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MZKT-742960 + 820400 tank truck (Republic of Belarus)

A significant part of army armored vehicles needs special means of transportation necessary for its transportation over long distances. Shipping tanks and other combat vehicles is carried out using special tractors and semi-trailers having sufficient carrying capacity. The Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant offers several complexes of this purpose at once, one of which is the MZKT-742960 + 820400 road train. A 56-ton payload and a large cargo area allow him to transport a tank or two infantry fighting vehicles at once.

Currently, there are several road trains in the product catalog of the Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant, built on the basis of various truck and tractor semi-trailers. Equipment with different characteristics, including remarkably high, is able to cover a large range of mass payload. At the same time, the Volat MZKT-742960 + 820400 autotrain suitable for use in the armed forces of different countries can be considered one of the most interesting developments.

It is curious that the project of the MZKT-742960 + 820400 road train was considered from the very beginning as an export one. Moreover, it was even developed on the order of a third country. The customer of the new technology was the Angolan Armed Forces, who needed modern vehicles to transport armored vehicles of various types. During the execution of this order, a new tractor was created with sufficient characteristics, built with extensive use of foreign products and components.

Like other road trains of the Volat brand or from other manufacturers, the MZKT-742960 + 820400 system consists of two main components. The main thing is the so-called. the main link in the form of truck tractor MZKT-742960. On the fifth wheel coupling of such a tractor, the pin of a special semi-trailer MZKT-820400 is attached. The functions of the road train links are traditional. The tractor is responsible for driving, and the semi-trailer is the entire payload.

The MZKT-742960 + 820400 project was developed several years ago as part of an export agreement and then entered into the plant product catalog. In 2015, the base tractor MZKT-742960 was upgraded, increasing its potential as an army vehicle. The updated car was able to install additional reservations on the cab. In addition, conditions for the crew inside the cabin were improved.

To achieve the desired characteristics of the road train, the MZKT-742960 truck tractor received the appropriate design. It is a four-wheel drive all-wheel drive vehicle of high maneuverability, built on the basis of a massive frame, with the engine under the cab. The project also envisaged the use of a winch for working with cargo, a set of connectors for connecting semi-trailer systems, etc.

The main unit of the MZKT-742960 tractor is a welded metal spar-type frame with crossbars. In the front part of it, at the level of the power elements, the engine and part of the transmission units are located. Also between the side members, in other parts of the frame, there is a transfer case, differentials, etc. Above the engine compartment placed cockpit. Behind the cab there are some auxiliary power unit devices. Behind them installed winch. The entire rear half of the frame is made in the form of an open platform with a fifth wheel coupling in the center.

In the engine compartment of the tractor is a diesel engine Deutz BF 8M1015C of German production, which develops power up to 544 hp. An Allison 4500 automatic transmission is connected to the engine with six forward and one reverse speeds. Means of air supply to the engine and radiator are taken out of the chassis and are located behind the cabin. Thus, the cooling system received a small polygonal case, standing alone at the right side of the machine.

After the gearbox torque is fed to a two-stage transfer case. All four axes of the machine are made by leading ones and equipped with central gearboxes with a system of differentials. The latter have a self-locking function. Through the axle drive shaft, the central gearbox is connected to the planetary wheel. The wheels of the first two axles are steerable, which affected the design of their bridges.

MZKT-742960 chassis received a four-axle undercarriage with large diameter wheels, suitable for off-road use. The axes are located at different intervals. The largest is the distance between the second and third wheels on each side. The first gap is smaller, and a minimum distance is provided for the fourth axis. In the increased intervals between the second and third wheels of each side fuel tanks are placed. Front wheels on top covered with a full arch. Above the rear there are only two pairs of flaps.

The two front axles of the chassis are equipped with independent suspension based on torsion bars. The rear axles are equipped with spring-balanced suspension based on a pair of levers. Chassis has a set of braking devices. Apply drum brakes with pneumatic control. There are also spare, parking and hydrodynamic brakes. The pneumatic route of the brake system of the tractor can be connected with the corresponding semi-trailer means. Used lean-to wheels with wide tires, having a tread terrain. Tire size - 23,5-25 or 23,5R25. The wheels are connected to a centralized pressure control system.

The tractor is equipped with a spare wheel, but its size and weight required to equip the car with special equipment. "Stock" is transported on the right side of the tractor, next to the winch. A large and heavy wheel rises to the mounts and lowers to the ground using a compact crane with a small swivel boom.

In the front of the chassis, a crew cabin is installed on its own shock absorbers, built of metal on the basis of a supporting frame. The cab is much narrower than the main part of the chassis, which gives the tractor a distinctive and recognizable appearance. Cab contours are formed by several large rectangular planes; the number of bevels and rounding is minimal. The cabin is made double-row and is equipped with seven crew seats, including the driver’s workplace. If necessary, four rear seats are converted into two beds. The cabin is equipped with air conditioning.

At the request of the customer, the existing unprotected crew compartment can be supplemented with armor, fastenings for which are present on the frame and panels. Regular glass at the same time are replaced with protected blocks. In the basic configuration, the tractor cab also has the means to use personal weapons the crew.

The cab of the MZKT-742960 tank truck provides the driver and other crew members with a good overview. There is a large windshield with a vertical cover, as well as two pairs of windows of maximum size on the side doors. To monitor the road should also use a pair of large rear-view mirrors, rendered from the sides of the framework. Landing in the cabin is provided by two pairs of doors, which occupy almost the entire area of ​​the doors. Front doors open forward while moving, rear - back. Due to the high height of the machine under the doors on the body there are steps made with an L-shaped step.

The cabin is equipped with a set of lighting equipment required for road trains and other large machinery. Three orange lanterns are installed above the windshield. A pair of large beacons of the same color is mounted on the cab roof. A standard set of headlights is located on the front and rear bumpers.

For some loading and other work, a truck tractor from the Minsk plant can use a winch located on the middle part of the chassis, in front of the fifth wheel coupling. The winch has a pair of hydraulically driven drums. The latter is capable of generating a pull on 250 kN on two issued cables.

On the stern platform of the MZKT-742960 chassis, directly above the gearbox of the third bridge, there is a fifth wheel coupling under a king pin with a diameter of 3,5 inch. The load-carrying plate has three degrees of freedom and can swing within small sectors. Load on the saddle device - up to 27 tons.

The Volat MZKT-742960 has a length of 10,3 m with a maximum width (mirrors) 3,5 m. The maximum height is determined at the level of 4 m. Ground clearance - 500 mm. The equipped tractor weighs 26 tons. The total weight, taking into account the load on the saddle, is 53 tons. At the same time, the front axles are loaded with 11,3 tons and loads at the rear axles with 15,2 tons. According to the manufacturer, the maximum vehicle speed on the highway is 70 km / h It is able to overcome the slope of the 14 °.

Despite the relatively large size and weight, the Belarusian-made tractor can be transported by military transport aircraft aviation. For this, An-22 type aircraft or other equipment with higher characteristics can be used.

For the transportation of armored vehicles with the aid of a truck tractor MZKT-742960 in Minsk, a semi-trailer of the type MZKT-820400 is used as part of a tanker-train vehicle. It has a traditional design for such products, but it is adapted for the transport of large and heavy loads like various military vehicles.

The basis of the semitrailer is a welded frame of the spar type. Its most part is made flat and is designed to organize a cargo platform, while the front section is characterized by a curved shape and carries the king pin. Supporting devices are placed next to it to support the trailer in the absence of a tractor. The stern provides means of mounting the chassis and a pair of ladders.

The chassis of the semi-trailer is biaxial and is located near the stern of the frame. For the correct distribution of the load on the ground, an eight-wheeled scheme with two side carts is used. In the design of the latter, longitudinal and transverse balancers are used. Each trolley gets four wheels located on two axles. On the wheels are installed drum brakes with pneumatic drive. The pneumatic system of the trailer is connected to the devices of the tractor. Used tires size 16.00R20. Semitrailer must carry one spare tire. Its mount is placed in front of the frame.

Like a tractor, a semi-trailer has a tire pressure adjustment system. For greater ease of operation, all tire inflation valves are displayed on the sides of the frame. All wheels are equipped with pressure control sensors. If this parameter drops below the allowable values, the indicator on the driver’s dashboard is triggered.

In the absence of a tractor, the semi-trailer must use a support device placed in front of the frame. It consists of a pair of reinforced mechanical and hydraulic jacks.

The MZKT-820400 semi-trailer has a loading platform with a length of about 13 m and a width of 3,2 m. Loading height - 1,5 m. On the platform, made in the form of sheet flooring, there are anti-skid bars, support and guide rollers, winding cable guide blocks, fixings for cables fixing load, etc.

Self-propelled or towed vehicles must be loaded onto a semi-trailer using a pair of folding ladders. Two such devices with a length of about 2,5 m are hinged at the rear of the platform. The ladders are lowered and raised by means of hydraulic cylinders, the pressure in which is created by the onboard equipment of the tractor.

The full length of the MZKT-820400 semi-trailer is 18,4 m, width - 3,2 m. The height in the transport position with raised ramps is 3,5 m. The dead weight of this product is determined at the level of 19 t. Payload - 56 t; total weight - 75 t. The design of the semitrailer transfers to the fifth-wheel hitch tractor the load of no more than 27 t. The load on its own axles should not exceed 24 t per each.

The 13-meter cargo area of ​​the semitrailer and the ability to transport the 56-ton cargo allow the MZKT-742960 + 820400 road train to solve various transportation tasks. So, he can transport on the cargo platform any modern tank of Soviet or Russian construction, or another military armored vehicle. In the case of lightweight equipment, it is possible to simultaneously transport several machines. In particular, on a semi-trailer, it is claimed that two infantry fighting vehicles of the BMP-1 or BMP-2 type can be mounted and fixed at once. Probably the same is true of other small light armored vehicles.

A characteristic feature of the tractor MZKT-742960 is an undercarriage chassis equipped with large-diameter wheels with adjustable pressure. Due to her and a relatively powerful engine, the machine is able to move not only along the roads, but also over rough terrain. In addition, as shown by the tests, the MZKT-820400 semi-trailer can drive off-road. Outside of good roads, a road train is capable of carrying various loads, however, the poor condition of the route seriously limits the maximum speed.

According to known data, the first customers of the serial truck trains MZKT-742960 + 820400, intended for the transportation of military equipment, were the armed forces of Angola, who had previously ordered their development. Subsequently, the Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant began to promote its auto trains of the new model in the international market. This technique is regularly demonstrated at various exhibitions and enjoys a certain popularity among their visitors. At the same time, despite all the efforts of the development company, the road trains based on the MZKT-742960 tractor were not ordered by the armed forces of the Republic of Belarus.

However, the Belarusian army still had the opportunity to test domestic tank vessels. So, 3 July last year in Minsk held a parade on Independence Day. During this event, several MZKT-742960 + 820400 road trains passed through the streets of the capital, on semi-trailers of which were tanks and self-propelled artillery installations. Special equipment that is not in service with its own army probably symbolized the export potential of the Belarusian defense industry.

Not all military equipment can be transferred over long distances under its own power, and it needs special transport. Trucks with the ability to transport tanks and other armored vehicles are needed by all armies, and some of them are ready to order equipment abroad. For example, in the case of Angola, the desire to get new tractors with semi-trailers led to the appearance of the Volat MZKT-742960 + 820400 road train. Now other customers can purchase such equipment offered by the Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant.

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  1. Dr_engie
    Dr_engie 17 February 2018 07: 05
    Did you twist the cab with MANs of similar purpose?
    1. sviazist
      sviazist 17 February 2018 08: 05
      MAN to MZKT has nothing to do. MAN worked with MAZ.
      With the same success, the KAMAZ cab is unscrewed from a Mercedes.
      1. self-propelled
        self-propelled 17 February 2018 09: 50
        Quote: Dr_Engie
        Did you twist the cab with MANs of similar purpose?

        Quote: sviazist
        MAN to MZKT has nothing to do. MAN worked with MAZ.

        external resemblance (booths) does not mean borrowing. look at the cabs of the army (tactical))) of tractors from different countries - the vast majority are flat panels (without any curls, lace and bulges) because, if necessary, it will be possible to hang additional reservations + repairs easier (as a bonus).

        Iveco (Astra);





        Quote: sviazist
        With the same success, the KAMAZ cab is unscrewed from a Mercedes.

        and it is so. new Kamaz created in collaboration with Mercedes. KAMAZ cabs are made on the basis of Mercedes cabs (although they had their own KAMAZ cab work)

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    2. Lopatov
      Lopatov 17 February 2018 09: 53
      And why not?
      Used a successful solution for machines with similar requirements
      This is not a specially designed cabin for this particular machine. This is the cabin of the whole family, starting with biaxial
    3. Megatron
      Megatron 18 February 2018 23: 05
      All these special "tank" tractors - the development is very dubious.
      The consumption of such a monster 8/8 is not less than 100l / 100km, plus this technique is very specific and very expensive in the service team.

      On the example of the same Syria, the tanks carry the old Tatras of the 70s there, and with regard to our tanks, and not fat abrams / leopards, they will be quite successfully taken away by any tractor of the 6/4 class of Maz 6422 / Kamaz 6460 along the highway and a moderate road lane . Given the use of foreign aggregates, in fact - these are just expensive toys.
  2. Cat
    Cat 17 February 2018 08: 00
    What to say? I am sincerely happy for the brothers - Belarusians.
    1. Alekseev
      Alekseev 18 February 2018 11: 36
      Quote: Kotischa
      What to say? I am sincerely glad

      Of course, the MZKT is able to create an off-road tractor, not the first time.
      But what would be the hope of selling at least some large-scale batch, the main thing is that the price-quality ratio should be normal. And do not forget that weapons and military equipment are sold not only technically, but also politically. - they buy from those who are told by "senior partners".
      The fact that the “general customer” is Angola could not be mentioned for the benefit of the case, it is not a global player in the arms and military equipment market, its requirements and competence are not a model in the world.
      But the use of the Deutz KP Allison engine instead of TMZ and YaMZ is a moot point ... By this very price-quality ratio.
  3. Reader 2013
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    A strange development, on the highway an ordinary tractor can transport, on the road, it is probably easier to drive the tank yourself
    1. Narak-zempo
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      Yeah, and kill the engine resource (which is several times more expensive than the tractor engine) and tracks.
    2. adma
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      Quote: Reader 2013
      an ordinary tractor can transport along the highway,
      Transportation speed. An ordinary tractor is unlikely to be able to pull a tank and a cart with an acceptable speed. Yes, and overcoming the rise and braking will create serious problems. At one time, I had to carry a lot of tanks at MAZ along the Transbaikal hills.
  4. igorspb
    igorspb 17 February 2018 12: 21
    Landing in the cabin is provided by two pairs of doors, occupying almost the entire area of ​​the doors.
  5. Tima62
    Tima62 17 February 2018 13: 27
    Quote: 2013 Reader
    A strange development, on the highway an ordinary tractor can transport, on the road, it is probably easier to drive the tank yourself

    All the same, the development is military. They fired at the highway, funnels hastily patched up, an ordinary tractor will not pass, and this one is easy. In addition, off-road should not be understood as a swamp or arable land. It is full of rural, etc. roads, where the way was ordered to an ordinary tractor.
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