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Paratroopers 56 th odbb make a ski super marathon in honor of the anniversary of the Ryazan VVDKU

Paratroopers from Volgograd Kamyshin make a ski super marathon in Ryazan. This march of several hundred kilometers (with stops) is dedicated to the 100-jubilee anniversary, which this year will celebrate the Ryazan Higher Airborne Command School named after VF Margelov. The servicemen represent the 56-th separate Guards air assault brigade (Cossack brigade) airborne troops.

In the course of the super marathon, which is accomplished, accompanied by military vehicles with food and medicine supplies, paratroopers stop in various cities for demonstration performances. Today, Kamyshin servicemen held demonstrations for residents of Borisoglebsk, Voronezh Region, famous for its flight traditions (the legendary Valery Chkalov studied at Borisoglebsk in his time). Marines showed skill in handling weapons, demonstrated spectacular skills in hand-to-hand combat.

Paratroopers 56 th odbb make a ski super marathon in honor of the anniversary of the Ryazan VVDKU

It is noteworthy that in the course of their journey in honor of the centennial jubilee of the Military Highway Command Military Command Command, the military personnel of the 56 unit did not stop at a military facility. Borisoglebsky College of Industrial and Information Technologies (BTIT) provided its services to accommodate a company of paratroopers - the servicemen are accommodated in a dormitory for several days.

For reference: Ryazan VVDKU conducts its history from the formation of the Ryazan infantry courses (November 13 1918 of the year).
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  1. Firework
    Firework 12 February 2018 12: 41
    my son will serve in the Airborne Forces
    1. 210ox
      210ox 12 February 2018 12: 44
      Good luck to your son and everyone who served, serves and will serve in the Airborne Forces!
      Quote: Salute
      my son will serve in the Airborne Forces
      1. siberalt
        siberalt 12 February 2018 13: 08
        Something dumb to serve in Kamyshino. It hurts smart commanders. belay Let at least show the "soldier's ski." winked
      2. Firework
        Firework 12 February 2018 13: 11
        I hope that he enters the Airborne Forces officer, there he will be taught to stand up for himself, the main thing for me is that my son should not be a slobber
        1. raw174
          raw174 12 February 2018 13: 27
          Quote: Salute
          the main thing for me is that my son should not be a slobber

          It is 99% up to you. Educate a man, they are needed now, however, as always soldier
        2. Romka47
          Romka47 12 February 2018 15: 15
          I did not have three friends in the army at all (real health problems), but thanks to the upbringing of my fathers, they volunteered to join the militia to defend the Russians, and went through the Shirokino meat grinder and more. ATGM, intelligence, DRG. Unfortunately, one of them returned in zinc. The bottom line is that not even 99% depends on you, but all 100, bring up a warrior and he will be the best without the airborne forces! Like "Farik", "Brown" and of course "Zema", his kingdom is heaven.
      3. Nasrat
        Nasrat 12 February 2018 13: 13
        From the memoirs of Vasily Bryukhov (tank ace):

        After the victory near Stalingrad, an order was received to create agitation brigades for skiers and go through the nearby villages, to carry out explanatory work. General Serkov instructed the formation of an agitation brigade to lieutenant Fedorov (head of the physical training school) and the head of the political department. We were informed that the Kurgan - Sverdlovsk ski run is being prepared. Its participants will be provided with enhanced nutrition. This phrase “enhanced nutrition” acted magically. Everyone suddenly became skiers and avid campers, and when the selection began, a crowd of people gathered in front of the office. In turn, I went in. My appearance was miserable: 163 centimeters tall, four feet larger on my feet, a hat two sizes bigger on my head, specially chosen by me to cover my frostbitten ears. The lieutenant examined me pityingly:
        - Listen, son, you're a child! Well, what kind of skier are you?
        - I was the champion of the area. “I have 1st ski rank,” I said pleadingly.
        “Which one of you is a champion ?!”
        “I have a testimony!” - I showed my ski ticket, issued to the participants of the competition.
        - Okay. - The lieutenant skeptically looked at a piece of paper and, apparently, did not believe. - Come tomorrow. Let's see which of you is a skier.
        So I was among the 20 candidates, among whom he had to choose 10 people. He decided to select them without further ado: in a village, about ten kilometers from the school, a friend lived with him, so the route was laid through her house. Let's go. The group immediately stretched out, but I kept holding on to it. I already have no strength, but I think: “I’ll drop, but I will not give up, I will last” - after all, the reward was enhanced nutrition. We went to the house together. Only then did he realize that there was nobody else besides me. He led me to his Marfush: “You, let’s sit here, and I’ll go to collect cadets. If I'm not there, come back "......

        These were super marathons - so as not to die of hunger ...
  2. Cananecat
    Cananecat 12 February 2018 15: 52
    That's it ... after 9 months in the college, the birth rate will jump sharply))
  3. Sanya Terek
    Sanya Terek 12 February 2018 16: 04
    Quote: siberalt
    Something dumb to serve in Kamyshino. It hurts smart commanders. belay Let at least show the "soldier's ski." winked

    Dumb to serve in Kamyshin? Have you tried? 56 guards Odshbr is one of the most combat formations of the RF Armed Forces; the brigade personnel took part in all armed conflicts, starting from Afghanistan and ending with Syria. To watch the "soldier's ski" you had to order the appropriate weather from the Lord God. The duties of the commanders do not provide for a weather order. Tasks are performed in any conditions. Fighters of the brigade from Kamyshin to Volgograd part of the way moved with skis on their shoulders. On the day, participants in the march throw manage to walk about 50 kilometers. The movement is on the steppe, away from settlements.
  4. polbotinka33079
    polbotinka33079 12 February 2018 17: 37
    He served in the 56 emergency brigade in TurkVO, 1990-1992. We didn’t need skis there. The salt flats around Murghab are white but that’s all. When the brigade was transferred to Zelenchukskaya st., It was possible to ski there in Arkhyz. I even remained a contractor 1993 ., I liked the mountains of the Caucasus. And then I didn’t want to go to the Volgograd region, I quit, otherwise I would go for a drive in the mountains of Chechnya a year later.
  5. aviator65
    aviator65 12 February 2018 18: 10
    My team Gardez. good