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New hegemon in the Middle East. Putin pulls the strings

On Putin’s cunning plan, as a result of which the US will be pushed aside from politics and strategy in the Middle East, the world press writes. Everyone, from Israel to Europe, is very interested in what Moscow will do in the near future on the issue of a Syrian settlement. Some analysts even assign Moscow the role of the hegemon in the Middle East. However, is such a role for Putin? And will he cope with Iran?

The main puppeteer in the Middle East, at least in the zones of the Syrian conflict, is Putin. It is he who pulls the strings, says Gil Yaron, a correspondent for the German newspaper «Die Welt» in the middle east.

In the Middle East, "everything is now in the hands of Putin," the journalist from Tel Aviv reports.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is usually self-confident in meetings with heads of state, the correspondent notes. But two weeks ago, when he met with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Netanyahu was somehow nervous, squirming in his chair. And he did not speak freely, but with papers in hand. On the backs of the sheets there was something written “in a trembling hand,” writes Yaron. But Putin "calmly smiled, barely honoring Netanyahu's comments with an answer."

"The former agent clearly surpassed the former elite soldier," the journalist concluded. Putin’s “dominance” reflects “Russia's political superiority,” he said. The decisions of the Kremlin, according to the author, are of great importance, which concerns the security of Israel. “The influence of Russians in the Middle East has never been so strong,” the Die Welt correspondent sums up.

This is evidenced by the recent escalation of the conflict between Israel and Syria. On Saturday last week, the author recalls, an Israeli fighter was shot down in Syria. This was the first time since 1982, when an Israeli combat aircraft was shot down on a mission.

In response, the Israeli air force launched attacks on Syrian and Iranian targets in Syria, and Mr. Netanyahu said at a cabinet meeting that Israel was ready for further military action. In turn, Iran accused Israel of "lying", with the help of which the Jewish state is trying to hide "crimes in the region."

Israel received verbal support from the United States in this dispute. According to a US State Department statement, Washington “strongly supports Israel’s sovereign right to self-defense.”

However, Russia has also said something. Russia, the correspondent continues, who is considered an ally of Syria and Iran in the Syrian war, has demonstrated "neutrality." Moscow called for restraint on the part of the conflicting parties and warned about the "danger of escalation" in Syria. (Read more about Moscow’s reaction to the new conflict in the article “Will Russians Save Israel?” On "Military Review".)

And this reaction, according to Gil Yaron, once again showed that Russia "is not on the same side in the conflict" and "skillfully manipulates the players in the region."

Further, the author proceeds to the analysis of "manipulation". He recalls that, in parallel with the support of Iran and Syria, Mr. Putin "has been cooperating with the government of Benjamin Netanyahu for many years." It is curious that after each visit of the Prime Minister to Moscow, Israel’s “preemptive strikes” on the neighboring country followed. In Israel, some even speculate on this, assuring the public that Putin "endorses these particularly sensitive operations." Officially, Israel denies this. Yet there are “clear signs of cooperation between Putin and Netanyahu,” the journalist said.

Here is one example. Russia launched C-400 in Syria. However, these systems are not directed against the Israeli Air Force, although this “would be easy.”

Alex Tenzer, an expert on Russia, thinks in this connection that both the Russians could harm Israel and Israel could thwart Russia’s plans. In addition, Moscow needs Israel as a strategic counterweight to Iran.

Further, Gil Yaron argues that Russia has more plans than "victory in the Syrian war." The author writes that Putin encroached on nothing else, as on the superiority of the United States in the Middle East!

Indeed: now in the Middle East there is a vacuum of influence. It was formed in the region due to the “retreat” of the United States under the rule of Barack Obama. And this retreat "continues under Donald Trump." This kind of vacuum allows Russia to return to the region as a “gendarme”. In addition, at the same time, the Russians are strengthening their influence “in Libya, in Egypt and even in Saudi Arabia,” writes the journalist.

Putin’s support for Syrian President Bashar Assad may be beneficial to Moscow. Benefit may be in scheduling agreements. weapons, oil, mutual trade, and especially in the new Russian military bases and ports. This is a "large geostrategic maneuver." The Russian president wants to “bypass Europe’s missile defense from the south-east and push the United States to a turn [in politics],” the author of the material admits. Therefore, today Putin is important "all the states in the Middle East, including militarily powerful Israel."

The Russian military is now working closely with the Iranians, Russian diplomats are helping Iran in the UN Security Council. However, Moscow, here and there, is confronted with the divergent interests of Israel and Iran, the author recalls. But in the end, Putin is "positioning" himself between all players in the region. In fact, he is the "mastermind of the game in the Middle East."

Why is everything so and not otherwise? Yes, because in the long term, the interests of Tehran and Moscow diverge, says Yaron. Russia and Iran "are competing for lucrative contracts for the exploitation of raw materials fields or for the restoration of Syria." In addition, the ideology of the “radical Islamic state” and “secular Russia” is irreconcilable, the journalist is sure. After defeating terrorists in Syria, Iran will want to turn Syria "into a bastion against Israel and Sunni regimes." Well, Russia will want another: “control the Middle East to build an anti-Western front.”

Finally, there is something personal about Putin’s game. “We must not underestimate Putin’s emotional attachment to Israel,” says Mr. Tenser. The expert reports that the Russian president has an apartment in Tel Aviv. In 2005, the expert says, Putin gave this apartment to his beloved teacher, who taught him German. The teacher emigrated to Israel back in the 1972 year and lived in poverty. Before her death, a childless woman bequeathed her "to her patron."

However, the expert is silent about Putin's imminent move to Tel Aviv.

Herb Keinon in "The Jerusalem Post" also writes about the dependence of the outcome of the war in Syria "from the Russians." In his opinion, Russia is “definitely able to throw off the Iranian vector from its current trajectory and thereby prevent a total war.”

In the event of such a confrontation, Russia will lose the most, the analyst is sure. And its loss would not have been a one-time defeat, but a great failure in the whole war, which would most likely lead to a wide-ranging clash between Israel on the one hand and Iran, Syria and Hezbollah on the other. And this would put an end to the multi-billion investments of Russia in Syria, the author notes.

Russia has been operating in Syria since 2015, with one goal: to preserve the regime of Bashar al-Assad. Since then, Moscow "has spent billions of rubles and shed Russian blood to do just that: to help Assad regain control of the country, saving her from the Syrian rebels and the" Islamic State "(forbidden in the Russian Federation). And now Moscow seems to be on the verge of achieving its goals and even “playing the role of king”, which will determine the balance of power after the war. Therefore, the last thing Moscow wants now is a large-scale war involving Israel. This alignment will threaten everything that Moscow has achieved. Moscow "wants to stabilize Syria right now," said Keinon.

However, there is one difficulty. Can Moscow prevent Iran from creating bases in Syria? Here we must remember: Iran is a sovereign country, and not a “client state” under the tutelage of Moscow. And yet, Israel believes that the Russians can (if they want to) influence Iran’s actions in Syria. Therefore, Israel hopes that Moscow "will do more to hold back the Iranians."

* * *

Is that so or not? Reality never wanted to fit into the Procrustean bed of some theory and adapt to the hypotheses of experts, no matter how wise and experienced the latter may be.

First, no one can predict what Moscow will do. Secondly, Moscow has the presidential election on its nose - it is just over a month before them. Third, curbing the Syrian ally of Iran, which Israeli politicians are thinking about and which they expect from Moscow, would undoubtedly have its own political price for the Kremlin. Yes, there is the issue of diverging the interests of Iran and Russia in the region, but it will only escalate when the terrorists are finally defeated in Syria. Today, neither a complete victory, nor even more so about the restoration of the war-torn Syria is out of the question.

Does Russia claim any hegemony in the region? This is another question to which the experts almost give a direct answer: yes, Putin is the main puppeteer, yes, he is pulling the strings. However, none of the experts can say with certainty which thread Putin will pull tomorrow.

One thing is clear: in the Syrian war, Russia has become a key player, and the entire region will be considered with its decisions.

Observed and commented on Oleg Chuvakin
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  2. zzdimk
    zzdimk 14 February 2018 06: 15
    Foreign journalists are preparing Russians for the election.
    1. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 14 February 2018 06: 55
      Oleg, about the "comrade" Gil Yaron: lol hi
    2. siberalt
      siberalt 14 February 2018 08: 14
      Somehow they forgot about China. And he can claim his rights to BV. winked
  3. Vard
    Vard 14 February 2018 06: 39
    The vacuum of US influence ... Well, how much can you spoil ... The last donkey is clear ... Stay away from the Americans ...
    1. Berber
      Berber 14 February 2018 10: 02
      So I say. The US is already stinking from corruption, but no one wants to admit it.
      1. Dmitry Shidarev
        Dmitry Shidarev 14 February 2018 20: 05
        Yes? And where did the firewood come from? From the "Truth"? Or from the Red Star?
        1. Berber
          Berber 15 February 2018 08: 38
          Why, I use different sources. Tracing the trend.
  4. Aleks713
    Aleks713 14 February 2018 07: 12
    Syria is only one small, although at the moment important, “cell” on a multidimensional and multi-level geopolitical “chessboard”. Unlike Israel, for which the Greater Middle East is “all or almost all” in terms of survival, for Russia it is only one of about a dozen important areas of military-political, economic and other threats aimed at it. And our basic, deep-seated military-political structures that carry out real, not demonstrative, PR politics (among these "demonstrators" - the Duma, the Federation Council, political parties, media liberals / patriots / centrists and others) understand this. From the experience of past decades and centuries, they know that allies (customers, friends, partners ...) transient. The same Iran, and Turkey, and China, and even Syria itself, which they saved, are with us in specific circumstances and in a specific (limited!) Time period. And tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, everything can radically change. Ukraine is a prime example. Any difficultly predicted future changes are possible due to our shortcomings (spitting, laziness, stupidity responsible for certain areas of the work of people and structures, due to the lack of thoughtfulness in choosing policy priorities ...) or because of the more sophisticated masterful work of opponents (and simply economic and political competitors) or due to random world shifts (in politics, economics, ecology, etc.). All this requires Russia to be careful in making and implementing decisions andmenia really stay over the fightwithout narrowing, including due to personal presidential biases, a “corridor” of opportunities for decision-making.
    1. Mih1974
      Mih1974 15 February 2018 06: 03
      You are mistaken in underestimating Syria for the fate of Russia, it has been said many times by smart and knowledgeable people that it was Syria that was chosen by Americans and Saudis as the "infantry breeding incubator" to attack Russia. And it doesn’t matter where the attack came from - through the Caucasus, the village of Asia or even through Ukraine, it’s important that in Syria these geeks would be trained, run in and “smeared with blood”.
    2. Vladimir 5
      Vladimir 5 17 February 2018 15: 21
      For Russia, the most dangerous is the betrayal of the leadership, and they are present (pro-American liberals in the government). Therefore, the main thing is to establish the Russian patriotic government and the change of liberals and corrupt officials with assets abroad ...
  5. aszzz888
    aszzz888 14 February 2018 07: 18
    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at meetings with heads of state usually confident, the correspondent notes.

    How long is "certainty".?!? Law enforcement officers excited a bunch of criminal cases against B.N. And if they prove that there is a high probability according to media reports, then he will go to jail. bully
    1. horhe48
      horhe48 15 February 2018 07: 11
      We don’t know much. But Trump’s announcement of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, excessive activity and Israeli attacks on Syria and the “police undermining” under the BI BI give reason to believe that the states aimed at leveling the military-diplomatic success of Russia in Syria, which has emerged as a major military conflict or even a war between Israel on the one hand and Syria and Iran on the other on the Syrian territory, including that would give the states the opportunity to get out of the nuclear deal with Iran on a plausible pretext and pit the Shiites with Sunnis throughout the Middle East. to sell weapons, food and other goods to both, and to do their own gesheft, and also to act as the conductor of the entire planned massacre. The Bi Bi apparently does not want war. As Israel does, including the sacrificial goat in the name of the profits of the United States corporations. Here they are removing him. It is clear that in these conditions Russia is interested in even a fragile, but the world and will try to influence in Ru forces and opportunities on the parties to the conflict.
  6. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 14 February 2018 07: 25
    Everyone, from Israel to Europe, is very interested
    Interesting, ask. This is probably why they frequented to Moscow. Netanyahu walked evil and clearly without sympathy for his prime minister. Not order - at a meeting with GDP, the prime minister of the whole of Israel has a trembling hand.
    1. Ascetic
      Ascetic 14 February 2018 14: 07
      Quote: rotmistr60
      Not order - at a meeting with GDP, the prime minister of the whole of Israel has a trembling hand.

      It will tremble when they sew a case on you ... Something this case reminds me of Strosskan, apparently the BBC is too close to Moscow, the older brother decided it was time to land him
  7. ul_vitalii
    ul_vitalii 14 February 2018 07: 44
    Elephants in the china shop did not protrude, so they are drawn to us.
  8. Krasnodar
    Krasnodar 14 February 2018 08: 54
    In Netanya, Putin bought his teacher an apartment and she bequeathed it to his children.
    1. omit
      omit 14 February 2018 12: 06
      Krasnodar, wassat Read attentively
      "In Netanya, Putin bought his teacher an apartment and she bequeathed it to his children for sure"
      Before death, a childless woman bequeathed it to "her patron."
      1. Krasnodar
        Krasnodar 14 February 2018 15: 18
        Quote: omit
        Krasnodar, wassat Read attentively
        "In Netanya, Putin bought his teacher an apartment and she bequeathed it to his children for sure"
        Before death, a childless woman bequeathed it to "her patron."

        Well if childless, Tod oh
        But not in Tel Aviv)))
      2. Ascetic
        Ascetic 14 February 2018 16: 18
        Quote: omit
        Before death, a childless woman bequeathed it to "her patron."

        Not at all, she bequeathed the apartment to the Russian Federation.
        “The apartment was bequeathed to her by the Russian Federation. Currently, there is a process of identifying the heirs of Yuditskaya from the Israeli side. When such heirs are identified, a decision will be made on the apartment, ”said the representative of the Russian Embassy,

        Under our laws, direct heirs will receive at least a part of the inheritance, as I don’t know about the situation in Israel.
        Former teacher of Putin bequeathed to Russia his apartment in Tel Aviv
        Excerpt from an interview with Mina Yuditskaya
        I was regularly visited by a spokeswoman for the Russian Embassy. I complained to her about my feet, I really can’t climb the stairs. Sometimes I don’t even enter the store. But you remember that apartment, like, a nice apartment, big, but the stairs - I just can’t afford it. Without any back thought complained. And after a couple of weeks I have a representative man ...

        - Consul?

        - No, no, a complete stranger. He said that he was working with the president of Russia, and he asked him to pick me an apartment with an elevator. "I have," he says, "there is a couple in mind."

        - What is the name of the representative, Mina Moiseevna?

        “Well, that's not necessary.”

        - As you say.

        - He calls me to look at these apartments, and I in no way. Uncomfortable somehow. Persuaded. I immediately chose this one. The place is quiet, the balcony, you see, is beautiful, but I rarely go out of the house. The sea is felt here, because it is next to it. I did not participate in the move, they did everything for me. Naturally, I wrote a letter of thanks to Volodya. And there she honestly admitted that he himself remains the most valuable gift for me. Proud of him. And asked him to take care of himself, to protect his health.

        - Mina Moiseevna, but could you then, at the dawn of the 70s, imagine that your student Volodya Putin will become the president of Russia?

        - Even now I can’t imagine it. He for me was and remains Volodya Putin.

        Full interview with Mina Yuditskaya here
        1. 108- guards pdp
          108- guards pdp 15 February 2018 08: 40
          Ascetic, is that irony?
          Do you remember the name and patronymic of your teacher? I’m not blocking anyone, but if I had the opportunity to help my teacher, I did the same. I communicate with my phone once a month, she’s 80, we live at a distance of 2000 km, she is very pleased when I call, every time she recalls such moments at school that I had already forgotten. That's what a teacher means to me personally.
  9. Aleks2048
    Aleks2048 14 February 2018 09: 45
    This is the level of boltology! Well, the author is just a malorik! Super analytical article. The food is clear that to date, no country in the world can do anything in Syria without looking at the Russian Federation. It is clear to anyone that the whole situation in the Middle East is tied to Syria. To understand this, one does not have to be an analyst. What is more interesting is the forecast for the actions of the Russian Federation about which the author only said that nothing is clear for which rope the puppeteer pulls.
  10. flicker
    flicker 14 February 2018 12: 01
    In the event of such a confrontation, Russia will lose the most, the analyst is sure. And its loss would not be a one-time defeat, but a big failure in the whole war, which would most likely lead to a wide clash between Israel on the one hand and Iran, Syria and Hezbollah on the other. And this would put an end to Russia's multi-billion dollar investments in Syria, the author notes.
    ... because the last thing Moscow wants now is a large-scale war involving Israel. This alignment will threaten everything that Moscow has achieved..
    Well, that's all right, it remains to answer one question: who wants the defeat of Moscow most of all? Of course, the United States, or rather the ruling elite of the United States (largely composed of influential Jews). It is not difficult to assume that it is the latter who most of all want to start a war between Israel and Iran and Syria. It turns out that the forces that have helped Israel for many years are now throwing it into the flames of war. Israel can not resist these forces, because "their". For the American elite (including Jews), Israel is the same consumables as others, but for Netanyahu, Israel is a value and does not want to destroy it. Netanyahu is between a rock and a hard place. That is why:
    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at meetings with heads of state is usually confident, the correspondent notes. But two weeks ago, when he met with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Netanyahu was for some reason nervous, fidgeting in a chair. And he did not speak freely, but with papers in his hand. Something was written on the back of the sheets with a “trembling hand”
    In short, the tension is growing ... for its bloodless removal, consolidated, reasonable steps by all BV states will be required.
  11. Imh
    Imh 14 February 2018 16: 14
    Why bibi worry and worry? Behind it, a country with GDP per capita is SIX times higher than in Russia, behind Bibi is a country with +/- 500 combat aircraft, modern submarines and the region’s most powerful army. Why bibi worry? Behind him is a country with a state budget of 110 billion. $ 8.5 million. population, and in Russia the budget is 340 billion. $ 140 million. population.

    In the bottom line, they found a miserable journalist of anti-Israeli orientation and cite his pearls. Well, it’s also a good thing, for the public’s fun, so that people read more about the victories of Russia, but look less into the refrigerator and look at the bank account, but give Gd the same, the people will also think what is not appropriate ... Eh ... Your life in turn.
    1. Cossack 471
      Cossack 471 14 February 2018 17: 28
      Absolutely right . Need to deal with their country. I remember how Gorbach was very fond of traveling to different countries and signing "peace initiatives." he was simply afraid to tackle the economy. what ended everyone knows
      1. Height
        Height 14 February 2018 19: 58
        That mattresses are only engaged in their own country, to stick into some other country, this is by no means. They are dizzy smart and listen to the words "experts" on the site. God forbid!
        What the hell are they doing with BV, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, South Korea, Vietnam, etc.
    2. Alexander Nezgovorov
      Alexander Nezgovorov 14 February 2018 19: 21
      half of the budget plundered by law ... untouchable ...
    3. Height
      Height 14 February 2018 19: 35
      Book bibi, you yourself know where, this place is very familiar to you.
    4. Mikhail Zubkov
      Mikhail Zubkov 14 February 2018 20: 27
      No need to lie about budgets, Israeli! And about the most powerful army, too. If there were no military subsidies from the Americans, you would be Arabs back in 1948-50. they would have swept out of Palestine - but then the USSR was on your side, if you remember. Our then PARTY slogan was "hands off Israel"! Because then BV was for us “terra incognita” in general, and all Arabs were 100% under the West. The region has the strongest army and navy among the Turks. So consider that the USSR began to penetrate into the BV only in 1948, through Israel and to the peak of Turkey and the atlantists. Over 70 years of work, we have achieved a lot in BV, you see for yourself, can not be compared with a penny start. The Suez Canal was pulled out of the mouth of the West, and a lot of other goodies. It is time in the Persian Gulf to somehow manifest itself. We have been extracting oil in Iraq for 5 years, and we have been extracting oil in Libya for a long time - off-budget, as it were. The strategy is not the old Soviet (ideological), but Russian (geopolitical and economic). And we, Israel, need you more and more - and you know that. So let's live together, Israeli snakes! It is better to be friends with us than to quarrel.
    5. APASUS
      APASUS 18 February 2018 12: 01
      Quote: IMH
      Why bibi worry and worry? Behind it, a country with GDP per capita is SIX times higher than in Russia, behind Bibi is a country with +/- 500 combat aircraft, modern submarines and the region’s most powerful army. Why bibi worry? Behind him is a country with a state budget of 110 billion. $ 8.5 million. population, and in Russia the budget is 340 billion. $ 140 million. population.

      Why are you doing this?
      I remember the USSR seriously supported the PLO and a number of other organizations. And this was a stumbling block in the communication of our countries. Now it seems that the process of cooperation has been established and your statements look simply provocative. Do you want to have Russia as an enemy?
  12. 981698
    981698 14 February 2018 18: 56
    Right! Doll - water! We must deal with their country! Clowns.
    1. Height
      Height 14 February 2018 19: 32
      I agree with the administration and increase the number of lines in the message.
      You yourself are a clown.
  13. Alexander Nezgovorov
    Alexander Nezgovorov 14 February 2018 19: 19
    Indeed, for the sake of oil, the road to Sechin and other oligarchs through the troupes of our children ...
    1. Height
      Height 14 February 2018 19: 29
      Do you also have children?
  14. tracer
    tracer 14 February 2018 19: 48
    Yes, Putin is simply omnipresent ...
  15. Koshkin
    Koshkin 14 February 2018 20: 34
    Further, Gil Yaron argues that Russia has much more plans than a "victory in the Syrian war."

    Yes, there is Transcaucasia and the Balkans, where the interests of Russia can be harmoniously combined with the interests of Turkey and Iran, which are not interested in the US presence in the region, by the way.
  16. uhu189
    uhu189 14 February 2018 21: 54
    Gentlemen, how much can Khlestakovism deal with? Journalists in the West and in Israel write a lot, but quotes from flattering articles prevail in VO ... Well, how can Russia be a puppeteer in the Middle East, what are you talking about? We are a participant in the process, yes, an important participant, but certainly we do not manage it all. Yes, the efforts of the Russian Federation create conditions for the interests of the Russian Federation to overpower the interests of the United States, but to do this all must be replayed not by force, but by the mind, to take into account in your plans not only your own, but also the interests of all interested player countries, but there are many more than Turkey, Iran and Israel. There are Arab monarchies, there is still China, there are EU countries. How, in this complicated tangle of contradictions, it can be argued that Putin is a puppeteer - I do not understand. Unless in hot delirium. In an open confrontation, we cannot overpower the United States, which is still very, very strong, this is obvious. You can only create multi-layer coalitions, take into account a lot, even the opposite in the wishes of the players, offer them alternatives that will be more interesting to everyone than what the US offers, and then, and only then, it can be argued that we have achieved something on Middle East. It’s too early to drink champagne. And the fact that the Israeli authorities understand this is a very good sign. They do not go to negotiate because of weakness, but simply bring their position and want to be heard in this big game. You just need to be aware that Israel is the strongest country in the region, and if they consider it necessary, then we will not stop the invasion of Syria or Lebanon by the forces and means that we have there. It’s another matter that Israel’s costs would be extremely undesirable for them, but not at all excessive, as many mistakenly think ... In this confrontation, it will have to be won not by bombers, but by minds ...
    1. Height
      Height 14 February 2018 22: 10
      Rome was also great, and where is it now ?! Ay great Rome ....
      1. uhu189
        uhu189 14 February 2018 23: 27
        Great Rome, on its ruins, created the whole of Western civilization, so that it has not disappeared, it simply transferred to a different quality. And if you want an example of the inviolability of empires - look at China ...
        1. Height
          Height 14 February 2018 23: 52
          I laid the bolt on your western civilization, along with its values, keep it to yourself. And I asked where the great Rome was, and not what grew on its bones.
          At the expense of China - wait and see, it’s not yet evening.
          1. uhu189
            uhu189 15 February 2018 00: 02
            She is just as mine as yours. Put anything, but we all living in Russia belong to Western civilization, and not to Eastern
            1. Height
              Height 15 February 2018 00: 05
              So relate to her, I personally do not mind. I even feel that you have the spirit of this civilization ...
              1. uhu189
                uhu189 15 February 2018 00: 11
                It seems to you with sensations of a problem. You personally are against what, can you formulate? I haven’t read from the series, but do I blame you? Russia was formed on the spiritual basis of Byzantium, and Byzantium, in turn, is the renamed Eastern Roman Empire, which for almost a thousand years survived the Western Roman Empire and that Great Rome, about which you spoke
                1. Height
                  Height 15 February 2018 00: 14
                  Listen, get yourself a hamster and scratch his ears, but I don’t need, fire.
                  1. uhu189
                    uhu189 15 February 2018 00: 23
                    Dear, I did not start first - I'm just trying to explain why you are mistaken, nothing more. No, no, no.
  17. sxfRipper
    sxfRipper 14 February 2018 23: 07
    “The former agent is clearly superior to the former elitist soldier, ”concludes the journalist.

    Hossssspodi !!!! Well there is still educated people, not golimy education !!! +++++
    For those who are the difference between elitist и elite I don’t understand, I can offer a more mundane example - it’s both sexy and sexy. Recognize Manya (or Vanya) sexual (nym) is possible only after repeated overfights. But the sex appeal of Mani (or Vani) is a completely different matter.
  18. Natalia777
    Natalia777 15 February 2018 09: 22
    Puppeteers are called shadow backstage figures who own trillions of wealth and own a network of global multinational companies around the world. The power of puppeteers rests on money, bribery and promotion of individual politicians, parliamentarians, deputies and presidents of many countries. Putin acts in the Middle East very openly, appeals to prudence, peaceful, just, equal dialogue and declares a New World Order on the basis of a multipolar world. Putin is fighting against the generation of transnational puppeteers, that is, against ISIS and similar radical gangsters, who are essentially an army of transnational puppeteers. Putin, on the contrary, is fighting against puppeteers and reveals to the whole community the tricks and plans of transnational puppeteers and explains what, in the end, awaits each country individually and all of humanity. Those who understand the disastrous policies of the unipolar world led by transnational corporations take the side of Vladimir Putin in building a Multipolar Just World. No need to call V.V. Putin a puppeteer. It's a lie.
  19. Kostadinov
    Kostadinov 15 February 2018 15: 38
    In the Middle East, "everything is now in the hands of Putin," the journalist from Tel Aviv reports.

    Russia in the Middle East (in Syria) has set itself completely dependent on Turkey and Israel. At that time, Ukraine was slipping away from her, which beat completely in her hands.
  20. Sasha_Sar
    Sasha_Sar 15 February 2018 16: 15
    Yes Yes. Let the author tell the patsanchiki from Wagner about this that is written.