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Legend of domestic aviation

The Tupolev Tu-154 is a three-engine mid-range passenger aircraft developed at the end of the 1960. The most massive Soviet civil airliner, which can be seen in the sky now. The legend of the Soviet aviation industry and one of the most beautiful liners in the world.

The end of the 60s of the last century was marked in the USSR by a sharp economic growth. The air transportation market was growing, and the rapid development of technology in the field aviation made Soviet liners created just 5 years ago obsolete.

The Soviet Union needed a new, modern mid-range aircraft that can accommodate up to 180 passengers.

Already in 1968, the prototype Tu-154 made its first flight, and only a year later it was presented in France at the Le Bourget air show. In 1970, the mass production of the new liner began.

By the 2013 year, when the assembly of the aircraft was discontinued, the Tu-154 underwent several upgrades.

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  1. Spartanez300
    Spartanez300 13 February 2018 14: 33
    For the first time flew 3.10.1968 In mass production entered the city and the 1970 1998 was produced until, with modernized several times. It has been some years in such demand that they are going to 5 aircraft units per month. Since 1998 city and up to 2013, the production moved to the plant "Aviacor" (Samara), but is much weaker. And in February 2013, after release from the conveyor 998-ch Tu-154, closed its production. This airliner rightly bears the title of the main jet passenger aircraft Russian medium-range routes.
    1. bober1982
      bober1982 14 February 2018 12: 23
      Quote: Spartanez300
      From 1998 until 2013, production was transferred to the Aviakor plant (Samara)

      Tu-154 was always assembled in Samara (Kuibyshev), the plant at different times and was called differently: N18, KuAZ, Aviakor
  2. Lexus
    Lexus 13 February 2018 17: 21
    Great plane. Had to fly it as a passenger.
  3. Falcond
    Falcond 13 February 2018 19: 14
    They don’t seem to let him abroad ... because of the noise level
    1. Bronevick
      Bronevick 13 February 2018 22: 07
      And emissions of harmful substances
  4. axxmanm
    axxmanm 13 February 2018 20: 43
    Ilyushin’s projects were to create airliners for 144 and 110 passengers by redesigning the Il-62 from 4 engines to 3 engines and 2 engines, respectively, with a decrease in fuselage length.
    But the Tupolev Design Bureau, in the manner appropriate to it, trampled the competitor using both political pressure through communications at the top of the Central Committee and direct deception (by understating the promised total mass (70 promised more than 90 in real terms) of the plane against the indicated honest mass of the Ilyushin Design Bureau project) and dismissed order an airplane yourself.
    1. axxmanm
      axxmanm 13 February 2018 20: 50
      IL-74 (1966 project) is a mid-range aircraft with three D-30D DDRDs with a thrust of 6800 kgf each. each. The flight range is 3900km with a load of 15t (144 passengers). Cruising speed is 950. Required runway length-2000m. A plane would be great.
  5. kipage
    kipage 14 February 2018 08: 00
    It’s not safe to fly on legends now
    Like not on legends too
    HEATHER 18 February 2018 14: 57
    Modifications-A, B, B-1, B-2, M, engines and interior changed. The cabin, as in the B-1 remained. The car is gorgeous! NK-8-2U from the first, replaced by NK-12. Easier with fuel it became. A song was a car! Constantly flew to and from Moscow. Especially on side chairs. What to do ... Business trips! Sometimes there were opportunities to drink lemonade in the first salon. GA with the Air Force is always together.
    1. lukewarm
      lukewarm 14 March 2018 12: 14
      Quote: VERESK
      replaced by NK-12

      Probably something else, because NK-12 turboprop with coaxial screws mounted on the Tu-95
  7. lukewarm
    lukewarm 14 March 2018 12: 16
    In general, an interesting movie turned out. This feature of the new generation of “leading” mentor-condescending manner of presentation of material, especially relating to “rarities,” is a little lacking.