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Internationalist Warriors Day

15 February 1989, Lieutenant-General Boris Gromov, commander of the Contingent of Soviet Forces in Afghanistan (OXVA), jumped off an armored personnel carrier and crossed the bridge across the Amu Darya River that separated Afghanistan from the Soviet Union on foot. Thus, the withdrawal of Soviet troops from the DRA was symbolically completed. Years and decades have passed. Today is the day of February 15 officially celebrated in Russia as the Day of Remembrance of the Russians, who were in office duty outside the country For a long time, veterans - Afghans celebrated 15 in February in their circle, gathering and recalling their fallen comrades, visiting living fellow servicemen. Only in 2010 were changes made to the legislation, which gave this date the status of the official Day of Remembrance of the Russians, who performed their official duties outside the country.

Internationalist Warriors Day

Warriors - internationalists, veterans of military operations and local conflicts - almost every Soviet and Russian generation had its own war or wars. At the end of the 1940s, the Soviet Union entered the Cold War phase with the United States and other countries of the “capitalist West”. The main lines of confrontation between the USSR and the USA were in the “third world” - the countries of Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Soviet Union money weapons, technology supported friendly regimes in developing countries, but not in all cases such support was sufficient. People were needed - from the most experienced military advisers and technical specialists to ordinary soldiers, who would provide protection of Soviet interests abroad in arms.

The war in Afghanistan is the most famous and large-scale example of the participation of the Soviet army in hostilities outside the country. For all the time of the Afghan war, 525,5 was attended by thousands of soldiers and officers of the Soviet Army, 95 thousands of soldiers and employees of the KGB border troops and state security agencies, internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the police. Thousands of civil servants have been through fighting in Afghanistan and around 21.

According to official figures, the Afghan war cost the Soviet people 15 052 dead, 53 753 injured, 417 missing. Very young guys died in the distant Afghan mountains, were returning home with severe injuries. To many, especially those who did not differ in a strong psyche, the war distorted all their lives, even if they were physically healthy - deep psychological trauma affected. It was then that the term “Afghan syndrome” came into use, similar to the “Vietnamese syndrome” experienced by American soldiers who took part in the war in Vietnam.

Many of the warriors - the Afghans were never able to adapt to civilian life and died at home, in their homeland, in the maelstrom of the “hard nineties”, or simply “went to the bottom”, looking for oblivion in alcohol and drugs. Although, of course, there were much more of those who still found the strength and courage to live on - to serve or to work honestly “in a civilian life”. It was the warriors - the Afghans - officers and warrant officers, contract soldiers often saved the situation during the years of the First and Second Chechen companies, trained the underaged young soldiers. Until now, many Afghans in the ranks - in the army, police, security agencies, other security agencies.

But not only about Afghans are we talking about when we remember the Soviet soldiers - internationalists and Russian military personnel who take part in hostilities outside the country. Almost simultaneously with the Afghan war, Soviet officers and soldiers took part in hostilities on the territory of Angola. Here, in the former Portuguese colony in the south-west of the African continent, after the proclamation of independence, a fierce civil war broke out. The Soviet Union supported the MPLA party oriented toward cooperation with Moscow, which came to power in the country. In turn, the UNITA rebel army, supported by the United States, South Africa and China, fought against it.

The young army of the People’s Republic of Angola had an acute shortage of military specialists of various specialties. The Soviet Union supplied military equipment, but there was no one to service it - most of the partisans yesterday did not have military specialties. Therefore, in 1975, Soviet military advisers, instructors, and technical specialists began to arrive in Angola — from ordinary soldiers and sailors to senior and senior officers. The contribution of the Soviet Union to the victory of the MPLA in the civil war was once said by the Cuban leader Fidel Castro, who noted that without the Soviet help the Angolan government had no chance. By the way, Cuba sent a 15-strong military contingent to Angola. Unlike Afghanistan, the participation of Soviet troops in the hostilities in Africa was practically not advertised. The 10th Main Directorate of the General Staff of the USSR Armed Forces (Main Directorate of International Military Cooperation) was engaged in the organization and leadership of Soviet troops in Angola, through which through Angola in 1975-1991. 10 Soviet troops passed, including 985 generals and admirals, 107 officers, more than 7211 warrant officers, midshipmen, foremen, sergeants and privates, as well as workers and employees of the Soviet Army and the Navy fleet.

The main part of the Soviet military personnel stationed in Angola was made up of specialists in the combat use and maintenance of equipment and weapons - officers and warrant officers. In Angola, served pilots, staff workers. With each Angolan unit there was a Soviet officer - a military adviser or several military advisers. The participation of Soviet military experts and advisers in military operations in a distant country, where practically no one knew Russian, required the active use of military translators. Translators from Portuguese were sent to Angola. Among them, by the way, was the current head of Rosneft, Igor Sechin, a graduate of the philological faculty of the Leningrad University, who spoke Portuguese, was sent to Angola in 1985 year. He served as a senior translator for a group of advisers to the Navy in Luanda, then a senior translator for a group of anti-aircraft missile forces in Namib province.

During the Angolan War, Soviet warships with marine units and combat swimmers were aboard the Angolan coast. Soviet sailors participated in the training of personnel of the Angolan Navy. Since the UNITA grouping did not have its own naval forces, the main source of threat to the sea for government forces was the South African Navy, and it was precisely to neutralize this enemy that the Soviet sailors who were on ships off the Angolan coast were oriented.

According to official figures, the losses of the USSR during the years of the war in Angola amounted to 54 people, including 45 officers, 5 ensigns, 2 conscripts and two employees. Ensign Nikolai Pestretsov in 1981 was captured during the battle of Quito-Kvanavale and spent about one and a half years in prison in South Africa before he was rescued from captivity.

In addition to Angola, Soviet military experts and advisers were in another former Portuguese colony, Mozambique, where they also helped the local left government fight the rebels. Since the scale of the hostilities in Mozambique was less significant, less Soviet troops passed through this country than through Angola. But all the same, there were no losses - 6 people died, 2 died of diseases.

In 1977-1979 Soviet soldiers took part in the so-called. The Ogaden War erupted between Somalia and Ethiopia. In it, the USSR supported the young revolutionary government of Ethiopia, in whose assistance military equipment was sent, as well as specialists for its maintenance. As in Angola, there was a large Cuban military contingent in Ethiopia - about 18 thousands of servicemen, but this did not mean that there was no need for Soviet specialists. The operational group of the USSR Ministry of Defense in Ethiopia, which was directly involved in planning military operations, was headed by First Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Ground Forces of the USSR Armed Forces, Army General Vasily Ivanovich Petrov, an experienced military leader and participant in the Great Patriotic War, who later received the title of Marshal of the Soviet Union in 1983.

During the fighting on the Horn of Africa, 33 Soviet troops were killed. These were mainly military transport personnel aviationkilled in aircraft accidents, as well as military advisers, translators, signalmen. Thanks to Soviet and Cuban military assistance, Ethiopia managed to win the Ogaden War.

In addition to Africa, the Soviet military personnel from 1967 were in the territory of South Yemen - the Democratic People’s Republic of Yemen. It was equipped with a Soviet naval base, which is only from 1976 to 1979. took the ship xnumx. The total number of Soviet soldiers serving from 123 to 1968 in South Yemen was 1991 people, while military personnel in all this time visited the whole Democratic Republic of Yemen XIIUM (according to official figures) people. As in Africa, there were mainly military specialists and advisers in South Yemen — officers and warrant officers. Soviet military specialists were also present in the neighboring Yemen Arab Republic. Already in 5245, the XRNUMX of Soviet servicemen was in the YAR.

In Egypt, Soviet soldiers were at the beginning of the 1970s, and not only military advisers were sent to this North African country. Already in March, 1970 arrived in Egypt by the 1,5 of thousands of Soviet military personnel of anti-aircraft missile forces and about 200 fighter aviation pilots. By the end of 1970, in Egypt there were already about 20 thousand Soviet soldiers, sailors and officers who served on warships in the Suez Canal zone, in anti-aircraft missile divisions and in fighter aircraft. The losses of the Soviet troops during the war of Egypt against Israel amounted to more than 40 military personnel.

During the Cold War, the Soviet Union preferred not to advertise the participation of its military personnel in hostilities in Africa and the Middle East. In most cases, military records of combatants did not contain information about these dramatic pages in their biographies. “They are not there” - this expression was born just then.

Today, Russian military personnel are located outside the country, both as part of the UN peacekeeping contingents and in Syria, where there is a group of Russian troops involved in combat operations against terrorists. Officially, Russia sent its contingent to Syria in September 2015. This is not only the aviation of the VKS, but also air defense units, rocket forces and artillery, marines, special operations forces, and military police. The fighting in Syria gave a number of Heroes of Russia, of which, unfortunately, this high rank was given posthumously to many.

In 2016, he died heroically, engaging in battle with the terrorists and causing a fire on himself, the 25-year-old aircraft operator for the Special Operations Forces, Senior Lieutenant Alexander Prokhorenko. In a battle with terrorists, the 35-year-old intelligence chief of the howitzer self-propelled artillery battalion captain Marat Akhmetshin was killed. The heroes awarded posthumously include Russian pilots: Colonel Ryafagat Makhmutovich Khabibullin (1965-2016), Lieutenant Colonel Oleg Anatolyevich Peshkov (1970-2015), Major Roman Nikolayevich Filippov (1984-2018). The feat of Major Filippov, who catapulted from the downed aircraft and engaged in battle with the terrorists, and then blew himself up with a grenade, cannot leave indifferent.

Russia is a great power; therefore, it is unlikely that it will be possible, even for a long time, to do without the presence of Russian military personnel abroad. Alas, this is one of the integral components that ensure the status of a world-class power to the country. Therefore, people who protect the security and interests of the country abroad have always been. This fact requires a clear understanding and adoption of appropriate measures for the financial and social support of modern internationalist warriors.

The common phrase “they are not there” can be used in communication with “foreign partners”, but inside the country, in relation to the military personnel themselves, there should be a clear approach showing that the country will never abandon its defenders and heroes. Families of dead fighters should receive decent help, the memory of the heroes should be perpetuated in the names of streets, schools, military units. But we should not forget about the living participants in the fighting, the amount of payments to which, for example, leaves much to be desired. If, in peacetime, people take the risk of defending their homeland beyond its borders, go to fight terrorists away from home, then they fully deserve that they are not forgotten. Eternal memory to the fallen and eternal honor to living soldiers-internationalists, Soviet and Russian.
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  1. German Titov
    German Titov 15 February 2018 05: 39
    Happy anniversary, SHURAVI !!!
    1. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 15 February 2018 05: 59
      congratulations ! (I need to call my brother, congratulate ...) soldier
      1. 210ox
        210ox 15 February 2018 06: 12
        On the occasion of you whoever performed, is performing and will continue to fulfill international duty!
        1. Alena Frolovna
          Alena Frolovna 15 February 2018 11: 19
          "Everyone had their own Afghanistan!"
          He burns the soul and cripples ...
          Let the time doctor - only he does not heal,
          And over the years it didn’t get easier for me
          Everyone had their own Afghanistan.

          Well then, friend, are you frozen in granite?
          Today the sun is bright at its zenith.

          Go home! They have been waiting for you for a long time:
          and the table is laid, and the wine is poured,

          and the son grew up! And mom got old ...
          Well, what are you, friend, so stubborn?

          Why are you standing in the gorge between the mountains?
          Your wife is waiting for you, and friends, and the yard ...

          But he froze all the troubles in spite of ...
          And the tears do not hide the men.
          Alla Nightmare

          Poems from a woman who served in Afghanistan.

          And the memory bleeds with the pain of wounds:
          Faces, names and dates pop up
          Afghanistan is on fire again
          More friends are not on the list of loss ...

          To know that it was not fate for us to die,
          Although we didn’t hide behind us in battle ...
          Is the memory alive? Do not erase the memory
          How not to erase scars and wrinkles.
          Alexander Samchuk
    2. Mar.Tirah
      Mar.Tirah 15 February 2018 06: 27
      Congratulations on your anniversary!The authorities of the new Russia have long been afraid of you.
      1. Tatyana
        Tatyana 15 February 2018 18: 54
        Happy holiday and memory of internationalist warriors!

        And to our dear forumchanin Alexei, a Russian soldier-internationalist with the nickname Zoldat_A, special greetings from me and wishes him in the life of good health, longevity, always cheerfulness and all the best in life! love
        Hi Aleksey! drinks hi
    3. Spartanez300
      Spartanez300 15 February 2018 07: 44
      Happy holiday and Memorial Day fighters!
    HEATHER 15 February 2018 06: 45
    Where only our fate did not throw ... Afghans.
  3. domokl
    domokl 15 February 2018 06: 49
    Happy holiday guys. Oh, and we became old ... So many years ...
    1. Jabal
      Jabal 15 February 2018 10: 36
      C'mon - old)) Everything is according to age))
      And you, and the rest who are present - with the Day of withdrawal.
    2. Sling cutter
      Sling cutter 15 February 2018 19: 34
      Quote: domokl
      Oh, and we have become old ... So many years ...

      What old fic? You are still grandfathers, you will give young odds, there were already exercises on August 2nd, young ones against “grandfathers”, the major stood on our side, so he “turned off” the two young people, nobody understood how belay and he is 67 years old! He lost his son in Chechnya, also our Guardsman! But the Man does not give up, Boys trains and very, by the way, effectively. That really would make nails out of these people! soldier
    3. Urs
      Urs 15 February 2018 19: 38
      C'mon "old" - adults and wise drinks
      1. domokl
        domokl 15 February 2018 20: 14
        Well coquettish little tongue Once again with the holiday bros!
  4. antiamerikan
    antiamerikan 15 February 2018 06: 56
    used to be internationalists

    now ihtamnets
    1. Fisher martin
      Fisher martin 15 February 2018 17: 40
      "there used to be internationalists" - Well, they fought officially. "Ihtamnet" - And what are they there?
    2. domokl
      domokl 15 February 2018 20: 15
      Quote: antiamerikan
      now ihtamnets

      Yeah .. In Africa, completely internationalists were)))
  5. ingvar1951
    ingvar1951 15 February 2018 09: 04
    Lubango 1976-1978 if anyone sees, respond
  6. sergej.me2010
    sergej.me2010 15 February 2018 10: 19
    Military unit 52146 During the Great Patriotic War, the forces of the regiment shot down 10 aircraft of Nazi invaders. In the post-war period, with the participation of the regiment's military personnel, about 70 aircraft of the imperialists were shot down. (something like that, from memory ... from the museum of the regiment of the Moscow Air Defense District 1979)
  7. Old warrior
    Old warrior 15 February 2018 11: 10
    Congratulations, Brothers! Not We lost, but those who sent us there.
    1. shuravi
      shuravi 15 February 2018 12: 09
      Quote: Old Warrior
      Congratulations, Brothers! Not We lost, but those who sent us there.

      To be precise, those who then betrayed Afghanistan lost. But for three years they were kept in isolation without us. And the Mujahideen continued to help.
      1. EwgenyZ
        EwgenyZ 15 February 2018 23: 16
        Quote: shuravi
        But for three years they were kept in isolation without us. And the Mujahideen continued to help.

        It will be interesting to see how long the American fosterlings last after the withdrawal of NATO warriors.
        I recalled the words from the modern song about the Great Patriotic War: "So that more of them, come alive, and ordinary, and officers." All fallen internationalist warriors - eternal memory, returning - long years of life and health!
  8. Sling cutter
    Sling cutter 15 February 2018 12: 21
    Dear Friends, congratulations to all involved! All health, longevity and peaceful sky.
    Dead - Eternal Glory!
    Today we recall all the living and the fallen. soldier
  9. Walking
    Walking 15 February 2018 15: 18
    Each time for some reason, the number of official losses is growing, in the beginning there was 13300 now 15000. If it continues this way, we’ll reach a million. Something is wrong here.

    Happy holiday Brothers, Bacha, Shuravi !!!
    1987-88 350 Guards
    1. shuravi
      shuravi 15 February 2018 17: 08
      Quote: Hiking
      Each time for some reason, the number of official losses is growing, in the beginning there was 13300 now 15000. If it continues this way, we’ll reach a million. Something is wrong here.

      So type round up. As for the million, they have already hanged him on us, that is, a million dead Afghans. Well, the fact that there is no evidence, so who cares.
      However, I note two points:
      - lest they speak, but the priority was to protect personnel, of course everything happened. but after each excess there was a "distribution of gifts" to commanders of all levels
      - unlike today's Russia, then any loss that could be attributed to military was written off, even if, for example, the sentry at the rear post had played out with a grenade
      1. Cannonball
        Cannonball 15 February 2018 22: 45
        The fact was that. And they even presented to the orders, probably, to relieve the pain of loss a little.
        And the personnel really tried to protect, most of the losses were not military - due to their own stupidity and gouging.
        1. domokl
          domokl 16 February 2018 05: 59
          Pro stupidity agree. Only here from the bridge the entire road beaten by Kamaz was overwhelmed. Drove were mercilessly. Recall about them ...
          1. Cannonball
            Cannonball 16 February 2018 22: 37
            Yes, the technology burned there along the side of the sea ... I was very impressed.
            I remember we had eternal debate about where it was better to go "on the armor" or "under the armor." We went both ways. We’ve been to the edge repeatedly, but God seems to have mercy on us. They managed with a “slight fear” - they shot and slipped through. Or by chance you were not taken aboard, and he ran into a mine ...
  10. EvgNik
    EvgNik 15 February 2018 16: 12
    Congratulations to all Afghans on the withdrawal of troops.
    Mashenka Artemyeva, my friend, has died. I will put Masha’s poem.
    I bandaged the boys
    Maria Nikolaevna Artemyeva
    I bandaged the boys
    I don’t get used to groans,
    In war I always knew
    What came not to kill!
    She didn’t admit to anyone, she was all afraid, they would laugh,
    But I fell in love with everyone for at least a few minutes!
    SCHWERIN 15 February 2018 17: 32
    # IKHTAM NO # Fought for money, but died for their homeland ....
    1. Fisher martin
      Fisher martin 15 February 2018 17: 42
      SCHWERIN "IKHTAM IS NOT # Fought for money, but perished for their homeland ..." - Do not fuck up nonsense. A mercenary is fighting only for grandmas.
      1. SCHWERIN
        SCHWERIN 15 February 2018 22: 11
        And if he is fighting against the enemy of our country and is its citizen? So even in this case you can score on him?
  12. shuravi
    shuravi 15 February 2018 17: 48
    How many times have you heard how some, from among those who saw the army only in the movies, are condescendingly smiling when they mention the rank of ensign.
    Therefore, he composed it. Maybe clumsily, so not a poet. In a real case, the truth is in Puli Khumri itself, nearby.


    Do not tear the step-gas lever,
    I need to sit here even die
    Very mean, infection
    Strip in Puli Khumri.

    Among the stones are debris
    Lucky, so lucky
    He sat down by mistake
    Here is an Afghan plane.

    Here are the brothers come true,
    Everything in the metal is clean, smooth,
    Yes, dust lurks around.

    Here without further ado,
    Stay in line with the axial,
    Slightly shifted left-right,
    It covers with the head.

    And with whom will we ask that case?
    Whose fault and fault?
    The lone "Eight"
    Caught a veil.

    If it happened, yes it happened,
    All analyzes for later
    But the car tilted
    And the planet hits the screw.

    Tongues from under the hoods,
    A fire breaks through
    And one of the pilots,
    The armor plate pressed to the glass.

    Fate has its hands
    And rock made his choice
    Yes, I was able to pull out of the ambush,
    Friend, on-board technician.

    Through the blister from the cab,
    I managed to push him out
    Then a flash of kerosene,
    And in that flash he himself burned out.

    I entered into a dispute with fate itself,
    Breaking her mouth
    Having paid with his head
    He was a simple ensign.

    Do not tear the step-gas lever,
    I need to sit here even die
    Very mean, infection
    Strip in Puli Khumri.
    1. dauria
      dauria 15 February 2018 20: 25
      He sat down by mistake
      Here is an Afghan plane.

      In the spring of 85, the Afghan Su-17 tried to land in Khumri, burned itself, and Mi-6 from Kunduz took it with him. All six of our children. I remember it well.
      1. shuravi
        shuravi 15 February 2018 20: 52
        Quote: dauria
        He sat down by mistake
        Here is an Afghan plane.

        In the spring of 85, the Afghan Su-17 tried to land in Khumri, burned itself, and Mi-6 from Kunduz took it with him. All six of our children. I remember it well.

        Yeah, I know. In Fayzabad was, 86-87. But in Puli-Khumri happened to be.
        1. domokl
          domokl 16 February 2018 05: 52
          recourse I was on the road exactly there for the first time "jammed roof" ... landed a horn "a la Rambo" 4. No shit I do not remember how men dragged under the Kamaz .. December 81, the first fight ...
          1. Cannonball
            Cannonball 16 February 2018 22: 49
            In Khinjan they wound, through Salang, on the “sixtieth” bat.
            They sat on the armor, their legs in the hatch, the machine was removed from the fuse (the platoon does not see the benefit) ... and the sleeves on the hbesh were rolled up to the elbow - such as Fritz from the forty-first, as in a newsreel ... They were kidding. There were fools, young.
            There were no shooting. Apparently they scared all the spirits with their "brave" look. wink
            September 83rd, the first long-distance departure ...
  13. Urs
    Urs 15 February 2018 19: 23
    Congratulations to the fighters of the international front.
    Until now, I have kept my official service and the date “Departure from the Territory of the Republic of Armenia 23.03.87”, but no mistake, the evacuation team of Turugundi-Kushka.
    To whom there is something, let us remember, to whom there is someone, we will remember well, and we congratulate the living.
  14. serge siberian
    serge siberian 15 February 2018 19: 29
    The common phrase “they are not there” can be used in communication with “foreign partners”, but within the country, in relation to the military personnel themselves, there should be a clear approach, showing that the country will never abandon its defenders and heroes. Families of fallen fighters should receive decent help, the memory of heroes - immortalized in the names of streets, schools, military units. But we must not forget about the live participants in the hostilities, the amount of payments to which, for example, leaves much to be desired. If in peacetime people take the risk of defending their homeland beyond their borders, go to fight terrorists away from home, then they deserve to be forgotten about. Eternal memory of the fallen and eternal honor to the living warriors-internationalists, Soviet and Russian.[i] [/ i]
    These words are to the bureaucrats in the brain (don’t get up after all, but hammered! They don’t allow) soldier
  15. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn 15 February 2018 20: 29
    Silently, the third, without clinking glasses.
  16. komrad buh
    komrad buh 16 February 2018 16: 23
    Glory to the Russian and Soviet soldiers !!!
  17. Old warrior
    Old warrior 16 February 2018 22: 14