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Weekend reading. Require compensation from the Baltic states for Martha Samuilovna Skavronskaya on the throne?

The “Weekend Fiction” rubric presents a little material about how the requirements for Russia from the Baltic “elites” about compensation for “occupation” can bring to Russia.

In February of the year one thousand seven hundred and twenty-fifth, the first Russian empress, Catherine I, ascended the Russian throne. Textbooks stories for general education schools about Yekaterina today you can learn that she (in 1725) is the widow of Emperor Peter the Great, that in her honor the city in the Urals, Yekaterinburg, was named in its time, and that significant influence during her stay on the throne in the country had Prince Alexander Danilovich Menshikov (the closest associate of Peter the Great).

Far from always in historiography, the name of Catherine, obtained at birth, as well as the birthplace of the future Russian autocrat pops up. There are reasons - disputes of historians about the real biography.

Catherine Alekseevna future empress has already become a "deeply conscious" age. Initially, she bore the name of Marta Samuilovna (Samuelevna) Skavronskaya — who was so named by her father Samuel (Samuel) Skavronsky (according to some sources, a Pole of the Jewish religion) and her mother Anna (Dorothea) Gan - a Baltic (Livonian) peasant.

There is no exact data about the birthplace of Martha Skavronskaya. Many historians agree that the future Catherine was born in the town of Ringen (at that time the Swedish part of Livonia) in April 1684. By three years already, Martha (Catherine) had become an orphan - her father and mother had died (probably from the plague raging in Livonia). For a short time the girl was brought up by her aunt. At the age of seven, Martha finds herself in a shelter at the church of St. John (the territory of modern Latvia).

At a very young age, she was married to the dragoon of the Swedish army, Johann Kruse (there is another version of the family name - Raabe), who shortly after her marriage went missing during one of the battles. Other historians claim that Raabe (Rawe) is the real maiden name of Martha (Catherine) from her father who worked at the Jewish community (the community of a local rabbi).
As a result, after the Baltic (Livonian and others) lands became the property of Russia, being partially conquered, partially bought out, Martha Skavronskaya, having gone through a number of vicissitudes of fate, ended up among Alexander Lenshikov’s laundrywomen (1703-th year). After a while, Peter was noticed by Menshikov in the house, and by 1705, she gave birth to an autocrat of two sons. The boys did not live long.

Historiographical essays left Peter’s statements about her lover, who eventually became empress, first as his wife, and then as an immediate autocrat (according to official status) after the death of Peter the Great. For a long time Peter called the “former” Martha “the light-Yekaterinburg” and explained the “great interest” shown to her earlier: “physical, in the taste of Rubens, and leopa (beautiful)”.

When the “rootless and non-Russian Martha” (epithets from the court entourage of Peter) became the empress, initially the same Menshikov took it as an inappropriate joke from Peter the Great. As if they were saying now: Catherine’s “anti-PRAIR” crawled, which was recalled that it was not only far from the Russian nobility, but also “Livonian washerwoman who marked the throne”. As a result, the "anti-PR" against Catherine the entourage of Peter the Great after his death and decided to use it for their own purposes. The same Menshikov, having a great influence on Catherine, in fact, elevated her to the throne, becoming the de facto ruler of the state under the docile formal empress. In 1727, Marta Skavronskaya, who became Yekaterina Alekseevna in Orthodoxy, passed away, remembered by her contemporaries as a lover of noisy feasts and a dislike of discussing state affairs. During the marriage to Peter and further finding of the status of the empress she transported her brothers and sisters from Livonia to Russia, assigning the count titles with the gift of land.

Weekend reading. Require compensation from the Baltic states for Martha Samuilovna Skavronskaya on the throne?

Given the constant claims by the current Baltic authorities to Moscow about the so-called. The "occupation" of their territory by Russia (Soviet Union), is it not worth making return claims with types of compensation? After all, the historical fact is that 2 more than a year, the Russian Empire de jure rules of the livonke. What compensation? Well, at least for the “impoverishment of the treasury by the state balls and other revels”. If the Balts, speaking about the requirements of compensation, are not joking, then we can quite seriously ...
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  1. Dormidont
    Dormidont 11 February 2018 15: 49
    Demand from the Baltic is pointless. Cheaper to Abolish
    1. oldseaman1957
      oldseaman1957 11 February 2018 15: 54
      After all, the historical fact is that for more than 2 years the Russian Empire de jure rules of livonka. What compensation?
      - It’s somehow not a camillefo to engage in polemics with halfwits ... Well, I don’t want to go down to their level !!!
      1. Tatar 174
        Tatar 174 11 February 2018 16: 08
        Quote: oldseaman1957
        Well, I don’t want to go down to their level !!!

        Right. Better to stay where they are. We simply do not pay attention, although we must take into account the fact that there are a lot of smart and adequate people, but they are not in power and nothing depends on them ..
      2. moskowit
        moskowit 11 February 2018 16: 23
        You are right ... This is an absolute bad manners ... belay
      3. Rostislav
        Rostislav 11 February 2018 21: 42
        I support. No wonder they say: "Do not argue with a fool, people may not notice the difference."
    2. 210ox
      210ox 11 February 2018 15: 57
      Maybe it’s better to offer them a job? In the Kolyma ... In Yakutia?
      Quote: Dormidont
      Demand from the Baltic is pointless. Cheaper to Abolish
      1. Angel_and_Demon
        Angel_and_Demon 11 February 2018 16: 15
        Quote: 210ox
        Can it still be better to offer them a job?

        nail file - and bring down the forest
    3. Andrey K
      Andrey K 11 February 2018 16: 04
      Why demand from the Baltic?
      It is necessary to demand from the seller !!!
      Poor quality goods, infection, slipped !!! laughing
      ... The deal between Russia and Sweden was concluded on September 10, 1721. Pyotr Alekseevich paid 2 million rubles for the territory of Ingria, part of Karelia, Estonia and Livonia. At the current rate, without accrued interest, it is about $ 350 billion.
      The agreement consisted of a preamble and 24 articles. Under the agreement, Russia secured access to the Baltic Sea: part of Karelia, located north of Lake Ladoga, with Vyborg, Ingermanland from Ladoga to Narva, part of Estonia with Revel, part of Livonia with Riga, the islands of Ezel and Dago.
      For these lands, Russia paid Sweden compensation of 2 million efimcs (1,3 million rubles) ...
    4. Chertt
      Chertt 11 February 2018 16: 08
      Quote: Dormidont
      Demand from the Baltic is pointless. Cheaper to Abolish

      Your mother (I'm sorry). It's just some kind of aphorism good good
    5. siberalt
      siberalt 11 February 2018 16: 13
      Here, looted from Russia a few years ago, no one is going to return, but they swung at what happened 300 years ago. lol
    6. vlad66
      vlad66 11 February 2018 16: 22
      Quote: Dormidont
      Cheaper to Abolish

      It’s cheaper not to pay attention to patients of the madhouse, for this doctors also have orderlies. laughing
    7. sgazeev
      sgazeev 11 February 2018 17: 29
      Quote: Dormidont
      Demand from the Baltic is pointless. Cheaper to Abolish

      Kohl Livonian laundress with a rabbi, rightly add Israel to damages. lol
    8. midivan
      midivan 12 February 2018 02: 18
      Quote: Dormidont
      Demand from the Baltic is pointless. Cheaper to Abolish

      what But I didn’t understand what to demand? For the fact that our autocrat was lower than his appendix and brought the foreigner into power without thinking about the future of Russia?
    KVU-NSVD 11 February 2018 16: 03
    It would be better if the author wrote an article about this "girl from a train on the throne" in the history section. And so some kind of stupid attraction of a fact from history to today's politics. request
  3. The comment was deleted.
  4. taiga2018
    taiga2018 11 February 2018 16: 35
    Well, I don’t know, demand compensation, recalling that Russia wasn’t even governed by a cook, but by a laundress ...
    1. Captain Pushkin
      Captain Pushkin 11 February 2018 17: 52
      Quote: taiga2018
      Well, I don’t know, demand compensation, recalling that Russia wasn’t even governed by a cook, but by a laundress ...

      Menshikov picked up this "empress" from the soldiers in the wagon train, which she served under the cart. For use for the same purpose. Laundress, this is her related profession.
      So for some time, the power of Russia was not personified by a cook or even a laundress, but in general ... God forgive me ...
  5. sxfRipper
    sxfRipper 11 February 2018 17: 06
    Michael Samuelevich Panikovsky is not her kindred?
  6. The Grubby
    The Grubby 11 February 2018 17: 38
    An article on a crazy topic. And why not demand compensation from Germany, let’s say for the impolite Nicholas II. After all, a German gave birth to him. Yes, it seems to me from Emperor Paul it happened to us that all reigning persons were brought exclusively by Germans. So whatever you may say, but it turns out that the Germans owe us like land to the collective farm))
    1. Weyland
      Weyland 11 February 2018 18: 10
      Quote: Rude
      After all, a German gave birth to him

      Your stupidity is equal to your ignorance! Mother of the Sovereign Martyr - Danish!
      1. The comment was deleted.
  7. Streletskos
    Streletskos 11 February 2018 18: 01
    B on the throne
    Well, Russia is no stranger
  8. Weyland
    Weyland 11 February 2018 18: 09
    At a very young age, she was married to a dragoon of the Swedish army Johannes Kruse (there is another version of the surname - Raabe), who, after a short time after marriage, went missing during one of the battles.
    He didn’t go anywhere. And being an honest man, he could not get married again - because I did not have the opportunity to file a divorce. So the Empress Elizabeth, from a legal point of view, is not Romanov, but Cruz!
  9. tolmachiev51
    tolmachiev51 11 February 2018 18: 46
    Thank you for the info. Next fire-rubbish.
  10. dropout
    dropout 11 February 2018 20: 17
    We joke, laugh, make fun, sometimes even scoff. But obviously there was something about this woman .....!
  11. iliitchitch
    iliitchitch 12 February 2018 01: 13
    "..That's how you look, Watson, at family portraits ..". The Hound of the Baskervilles will not seem so scary.
  12. sleeve
    sleeve 12 February 2018 05: 17
    Good afternoon to the expert couch field community. Next is the layman’s question. Why have so far not been created lists of investment investments of the USSR in the economies of our good neighbors? You can create for everyone, use only some on occasion. By taking on the obligations of the USSR, paying off debts, as well as "sponsoring" some states using various methods (energy, transit payments), we inflicted powerful damage on our economy. Why not delve into the materials at hand and not make up several groups of object attachments. Suppose group 4: infrastructure investments in urban communications coupled with the construction of housing, which is still in use. I’m sure at the start it turns out that this fund, which appeared in the “occupied” lands after 1945, gave someone there the opportunity to get rich right from scratch. To find documents of direct financing from the budget of the USSR - just spit. Compensation divide - between all countries of the former USSR according to the tax share (the same time spit). Further in the text there are several more groups - “3” road bridge construction, “2” industrial enterprises, “1” hyper-commercial facilities (ports, airports, transport pipe interchanges and storage facilities). Gradation can be wider or even different, but observe the principle of separation object investments, so that it wouldn’t hurt to yell: “We didn’t need your RAF plant together with the nuclear power plants and that means we will not pay for PORT facilities in Riga, Libava or elsewhere!” It’s great to attract our western partners. Part of the funds from the budget of the USSR was covered by Western loans, so why not the guys get a couple of pennies, honestly earned by their fathers. Here the ice is thin of course, but why not)))
  13. Metallurg_2
    Metallurg_2 12 February 2018 11: 11
    If so, then it is still possible to ask for Bironovschina, comrade after all, also from those parts. Although, what to take from fools, except for analyzes ...

    1. Metallurg_2
      Metallurg_2 12 February 2018 11: 57
      On the same topic from the classics of Soviet cinema:

    2. iliitchitch
      iliitchitch 14 February 2018 15: 14
      Quote: Metallurg_2
      then you can still ask for Bironovschina

      Yes, Biron was a harmless little man. Dig up Osterman’s grin with the apostles — and shake their immortal souls. Oh, what will fall from your pocket Oh, how many villains we have eaten up here.
  14. Servisinzhener
    Servisinzhener 14 February 2018 10: 25
    They would also suggest surpassing Ukraine by delusionality and frostbite.