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India is considering military intervention in the Maldives

Indian media come out with materials that discuss the possibility of entering the Indian military contingent in the Maldives. The reason is the political crisis associated with the decision of the Supreme Court, which reversed the sentence against the ex-President of the Maldives, Mohammed Nashid, and also 8 people who are accused of terrorist activities. The opposition calls these people persecuted for political reasons.

The court after the verdict unexpectedly announced the suspension of his own activities for an indefinite period due to the crisis situation in the country.

Indian Prime Minister Norendra Modi phoned US President Donald Trump, who was told that "New Delhi cannot stay away from the crisis in the Maldives."

India is considering military intervention in the Maldives

The Indian press writes that the Maldives "are included in the regional sphere of India." It is noted that in recent years in the Maldives has grown Chinese influence. Apparently, this topic Modi and discussed with Trump.

Earlier, the Indian military had landed in the Maldives. We are talking about the operation 1988, when Indian paratroopers landed on the archipelago from the IL-76 air force of India. The landing was carried out near the airport Male (capital of the Maldives). Then in the Maldives, there was an attempt at a military coup involving the forces of Sri Lanka, which (attempt) India suppressed.

Now New Delhi again suspects a foreign influence in destabilizing the situation in the Maldives, which officially called (especially in recent years) India the most important partner.

Against the background of statements that India should not again interfere in the internal affairs of the Maldivian state, there are those in New Delhi who consider the Maldivian crisis to be brought in from the outside, and therefore speak of the possibility of new military intervention to restore stability and good neighborly relations.
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  1. Spartanez300
    Spartanez300 12 February 2018 06: 48
    Indians also can’t sit still, I wanted to fight with the permission of the United States. Peacefully resolving problems is no longer an option.
    1. ul_vitalii
      ul_vitalii 12 February 2018 07: 33
      Ask permission to fight "professionally."
    2. vlad66
      vlad66 12 February 2018 09: 05
      Here is another hot spot is planned, where now the nouveau riche will go to rest. laughing
      1. Lexus
        Lexus 12 February 2018 13: 28
        There are Seychelles next door. In general, most likely, the locals will make a little noise, and they will go further “mix cocktails” and clean up the bungalow.
  2. zzdimk
    zzdimk 12 February 2018 06: 54
    Egypt, Turkey, Thailand, Maldives - which resort will be closed for Russian tourists next? This is no accident! USA covers vacation spots
    1. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 12 February 2018 07: 05
      Quote: zzdimk
      USA covers vacation spots

      let the Crimea try ...
    2. Don
      Don 12 February 2018 07: 15
      Quote: zzdimk
      Egypt, Turkey, Thailand, Maldives - which resort will be closed for Russian tourists next? This is no accident! USA covers vacation spots

      Still forgotten the closed resorts of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria lol
    3. Teberii
      Teberii 12 February 2018 11: 53
      Sanctions however.
  3. Herculesic
    Herculesic 12 February 2018 06: 59
    And then trump indicates what and how to do! The Hindus made only one mistake — they called the United States! If they can help the Maldivians, then let them drop troops. Fortunately, they have experience! But, a call to the usa shows that Indians are an independent state, solving strategic problems at the direction of the usa!
  4. RussianUzbek
    RussianUzbek 12 February 2018 07: 03
    Not Trump, but some one decided ....
    1. Herculesic
      Herculesic 12 February 2018 07: 12
      More precisely, planetary godfather! wassat Although, with his bazaar, under the bunks of politics, the very place for him is driving a lot, and is not responsible for anything!
  5. askort154
    askort154 12 February 2018 07: 12
    It seems that the Americans want to light a fire in the most densely populated region of the planet. Face China with India. Modi calls his patron - get briefing and get support
    Such presidents were also in Russia - each step was coordinated with the White House.
  6. Runoway
    Runoway 12 February 2018 07: 17
    And after that they are a sovereign state-in?)))) Ugh, as opposed to “the king of the whole world” they ask permission.
    Something does not look like the "end of the unipolar world" in fact only Iran and the DPRK do not bow to ........ well, we, many times humiliated, snarl with hope for mercy
  7. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 12 February 2018 07: 20
    Indian Prime Minister Norendra Modi phoned U.S. President Donald Trump
    Admonished. Is this probably so that the United States does not run into and give India its "good"? They also want to sit on two chairs. In the BRICS, they smile at Russia, but they do not forget to smile even wider at the United States.
  8. Alex-a832
    Alex-a832 12 February 2018 08: 10
    After the collapse of the USSR, the process of redistributing spheres of influence by any means intensified in the world. The desire of India to have puppet powers in the Maldives, is quite an ordinary case in world practice. The USA is a good teacher in this matter.
  9. Viktor.12.71
    Viktor.12.71 12 February 2018 08: 21
    Hindus want to get ahead of the Chinese. We are waiting for an answer from China.
    1. assa67
      assa67 12 February 2018 17: 54
      The Maldives, and so, practically, under a mattress protectorate, that’s why they would crush the springboard when landing some striped one .. well, it’s clear to the Chinese comrades that they don’t
  10. BAI
    BAI 12 February 2018 08: 29
    Ofigeli completely, where will Poroshenko rest?
  11. Bronevick
    Bronevick 12 February 2018 10: 43
    In my opinion, the third world war will begin.
  12. Anchonsha
    Anchonsha 12 February 2018 10: 47
    What world is becoming vile when even developing countries become, according to the concepts of "themselves on their own mind." However, there is nothing to be surprised if, even in interpersonal communication, "I" and "My" always prevail and you can’t get anywhere from this. There is natural selection here too. But now, why should Modi ask the US for permission to rob in the Maldives and at the same time participate in the BRICS, SCO. God works in mysterious ways. I still feel a sense of frustration and something else inexplicable, when Yeltsin, after conspiring with Shushkevich and Kravchuk, made the collapse of the USSR, immediately called Clinton in the USA and boasted about it
  13. Ivan Tarava
    Ivan Tarava 12 February 2018 11: 36
    Now is there such a fashion?
  14. Rokiii
    Rokiii 12 February 2018 12: 29
    and are not the dead Indians of meddling in the internal affairs of a sovereign state? decided to play america?