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Production of aircraft engines at PAO UEC-UMPO

On January 24-25, 2018, our blog managed to visit PJSC "UEC-Ufa Engine-Building Production Association" (UEC-UMPO) - it is a developer and the largest manufacturer aviation engines price Russia. UEC-UMPO is part of the United Engine Corporation (part of the Rostec State Corporation), an integrated structure specializing in the development, serial production and maintenance of engines for military and civil aviation, space programs and naval fleetas well as the oil and gas industry and energy.

The main activities of the UEC-UMPO are the development, production, service maintenance and repair of gas turbine aircraft engines, the production and repair of helicopter units, the production of equipment for the oil and gas industry. In the association, in particular, turbojet engines are commercially produced for aircraft of the Su-35 family (AL-41F-1С), Su-27 (AL-31F), the Su-30 family (AL-31F and AL-31FP), separate units for helicopters "Ka" and "Mi".

ODK-UMPO is the leading manufacturer of a promising engine for the fifth-generation fighter Su-57 (PAK FA). ODK-UMPO also participates in cooperation with other enterprises of the DCO in the project to create the PD-14 engine for the MC-21 airliner, as well as in the production of components of the VK-2500 helicopter engines.

What the company is now engaged in we present in a small photo essay.

One of the four production and technology centers (PTS) UMPO (c) bmpd

Turboshaft engine VK-2500П-01. ODK-UMPO in the framework of import substitution of helicopter engines supplied earlier from Ukraine participates in the production program of the components of the helicopter turboshaft engine VK-2500, intended for most of the Mi and Ka helicopters. VK-2500 nodes, the production of which, according to the composition of the UEC cooperation, is assigned to the UEC-UMPO, includes more than 900 parts and assembly units (DSU). The project is the creation of four production and technology centers (PTC). Now, active work is being carried out on the technical equipment of the created PTTs No. 185, specializing in the manufacture of turbine assemblies and nozzle apparatuses VK-2500 (с) bmpd

Apparatus nozzle compressor turbine engine VK-2500P (product 78). In this TCP, 28 from 52 equipment was commissioned, including those with numerical control, and at the end of 2017, the first DSUs were launched. Involved 133 person. In 2018, in the ODK-UMPO, it is planned to manufacture 250 sets of DSUs per year, and further - 300 sets, taking into account commissioning of the remaining three TCPs to 2019, (c) bmpd

Turboprop engine TV7-117CT. PJSC "ODK-UMPO" is responsible for the production of blanks of parts from titanium alloys and performs finishing on the equipment in the PTS of parts such as "bearing seat", "bracket", "control levers" (c) bmpd

Dual turbojet engines AL-41F-1С and AL-31FP produced on UMPO (c) bmpd

AL-31FP closeup. This engine is also manufactured under license in India for the so-called. "fifth phase", that is, almost independently (c) bmpd

Engine AL-41F-1С - currently mass produced (c) bmpd

And its nozzle (s) bmpd

Engine assembly shop of the AL-31 and AL-41 (с) bmpd families

Almost completely assembled engine AL-41F-1С (с) bmpd

The engine is located on a rotary stand with six workstations, which allows for assembly operations simultaneously (c) bmpd

The final assembly shop employs about 1000 people, which are distributed in seven areas (c) bmpd

Production of aircraft engines at PAO UEC-UMPO

Reference engines 117С, AL-31F, Р-195, Р-95Ш, Р-25-300 (с) bmpd

Model of the rotary nozzle of the engine AL-31FP (c) bmpd

There is an assembly of the engine AL-41F-1C. Currently, more than 24 000 people (c) bmpd are working in ODK-UMPO (including branches).
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  1. Vard
    Vard 10 February 2018 07: 46
    It is precisely at such factories that the true security of our country is ensured .. As economic ... So military ...
    1. svp67
      svp67 10 February 2018 17: 38
      Quote: Vard
      It is precisely at such factories that the true security of our country is ensured ..

      Thus, OUR SOVEREIGNTY is created and strengthened. And as I understand it, they create engines for the Il-112 ...
    HEATHER 10 February 2018 22: 50
    Great report. Cook PD-14 faster and build PD-35. They promised. And now, a continuous "talk"! SHBURUSHET VNA! There is no Tu-214, there is no Tu-334, the draw will be with the MC-21. There are no own engines.
  3. Radikal
    Radikal 11 February 2018 21: 57
    Well done! Glad for fellow countrymen! smile