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Two Russians in the US found guilty of hacking activities

A US court found two Russians guilty of committing cyber attacks. We are talking about such citizens of the Russian Federation as Vladimir Drinkman and Dmitry Smilyanets, who, as stated by the American Themis, “have been hacking databases of international companies, as well as US companies, for seven years”.

Two Russians in the US found guilty of hacking activities

In a federal court in New Jersey, a harsh sentence was pronounced against Russians announced by hackers. So, Vladimir Drinkman will spend in the American prison 12 for years, and Dmitry Smilyanets should have spent about 4 and a half years. It is known that Smilyants was released in the courtroom, as he had already served this term during a more than a prolonged investigation.

Attention is drawn to the fact that the lawyers of convicted Russians stated that they probably will not file appeals. In fact, it is understood that the Russians are afraid that American “justice” may add additional timeframes under far-fetched pretexts for “disagreeing with the verdict”.

At the same time, the court has not yet completed the announcement of the final verdict. The judge should soon inform how much Russians should pay to the American treasury. Thus, the damage from the activities of Vladimir Drinkman was estimated at almost a third of a billion dollars.

For reference: Drinkman and Smilyanets were arrested in the Netherlands in 2013, from where, despite protests from the Russian Federation, they were sent to the United States, where they gave “confessions” during the investigation. They reported that they were stealing bank card data.

Attention is drawn to the fact that the hearings in court were held behind closed doors.
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  1. 210ox
    210ox 15 February 2018 06: 23
    The notorious "justice" .... But what? Does our Themis have no questions for the Americans? Why we won’t answer in a mirror? Lure them to the fullest here. Basmanny can.
    1. oldseaman1957
      oldseaman1957 15 February 2018 06: 27
      Quote: 210ox
      The notorious "justice".
      - My son is studying for an IT specialist. I will not give him a passport: you never know what ...
      1. Evgeniy667b
        Evgeniy667b 15 February 2018 07: 34
        If a person specifically works in IT technologies, then he really has nothing to do outside of Russia.
    2. ul_vitalii
      ul_vitalii 15 February 2018 06: 42
      Quote: 210ox
      The notorious "justice" .... But what? Does our Themis have no questions for the Americans? Why we won’t answer in a mirror? Lure them to the fullest here. Basmanny can.

      It’s not us, they immediately concoct Magnitsky’s second list, on which we basically ... hi
    3. Do not care
      Do not care 15 February 2018 07: 27
      They planted two thieves. They were looting. And it does not matter whether they are Russians or Martians.
      1. rocket757
        rocket757 15 February 2018 08: 04
        A moot point. We can really be thieves, but we can appoint the extreme ... Themis is such, different and the same in all countries of the world.
        A future passport will be issued for passports, otherwise this is news, they can be raked and no one will help you.
        The song is old as the world ... do not want to sit in the "Alcatraz" do not do ???? Yes, do not do much, the main thing is not to dream to warm your belly where you can be raked by the legs of a striped Themis.
  2. Theodore
    Theodore 15 February 2018 06: 23
    So appointed guilty! So hack from the territory of China.
  3. Wolka
    Wolka 15 February 2018 06: 23
    only a few are left, only the Yankees, who are the crusaders, to be caught and convicted for something similar in Russia ...
    1. Orionvit
      Orionvit 15 February 2018 15: 20
      And who will plant "Google", "Apple", "Microsoft", which do not hesitate to merge the personal services of personal data of users to whom they have unlimited access? The truth is never recognized.
  4. Herculesic
    Herculesic 15 February 2018 06: 25
    Are we going to bother? I personally would have taken a dozen Yankees, hid them for 20 years, on charges of terrorism! The country's authorities are obliged to help these, and indeed, to all whom rotten America illegally condemned, Russian prisoners! You can’t chew snot forever! It is strictly necessary to answer - we were taken out, so you take their heels, and kitsch them! Our people are taken on false charges, so we too are untied in such a response.
    1. Lexus
      Lexus 15 February 2018 16: 51
      Bout and Yaroshenko got away with it. As a result, now every Russian is a priori guilty, which means "under the gun." Such are the "successes" of "toothless" diplomacy.
  5. cormorant
    cormorant 15 February 2018 06: 43
    It is clear that our citizens and the American “justice” are hostile. On the other hand, what did they do in the Netherlands in 2013? They would sit at home, nobody would touch you. Although, these guys in Russia would be soldered.
    1. Sands Careers General
      Sands Careers General 15 February 2018 14: 08
      My sidekick moved from Lugansk directly to the Netherlands after the Maidan. There are many Russian speakers there.
  6. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 15 February 2018 06: 58
    US court found two Russians guilty of cyber attacks
    Americans are trying to prove the existence of Russian hackers and once again confirm that they have not just discussed this topic for more than a year. I have two questions:
    1. What the hell are the guys roaming around abroad assuming that they can be caught there?
    2. When will the Americans land with us (not necessarily hackers) or other responses to American lawlessness?
    1. Herculesic
      Herculesic 15 February 2018 07: 20
      Gennady hi - while the liberals are in power, yes the country's capital lies in a foreign country, there will be no business for the good of the country!
      1. rotmistr60
        rotmistr60 15 February 2018 07: 27
        Greetings! hi I agree, but still the hope is warming that after the election, something just needs to change.
        1. vlad66
          vlad66 15 February 2018 08: 42
          Quote: rotmistr60
          that after the election, something just has to change

          Yes, Nichrome Gennady doesn’t change anything, no matter what the king is, the stump is clear that horses with rotten apples will not pass, such as a struggle between the king and the collective nominee from a swan, cancer and pike, whoever won, although the stump who won would be clear the nominee was pulled up and as though with the blood he had conquered did not pierce. hi
          1. rocket757
            rocket757 15 February 2018 08: 55
            Greetings to colleagues soldier
            As much as we would not like, nothing will change from modern elections.
            System, it will always protect itself! Especially if it is a system of absolute power.
            There is some illusion that the degree to which it becomes worse depends on the particular candidate, hereinafter the first person of the state ??? But it can neither be confirmed nor refuted ... it will be as it will be!
            1. Orionvit
              Orionvit 15 February 2018 15: 27
              Quote: rocket757
              System, it will always protect itself! Especially if this is a system of absolute power

              I agree with you, though partially. The whole question is who has power. How much Stalin was not scolded for totalitarianism, but there was order and officials worked for the good of the country. In Russia, however much you do not scold the president, he does not have all the fullness of power. But they demand from him, as with the Lord God.
              1. rocket757
                rocket757 15 February 2018 15: 54
                The system was different, despite what they say now, it was a mutual responsibility of the state and citizen. And a simple citizen was in the same responsibility to the state as the leading cadres of the country ... there were exceptions, but there was no such diversity of rights as now!
                We will clearly say that any person in power will be controlled / controlled by a system that rules in the country REALLY!
                Absolutism is not and cannot be!
                It’s just that the system in the USSR, is for the most part the people of the country.
                In modern Russia, this is by no means a people, a group of very rich people, which if not put on the people, then they certainly will not suffer for it.
                In such a lump!
                1. Orionvit
                  Orionvit 15 February 2018 16: 45
                  Quote: rocket757
                  In such a lump!

                  That and that. They wanted capitalism, got it.
                  1. rocket757
                    rocket757 15 February 2018 19: 12
                    Everyone is to blame. Just some purposefully destroyed, for their selfish interests, others did not resist this ... and misunderstanding, stupidity is not an excuse.
                    Sprinkle ashes on our heads, we don’t need to, we’ll build a new one ... when, and FIG knows, I hope to see the revival of a great country, nation!
  7. Altona
    Altona 15 February 2018 07: 22
    The American Gulag in action. Now they will work for free on the "American Dream", write programs for washing machines and electric waffle irons.
  8. Altona
    Altona 15 February 2018 07: 22
    Quote: rotmistr60
    2. When will the Americans land with us (not necessarily hackers) or other responses to American lawlessness?

    When the king will be real, and not what it is now.
  9. demo
    demo 15 February 2018 08: 07
    Dmitry Smilyanets and Vladimir Drinkman
    Brave for Mother Russia
    On March 22, 2012, the head of the most successful Russian e-sports organization of those years, Moscow Five Dmitry Smilyanets (“Brave”) announced that the team would have a “curator” - businessman and dollar billionaire Sergey Matvienko (son of Valentina Matvienko, speaker of the Federation Council). He said that negotiations with Matvienko were held in parallel with the victories of the Moscow Five team in the League of Legends in the World Cup finals (Meduza spoke in detail about the Russian teams in LOL). A joint photo of Smilianets and Matvienko appeared on the Moscow Five website: the Smilian on her is wearing a blue Adidas sweatshirt, the son of Matvienko is sitting next to a stuffed buffalo.

    Judging by the social networks, Smilianets was generally fond of politics and talked a lot with Russian public figures. In March 2012, when the presidential elections in Russia took place, he posted a photograph of the ballot with a checkmark for Vladimir Putin. He signed the photograph: “I am sure of it! For a strong leader! ” After some time, he posted a photo from a round table with representatives of the presidential administration, which "discussed issues of eSports in Russia." In another photograph there was a Russian flag, on top of which a quote from the hymn was withdrawn: "Our loyalty to our homeland gives us strength."

    Before each competition, the Smilian would publicly turn to God. “Lord, help us win the Intel Extreme Masters in Hanover. We fight for the honor of Moscow, for Mother Russia! ” - he wrote in March 2012. Then he laid out the painting "Blessed Morning in Moscow", which, according to him, the Moscow Five was transferred by the artist Nikas Safronov, who usually writes Russian politicians and celebrities.

    In 2003, according to Bloomberg, Smilianets met Vladimir Drinkman when they played Counter-Strike on the Internet. The smilian in these games often cheated using cheat codes. Soon they met. Drinkman said that they became friends - Smilianets was for him one of the people with whom you can drink vodka or go fishing.

    Drinkman grew up in Syktyvkar, was fond of computers from school, independently learned the C ++ programming language, worked as a system administrator at the university. Smilianets was born in Moscow, where he graduated from the Department of Information Security at Bauman University. In the self-description of his twitter, he said that he was interested in geopolitics, e-sports and information security.

    According to the criminal case, since 2005, friends began to penetrate the computer networks of financial companies, payment systems and shops, gaining access to credit card information. Smilianets was also responsible for their resale - the cards went for 10-50 dollars apiece, depending on the country of origin. They infiltrated the Nasdaq exchange, 7-Eleven supermarkets, the French Carrefour chain and other large companies. Over the next ten years, they, according to the prosecution, stole about 160 million credit cards and caused $ 300 million worth of damage. Hacker Albert Gonzalez pointed out to the American intelligence services Drinkman; already through Drinkman they reached Smilianets. Gonzalez himself is already serving a twenty-year prison term - for the theft of 130 million credit cards.

    Arrest in Amsterdam
    In July 2013, special services found a photo on Smiliants’s account on Instagram, in which he, in a sweatshirt with the coat of arms of Russia, poses against the inscription “I Amsterdam” in the center of the Dutch capital. After that, the Americans phoned all the hotels nearby; in one of them they were told that Smilianets really lives in a hotel, but is now sleeping. The next morning, detectives arrived at the hotel. It turned out that Smilianets rented two numbers. Vladimir Drinkman was in the neighboring one, whose special services were not even aware of the location.

    In his last post on VKontakte, before his arrest, Smilianets posted a photo of e-sportsmen with the caption: “Property of e-sports in Russia. Only CIA and MI-6 agents can talk badly about them. ” After the arrest, Smilyants began to be called the godfather of e-sports, and a column appeared on that said: “Now everyone knows where the Brave had money to support the teams.”

    Smiliants’s father, Moscow lawyer Viktor Smilianets, believes his son’s guilt is not supported by any evidence. According to him, during the arrest, Smilyants did not have a computer - the main potential evidence. “The amount of material damage caused to banks and other financial institutions is more perplexing, incredible figures appear,” Smilianets Sr. wrote. “Americans love to draw astronomical numbers and thus write off billions of dollars of debt.”

    Investigators later reported that there were three more hackers in the gang - two Russians and one Ukrainian; failed to catch them.

    The smilian almost immediately agreed to extradition to the United States. There he was imprisoned in New Jersey, where he began to while away while studying Spanish and Chinese. Drinkman fought extradition for two and a half years. He told Bloomberg that he had read George R. R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire in a Dutch prison. He gave an interview in a psychiatric hospital, where, according to the lawyer, the hacker got after Holland agreed to his move to America.
    In September 2015, both Smilianets and Drinkman pleaded guilty. The sentence was postponed several times. Now the announcement is scheduled for September 22, 2017. They face 25 and 35 years in prison respectively.

    And now we look at the verdict. So, Vladimir Drinkman will spend 12 years in an American prison, and Dmitry Smilyanets should have spent about 4 and a half years. It is known that Smilyants was released in the courtroom, since he had already served this term during a more than protracted investigation.

    Their connection with our "special services" is a bugbear.
    But the connection with Matvienko’s son, who, for some reason, has become a billionaire (or a genius? Is he all in mum?) Is a fact.

    And the guys lived in a big way. They lived well. And I do not envy them.
    I remembered: Stole, drank, to prison! Romance!
    You are a thief! That sounds proud!
    A thief must sit!
    1. Aleks2048
      Aleks2048 15 February 2018 09: 18
      Great comment. All on the shelves. No snot about cheers patriotism in relation to ordinary thieves. I would add a term to them in the Russian Federation.
  10. Gardamir
    Gardamir 15 February 2018 08: 07
    Well, why be surprised? After all, the President does not give up his people, who are the inhabitants of Russia for him?
    1. HMR333
      HMR333 15 February 2018 09: 29
      it’s your fault that the president is easy to search for the extreme! there is no one but the president? he alone is you millions! give him tsarist powers then and lament him is not omnipotent and limited in laws and decisions on them; it is better to engage in liberal traitors in the open, betraying and calling for betrayal of the country!
      1. Gardamir
        Gardamir 15 February 2018 15: 25
        get liberal

  11. Aleks2048
    Aleks2048 15 February 2018 09: 22
    Good day. Maybe at least someone will think not only about the evidence system in a US court, but at least for the sake of decency, he will suggest who he supports. Sorry, but if I support thieves, I do not agree. A thief should be in jail.
  12. HMR333
    HMR333 15 February 2018 09: 24
    one fact is that they have stolen people from another country to violate the law and nullify all the charges, even if they are guilty of something according to their own laws! but since they spit on the law, here is the result!
    1. Aleks2048
      Aleks2048 15 February 2018 14: 22
      He does not cancel the committed crimes. No need to invent. For example, if we have a killer who, when detained, exceeds an employee’s authority, then our justice will say to the killer, now I'm sorry, are you not guilty? Of course not. They will simply attract an employee for personal injury and abuse of authority. So here is why the thief became not guilty. Seek and prosecute kidnappers.
  13. Prutkov
    Prutkov 15 February 2018 11: 19
    It is time for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to deal more specifically with the issue of the abduction of Russian citizens. It is clear that those who are caught cannot be pulled out just like that. But it is necessary to insistently advise Russian citizens not to go to those countries where there were abductions. For this, it is necessary to introduce additional insurance (such as legal and medical support in prison) from accidents for those traveling to such countries. And the amount of insurance should be decent.