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Where the legs of the unexpectedly drawn boom of naval armaments in Romania “grow”

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Romanian media reported that the Minister of Defense of Romania, Mihai Fifor, during a visit in early February of this year. the main Romanian naval base in Constance, announced its intention to acquire three non-nuclear submarines for the Romanian Navy.

“I know this may seem like a very ambitious project. But I am sure that this is a fully feasible plan. And we can build these boats in a Romanian shipyard. Now we are at the stage when the technical parameters for this type of submarine are being established, and we are ready to go to parliament to approve a new major funding program fleet»

According to the minister, in addition to the three submarines, the program will also include the acquisition of four multipurpose corvettes for the Romanian fleet, the allocation of funds for which was frozen in the 2016 year. The cost of the program is estimated at 1,6 billion euros. The construction of corvettes is also planned to be carried out at Romanian enterprises.

But that's not all. According to the Russian Internet edition of the BMPD, Fifor also announced plans to return to the modernization and equipping program of the two former British Broadsword frigates of the second series in the Romanian fleet. Both frigates were acquired from the British Navy in the 2003 year, almost without weapons, and are still operated in this form. After modernization, both frigates will be able to remain in service until the 2030 years.

Among other things, Romania, according to the minister, plans in 2018 to begin the program of acquiring for the Romanian Navy new coastal anti-ship missile systems to replace the old Soviet Rubezh-E complexes.

Thus, it can be stated that we are talking about the largest, since the “cold war”, program to build up naval forces of one of the Black Sea states. It is quite comparable in scale with the efforts of Russia to modernize its Black Sea fleet.
The survey suggests itself - what is behind all this? Why this small and by no means the richest country in south-eastern Europe suddenly needed to make such efforts to build a military fleet, the need for which for the military security of Romania itself is far from obvious.

For example, during the Second World War, the presence of relatively combat-ready naval forces on the Black Sea in Romania did not in any way help this country avoid a fatal military defeat on land. The fate of fascist Romania was decided in the course of the Red Army's powerful offensive in the summer of 1944.

Let me doubt that the current Romanian leaders have forgotten so much historythat allow themselves to step on the same military-strategic rake. Much more rational is the assumption that these decisions of Bucharest are dictated by no means by its national interests.

And here it will be worthwhile to recall that it was Romania that at present very tightly entered the role of the most faithful squire of the USA in southeastern Europe. Perhaps no country in this region has gone so far along the path of fully identifying its interests with the US, like Romania. Bucharest’s groveling level against Washington is best characterized by the fact that the country’s deployment (DeVéselou Air Force Base) of the strike element of the American advanced missile defense area. Which is extremely dangerous for the very existence of Romania in the event of any serious military confrontation between nuclear superpowers. Another striking indicator that Romania is not a mistress for itself is voluntary-compulsory purchases by Romanians for fabulous money of American grandfathers long to be scrapped aviation - F-16 fighters aged forty years.
A country whose rulers are ready for such extraordinary services to their newly appeared overseas “partners” can, of course, even simply have to take into account their wishes in other areas. Including - in the field of naval construction.

The fact is that the United States has long had a problem with the limited availability of the Black Sea basin for their naval forces. According to the Montreux Convention on the Black Sea Straits Regime of 1936, the US Navy, as a country that has no relationship to the Black Sea, is deprived of unrestricted access to this marine area. Not to mention the right to permanently base American ships here. They can come here no more than thirty days, and a very limited tonnage.

Americans who are accustomed to the unlimited possibilities of projecting their naval force to any part of the world do not like this at all. But they can not do anything. since, apart from the ancient convention, there are also Turkey and Russia, which are absolutely not interested in its abolition.

And now, it seems that the Pentagon has finally found a relatively acceptable way out. Due to the same Romania. I was urged to urgently upgrade my navy and at the same time multiply their combat power. Of course, this is not a completely equivalent replacement for American aircraft carriers and missile destroyers, but, as they say, for lack of stamped arms, they write in simple. In addition, it fits perfectly into the main American rule - to always carry chestnuts out of the fire by someone else's hands.

Why Romania is also understandable. Because there are no other options on the Black Sea. Turkey to America now looks like a wolf. And there will definitely not be a quarrel with Russia for the sake of American interests. Bulgaria struggles to distance itself from any serious confrontation with Moscow. For this, the Bulgarians even elected a Russophile-military pilot for themselves as president.

There are still Georgia and Ukraine. But if the first is too insignificant for imposing any serious military tasks on it (remember the outcome of the 8.08.08 war!), Then Ukraine is simply too dangerous for the United States. And its direct armament, including the sea, is just what is a red line for Russia.

So the American naval commanders still have one hope on the Black Sea - Romania. It is from here, in my opinion, that the legs of the present unprecedented Romanian naval boom grow. Which is needed in this country, like a hare stop signal. But Bucharest cannot deny America its very convincing "request". Gruzdev called himself get in the body! So, it seems, it is customary to say in such clinical cases.
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    1. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 14 February 2018 07: 11
      Romania, ships are useless in every way .. like Bulgaria. in which case, ours from the Peninsula, picking their nose, take a couple of volleys ... lol
      1. siberalt
        siberalt 14 February 2018 08: 09
        The best option is the complete demilitarization of the Black Sea. And in another way it will be Russian-Turkish. winked
        1. Colonel
          Colonel 14 February 2018 12: 11
          Quote: siberalt
          complete demilitarization of the Black Sea

          What is it like? Black Sea Fleet under the knife, Sevastopol - a city museum?
          1. Mih1974
            Mih1974 14 February 2018 16: 46
            Not so - the complete de-militarization of the Black Sea, and the Red Banner Black Sea Fleet will monitor the implementation and DROP soldier good
            Moreover, it is necessary to knock out a piece from Turkey under the pores on the Dardanelles to drown right at the entrance. repeat
  2. Vard
    Vard 14 February 2018 06: 35
    Romania ... Romania ... And where is it?
    1. Evil543
      Evil543 14 February 2018 06: 50
      Quote: Vard
      Romania ... Romania ... And where is it?

      Not ... Not so ... The Romanian Navy heard? ... Nope
  3. inkass_98
    inkass_98 14 February 2018 06: 53
    Romania is a power! I haven’t laughed like that for a long time. There were only five powers before the WWII in Europe, and now it is completely ... Everything else is satellites and limitrophs.
    1. aszzz888
      aszzz888 14 February 2018 07: 14
      inkass_98 Today, 06:53 Romania is a power! I haven’t laughed so long

      Yeah, held before stolen horses. But for the gypsies to have a submarine fleet?!? !!!! bully
      1. inkass_98
        inkass_98 14 February 2018 08: 53
        Well, they have a whole submarine (submarine Delphinul nazovestsa), the 877 project, but it’s been 20 years old and has been welded to the berth with crowbars like “Zaporizhzhia”, with 1996 being a joke.
        But you can dream, and Gypsy has a dream, why not dream about underwater horses?
        1. aszzz888
          aszzz888 14 February 2018 10: 03
          inkass_98 Today, 08:53 ↑ New
          Well, they have a whole one submarine (submarinul Dolphinul nazazetstsa), 877E of the project, but it’s been welded to the berth for 20 years with crowbars, like Zaporizhzhia, since 1996 at the joke.
          But you can dream, and Gypsy has a dream, why not dream about underwater horses?

          Yes, the great gypsy sea underwater power! From the word of supply! wassat
    2. tihonmarine
      tihonmarine 16 February 2018 20: 27
      The corvette is American, the crew is American, and the flag will be Romanian. A hundred years ago, the Turks appeared German battleships "Goeben" and "Breslau", but under the Turkish flags.
      1. ZAV69
        ZAV69 17 February 2018 10: 44
        Goeben is actually a battlecruiser, Breslau is a light cruiser. History is better not to misinterpret.
  4. aszzz888
    aszzz888 14 February 2018 07: 12
    Rich Pinocchio! And the question is, "Where did the money come from, Zin?" bully
    1. ul_vitalii
      ul_vitalii 14 February 2018 07: 34
      "Georgian" overseas throw. smile
      1. aszzz888
        aszzz888 14 February 2018 07: 56
        And this "Georgian" and we know in person .. bully
  5. kipage
    kipage 14 February 2018 07: 59
    The gypsies raged)
  6. faiver
    faiver 14 February 2018 08: 57
    here is a German for them ... and then, as always - and then what for us?
  7. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 14 February 2018 09: 14
    The main thing is that they will build on ... Romanian shipyards. Warships. To re-equip a couple of destroyers is not serious ... But in general - with our bases in Crimea - everything is SERIOUS there.
  8. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 14 February 2018 09: 33
    And we can build these boats at a romanian shipyard
    What about the experts? Germany helped before the 2nd MV, but who will send today? The words. Most likely, the Americans will shove their rubbish or NATO rubbish on the cheap and this will end the "construction" at their shipyard.
  9. Curious
    Curious 14 February 2018 12: 10
    The author makes a titanic effort to find what has long been found. Two years ago, Romania proposed the idea of ​​forming a permanent NATO naval association in the Black Sea. By the way, Turkey has also repeatedly expressed the idea of ​​strengthening NATO's presence in the Black Sea, seeing itself as the leader of the process.
    Stoltenberg repeatedly voiced plans to ensure the presence of NATO naval and air forces in the Black Sea and the fact that Romania plays a special role in the region.
    So do not rush through the open door.
  10. Vladimir dronov
    Vladimir dronov 14 February 2018 19: 54
    Americans junk discarded will drive, well, not for nothing of course! laughing
    1. ZAV69
      ZAV69 17 February 2018 11: 19
      Yes, it seems that all “O. Perry” has already been launched or sold on needles. Not Burke will sell. Most likely they’ll write off from HMS, there seems to be
  11. Savin
    Savin 16 February 2018 21: 24
    You can laugh at the Romanian plans as much as you like, but it becomes obvious that preparations for the Great Kneading are in full swing, that his goal is the current Russian Federation, in light of which it should end with a stupid "throwing hats" - a favorite pastime of the Russian patriotic public with an inept Russian -Japanese war of 1905
    Romania, by the way, is not alone, and its future Bessarabian province is trying to keep up with it. "Over the next two years, the Moldovan army will be modernized and equipped with the latest weapons that meet all modern NATO standards. This statement was made by Moldovan Defense Minister Eugen Sturza during a telecast “Moldova live” on the public channel “Moldova-1”.
    According to Sturza, for the first time since independence, Moldova will acquire lethal weapons.
    “In 2018, one of the battalions of the national army will be completely re-equipped,” the minister promised. - In 2019, we will continue this process in other parts, as a result, to re-equip and re-equip all units of the army in accordance with modern NATO requirements and standards. We will replace obsolete weapons with the latest (...) Moldovan army is developing, and this year we will acquire equipment, equipment, ammunition, etc., all the most modern and most advanced. This will be done for the first time in 27 years. But this is only the beginning. Next year, procurement volumes will become more ambitious. ”
    The money for the purchase of weapons by themselves will be thrown by the same Romanians, possibly in a company with responsive Yankees. In the form of targeted loans, most likely. One, two, three voiles! here's another batch of cannon fodder, this time - Moldavian! So there is little funny.
  12. Nariman Shaimulikov
    Nariman Shaimulikov 17 February 2018 07: 20
    Romanians put their wives well in someone else's beds, and here you are arguing about the Romanian fleet or the army. )))))))))))))))
  13. Insurrection
    Insurrection 17 February 2018 19: 20
    America’s bet on the Romanians is rather reckless. Romania’s money, of course, will be taken, but it’s unlikely that they will fight as it should, all of their not brilliant History testifies to this.
  14. bratchanin3
    bratchanin3 18 February 2018 10: 38
    Well, what? Romania is a "great" and rich country! Why Romanians can not afford to maintain the Navy? Well, let yourself have fun. Why not Russia plan its exercises with the capture and destruction of the Romanian fleet. That would be clear.
  15. zenion
    zenion 18 February 2018 21: 05
    There is nothing strange there. Romania was also close to Hitler. Transnistria and their miracles during the occupation are still remembered by people who are now alive and remember the ghettos and Romanian sticks. But, when the offensive of the Red Army began, still from afar, so the Romanians gave to the fellow. In Ukraine, where they were, there went such rhymes: Anotonescu gave the order - all Romanians to the Caucasus, and Romanians not bad - to the Karutsu and home.