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MPK "Kabardino-Balkaria" held artillery firing at a naval target

Small anti-submarine ship "Kabardino-Balkaria" of the Baltic Baltic naval base fleet He successfully worked out elements of the second exchange rate mission (K-2) at sea with performing artillery firing at a sea target, said 1st-Class Captain Roman Martov, head of the information support department of the ZVO Baltic Fleet press service.

MPK "Kabardino-Balkaria" held artillery firing at a naval target

In the course of the exercise, the crew of the Kabardino-Balkaria MPK in the test site located in the Baltic Sea, conducted artillery firing at a target simulating a conditional enemy ship
- he said.

The towed shipboard was used as a target. Practical shooting was carried out from the six-barreled 30-mm artillery installation AK-630, which is in service with the ship, said Martov.

During this sea trip, the Kabardino-Balkaria naval crews also worked out actions to repel attacks of small targets, on air defense, and conduct electronic warfare exercises.
- concluded the representative of the fleet.
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Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
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  1. ul_vitalii
    ul_vitalii 14 February 2018 15: 43
    Diesel boats in the coastal zone are good for them to scare.
  2. Egorovich
    Egorovich 14 February 2018 15: 48
    The work of the six-barrel 30mm AK-630 installation is a song !!! And the result is simply amazing! good
    1. Chertt
      Chertt 14 February 2018 16: 00
      With all due respect. At the Pacific Fleet ships of this project seven pieces. On VO about each firing from "metal cutting" will be reported?
      1. Egorovich
        Egorovich 14 February 2018 16: 07
        I agree, but few have seen the work of the AK-630, and even more so the result. Just beautiful! good
        1. Chertt
          Chertt 14 February 2018 16: 11
          Unlike you, I'm only on stories and on video hi
  3. Cympak
    Cympak 14 February 2018 18: 03
    How lovely! An anti-submarine ship fired from a 30-mm anti-aircraft gun on a towed shield. The target is astounded! Apparently, the motherland should sleep peacefully.
    They in the exercises should fight with a submarine of a conditional opponent. And if you want to shoot from the "metal cutting", then work out protection against RCC.
  4. kepmor
    kepmor 15 February 2018 10: 58
    oddities ... from the AK-630 and the shield ... this is something new ... with the same success, you can also get from the RBU for the MC ...
    according to PAS (artillery shooting rules), for the “cutter” firing is provided only at the CC and a floating mine ...
    Apparently, I won’t build the AK-176, but I had to close the K-2 ... it would be better if they were silent ...