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The US is preparing a revenge for Russia

After the defeat of ISIS, the Kurds (SDS) became a puppet in the hands of the United States in Syria. With them, the Syrian troops enter into regular fighting.

According to Russia, the United States intends to create a new quasi-state in the territory east of the Euphrates, which will be controlled by the Kurds. It is on this territory that the units of the American army, including artillery, which provide direct support to the Kurds, are stationed.

In this sense, the interests of the United States and the SDS coincide: the first intend to divide Syria, using the captured territory as a springboard for further war against Damascus, and the second have been dreaming about their own state for so long. The important point is that the area controlled by the Kurds is extremely rich in oil. Its mining and sales allow the VTS to get so much from the Americans weaponsas required

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  1. Mar.Tirah
    Mar.Tirah 15 February 2018 15: 30
    The Kurds should understand who they are dealing with. As long as there was only one fire contact. If this is not stopped, the war will gain new momentum, and we will have to hammer in the sand the US Kurds committed to the United States. Here’s a fresh version: The USA mistakenly destroyed 300 Kurds who were declared Russian. Who knows? https: //
    byavili-russkimi-yuliya-vityazeva /
    1. gromoboj
      gromoboj 15 February 2018 15: 34
      You don’t have to hammer anyone into the sand. Command is inactive. For the time being, they hammered ours. And if something is repeated without a twinge of conscience.
      Kurds for the Yankees are even more convenient than bearded barmaleys.
      - Not so radical Islamists
      - They do not look like terrorists, therefore they can be declared a democratic opposition and go to demolish Assad.
      - The image of them in Europe was created as unfortunate people who are constantly offended by evil Turks. Therefore, you can also frighten them Erdogan. Although the situation is curious. One NATO country is arming illegal gangs, while a second NATO is trying to destroy them.

      In general, the chances with the Kurds are much higher than with the barmales, and if it works out with Syria, then Iran will be soaring.
      1. Oden280
        Oden280 15 February 2018 16: 45
        What are ours? Mercenaries are a people without a clan and tribe. Who pays for that and fight.
        1. gromoboj
          gromoboj 15 February 2018 16: 58
          And now let's change the “mercenaries” to “volunteers”. And there is no need to breed demagoguery about "they are for money." People could get a job at any other PMC or enroll in a foreign legion. But they acted in the interests of Russia. Volunteers who fought in Spain also curse? And the specialists who were from Africa to Asia there too? Even in WWII, soldiers were paid for destroyed equipment.


          In general, what I am crucifying, you will not please some. Either give me an army under a contract, or yell that they fought for money. And in general your position is this.
          1. Mar.Tirah
            Mar.Tirah 15 February 2018 17: 23
            You say everything correctly. So most of those who care about their country do the same. When we entered the DRA, the number of people who wanted to go there was massive. And I wrote a report. They didn’t take it. Zakhar Prilepin published an obituary about his comrade.
          2. Oden280
            Oden280 16 February 2018 16: 04
            What are the interests of Russia? Do not you think so. that our country is not able to solve its delicate problems without involving mercenaries? PMCs founded by immigrants from our country have long been active in the Middle East and Africa. And they had losses, only no one raised a screech to heaven because of this. No one demanded that their losses be recognized as state losses. And then, against the backdrop of the elections, they made a howl to heaven. People themselves, consciously chose war as their profession, and they kill on it.
  2. OneMoreDay
    OneMoreDay 15 February 2018 15: 37
    What an illiterate headline. Or "they are preparing a dirty trick" or "they want to achieve a revenge", but in any way "they are preparing a revenge for Russia"
  3. Kudrevkn
    Kudrevkn 15 February 2018 15: 40
    Yes, you stop flogging nonsense - this OIL HOW TO TANKERS get? How is it transported from mining areas and to WHERE?
    1. gromoboj
      gromoboj 15 February 2018 15: 44
      That does not need the Yankees Syrian oil. They need Syria and Iran to be gone. I really want to go to the Caspian Sea and that no one interferes in the Persian Gulf.
      If they needed oil they would have stopped in Libya with Iraq.
      1. Oden280
        Oden280 15 February 2018 16: 46
        Yankees are not needed; Kurds are needed. Otherwise, how will they develop their Kurdistan. You can’t get far on handouts.
  4. Victorio
    Victorio 15 February 2018 19: 02
    they will print more green papers, and from those who want to fight there will be no end
  5. Valery Saitov
    Valery Saitov 16 February 2018 08: 35
    Its production and sale allow the SDS to get as many weapons from the Americans as it needs.)))
    The war is still going for resources, and then a new round of war will begin around the world ... for water. It is already more expensive than gasoline.
  6. Mama Kalashyan
    Mama Kalashyan 16 February 2018 11: 16
    if this is Syrian territory, then why does Syrian President Assad not help the Kurds who sculpt against the Turk?
  7. DPN
    DPN 16 February 2018 20: 47
    Nobody has yet canceled the right of the strong, oil fields have occupied, and the rest they put in a member, and so it will be until they are kicked out of Syria. Will Assad decide on this big question?
  8. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn 16 February 2018 21: 01
    ..They came together. Wave and stone ..