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Taliban ambush Pakistan’s Quetta town

Militants of the Taliban movement (* prohibited in the Russian Federation) carried out an act of terrorism in one of the major cities of the country - Quetta (the administrative center of the province of Baluchistan). Militants shot four Pakistani military personnel patrolling the city blocks.

It is noted that the patrol was carried out on motorcycles. The Taliban ambushed and began shelling representatives of the military police with firearms. weapons. According to Pakistani sources, citing the official representative of the military police Quetta Nasibullah Khan, the terrorists finished off the security forces with pistol shots to the head.

Taliban ambush Pakistan’s Quetta town

Apparently, the militants managed to escape.

Responsibility for the attack in Quetta was claimed by the Tehrik-i-Taliban terrorist group (* the Pakistani wing of the Taliban).

In January, militants carried out a terrorist act involving a suicide bomber in the same Pakistani province. The bombing killed seven people, most of them from local security forces. Reported by the information service Reuters.

Recall that the other day in the disputed state of Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistani security forces engaged in an exchange of fire with Indian border guards. As a result of the shootout, 19 people died, according to Indian media.
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  1. Father of a Soldier
    Father of a Soldier 14 February 2018 13: 39
    It’s not convenient for them to patrol on motorbikes without a stroller.
    1. Bomb
      Bomb 14 February 2018 13: 43
      Without a stroller, on the contrary, the most burn =)
      1. Father of a Soldier
        Father of a Soldier 14 February 2018 13: 50
        We used to patrol in Minsk so far in the disco. laughing .
    2. Giant thought
      Giant thought 14 February 2018 13: 44
      Pakistan is reaping the fruits of its short-sighted US-led policy when they nurtured this very Taliban against Soviet troops in Afghanistan, released the genie from the bottle, they themselves are to blame, so there is no need to whimper.
      1. Mar.Tirah
        Mar.Tirah 14 February 2018 13: 58
        He made the same conclusions. Not so long ago they showed a film about Badaber. The wounds of that war were alarmed. I remember how this message came out in the news then. Fury strangled for the powerlessness of the country's authorities.
      2. Alexey RA
        Alexey RA 14 February 2018 15: 14
        Quote: Thought Giant
        Pakistan is reaping the fruits of its shortsighted US-led policies when they nurtured this very Taliban against Soviet troops in Afghanistan

        When the first Taliban appeared, it was not just that there were no Soviet troops in Afghanistan, but the USSR itself had not existed for 3 years.
        The Taliban created packs against their recent allies - Hekmatyar, Masouda and Dostum.
    3. Russia
      Russia 14 February 2018 13: 46
      Between the trees it is more convenient to loop. I can imagine what kind of crack is going through this moteskadron.
    4. vlad66
      vlad66 14 February 2018 14: 53
      They themselves fostered on their own head. The students fled and taught the lives of the teachers themselves. yes
  2. Egorovich
    Egorovich 14 February 2018 13: 40
    Pupils destroy their own teachers. Yes, nothing in the world is permanent. They fought on their own head.
  3. assa67
    assa67 14 February 2018 13: 43
    igil, nusra, taliban ..... how many chicks hatched under the mattress wing, and still hatch?
  4. tchoni
    tchoni 14 February 2018 14: 45
    Ay-yay-yay)))) But there was, in due time, caravans to these very bachat-Taliban guys