"Would repeat the slaughter again"

The topic of multiculturalism has increasingly become subject to vigorous discussions at various venues and is increasingly manifesting itself as an old disease that is progressing day by day, which was previously simply ignored. Today, the confrontation of different cultures on the territory of a country forces the public to react extremely emotionally to the situation. Because of this, often all the interested parties not only do not approach in working out a rational solution to the designated problem, but only more are mired in it like a multi-ton truck that leaves on a primer that has become limp from autumn rains. And it seems to us that the exit is quite close, we just need to overcome a few meters and get back onto the asphalt of rationalism, but this is the main difficulty.

"Would repeat the slaughter again"

Today, the personification of the fighter against multiculturalism was the Norwegian Anders Breivik, whose name gradually begins to go away in the direction of parity. At the same time, people trying to evaluate his monstrous crime on the island of Utyuya last year, as a result of which 77 people died, were divided, as often happens, into two irreconcilable camps. Some are convinced that Breivik did everything to return self-identity to Norway and Europe. Others believe that the “Norwegian shooter” is a bloody maniac who methodically and coolly killed dozens of people as if he once again played his favorite computer game “World of Warcraft”, and therefore the fight against “gentiles” for him is just a mask.

It seemed that the trial of the European terrorist number XXUMX should give answers to all questions about the actions of Anders Breivik. But too big trail and halo around this figure to evaluate it clearly.

The main mystery is not even in how adequate Anders Breivik was when he committed his bloody crimes, but in how many more such “Breiviks” remain at large and in their thoughts carry plans for “cleansing” Europe. Reasoning on this topic, one can say the following: Breivik is a kind of collective image of a modern person with obvious disorder.

If you look at the biography of the “Norwegian shooter”, then quite remarkable facts float to the surface. First, Breivik has a college degree, which, incidentally, he received through the Internet. Secondly, Breivik positions himself as a Lutheran Christian, however, he was (is) in the Masonic lodge of the Norwegian capital, calling himself a Knight Templar, an active employee with the national radicals of Great Britain. However, all this was not immediately ...

At first, Breivik is an ordinary Norwegian teenager who, according to the British The Times, even had a fellow from Pakistan in his buddies, in whom he didn’t show any national or religious controversy. At least, so testify people who knew him since childhood. Everything turned upside down after 16-year-old Anders Breivik joined the youth organization of one of the right-liberal Norwegian parties. It was after this that young Breivik aroused an interest in politics, which his new patrons “inculcated” in him. At the same time, in the head of the future terrorist, obviously, there is a conflict between the views that were instilled in him at school and in the family, and what can be called neo-Nazi ideology. Immersion in politics against the background of his own life insecurity and the seeming lack of attention to his person, pushed Breivik to the fact that he simply became vital that a certain target for self-realization. At first, the Lutheran Church became such a target, if not strange, and Breivik continues to call himself an adherent of the ideas. Breivik Church accused of conniving at spreading same-sex love and marriage, to the fact that the church itself closes its eyes to how temples are used for commercial purposes. Then the future "shooter" found a more suitable target for the world to notice. This is a struggle against multiculturalism that has swept Europe. It would seem that the words Breivik really - to the point. But these words, rather, hide some civil dissatisfaction with their position in society. Stay invisible average Norwegian Breivik could not afford ...

Obviously, the Norwegian terrorist could not dissociate himself from some growing pains. Any teenager, whether Norwegian, French or Russian, in order to realize himself, is looking for some kind of activity that best reveals his talents. Someone is immersed in music, someone gives himself fully to study, someone starts to earn money, and someone suddenly sees a new messiah in himself ... Apparently, Breivik, like a fairly wealthy subject of the Norwegian crown, had a lot free time, which he decided to devote to one idea for his own self-realization - the struggle with the chosen enemy. The so-called crisis of a thirty-year-old man pushed the Norwegian terrorist to action.

Breivik absolutely can not be called a fanatic. He formulates his thoughts clearly. He tries to show the society the problems that have become almost insurmountable for further full development. If, for a moment, to forget about the fact that Breivik himself chose the lives of innocent people in 77’s lives, one would have thought that a good politician would have emerged from Breivik. Indeed, in the world there are a sufficient number of politicians who with one stroke of the pen destroyed or are destroying not tens, but tens of thousands of people. We all know these statesmen perfectly well ...

Only Breivik just decided to try on the image of the main fighter with what he thought was the most global European problem today. He decided to appear as the apex of the problematic pyramid in order to achieve his goals. His teenage dreams of attention to his personality turned into what the whole world is talking about today. As Herostratus, who burned the temple of Artemis only for the sake of his own ambition, Anders Breivik made an act that can be described as gerostratal glory.

Breivik clearly understood that if he killed dozens of people, the problem of mass immigration of Muslims to Europe would not be solved. It turns out that all the words of Breivik about trying to solve the problem of protracted multiculturalism are just bravado of a person who is trying with all his might to attract attention to himself. And if in ancient Greece a special decree was created to make the Greeks forget the name of Herostratus, then the Norwegian “Herostratus” seemed to have achieved its goal. They talk about him in Oslo, talk about him in Brussels, talk about him in Washington, we talk about him ...

But after all, by and large, Anders Breivik has absolutely nothing to do with a real solution to the problem of multiculturalism. He is only an actor who played his part in 2011 and continues to play it today. Tears that suddenly arose at the sight of their own portraits in uniform and with weapons in his hands, they once again testify that the “Norwegian shooter” is the newly appeared Herostrat, to whom public attention to his own person is much more important than the ideas for which he allegedly struggles.

About Breivik can not speak as a mentally unbalanced person. He knows his goal and is actively striving for it. He is aware that the multicultural legislation of Norway can be taken advantage of. It works great on camera. One gets the impression that this whole person is a kind of glamorous PR action designed for those people who are inclined to idealize mass murder under the guise of a new cleansing of Christianity. And with PR actions, real problems can hardly be solved ...
Alexei Volodin
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