations of safety measures during metal cutting or welding operations could be the cause of fire.

BOD "Marshal Shaposhnikov" was launched in 1985 year, with 1986, became part of the Pacific Fleet of the USSR. For repairs and upgrades was delivered in 2016 year. The ship should receive the RK "Uranus" and the fire control system of the ship artillery "Bagheera".
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  1. 1vlad19
    1vlad19 16 February 2018 05: 59
    32 years old "Hat". Let them include the OKhT station, the workers and sailors with IPs should be out.
    1. bald
      bald 16 February 2018 06: 10
      Understand the place. I wouldn’t start my ship, call the ship rudely “Hat” - “Hat” is another matter, it may offend.
      1. insular
        insular 16 February 2018 06: 16
        Quote: bald
        call the ship roughly "Hat" - "Hat" is another matter

        Then it’s not a ship, but a ship ...
        And the admiral is not the admiral, but the admiral ... We are all touchy.
      2. 1vlad19
        1vlad19 16 February 2018 06: 17
        Such a slang was when I served, “Cap”, “Pantelei”, “Grapes”.
        1. bald
          bald 16 February 2018 06: 22
          You yourself understand - superstition (omens), no matter how much we would like, but already on the machine we have to observe it, and not only in the army. No offense. Information is zero - they say maybe in the engine room - the smoke is not black.
        2. tsvetkov1274
          tsvetkov1274 16 February 2018 08: 22
          opposite you stood-10 OBrSKR hi
        3. Brylevsky
          Brylevsky 16 February 2018 13: 41
          The only "boot" from the whole brigade wink ...
      3. Piramidon
        Piramidon 16 February 2018 13: 55
        Quote: bald
        I wouldn’t start my ship, call the ship rudely “Hat” - “Hat” is another matter, it may offend.

        In any case, it looks like a mockery of the marshal in whose honor the ship is named.
    2. annodomene
      annodomene 16 February 2018 07: 53
      Probably, with PDA, IP-6 it is not very pleasant to carry with you constantly with you ...
      1. 1vlad19
        1vlad19 16 February 2018 09: 57
        I forgot a bit, we like IP-2 were. A little more than a regular gas mask.
    3. Fornit
      Fornit 16 February 2018 09: 34
      Quote: 1vlad19
      Let them include the OKHT station, workers and sailors with IPs should be, come out

      What kind of OHT ?! Everything is depressurized there - a bunch of cutouts and a trolley in addition ...
      1. 1vlad19
        1vlad19 16 February 2018 10: 05
        Yes? It’s not in the dock, at the pier, BZZH has not yet been canceled. The fire was in the engine room, already written. I do not think that it was impossible to isolate how many rooms.
  2. Petrol cutter
    Petrol cutter 16 February 2018 06: 03
    Well, did they put it out, or is it still burning? ..
    1. Aristarkh Lyudvigovich
      Aristarkh Lyudvigovich 16 February 2018 07: 51
      The fire was extinguished, two sailors were slightly injured, burned (breathing). Ignition occurred in several rooms of the superstructure, the ignition area is insignificant, presumably, sheathing or some kind of repair equipment burned, which caught fire during welding. I think nothing serious and this will not affect the further service of the ship.

      1. Xnumx vis
        Xnumx vis 16 February 2018 08: 13
        In Sevastopol, too, there were minor fires at the BPC KERCH ... a couple of years ago. BOD Kerch removed from the fleet During the repair, November 4, 2014, on the BOD "Kerch" there was a fire that damaged a number of aft compartments [4] [5]. Based on the results of the work of the commission investigating the incident, a decision was made to decommission and dispose of the ship in 2015 [6]. .. Often in the fires! That submarine is burning! That BOD ignites ... Is this really negligence ?! Rather, the destruction of the fleet .... Very well thought out. I.V. Stalin would have lifted up the yards of senior and junior bosses!
        1. Aristarkh Lyudvigovich
          Aristarkh Lyudvigovich 16 February 2018 08: 18
          BOD "KERCH" completely burned out the aft engine room. And at the time of the fire, the ship was already 40 years old. All ships of this project have already been decommissioned. As far as I understand, he was kept in the fleet only to replace the cruiser Moskva during the upcoming repairs. That is, in a few years it would have been written off anyway. Modern ships need to be built - and not the Soviet heritage for decades to patch ...
          1. Xnumx vis
            Xnumx vis 16 February 2018 12: 18
            Any ship will be written off. Time will pass and cut. So now burn ships thoughtlessly! Type - "Eh, anyway someday in the wreck! Set it on fire!"
  3. ul_vitalii
    ul_vitalii 16 February 2018 06: 05
    So we’ll burn all the ships, not the enemy, so it’s a hell of a repair. An order for carrying out hot work for whom is drawn up and issued?
    1. jovanni
      jovanni 16 February 2018 07: 24
      In the course of the bourgeois against our Navy, they launched the fifth column — welders! Whatever the day, the ship is lit up ...
      1. Star
        Star 16 February 2018 07: 47
        It is time to end with unskilled labor and sloppiness.
        I look forward to a parsing with a lattice result.
      2. vlad66
        vlad66 16 February 2018 12: 21
        Quote: Jovanni
        In the course of the bourgeois against our Navy, they launched the fifth column — welders! Whatever the day, the ship is lit up ...

        Probably yes hi
    2. Petrol cutter
      Petrol cutter 16 February 2018 21: 18
      . "ul_vitalii New
      Today, 06: 05
      So we’ll burn all the ships, not the enemy, so it’s a hell of a repair. The hot work order for whom is it drawn up and issued? "
      Permission for hot work, as a rule, is automatically executed by the foreman for the whole brigade. Design is the most purely "for show" basically. This will be confirmed by anyone who actually worked in factories. Very often, I was providing, and then I had providing, they will give you a faulty fire extinguisher and provide! Although it also depends on the responsibility of people. In general, you can write a whole article.
  4. Herculesic
    Herculesic 16 February 2018 06: 14
    Do not be enemies - we ourselves will destroy our fleet! Because they forgot how to work with their hands, there is no proper control on the ground, there are no good specialists.
    1. Monster_Fat
      Monster_Fat 16 February 2018 07: 08
      You know you're right. On my last business trip, I accidentally happened to visit one large shipbuilding enterprise (for just a couple of hours), where I once worked for a long time. And I was unpleasantly struck by the mood of the people working there. I remember when I was at the end of the working day everything was cheerful, although tired, the workers hurried to hand over the tool, ways, stopped to exchange a few words, etc. In general, I felt the "mood" of people doing a common, difficult task. Now there are gloomy, gray faces all around, no one is talking to anyone, and even if they are talking, they are just in business, almost always annoyed, everyone has such an expression, like they are constantly in suspense in anticipation of trouble or a trick, which it’s a general painful atmosphere, despite the fact that the shipyard is full of work and it is moving .... Maybe it just seemed ..
      1. Technician72
        Technician72 16 February 2018 08: 24
        we have a job - a shameful duty for little money without any incentive to do well.
        1. Nasrat
          Nasrat 16 February 2018 08: 42
          And most importantly - there are no prospects for the future ... impassable hopelessness ... now if you came to artists-footballers-humorists - there is a positive attitude, faith in a miracle and a lot of prospects !!!

          1. Monster_Fat
            Monster_Fat 16 February 2018 09: 12
            .... artists-football players-humorists - there is a positive attitude, faith in the miracle and the sea of ​​prospects !!!

            Well, in principle, this is logical, it is this "entertainment sector" that interests the government and those whom this government serves: after all, they need "entertainment" after the "works of the righteous" in the offices, in armchairs, etc., and rolls, boots, etc. . for them "grow on trees" -will-out of Europe "write" if that ..
      2. Fornit
        Fornit 16 February 2018 09: 36
        It seems to me that, despite the attempts of the government, the mood of the whole country is ...
        Probably everyone is preparing for the elections ... request
  5. antiamerikan
    antiamerikan 16 February 2018 06: 32
    the best way to cover the waste left
  6. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 16 February 2018 06: 44
    What can I say. Not diarrhea, so scrofula. request
  7. Victor_B
    Victor_B 16 February 2018 07: 32
    It burns well ...
    Somehow I saw, directly opposite, across the bay, at the VVRZ in the floating dock, the BMRT was burning.
    It also looked like smoke. It was also thick. As a result, the dock was sunk (the sides were cut) and put out by flooding.
    No matter how seriously the ship burned out ...
    Up to the "nails" ...
    1. dSK
      dSK 16 February 2018 07: 43
      As it became known according to the results of the decryption of the record, made by the flight recorder of the An-148 aircraft crashed in the Moscow region, at the beginning of a critical situation, the pilots read out a control card aloud. Checklist - a list of various instruments and mechanisms that need to be powered or checked during the flight process. As it turned out, the pilots did not turn on the heating of the full pressure receivers, which serve to send signals to the speed sensors, although this action is included in the control card. After takeoff, the pilots found critically low speed readings, different from those on the instruments. Swearing loudly, the pilots tried to solve the problem, but the plane only increased speed and the angle of inclination to the ground. Soon after, a catastrophe occurred, which was preceded by inarticulate cries of pilots. Kommersant .16 / 02/18.
      1. Victor_B
        Victor_B 16 February 2018 09: 48
        ... and crashed aboard the Shaposhnikov.
        So here it is the cause of the fire!
        If anything, then this is just black humor. It is clear that a person flew into the wrong place.
        And to people - the land rest in peace ...
      2. donavi49
        donavi49 16 February 2018 09: 53
        Well, after Wasp’s nest was built in the pitot tubes and the plane crashed. They issued an action bulletin for all AKs. There, among the items were - not to reduce the operation of engines, check data and be guided by 2 and more sources, immediately report to the dispatcher. Also, this situation was transferred from non-hazardous (continue flying along the route) to requiring immediate landing.
  8. Lexus
    Lexus 16 February 2018 09: 01
    "Undaunted" ... "Shaposhnikov" ... Something frequented. recourse
  9. Berkut154
    Berkut154 16 February 2018 09: 16
    This is called the low organization of hot work !!!! The crew is to blame 100% !!!
    1. Fornit
      Fornit 16 February 2018 09: 38
      I agree with you 100%. Deprive all awards to hell with dogs!
      The contract is driving!
  10. Gennady Berezhnov
    Gennady Berezhnov 16 February 2018 12: 34
    So on the "Undaunted" was a fire?
    1. Ryazan87
      Ryazan87 16 February 2018 13: 39
      Around 14:30 Moscow time on Wednesday, February 14, a fire broke out on the Baltic Fleet patrol ship “Undaunted”. SKR is being repaired at the Yantar plant in Kaliningrad. The fire was extinguished for two hours, said Mil.Press FlotProm acting Colonel Arkady Ozhigin, Head of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergencies in the Kaliningrad Region.
  11. Labor
    Labor 16 February 2018 16: 27
    Yes, it was just easy to use, well, we smoked the little guy, and all at once “fire!”, “Fire!”
  12. The comment was deleted.
  13. Sergeant71
    Sergeant71 17 February 2018 14: 12
    It seems nothing serious there and everything is extinguished. The main thing now is to find the culprit and draw conclusions.