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Drunken German military staged a riot in the center of Kaunas

Lithuanian media reported inappropriate behavior of representatives of the NATO military contingent stationed in the town of Rukla. According to the portal BaltNews, the German military personnel who are part of the combined strike battalion of NATO, having touched with alcohol, decided to clarify the relationship with the locals.

Drunken German military staged a riot in the center of Kaunas

On the way, the young Lithuanian turned out to be at a time when the German soldiers were walking around, and it seemed to NATO that they were “impolite” with them in a pub. As a result, a fight began - in one of the bars in the center of Kaunas. After the fight, the young man was hospitalized and after a while the hospital was diagnosed with numerous injuries and bruises. In particular, the Lithuanians broke their nose.

The Kaunas police arrived at the bar, stating that drunken German soldiers were already fighting among themselves. All three were taken to the station to clarify the circumstances of the incident. In the blood of the NATO defenders of Lithuania, a significant alcohol content was found: from 1,21 to 1,62 per thousand.

It is reported that the military police was informed of the arrest after the incident, which in turn reported the incident to the command of the NATO battalion. The names and rank of the brawling Germans are not communicated.
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  1. ul_vitalii
    ul_vitalii 13 February 2018 14: 05
    Trigger, milly, apparently not got am, am. Shame, Merkel dishonored.
    1. Spartanez300
      Spartanez300 13 February 2018 14: 08
      Ordinary squash scuffle angry It’s just that later they didn’t come face to face, the locals see it too late wassat And let the muzzles beat each other good
      1. 210ox
        210ox 13 February 2018 14: 23
        Tolerate the "terpils" ... You will still be billed for the fact that the German shoes were stained with non-Aryan blood.
        1. Nyrobsky
          Nyrobsky 13 February 2018 14: 54
          Quote: 210ox
          Tolerate the "terpils" ... You will still be billed for the fact that the German shoes were stained with non-Aryan blood.

          It is a joy to them. After all, the Allies are beating, not the "invaders," under which there was peace, work and order.
          1. Shurik70
            Shurik70 13 February 2018 15: 57
            Is it CIVIL Lithuanian police have the right to detain NATO military?
            They had to call the military police, and nothing more. There is a violation of the rights of the NATO military. They need to claim compensation for moral damage from these policemen. Insolent Balts.
      2. Warrior with machine gun
        Warrior with machine gun 13 February 2018 14: 24
        wall to wall would be in Russia, it wasn’t accepted by the Limitrophs, but in Russia (assuming a hypothetically similar situation), these “civilized” dupes would have been torn before the police arrived, given their ethnicity))
        1. Lexus
          Lexus 13 February 2018 17: 18
          it’s not so customary for limitrophs

          They have nowhere to take this from, given that they have served the world for centuries. The victim, most likely, was Russian-speaking. Behind something they shook and kicked on the floor. And the locals sat quietly and rejoiced.
        2. Sofa General
          Sofa General 14 February 2018 01: 49
          wall to wall would be in Russia, the Limitrophs didn’t do that, and in Russia (assuming a hypothetically similar situation), these “civilized” dupes would have been torn before the police arrived,

          I believe that they (the Germans) would not even have time to start a fight ...
      3. Vanek
        Vanek 13 February 2018 14: 46
        Quote: Spartanez300
        Ordinary squash scuffle

        Pilots sent staggered plates to tankers laughing
        1. Shurik70
          Shurik70 13 February 2018 15: 58
          Quote: Vanek

          Pilots sent staggered plates to tankers laughing

          Does anyone else remember the classics? drinks
        2. Alexey RA
          Alexey RA 14 February 2018 17: 13
          Quote: Vanek
          Pilots sent staggered plates to tankers

          Oh yes .... who doesn’t remember a monstrous in size and cruelty fight between officers of the Luftwaffe and Panzerwaffe in the Drei Ferkels und Sieben Gnomen Bar in Berlin. smile
          Here are just a pile of plates, stacked in a checkerboard pattern, sent to the tankers a certain standard-stand-farführer Otto von, drinking with the pilots ... no one remembered further.
      4. Pete mitchell
        Pete mitchell 13 February 2018 18: 03
        Quote: Spartanez300
        ... the locals see it too late:

        The bralyukas fade away request, but I remember in Šiauliai the “defenders” were blowing with and without cause ... Yes, there were people in our time, not that ...
    2. vlad66
      vlad66 13 February 2018 14: 21
      Quote: ul_vitalii
      Trigger, milly, apparently not got am, am. Shame, Merkel dishonored.

      But what will happen to them, not the Lithuanians there are masters.
      The latest scandal involving the NATO military is a brawl caused by drunken German soldiers in the Lithuanian city of Rukla. There was a quarrel between the soldiers. The verbal clarification of relations quickly turned into a fight, as a result of which one of the servicemen was hospitalized. Such fights take place in the Baltic States all the time. Last November, drunken British soldiers fought with locals in Riga's McDonald's. The British, who started the fight, hastily left Latvia to avoid criminal liability for beating the Latvian Axel Aizkalns. The British press spotted the provocation “Moscow’s hands” in a fight. In February, five drunk Czech soldiers fought in Klaipeda, beat four drunk German soldiers in Jonava in June, and a month later, drunk Dutch soldiers fought because of a bill in a restaurant. All the brawlers eventually went home: the Lithuanian police detained them, but released them every time. Lithuania and other Baltic states do not have the right to judge NATO servicemen for crimes committed in the Baltic territories. Last April, US servicemen tore the flag of the Republic of Lithuania from the prosecutor's office in Klaipeda and abused it. The incident became known only a month later. The desecration of the flag was not reported either in the local police report or in the republican police department report. However, Lithuania is a small country and it was impossible to hide the incident. Law enforcement agencies had to make excuses that they did not disseminate information about the incident, since they ordered it to be classified from above. None of the American soldiers who had abused the Lithuanian flag was held responsible. In the summer of 2014, Ventspils Mayor Aivars Lembergs sent the then Secretary General of the North Atlantic Alliance Anders Fogh Rasmussen a complaint about the behavior of NATO sailors in his city. Lembergs said that the actions of NATO troops in Ventspils discredit the Alliance in the eyes of the population of Latvia. “NATO sailors in Ventspils behaved like a pig, ignored the laws of Latvia and the rules of self-government. Having drunk, they celebrated the need for public places and shop windows, vomited, publicly drank alcohol, which is not allowed. They also plucked flowers from flower beds to give them to prostitutes, "said the mayor of Ventspils. Then Lembergs added that the foreign military behave" like occupiers who do not recognize the sovereignty and laws of Latvia. "Aivars Lembergs also justified the beating of NATO sailors by residents of Ventspils, saying that it was local men who defended women from harassment. The Latvian authorities and NATO headquarters chose to let the Ventspils scandal go on the brakes. This happens in all such cases. They try to classify information about drunken brawls of the military of NATO, brawlers are sent from the Baltic countries to their homeland, and when public scandals do occur, they are accused of the “hand of Moscow” and “Kremlin propaganda”, which are trying to denigrate international defenders Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia from the new occupation. Although what these “defenders” are doing in the Baltic countries is the real occupation.
      estvo / 17102017-chto-pozvolyayut-sebe-soldaty-nato
      -v-pribaltike /
      For what they fought, they ran into it, they were a showcase of Europe in the USSR, became a latrine in the EU and NATO.
    3. dog breeder
      dog breeder 13 February 2018 14: 26
      ul_vitalii Today, 14:05 New
      Trigger, milly, apparently not got am, am. Shame, Merkel dishonored.

      The old woman forgot to collect a bundle on the road?
    4. Finches
      Finches 13 February 2018 14: 34
      The paradox of European civilization - Arabs with impunity rape Germans in the center of Berlin, and the brave dolchen ooldaten und official in death "protect" the asses of the Baltic states from the mythical aggression of Russia .... laughing
  2. HAM
    HAM 13 February 2018 14: 06
    Also, the news-owners of lackeys beat me!
  3. Scoun
    Scoun 13 February 2018 14: 07
    Well, they chopped off their serf and detained them because they began to beat their lordly muzzles)))
  4. Galleon
    Galleon 13 February 2018 14: 08
    Eh, at least somewhere Germans can behave like former Germans fellow . It’s good for them that they had such a zoo - to remember the German and Prussian spirit angry . Who else can you afford so ...
  5. askort154
    askort154 13 February 2018 14: 10
    belay As history has shown, the fate of the Baltic states is the same - whoever comes, hits in the face. Only some are called occupiers, while others are liberators. belay
    1. Vasilenko Vladimir
      Vasilenko Vladimir 13 February 2018 14: 17
      Quote: askort154
      who comes, he beats in the face.

      unfortunately, not always with the Union of these ... considered a cultural nation
      1. ul_vitalii
        ul_vitalii 13 February 2018 14: 27
        The Germans need the Baltic police to appropriate auxiliary status, as in the old days.
      2. Igor V
        Igor V 13 February 2018 15: 04
        Quote: Vasilenko Vladimir
        Quote: askort154
        who comes, he beats in the face.

        unfortunately, not always with the Union of these ... considered a cultural nation

        They tried to re-educate, but the genes took their toll.
    2. Romka47
      Romka47 13 February 2018 15: 00
      Whoever beats harder is the liberator
  6. mavrus
    mavrus 13 February 2018 14: 13
    The Lithuanian police ... didn’t even notice, the Lithuanian ... People (Aryans) are fighting, but what they get in the face of the “second-hand” ones, the lackeys do not count, they themselves chose such a fate. And this Lithuanian police of Lithuanians does not consider people to speak of the rest.
  7. Some kind of compote
    Some kind of compote 13 February 2018 14: 18
    Who would have thought
    That NATO Shushara will thump in our Lithuania
    Here it is - the effectiveness of our power over the past 30 years
    1. The Sparkle
      The Sparkle 13 February 2018 14: 26
      "The cat left the kittens ...?" - Are you tired of looking around you for only the negative and blaming the authorities for this?
      1. Some kind of compote
        Some kind of compote 13 February 2018 14: 28
        Facts are a stubborn thing.
        They once surrendered republics and allies.
        Look for positive in such facts, and rejoice in the NATO Bukharas in Kaunas
      2. Some kind of compote
        Some kind of compote 13 February 2018 14: 45
        Although why be surprised - you, the NATO imperialists, are warming your soul.
        And, of course, there’s no way to teach some Icelander whether we blame our government or we’ll bastard it
    KVU-NSVD 13 February 2018 14: 27
    1,21 to 1,62
    Nekhilo pulled. They would be on the Soviet "lip", combine sobering with education. And so besides a hangover nothing threatens .. laughing
  9. Archivist Vasya
    Archivist Vasya 13 February 2018 14: 30
    I got over the schnapps gold team to see. drinks Will give you a fantasy! fellow
  10. Ferdinant
    Ferdinant 13 February 2018 14: 31
    The Germans are a cultural nation, it can’t be such a lie.
    1. Yasen Ping
      Yasen Ping 13 February 2018 17: 50
      Well, sorted out a bit on vassal lands Th this))
  11. Demon
    Demon 13 February 2018 14: 31
    Eggs, milky, partisan puff-puff !!!
  12. Herculesic
    Herculesic 13 February 2018 14: 39
    Wanted to be slaves, leased the country forever-tolerate, now such is your destiny! !!!!
  13. flicker
    flicker 13 February 2018 14: 54
    Drunken German military staged a riot in the center of Kaunas
    Well, so what? And what they should be ashamed of some there ... or Estonians ... or Latvians ...?
  14. Kokarev Mikhail
    Kokarev Mikhail 13 February 2018 15: 04
    Well, the Baltic states cannot do without occupation; they cannot! Well, everyone understands this, acre of the Baltic states. No matter how much they struggle with occupation, but after the victory they will still call someone. GIVE EACH BALT AT THE OCCUPIOR, so that they sleep better !!! good
  15. Bosch
    Bosch 13 February 2018 15: 05
    Real European values.
  16. Bronevick
    Bronevick 13 February 2018 15: 13
    How symbolic it is.
  17. temirtau72
    temirtau72 13 February 2018 15: 19
    The Bundes must have been Russian Germans, the Lithuanian blurted out the wrong topic and "... get your hand around, swing your fist"
  18. Baby sitter
    Baby sitter 13 February 2018 15: 41
    Aborigines outraged ?! Frozen in nature !! They bring the light of civilization, and they still show off ....
  19. Wolka
    Wolka 13 February 2018 16: 28
    henceforth, the litas are science, and in general it’s not simple, only at home cultural and well-educated, outside Germany they are typical pigs, even worse are English women ...
  20. behemot
    behemot 13 February 2018 16: 43
    Well snatched the native, so what? they protect him from the Russian threat, let him rejoice.
  21. sgr291158
    sgr291158 14 February 2018 06: 56
    What they wanted, then get it.
  22. annodomene
    annodomene 14 February 2018 07: 44
    The German military, who went over with alcohol, suddenly came up with the motive of Horst Wessel’s song (it’s forbidden, it seems, everywhere) and it started .... The genes of the great-grandfathers stood on end, red-white-black panels fluttered around, the Lithuanian “suffered” by the arm and all! The “warriors” went into battle ... It’s interesting, if they had come across Russian (namely Russian, and not Russian-speaking from a Baltic country), what would happen then?
  23. Graz
    Graz 14 February 2018 11: 29
    and figs would be with them is no longer our problems, for which they fought for those and ran
  24. 1536
    1536 14 February 2018 13: 18
    What such a "brawl". This "new order" is marching across the Baltic states, which is what they so wanted. Receive and sign.
  25. Victor Peter
    Victor Peter 23 February 2018 12: 30
    Not! Well here I am on the NATO side! The mongrels need to show their place! As they say: called a cargo ...